Divekick: New Challengers Approach

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Divekick: New Challengers Approach

Divekick’s roster continues to grow, and each new challenger is even more insane than the last. Of course, we recommend that you learn how to play using one of the original eight characters, but don’t let that stop you from trying out some of these advanced fighters.

Divekick - The Baz

The Baz

Health: 1210
Power: 1.21 Gigawatts
Bio: The Baz has been rejected from almost every fighting leauge on the planet, usually because he looks too lame or his fighting style doesn’t fit in. He joins the Divekicking league as a last resort, due to their incredibly low standards. The Baz hasn’t won any money Divekicking just yet, so he is forced to take on odd jobs for Mob Boss Don Luo to pay his bills. He is currently tracking down Mr. N for a debt owed to the Don.

Date of Birth: 7/4/1965
Place of Birth: On top of a mountain, under a blood red moon
Blood Type: Type A
Likes: Rope whips, Leather straps, Spiked apparel, Employment, Being relevant
Dislikes: Meteorologists, Rejection, Abandonment

Divekick - Markman


Health: 500
Power: 60,000 – 895,000
Bio: Markman is an inventor, and a huge fan of professional divekicking. While watching his favorite fighters throw down over the years, he has perfected a device that gives its holder more precise control over their kicks. And thus, the Kickbox was born. Markman is on a marketing quest, and wants to win this year’s competition using his Kickbox to show the world that they should buy his product.

Date of Birth: 4/26/1982
Place of Birth: San Diego, CA
Blood Type: B
Likes: Sneakers, Electronics, Collecting, Mad Catz
Dislikes: Preferential treatment, 9am pools

Divekick - Stream


Health: 666
Power: 666,666
Bio: Stream lives his life trapped behind the keyboard, gazing into the warm glow of a monitor that pumps free content into his eyes 24/7. Instead of appreciation, he feeds only negativity back in. His conciousness is an endless flood of sexism, racism, and hate. Stream is only satisfied when he can make someone uncomfortable or upset, and so he sets out into the real world to finally troll in person.

Date of Birth: ???
Place of Birth: ???
Blood Type: ???
Likes: Trolling, Flame baiting, Rating things, Face icons
Dislikes: Moderators, Civility, Kindness, Respect

Divekick - S-Kill

Codename: S-Kill

Health: 5995
Power: 8,388,608
Bio: S-Kill is the leader of an evil organization hell bent on re-balancing the entire world so that it can be repackaged and sold once again. When S-Kill’s subordinates fail to rebalance professional divekicking, S-Kill sets out to do the job himself.

Date of Birth: 02/06/1971
Place of Birth: The Equator
Blood Type: Ice
Likes: Controlling Space, Unadulterated Madness, Balance Beams, Annual Reports, Philosophy
Dislikes: Untrustworthy Subordinates, the lopsided troll Jefailey

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