PlayStation at E3 2013: Watch it Live

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PlayStation at E3 2013: Watch it Live

Update: We’re live on Day 3 of E3 2013! Keep an eye on the PlayStation Livecast (embedded above) for developer interviews, behind-the-scenes peeks and more. Oh, and if you missed Monday night’s press conference (or just want to relive it in all its glory), catch it at the bottom of this post.

Today’s PS LiveCast Schedule

10:00am — Interview: Scott Rohde, SVP, PlayStation World Wide Studios
10:30am — Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep
10:45am — Doki Doki Universe
11:00am — Gran Turismo 6
11:40am — CounterSpy
12:00pm — Transistor
12:30pm — Dragon’s Crown
12:45pm — Daylight
1:00pm — Diablo III
1:45pm — Octodad: Dadliest Catch
2:00pm — DiveKick
2:45pm — Murdered: Soul Suspect
3:00pm — The Last of Us
3:45pm — The Witness
4:00pm — Destiny of Spirits
4:20pm — Final Fantasy XIV
4:30pm — PlayStation Blogcast LIVE

Here we are at last. Keep your browser locked to this page for all the action from the PlayStation E3 2013 Press Conference. The event itself kicks off at 6:00pm Pacific Time / 9:00pm Eastern Time, though the broadcast begins at 5:30pm Pacific.

Time to meet your hosts!

Official PlayStation Blogcast: Sid ShumanReyOfficial PlayStation.Blogcast: Justin Massongill


You’ll also find the livestream at,, PlayStation Home. You can watch E3 live directly on your PS3 too – look for the icon under your XMB’s What’s New section. And PS Vita owners can tune in via Nico Nico!

We’ll also be live-Tweeting direct from the auditorium all evening and throughout the conference – please follow us at @PlayStation for regular updates, and check out our Instagram page for photos. Enjoy the show!

PlayStation’s E3 2013 Press Conference

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  • BossmanCCrowder1

    Can’t wait guys! Knock it out of the park!

  • Can’t wait to see what you guys announce. Hoping the price is reasonable ($400 and under) and that there’s no annoying DRM for games. Especially still having the ability to let my friends borrow games.

  • OH YEAH, WAITING ALL DAY FOR THIS, i know this is going to be the best E# Sony had!!!!

  • LOL E3 2013

  • The conferences today have been showing some great stuff. Can’t wait to see what Sony brings to the table. But why isn’t it broadcasting on Spike TV?

  • Cant wait!

  • Will be watching. Seeing the host list reminded me Jeff is gone:(

  • I’m looking forward to seeing whats in store for the PS systems this year, I was a little worried with the new PS4, but I can’t wait to see what your bringing to the table! :)

  • #7 yeah sucks hes gone but im sure it will go like he was still here cuz IT’S SONY’s TIME!!

  • kingunchartedudc

    where’s jack Trenton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • exterminator_123

    Can i see it on TV ??

  • exterminator_123

    Can i see it on TV????

  • PS4 please do the following

    No DRM or used game fees

    Removable hdd like ps3

    Region free games like ps3

    Thats it

  • Epicness

  • Remember PlayStation your mistakes from last year.

    We want VITA games.
    We DON’T want DRM.
    We want used games.
    We DON’T want $599 as a price point.

    If last generation showed anything, it should show that even when behind initially and 200 dollars more expensive, you can still overtake the competition. You can take risks. Lowering price point is what, in the end, made you win.

  • E3 wishlist:

    – Show the PS4
    – PS4 pricing & release date
    – Solid details about streaming PS1/2/3 games via Gaikai on PS4
    – Solid details about PS4/Vita remote play
    – PS4 used games policy
    – PS4 streaming video entertainment services
    – PS4 Internet requirements
    – Ability to upgrade the PS4 hard disk drive
    – Ability to disable the PS4 Eye
    – More Vita games


  • What resolution are you guys going to stream the show in?

  • A RRP of £299.99 to £329.99 would be nice after tax in the uk

  • exterminator_123

    i want to watch this on TV , what channel????

  • Oh…..Come on I wan’t to see the PS3

  • No game limitations or fees for second hand games please sony. It’s illegal in europe

  • Hoping for Vita games along with the PS4 stuff.

  • kingunchartedudc

    im all about and always is never gonna buy another console just playstion as always been my gots to get console I only represent Playstation

  • Also, please don’t region lock the console!

  • This is literally the best E3 conference ever, and you guys haven’t even had your conference. Go for it

  • Sid – how long is the conference?

  • I want to see Masterpieces : The Last Guardian, FFvs, Naughty Dog’s Next game, MM’s next game and so on, you get the message right sony? i dont wanna see bunch of multiplats, CG Trailers and a shooter oriented conference, thank you.

  • And here we GO!!

  • Go Playstation!!!!

  • Fired up! I have confidence in Sony! Mega hype….. GET!!!

  • EA announced Star Wars Battlefront on Frostbite 3, i am… speechless… On another note i can’t wait to see what PD has to show/ announce for GT6, god i hope for PORSCHES!

  • Please no annoying DRM.

  • Oh my gawd!!! I cannot wait

  • Goooooooo Sony! the big tech monster!

  • what? i just found out that the conference will be 90 minutes, why? wasnt it supposed to be 2 hours long? and you guys are demoing 2 announced games on stage? oh my, im starting to get nervous here sony, not so confident now. and the 2 games are shooters oh my lord.

  • please just tell me The Last Guardian will be a ps4 launch title.

  • @36, forget the last guardian its all about final fantasy versus 13 ^-^

  • Get em Sonyyyyyy!

  • Sony… this time you have to destroy the competition, it’s the perfect oportunity… and the best way to do it it’s to sell the ps4 at a $350 -$399 price point and you have a winner formula, can0t wait for the big reveal

  • Guys and gals this not going be on TV anywhere. It’s only online.

  • No Jack?

  • Can’t wait to see the ps4 the next gen

  • i am so going to watch this as microsoft screwed up by not talking about there system and only talking about there games sony reps should watch microsofts game reveal at e3 and learn what not to do as microsoft never talked about what they would do about the DRM Problem that is sending xbox gamers packing and making xbox fan boys into PS4 fan boys

  • Sony Microsoft scored some third party exclusive support like dead rising 3 and Plants vs zombies aThats like blasphemy! … u need to bring ur big guns this time

    Kingdom hearts 3 exclusive to ps4,
    FF7 Remake (with this alone u win e3)
    Deep down exclusive to ps4
    show all exclusives!
    FFvs13 exclusive to ps4 and launch title
    Show surprises!

    and be straight forward! say No DRM for us. No PS eye required to play ur games no restrictions! just gaming! do this and u win! XD

  • @43, Microsoft cancelled their conference where the people can ask them any question. I wonder why ?.

  • and it was even worse to hear microsoft say the price of the xbox one was 499.99 if sony says 349.99 for a PS4 or even 399.99 for a PS4 i will kick microsoft to the curb where they belong and hand them a cup to beg for change with

  • Sid is probably not going to answer this (and if you are, please do!), but will we be able to watch the PS Blog stream in the PS3 and Vita browsers?

    Oh god….Nico Nico….*shrugs*

  • I honestly don’t think Sony will have to try that hard to win this time. Xbox fanboys already hate the system, only the stupid ones will be buying it. Wii U isn’t doing to well in sales. All Sony needs is a good price point, possibly less than X1’s $499 and it will kill it. Though X1 does have some nice exclusives, but hopefully PS4 has more than they already showed.

  • The Last Guardian

  • Sony really has to have a strong showing tonight…. please don’t let me down guys.. :(

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