1001 Spikes on PS Vita: A Game for the Masochistic Gamer

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1001 Spikes on PS Vita: A Game for the Masochistic Gamer

1001 Spikes on PS Vita

What if you had 1,001 lives in your favorite 2D platformer? Think you could beat the game? That’s 1001 Spikes.

1001 Spikes will likely be the most challenging game to come to the Vita this year. In developing the game, we looked to classic games such as the original 8-bit Spelunker and Hudson’s Famicom game Challenger as inspiration. Aside from utilizing a truly 8-bit art style, in developing 1001 Spikes, we’ve focused on making an incredibly difficult platformer with very precise controls requiring pixel-perfect inputs.

On the surface, the short levels seem minimalistic, but at the core, they’re loaded with strategically placed obstacles hidden to the naked eye. The designers have spent countless hours fine tuning placement of every obstacle and item in the game, literally every detail of the game was meticulously planned and thought out, tested, tuned and retested.

1001 Spikes on PS Vita

Broken down to its most basic design, the goal in 1001 Spikes is to find the key to open the door to the next level. Each level will present a different challenge both in the procurement of the key and then making it to the door alive. Although some levels look impossible at first, the determined gamer will prevail.

The main character, Aban Hawkins, wields unlimited throwing daggers to fight off anything he may encounter in the deadly ruins. Like classic 2D platformers, 1001 Spikes’ controls are simple: throw daggers, short jump, and high jump. There are very specific times when the high jump may or may not have the advantage, leaving you with using the short jump to progress through the level. In fact, there are areas where you’ll have to use one jump versus the other to advance.

1001 Spikes on PS Vita

Content-wise, there are six worlds with multiple levels each that lead to more than one finale. Additionally, 1001 Spikes will feature unlockable guest characters and authentic 8-bit style cutscenes! For anyone who doesn’t want to go on the experience alone, we’ve included three multiplayer modes. Multiplayer is both co-op and versus, but we all know that almost every co-op game will eventually turn into a versus match anyway.

We know our game is cruel, and know that the players of today are up for the challenge. With many games purposefully made to be easy and accessible, 1001 Spikes was an opportunity to make a game that is anything but that, yet still make it fun and meaningful. Gamers have to be comfortable with the idea of dying… a lot. What will happen when all your 1001 lives run out? That’s for you to find out! We can’t wait to see what you think when it releases later this year.

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