Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Coming to PS4, E3 Trailer

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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Coming to PS4, E3 Trailer

Sony fans will be pleased to hear that Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is in development for PlayStation 4!

Announced at the Square Enix Future of Final Fantasy E3 conference, it was confirmed that gamers who purchase the PlayStation 3 version of the game will be able to transition their accounts to the PlayStation 4 version when it’s released in 2014.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will be released on August 27, 2013, for PC and PlayStation 3 – but don’t forget that Phase 3 of the beta begins this Friday! For the first time, PlayStation 3 gamers will be able to adventure with their PC-owning companions thanks to the game’s cross-platform capabilities.

Make sure you don’t miss out on any of the fun by registering your interest in the beta today. Phase 3 and the beginning of the PlayStation 3 Beta for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn starts this Friday, 14 June – don’t miss out!

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  • Is there any indication if they’re going to send out the beta invites early? Or are they going to do it right on the 14th?

  • Thanks for the update! Will current players be required to repurchase FFXIV for the PS4? Or will we get a free client download for the PS4 when transitioning our accounts from the PS3 to PS4?

  • Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III should’ve been PS4 exclusives, you guys have lost all of my respect.

    XV and KH3 will be the last games I buy from you guys.Good riddance.

  • I applied for the FFXIV beta way back when FFXIII came out (with the code on that insert). Do I need to do that again, or are those applications still valid?

  • @4 yeah I did that, plus another time when prompted, but still nothing.
    If you’re worried you can sign up right on their na finalfantasyxiv com site.
    Link is on home screen. Kupo!

  • Glad to see this come out! Here is hoping I can get in on the beta.

    I can’t believe that I actually purchased my PS3 to play this game something like three years ago now, haha!

    I have some codes as well, but I have no idea what they are for. I think one of them is for an in game item, because it has too many characters to fit in the XII Members fields in the beta app. Not that it matters much, I had already applied for the beta and so I didn’t have the opportunity to find out for sure.

  • Hey Ben,

    Quick question, if we get PS+ on the PS4 will we still have to pay a monthly fee for FFXIV?

    Thanks! :)

  • This looks & plays better than when this 1st came out. Great to see they re did the game from the ground up.


    This and Final Fantasy XV look like chunky junk!

    Squeenix and their mediocre games. I want Square SOFT back!

  • Hoping to get a beta invite. When you say transition your account to PS4 do we still have to buy a PS4 copy if we have the PS3 one already?

    Game looks great, can’t wait for release which is a week after my birthday haha.

  • I’d like to get in on that beta. DCUO is full of BS. Quick to take things away from us within 24 hrs but can’t fixed simple things, and can’t count the number of times voice chat went out.

  • i’ll try the beta if i’m able to get in, but i doubt i’ll buy this game AND pay a monthly subscription. Not into mmos that much.

  • Awesome can’t wait! I’d like to know if we’ll be able to pay the sub through PSN. Thanks!

  • @7 There’s no way, dude. PlayStation isn’t going to cover the monthly fees for a sub based mmorpg.

  • Mostly likely I’ll end up buying this while waiting for FFXV. It feels like the Golden Days of Final Fantasy is returning, don’t disapoint us ! :)

  • Guess even though we will need PS+ to play online, we will still need to pay a subscription to play Final Fantasy XIV on top of PS+ for PlayStation IV.

  • I see it as this if the PS3 Network is free to play for the online games then what is Square going to do? We all waited for this game to come out and I see it as this the online part for Final Fantasy XIV should be free to play but if there is any D.L.C then we can pay for that and here is my question: Is Final Fantasy XIV free to play or is it monthly pay to play the game I would like to know b/c even before the game was known about I per-order this game on March of 2010 please share what you know about the sub fee.

  • I have been waiting for this game to release on Playstation for over 3 years now. However, I have been debating on Pre-Ordering the game for only one reason. I plan on purchasing a PS4 upon release and already have one Pre-Ordered. I do not want to purchase FFXIV on the PS3 and then a few months later have to repurchase it for the PS4.

    Does SE plan on doing anything for people in this predicament? Maybe offer a free download of the PS4 version to people who purchased the PS3 version.

    If you guys could clear this up ASAP and give us further information I would greatly appreciate it. I know many people who feel the same way about this situation as I do.


  • This better not bomb as badly as the original XIV.

  • It’s going to be sub. I personally prefer sub over f2p.

  • @16 You don’t need PS+ to play FFXIV. Sony said no PS+ is needed to play F2P games and MMOs.

  • How much does it cost per month? Will Square-Enix go for the Free-to-Play with Micro-Transaction instead?

  • Can’t wait to play. Those Garleans won’t know what hit ’em!

  • I get that we will be able to transfer our account from ps3 to ps4 but will i have to buy the ps4 disc also or are we going to get that free as a digital download?

  • The game was suppose to be out already they wasted money by pretty much remaking it. They need to make up for it now. If you want to play without PS+ stick to PS3.

  • just awesome, thank you

  • PLEASE bring the same Collector’s Edition to the PS4 version! I cancelled the PS3 LE to wait for the PS4 version and really REALLY want the CE, but my want for the game on PS4 far exceeds that.

  • @25 you DO NOT need PS+ to play MMOs on PS4…

  • @28: actually, that’s not necessarily true. SONY has stated that decisions like those are up to the individual publishers; for instance, Squareenix has the option to require a PS+ membership in conjunction with their MMO fees.

  • @29 that doesn’t benefit SE at all. you won’t need PS+ to play 14. but you are right it is an option… that no one will use.

  • @30 You need PS+ to play any multiplayer games on the Ps4.

  • @31 You do not need PS+ for MMOs and Free to Play games unless the publisher forces it.

  • @31 on the PS4.

  • No videos have been loading for me on any PlayStation Blog article, just a black screen with nothing to even get the video selected.

  • i downloaded the video it says to get a chance to get a code for the beta has anyone else ran into this problem and recieve their code cuz i did not get one yet

  • amazing stuff :D

    will wait on PS4 version!

  • FYI: I got my beta access in an email today. I purchased XIV a few years back and really have done nothing else to get set up for the beta. So hopefully those that already purchased it should get the code as well. I am curious what this will bring!

  • Genial!!!!!

  • Woohoo!! I just got my Beta code!! :D One happy camper right here!

  • D-Squad is right. The genesis of Playstation began with Final Fantasy/Square Enix. Why not keep it exclusive? Same goes for Metal Gear.

  • please i want someone to play the beta with i will pay u a 20 psn card i just want someone t play with

  • I would like to know if I buy this game for PC, will I be able to just download a client for the PS4 and play? I have a PS3 but the graphics on the PS3 are crap compared to what the PC gets. If anyone can give me some more information or even post a link to the info that would be great.

  • The PS3, PS4, PC all play on the same servers. Also cannot wait to use the PS4 party chat with FF14 will come in handy for someone used to using chat in an MMO like DCUO. Although until then PS3 version pre-ordered collectors edition and I will multibox on PS4 with auto follow ftw!

  • The PS3 graphics are STUNNING for an MMO!

  • if i get the Game on PS3 will i have to make a new account if i get it on PS4

  • will it be free to play on ps4

  • Can someone at Square Enix help me and several other players who received our open beta phase 3 code for PS3/PC!

    The launcher on both PC and PS3 has terribled download speeds, the highest in my case 0.10MB/s. And in PS3 is even worse, if left idle, the game will disconnect from PSN and everything downloaded until then is lost! Making me download from scratch the updates!

    Please someone answer, at this rate, I’ll finish downloading the patches when the beta is ending…

  • I got my beta key, i got ffxiv ce preordered for ps3 and i got a ps4 preordered, i cant wait to get my hands on all of it. see everyone in game…..

  • I had the beta since last week which is June 14 (The date they posted it came out) I only played that game for two days and now there’s maintenance. When will this be fixed?

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