Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty Coming to PS4

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Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty Coming to PS4

“This… is RuptureFarms.”

Any fan of the original PlayStation remembers Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee. The demo is famously found on the disc that came with your brand spanking new PSX, introducing an entire generation of gamers to the rich and twisted universe of the cinematic Oddworld games. Since then, we’ve seen Abe join a new friend in Munch’s Oddysee, and resurface in the modern remake of Abe’s Oddysee, New ‘n’ Tasty, first shown off at Eurogamer Expo 2012.

We at Oddworld Inhabitants and Just Add Water have been purposefully quiet about the game since Lorne and Stewart announced it. Our amazing team have been hard at work, and we’re ready to talk about it now…

We’re proud to announce that Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty will be launching on PlayStation 4, featuring all the gameplay you expect from the original, revamped, remade and reprocessed in the glorious Unity3D game engine. We’ve worked hard to bring you the Abe you know and love, kicking and screaming into 2013.

Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty!

That’s right, Abe is truly coming home again. After a half-decade hiatus from making games, Oddworld Inhabitants is now a proudly independent micro-publisher, working with the hugely talented team at Just Add Water (Developments), Ltd. on the new title.

Abe first appeared back in 1997 as a 2D, pre-rendered platform game, featuring Hollywood quality video cutscenes and story. A lot has changed in the 15+ years since. PS4 is able to create lush, beautiful environments with ease, and we will make the most of that!

When we have such powerful tools to hand, you’ll be able to see the horror on Abe’s face as he lands in a new part of Rupture Farms. The world will come alive around you, revealing more uniquely Oddworld creatures, plants and details. Cutscenes have been beautifully remade and animated by previous Oddworld Inhabitants employees.

We’ve also re-examined all the levels. The original game featured flip-screen gameplay, whereby each level was broken down into single screens. Changing to a scrolling system, whereby the level is presented to the player as they moved, meant adapting some of the AI, level design and puzzles to better suit a seamless, dynamic and living Oddworld.

We know you’re all eager to get your hands on the game — so are we! Details about the release date, price and the chance to see more of the game will be released in the coming months.
Keep checking www.oddworld.com for more news, screenshots and videos. If you want to stay busy in the meantime, check out all the Oddworld games on the PSN Store!

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5 Author Replies

  • Very nice

  • @ 1, Augur- Top comment. I’m w/ him! Thanks for the post, Daniel!

  • Lova ya Stewart+Lorne :D

  • Ps Vita release please.
    I hate you Sony!

  • Probably ditch the PS3 version in favor of this one then. Still want it on PS Vita too though. ;3 Definitely getting both versions.

  • @4: It was in the first wave of platforms when the game was originally announced.

  • I’m thrilled to try all the indie titles on display in the Sony conference but Oddworld is the one I am most excited about. Abe is back and stunning in 2.5 D.

  • Indie games are really beig a masterpiece thanks to you guys, really nice work :) proud of being with you as part of this amazing community

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Should be a vita release as well.

  • So much time waiting for this!! THANK YOU!!!

  • @9: *sigh* When this was announced originally it was announced for Vita too.

    More evidence to prove that people who whine about Vita having no games, are simply ignorant.

  • @9 its already been announced before that it will be released on PS3, PS Vita, PC and 360. Todays news is that its now confirmed for PS4. You should try google sometimes, its a wonderful site.

  • Physical release = instabuy. Make it happen Sony.

    • Oddworld Inhabitants are a digital-only “indie” publisher these days, so unless we get a licensing deal, there won’t be physical versions.

  • Re: the reply to the last comment
    Daniel, do you think the economics of a physical version would work for you if you included all your old games in it (to make it look like a great value to the average buyer), and you just did a limited production run? I already own them all on various platforms, but if a disk with this new game plus the PS1 classics/PSN versions of Oddysey/Exoddus/Munch/Stranger’s Wrath came out, I’d be snapping that up too in a heartbeat, and it would be higher priority to me than most AAA published games, simply because I’d want to support groups like you way more than the EAs and Activisions of the world. I have no idea how common my sentiment would be, but I would hope that could still generate a profit for you. Not sure what you meant by licensing deal, did you mean a spinoff into other media?

    • The economics of physical discs don’t work for us at the moment because the benchmark is just too high. If we had a good deal to license to a publisher, where everyone was happy, we would do it. Also, digital downloads are only going to get more dominant as time goes on and it makes it so damn easy for the little guys like us to get our games out to everyone in a way that’s fair for all concerned. We love where things are at with platforms like PSN. :)

  • I was extremely glad to see this on the Sony conference….that was some nostalgic feeling….oddworld was really fun to play back in the PS1 time….I’m really glad that you guys are bringing back the old formula of the game….that FPS thingy really sucks.

    • Hey! We love Stranger’s Wrath! In fact, I’m actually playing through it on my lunch breaks at the moment!

  • can we look forward to PS4-native versions of Munch’s Oddysee and Stranger’s Wrath? I’d gladly pay a couple of bucks to “upgrade” my PS3/Vita versions to a PS4-native version with 1080p native 3D and bluray-quality audio :)

    • I believe Stranger’s Wrath HD PS3 already runs at 1080p, and there’s an update that adds Move and 3D support. :)

  • I miss Abe THIS MUCH!

  • This game was the first game I EVER played on Playstation platform, so I am really looking forward to it`s release. Still need to see which versions should I purchase, maybe all three? :)

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