Mercenary Kings On The Move To PS4

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Mercenary Kings On The Move To PS4

Mercenary Kings on PS4

We’re really excited to tell you guys about the game we’re currently working on over at Tribute Games. Mercenary Kings, coming to PS4, is a 4-player co-op run and gun shooter with a compelling crafting system. Team up with up to 3 friends to take on an evil organization named CLAW.

Mercenary Kings on PS4

What really makes Mercenary Kings stand out is the depth of its crafting system. While you’re on missions, defeating enemies and completing objectives will reward you with loot. This loot can be used to craft new gun parts and combine them to fit your play style! Want to put a shotgun barrel on that sniper rifle receiver? Why not!? Each gun is split up in five (receiver, magazine, stock, sight and barrel) with a selection of ammo types. We have over 300 gun parts already in the game so the possibilities are endless.

Mercenary Kings on PS4

Enough rambling about customization. The game really starts to shine when you play with friends. A lot of people ask us why we went with split screen over forcing everyone in one screen. With our mission system, we quickly realized we wanted to give players the freedom to split up, and tackle various objectives separately and then possibly meet back up to take on the bigger main objective. Since our levels aren’t linear and bosses don’t necessarily always appear at the same spot, it’s a good idea to split up to find where the boss appeared this time and meet back up once found and take him down together!

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5 Author Replies


  • PrimeroIncognito

    I love these kinds of games. :)

  • Sony, PLEASE! You HAVE to bring this to the Vita. It’s the perfect game for the handheld. You have no idea how happy I’d be if I got those sweet Paul Robertson sprites on the Vita. DO IT!

  • Metal Slug with custom weapons? YES PLEASE!

    Also Vita version maybe please???

  • Any info about a Vita version?

  • Yeah vita version can be very cool and fun, great game :)

  • Paul Robertson FTW!!

    • Jean-François Major

      Paul is a machine. So glad we have him on board. You should see how fast he can crank out these awesome animations!

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    When I looked at it real quick I thought it was Contra lol

  • Awesome!

  • Looks great. :3

  • just remembered this morning that PS4 Is supposed to be able to Remote Play all games onto the Vita.(and not be all laggy and crap like PS3) So I guess if/when I get a PS4 I’ll be able to play on it that beautiful OLED Vita screen.
    (But I’d still like a Vita version if it’s possible.)

    • Jean-François Major

      Yeah that’s correct.
      We’d love to make a Vita port at some point but can’t promise anything at this time considering the size of our team. :P

  • Sounds like a 2D version of Borderlands…totally sold.

    I would also like to throw my vote in for a PSVita version. Remember, the attach rate for Vita is 10 games per system. There may not be a ton of us Vita owners, Mr. Major, but we do buy a ton of games!

    • Jean-François Major

      I’m a huge Vita fan myself. So trust me, I would love to see it on there at some point.

      We do get the Borderlands comment a lot as well! Amazing game. Pretty sure it has impacted some of our design decisions.

  • You had me at 2D sprites…you had me at 2D.

  • I’ll be getting this, and I’ll buy a second copy if it comes to Vita too!

  • Not only does this remind me of metal slug, it reminds me Gunster, the Defunct sidescrolling MMO that reigns still as one of my favorite F2P games ever. I was so depressed when it was shutdown, BUT this looks like it will be even better. I really can not WAIT to play this game. Take your time guys on making it amazing, I prefer to wait a long time for a truly quality product than to play a rushed game.

  • Had a chance to play this at the show. The team did a great job demonstrating the game as we played it. This is one of my most anticipated PS4 games.

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