New Tearaway Trailer for PS Vita Charms E3

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New Tearaway Trailer for PS Vita Charms E3

As is customary at this time of year, a squadron of highly trained Molecules has been sent forth from the safety of Mm Towers in the UK, to the familiar walls of the LA Convention Center where E3 is held each year.

Yes, the Molecules are in town for E3, and we’ve brought Tearaway with us so we can show it to as many people as we possibly can.

With a bit of luck, and some big smiles, those people will go on to share their experiences with the rest of the world, so you should see some previews across the internet over the next few days. We were also lucky to be included in this year’s press conference, so look out for Rex playing Tearaway – he’s been practicing all week, bless.

If you can’t wait that long and need a Tearaway pick-me-up right this very second, then stay put, ready your eyes and ears, and prepare for your mouth to fall agape. We’ve got exactly what you need – a brand new trailer for Tearaway! See above.

Creative challenge contest time

Oh, you still want more? Very well then! As you know, the entire world of Tearaway can be crafted from paper in the real world, and as you travel through the game, you’ll collect plans to make some of the creatures and wildlife that you spot.


At the end of the trailer, you’ll spot one of our resident papercraft experts, Tom, making a Squirrel at warp speed. Whilst you might not yet have the ability to craft at such speed, you can click here to download the plan to make your own cool looking squirrel guy!

We are also running a contest over on the Media Molecule blog, where you can win some signed artwork from the Tearaway team. Follow this link to find out how to enter!

We took a bit of time off working our booties off to make some squirrels ourselves. Check them out; perhaps they’ll inspire you to customize your own.

We have to get back to E3 things now, but please send us your squirrels – we’re really looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

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  • day one, looks so ballinnnnnn

  • why were none of these trailers shown at the E3 Conference? 7 Year old console more important?

  • O M G, i swear that music sounded just like soundtracks in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Amazing!

  • I just hope it gets released this year! Great work MM, you guys bring a whole new dimension to creativity.

  • Sony didn’t show any love for ps vita at E3. Not a single AAA game you let me down my vita is dead.

  • wheres the big announcement for vita
    maybe i dont see it at the conference or just another big lie mean while they kill the vita slowly

  • by the way this game look so fantastic i will buy it no matter what

  • Charming! Can’t wait to buy this title. Can’t wait for Dragon’s Crown too! Can’t wait to see the PS4 integration!

  • I know this is not the place but….

    SONY GOD FU@#$% DAM#$$T U DIDNT SECURE KINGDOM HEARTS 3 AND FFVS13/15!!!!!!???? C’MON SONY! THESE ARE SYSTEM SELLERS!!! And now Microsoft have MGS5 too!? DA FUUUUUU!!!!!!!???
    And then u are now charging for online gaming?! NOT KOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    End of rant:

    Media molecule: This is a day one for me! Big fan since LBP1 I even got to play LBP b4 u had to pull it out for the song controversy! :) (Dont ask how) ; )
    My point keep doing great platformers! I hope its challenging to beat! :)

  • This aspect probably gets overlooked a lot, but just saying: that music is killer. Compliments to the composer.

  • #4
    From the sound of the replies the big unveil for the PS Vita was Destiny of Spirits. Kind of lame………

    I am somewhat excited for this game but at the same time apprehensive. The gameplay looks fun, as does the soundtrack, but the whole camera bit and shouting are putting me off. I don’t like seeing myself through the vita’s camera. It’s………………………………………………………………

    Sony should have just done a Nintendo Direct-esque presentation for the Ps Vita. A pre-recorded video to show off what’s coming and happening for the Vita instead of just cramming it into the PS4 e3 press conference.

  • Should have been shown during the big show!

  • So cute. >.<

  • This is a niche game. Cool for the 12 people that want it, I guess.

  • Thank you for this game MM ,Tearaway stands as the only beacon of hope for Vita owners desperate for new games.

  • I have never been so disapointed with sony in my entire life, how is it that in that 2 hour long world wide event not a single new tripple A vita game was anounced? how is this posible? i have been waiting for vita love for a long time and so far all i get is already anounced games that i dont care about and the “most interesting” or eye cathing title is the walking dead, a previously anounced ported game that is litterally available in every other platform including phones and tablets, i still cannot believe not a single new ip has been anounced for vita in this massive event, i was hoping for localization of lots of japan only games, grand theft auto vita, maybe a new cod, and just good games in general. after i pick up my killzone mercenary copy in sept, im going to sell my vita and buy a 3ds, an inferior handheld with only one analog stick,worse graphics,3d gimmick no one uses,second screen no one usess but still has actual games to play, heres hoping you care about me and tell me atleast a date of when full feature AAA non-indie games are being anounced for vita or im selling it on craigslist,my patience is destroyed

  • Definitely one of the best games to come out of the Vita. With its whimsical and colorful gameplay, it was not a hard decision for me to preorder this one. This is classical Media Molecule providing an interesting, lovely, well-animated, engaging game that intrigues all ages. :)

  • The game look great, but in general my vita is feeling a bit unloved I know there is probably something you know that I don’t, but the Vita’s PS plus update isn’t very impressive. don’t get me wrong the two games that are coming this month look great and all but they don’t have the diversity that we gamers are so attracted to PS Plus for.
    The MGS collection here in the states would have been huge or something of that caliber. maybe im just bummed because the Vita’s presence at E3 was or has been so weak.Please give me something to look forward to. besides just the few intriguing games that are on the way.I know im not the only Vita gamer who feels this way. Dont let us down.

  • I bought a vita because I thought there’d be a good flow of games. What happened?

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