New The Walking Dead DLC, Series Coming to PS Vita with Bundle

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New The Walking Dead DLC, Series Coming to PS Vita with Bundle

Hey everyone, its E3 week and we hope you’re enjoying the excitement as much as we are here at Telltale Games!

I’m Kirsten, Producer on The Walking Dead game series, and as you may have heard during PlayStation’s E3 press conference, we’re excited to confirm that a brand new episode of The Walking Dead game series is headed to PlayStation Vita!

The Walking Dead: 400 Days

The Walking Dead: 400 Days is a new chapter (also available as DLC for PlayStation 3 owners on PlayStation Network) in the series chronicling the first 400 Days after the outbreak through the eyes of five all-new characters. This special episode will allow you to choose a character and play through each of their stories in any order, which are all centered around a truck stop on a Georgia highway. Some decisions you may have made in Season One will affect moments of 400 Days, and while we don’t want to give away too much yet, we will say that your decisions in 400 Days will echo into future installments of the series.

The Walking Dead: 400 Days

Our friends at PlayStation are also announcing The Walking Dead Limited Edition PS Vita Bundle coming to North America, which will include a 3G/WiFi PS Vita, the complete first season of The Walking Dead game series (including 400 Days) and great bonus content. For those of you who already own a Vita and want to check out The Walking Dead, we’re also releasing all six episodes both digitally and as a complete full season at stores.

The Walking Dead PS Vita Bundle

There’s another aspect of the Vita version we’re excited to confirm—the control scheme! PS Vita allows us to use two different control styles so you can decide whether you prefer using the analog sticks and face buttons, or use Vita’s touch controls, bringing a new level of control and interactivity to Robert Kirkman’s grisly world.

If you aren’t already familiar with The Walking Dead game series, it’s based on Robert Kirkman’s Eisner Award-winning comic book series. You play as a man named Lee Everett, a former college professor and convicted felon on his way to prison at the start of the undead apocalypse. He’s unexpectedly freed from police captivity and meets an eight-year old girl named Clementine, orphaned in the aftermath of the outbreak. Lee takes Clementine under his wing, forming a tight emotional bond in a world gone to hell. What happens from then on is for you to decide as you control the story through your decisions. Lee and Clem are faced with the constant menace of walkers and learn that human survivors can be just as dangerous.

The Walking Dead: 400 Days

We can’t wait to get Season One along with the all-new 400 Days into everyone’s hands on Vita. We’ve heard you asking for it loud and clear, and we’re happy to finally let PlayStation fans take The Walking Dead with you wherever you go. We’ll have more news on the release date soon after E3, and we thank everyone for their excitement for the series and look forward to bringing you more information this year. If you have any questions about The Walking Dead, feel free to shout out in the comments but remember, please be mindful of spoilers for those that haven’t played Season One yet, but for those of you that have… keep that hair short.

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New The Walking Dead DLC, Series Coming to PS Vita with Bundle

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3 Author Replies

  • Why was not a PS Vita price cut or a hardware refresh/update announced? Thanks.

  • @1 it might be later. I think they’ll talk more vita later.

    I’m so pumped for walking dead vita.

  • And everything else thats coming to vita.

  • I thought Sony discontinued the 3G model? Is that a typo?

    Either way, I’m curious to see what the price will be for the game itself.

  • Ha…I was kinda hoping for like a zombie-themed Vita, or at least a skin or something.

  • Agreed… Throw a nice blood splatter graphic across the Vita itself… Would buy another Vita just to get it.

  • Will it have Cross Buy if I pick this up for the PS3 on PSN?

  • This is just what the vita needs more time put into games to make quality lasting ones instead of these little pocket games theyve been making. They really need to use all of the vitas potential and keep it going to get more buyers i bought the episodes for ps3 when they came out and will deffinately buy the new ones

  • This is a great buy, I just picked up the Walking Dead on the Humble Bundle and I gotta say I was amazed at how much more gripping it could be to play it as opposed to a let’s play. If the DLC is standalone you can bet I’ll buy it there as opposed to steam :)

  • Thank you for the few seconds you gave the ps vita during the e3 conference. Yes. Thank you……………

  • I’ll pass on the bundle since I already have a Vita, but I can’t wait to see the new episode. I like the idea of having five characters with different stories, it adds to the replay value. One question – will there ever be an episode where we find out what happens to Clementine, as the ending there was kind of ambiguous.

  • “and as a complete full season at stores.”

    Good. Well done doing retail for this. Unlike Epic Mickey 2.

    If PS Vita doesn’t see more retail releases it’ll never shift public perception of having “no games”. And a bunch of ports, while nice, at E3 doesn’t help that either.

  • Also I noticed no price… pending future announcement?

  • DecadanceFantasy

    While I already bought the season pass full price on PSN for my PS3, I am happy other Vita owners can enjoy the walking dead game. I will be buying the DLC 400 Days though.
    I already have the ACIII liberation bundle so I’m good with that.

  • 400 days looks awesome! Will season 1 be cross-buy compatible if you already bought it for ps3?

  • My god. You guys, I freaking love you and Telltale for doing this! I limit myself to handheld systems only so I was expecting my love for the Walking Dead to only be found by watching Let’s Plays. This. THIS JUST MADE MY NIGHT! Sony, take my money. All of it!

    • Really glad you’re excited about this version. Having the choice to use the control sticks or the touch screen will make for what we hope you will think is a nice hybrid feel in terms of how you like to play on the go.

  • Sonys E3 conference was a big letdown Vita-wise. I was expecting at least one big new first party title

  • Great to play as Lee with new characters again :) will be awesome! thank you Telltale!

  • Can’t wait for 400 days!! It should quence my thirst till season 2 starts.

  • @15 i’m curious about cross-buy as well. It would be awesome. Though if it isn’t, i’d buy it again on vita if it had seperate trophy lists from the ps3 version. lol

  • Hi Kirsten. Thanks for the great news. Will definitely pick this one up day one digitally. Big fan of the PS3 version here.

    Also, thanks for not forcing any touch controls on us. having the option is nice though.

    • So glad you’re excited! And no problem about the sticks! Playing around the office we’re close to 50/50, and happy to give everyone a nice option for how to play!

  • This better be a cross buy for season 1. You can’t expect me to buy it again when I already bought it digitally on my ps3.

  • Definitely buying the games for my Vita.

  • did they mention a release date?

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Is it YOPO?? I’m not buying the game again, but if it’s cross buy I’ll definitely buy the DLC and Season 2 as well.

  • Please be cross buy! ps3-ps4-VITA!!

  • Hoping for Cross Buy like Limbo and that 400 days is stand alone. I would recommend the bundle if it had a bigger memory stick (at the very least 8 GB) 4GB isn’t enough.

  • Crossbuy? We need to know.

  • @ Kirsten

    In the article you mentioned “great bonus content”, what is someone already had a Vita and purchased season one, how are they supposed to get this bonus content?

  • only download game? or it will have retail version?

  • <3 buttons, thanks for giving us the choice!

  • I”ve been a TellTale fan and supported since Sam & Max Season 1. I’m ecstatic to see your guys’ work coming to the Vita! Couple of questions:

    1. will the download version have a platinum trophy, or will we get a handicapped version like the rest of the titles Telltale has released as both retail and download?

    2. will there be a discount for people who bought the first season on PS3 within the first week? thatgamecompany did something like this for Journey, and it was incredibly appreciated.

    3. will there be any GLBT characters in the new episode? it is absolutely terrific that the first season’s primary characters weren’t white — sadly noteworthy — but there hasn’t been any GLBT stories or characters yet.

    4. can we look forward to better audio quality? telltale’s releases on PS3 (especially Back to the Future) sounded like Wii-quality assets: lispy and thin.

    thanks in advance for anwering!

    PS: please bring sam & max season 1 to PSN with the character models/textures/lighting from The Devil’s Playhouse!!! the entire world needs to debate Abe Lincoln and hear the War Room song!

  • What if you already own the disc version of this game will it be able to cross over to vita?

  • Any word in cross saves? I’m in the middle of the disc bundle on PS3 but its much easier for me to play my Vita currently. I’d gladly welcome some cross play/save/buy functionality

  • Will definitely be picking up the new episode!! And thanks so much for bringing this to the vita as well! Looking forward to season 2 too ;)

  • i would get it except it a 3g vita

  • when is the release date

  • Okay maybe I missed this answer or for some god unknown reason no one asked this.. What about those who have the ps3 walking dead season already , do we get a vita version for free for digital dl? I will buy the new on without a doubt, but if I can play the the first season on my vita free since already have it on my ps3 that is a huge plus!

  • I wonder when 400 days comes out to it beloved fans #FOR CLEMENTINE

  • Um,Kirsten can you buy the season pass and 400 days and the game at once at the store. Please answer my question I’m so confused. Thank you.

  • For the PS Vita, will we be able to get the 400 Days pack WITHOUT the Vita for the people who already own one?

  • Never mind, didn’t read the whole thing…

  • This bundle would have been even better if the Vita itself was a different color, maybe even include a 30-day Plus subscription or a Movie download to get our money’s worth, like the PSP bundles of old. A Red Vita console with the Walking Dead is a no-brainer (pardon the pun)!

  • They need to start making the vita bundles different colors and design the ac bundle was the only different one we need a killzone mercenary bundle and a tearaway bundle

  • I already have the game for the ps3 so can i download the game and its episodes for free?

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