Music Unlimited Service: Discount for PlayStation Plus Members

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Music Unlimited Service: Discount for PlayStation Plus Members

Just in time for summer, PlayStation Plus members can get a whole year’s worth of music at a substantial discount. Starting today for a limited time, a 12 month Premium subscription to the Music Unlimited service is just $41.99 for PS+ members – a discount of over 65 percent from the regular monthly price. Those who don’t have a PS+ membership can also take advantage of a special rate of $59.99 for the 12 month Premium subscription.

Music Unlimited sale

As a Music Unlimited Premium subscriber, you’ll have full access to every feature of our cloud-based music service and entire catalog of more than 20 million songs that can be streamed across multiple devices, including: PS3, PS Vita, PSP, PC, Mac, iPhone, iPod, Android smartphone and tablets, and more. Other feature Premium features include

  • Synchronization of your music across multiple devices for a consistent experience.
  • Access to an extensive, always growing global catalog that currently features over 20 million tracks.
  • Offline playback so that you can always listen to your music, even when you’re not connected to a network.
  • Pre-selected music channels and personalized channels that enhance music discovery.
  • Simple account management through your existing PSN or Sony Entertainment Network log-in and wallet.
  • Unlimited song skips and no advertisements that interrupt your music.

PS+ memberships can be purchased through the PS Store on PS3. Users can subscribe to the Music Unlimited service through the PS3 Music Unlimited application, or by visiting the Music Unlimited service web site.

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  • Can I subscribe outside USA?

    • Yes! The PS+ Music Unlimited offer is available in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway,Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the U.S.

  • Will there ever be support for Windows Phone through apps?

  • @1

    The service is also available in Canada (I know, I use it :D!). Not sure about other regions though.

    @Grace (or any other Sony rep reading)

    How long is the sale for?

  • 119.88 now 59.99 (ps Plus 41.99)

    man we had music unlimited in the eu for 6 euro for 1 year the worst way to spend my 6 euro and your asking almost 60 dollar haha

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    I would get it for $12 like you had it last year.

  • Will this extend the existing Music Unlimited subscription I already have? (I signed up in November when it was $12 for a year with the PS Plus discount.)

  • AWESOME!!!!!…this is really a great service….I LOVE it…I will definitely be renewing my subscription…I use it all the time…I hope this price stays this way until Friday when I get paid

  • I also would like to know about the extension and if we could have another $12 deal.

  • My main platform I use this service is on iOS and the mobile app has many bugs. There has been service outages and while connected through bluetooth after I turn off the car, the app keeps playing. The app has also crashed many times. I would consider renewing at $12 for a year like last year.

  • I wait every year for a music unlimited discount and buy it as soon as you put it up Love the service and I hope it keeps growing!

    @TLSBill – Yes the subscriptions do stack so this will extend your current subscription for an additional year from it’s current expiration date so If you jump on board you’ll have about a year and a half on your subscription! I’m doing the same thing!

  • Loving this service and glad you will continue it on PS4.

    I asked on the blog yesterday, but no one answered.

    Hopefully, if you already subscribe to Music unlimited, you will be able to stack the PS + deal on top.

  • Thank you Victoryismine52 you answered my question.

  • Reason I asked was that they confirmed the $12 deal for the year couldn’t be stacked last year.

  • If you do the $12/year deal like you did last November 2012, I’ll re-new it at that price! Consider running that promo again before or in November and I’m in!

  • Well I had previously stacked my subscriptions so I would hope they will. I think the $12 deal was only cause it was more of a one time promotion then a discounted sales price. I’m going to take advantage of the sale so I’ll post back here once I buy and confirm.

  • Okay I already have both services but a discount like that.It’s only 9.99 a month here in Canada it just automatically comes off my card every month and 3 months.

  • I WANT YOU¡¡¡

  • Video unlimited discount would be better since i can stream music from youtube free already.

  • i have a USA account….but i live in mexico….everytime i try to connect to the service through my usa account i get the “Music Unlimited is not available at your location”…but my friends have it…is it because i’m using an american account?

  • Thanks Victoryismine52 .

    I think you are right about the 12 deal….

    I am going to give it a try today as well..

    Love this service and use it daily at home, work and play.

  • Thanks for adding The Last of Us soundtrack to MU this week, but could you please, please, please add all the Uncharted game soundtracks as well. Please. Thanks!

  • Got into Music Unlimited with the $12 promo. It is a great service that I use all the time. might jump on this discounted price, but not sure yet.

  • I have both a PS+ account and I’ve had a music unlimited account for some time. Is it possible to get my current Music Unlimited account / payment set for this deal or is it new subscribers only?

  • To Grace or anyone who cares,

    This is solid criticism so please take note. Music Unlimited is fantastic for having access to a library of music, and building your own playlists or choosing an album to listen to works well.

    BUT it is very bad at choosing good music to play for you. Stations like 80s, 90s, Pop, etc. all play music you’ve never heard or would want to hear – and they DO NOT adapt to your likes and dislikes. Stations that you create yourself DO NOT get any smarter at choosing music you would want to hear.

    The solution is very simple. Put into your algorithm something that actually favors the music that other people have “liked” and plays it more often. Seems very obvious. Try listening to a station on Pandora based on your favorite band and compare it to MU. Please fix this and subscribing again would be a no brainer.

  • I posted this last week and it didn’t seem to be fixed yet.

    There is something wrong with the Modest_Mouse/Good_News_For_People_Who_Love_Bad_News album. It’s only 4 song that are spiritual music and not Modest Mouse. It’s nice to listen too, but it isn’t Modest Mouse.

  • OH MY GOSH!!! YOU MEAN TO TELL ME I CAN STREAM MILLION OF SONGS FOR $41 FOR A YEAR!!! Wait a minute, I can do that for free. haha rip off.

  • 42 dollars to listen to music????? Is this real life???????????

  • It looks this deal cannot be stacked with your existing MU premium subscription. I see the regular price is already updated in the store and it is not available for me for purchase. Just like last year’s $12 deal couldn’t be stacked.

    I am a long term PS+ member and also a Music Unlimited premium subscriber and thus already paying for two full services, but I cannot take advantage of this deal!? I think this is unacceptable and pretty much a double insult and slap in the face for existing members of both services.

    Isn’t it part of the whole purpose of paying for PS+ to be able to take advantage of special offers like this? But members who are already paying for both services get discriminated and excluded from such a deal. Probably since it’s more interesting to gain new subscribers than to keep the existing users happy. So I’m basically paying for something I cannot have… Seems like a great way to alienate and offend your existing subscribers.

    If you want to keep your existing customers happy you should reward them, not punish and discriminate them and insult their intelligence. If there is one thing i cannot stand it’s getting played. The very reason i already ditched many other service providers before.

  • As someone else said above, the mobile apps are terribly buggy. I have it installed on my Nexus tablet and it crashes about 1 out of every 5 times i use it. That’s bad but what’s worst is when I try to put a song or album in a playlist to be listened to offline, it only works about 40% of the time. Fix the mobile apps and i’ll be a member for as long as I can afford it!

  • I paid $12 for a year of Music Unlimited during their last offer and that’s about as much as I think the service is worth. The music selection is surprisingly good and the service offers many options that I enjoy and expect from a music streaming service (i.e. offline playback, the ability to add albums, playlists) BUT the software that Sony has created to interact with their service is just SO BAD. The Android app is the worst offender. Launching the app and listening to a track can take as much as three minutes!

    I have no problems paying for a good service. I’m currently paying $7.99/month for Play Music All Access. There I can launch the app and have music playing in less than 10 seconds. If only the Music Unlimited apps were good I would’ve stayed with Sony for the next few years but after six months using those apps they lost me as a customer.

    There are two things that Sony is doing very well with their Music Unlimited service: Providing a web app for the service which works on all browsers (and even Linux!) and providing an extensive music catalog. If you couple that with a great, consistent and reliable app you have a winner.

  • I too am also curious about if Sony’s Music Unlimited will get a windows phone app.

  • @28 – FlyingDutchee

    I agree.

    Went in today to purchase the PS + discount and it states I already have purchased.

    Won’t allow me to get another subscription to stack.

    I know PS + can stack, but I was pretty sure they said Music Unlimited won’t stack last year.

  • Grace- I’m not sure if the folks who actually handle the UI monitor these blogs or not, but just in case, here’s some feedback.

    Music Unlimited is an OK service on the PS3 and Vita, but the PC and Android versions of the user interface are absolutely awful. It’s very hard to find things (due to the way that search works), playlists aren’t easy to organize or configure, and the service seems to want to filter users to the new and popular music rather than to make it easy for them to explore the deep library within.

    I really want to like Music Unlimited, but as it stands, it doesn’t hold a candle to other streaming services that also have the Sony Music library, like Google Play or Spotify. These services cost twice as much annually, but they are far better experiences, particularly for mobile.

    Sony’s great at making electronics, but user experiences for software services always seem to be an afterthought. I say this as the proud owner of a Vaio, a PS3, a PSP and a PS Vita. I also say this as someone who will use Google Play for streaming music and who plans to let his Music Unlimited subscription lapse because it’s just so frustrating to use.

  • @GGCAN- Yeah they said it wouldn’t stack because it was only like $12 haha. It doesn’t look like they answered it so I guess it’s the same way.

  • I already have a subscription, is there a way to add more time to the subscription? because it says I can´t on the ps3.

  • When this service is at its best, I really enjoy it. However, the mobile apps on both Android & iOS still need more work (despite frequent updates). The apps ‘encounter errors’ and ‘unexpectedly quit’ more often than I would expect from a Sony service.

    Also, how the heck do you SHUFFLE an individual playlist on the PS3 app?!?

    You can shuffle all songs from ALL playlists, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to shuffle the songs within a given playlist like you can on the web browser or mobile app. Not much point in making a unique playlist if you can only shuffle songs across all playlists (mixing genres & moods you don’t want).

    As always, any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Phone support didn’t seem to have an answer.

  • How long is this deal going until?

  • This service is a joke. Sorry, i had a well written post but it was too long i guess for these forums and it got deleted so now the short and sweet.
    I’m a current subscriber to the service and a plus memeber. I cannot renew at the new sale price and as instructed by the Sony fine print on their website i tried to call them for ‘assistance’ in renewing. They wouldn’t do it. It was actually impossible for Sony to take my 50 bucks and secure me as a paying customer for another year! What an amazing company. I can’t beleive your actually trying to build up your MU customer base using tactics like this.
    I have all kinds of Sony equipment and consoles, just preordered a PS4, controllers and a camera and as much as i enjoy the MU service i just don’t know if come november i’ll renew it. You don’t want my money now then why would ya want it in november when the sub runs out.
    Anyway, good job on the PS4 Sony, looking forward to it, but come on fellas, if these simple things like this MU sub renewal is this difficult for you to work out then i don’t know how ruling the online world is gonna work out for you.
    Now, what can i go spend my 50 bucks on that you didn’t want. Ciao.

  • that´s not a great discount. First of all, the price of more than $100 it´s unreal, the normal price last year was $50, with our psn plus we got it by $12. I hope to have a similar discount otherwise it´s too expensive compared to the $12 I already paid.

  • Can I sync the music to my iPhone 4S so I can listen to the music while I’m at work without using my data connection?

  • Purchased at $NZ83.99 from the New Zealand store, which is undeniably better than the 12 x $13.99 = $167.88 that I’ve been paying. At checkout I got an option “save another $25.50 by joining +”. I selected that option to see what the total cost would be, but it simply checked me out for the Music purchase. I don’t think NZ ever got that $US12 offer for PS+ members.

  • Why is it more expensive in Europe than in America? :(
    ($54 instead of $42)

  • I LOVE this service, but hope a new Android app is incoming soon. The Android app is so unstable its almost unusable on both my Note 2 and my Nexus 7.

    Oh, and the ability to deregister offline devices without calling customer service would be a great thing. I factory reset my phone without delinking it, and lost one of my offline slots unless I call CS, which I really don’t have time to bother with currently.

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