Knack at E3: New Trailer, Connected Play and More

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Knack at E3: New Trailer, Connected Play and More

When I first introduced Knack back in February at the New York press conference, I focused on the unique character of Knack, as well as his world and the story of the game. We took a different direction with the latest trailer, shown during the E3 PlayStation press conference: as you can see, it focuses more on the excitement and the variety of the gameplay.

The Knack World

One essential element of a character-based action game, whether it be Crash Bandicoot or Jak and Daxter, is the vibrant and varied environments to explore. With Knack, we took the increased power of the PS4 as an opportunity to increase the depth and richness of these environments, with enemies and challenges around every corner. We also worked to add a deeper and more involving story – in many ways, the game is a mashup between a classic platformer and a CGI movie starring the very distinctive character of Knack.

Knack for PS4

One Hero, Many Sizes

The playable demo in the E3 booth focuses on the different challenges and combat scenarios in the game, which call for unique abilities that only Knack possesses. Transform to use Stealth Knack to slip past lasers, defeat goblins guarding the ice caves by collecting ice parts to build your strength, or collect thousands of relics and become a giant wrecking machine on a rampage – on the game team, we’ve really enjoyed exploring all of the variations of gameplay that come out of Knack’s abilities.

Knack for PS4

Secrets, Gadgets and Crystal Relics

There’s another aspect to the game that we revealed for the first time at E3. Sixty secret rooms found throughout the game hold treasure chests, which contain a variety of special items. Some of these are parts of gadgets; collect enough, and you can complete a gadget that will aid Knack in various ways, including the ability to heal faster, increase the strength of his super moves, or help him grow in size. Others of these special items are crystal relics, which unlock six alternate Knack variations to use in the second playthrough of the game, each with its own unique strengths and weaknesses.

Knack for PS4

Get Connected

With PlayStation 4, we’re moving to a friends network based on real-world friends, and with Knack we are adding some connected play that brings a new dimension to what has traditionally been a very single-player type of game. Not only can players see how their friends are faring in the game, but friends can also collaborate to help each other along the way.

When you find one of the sixty secret rooms in the game, you are presented with the choice to either take the crystal relic or gadget part that you personally found, or elect to take the item your friend found in that same location. Need a specific part to complete a gadget? Trying to complete a specific alternate Knack costume? The more friends you have that are playing the game, the faster you’ll be able to complete the items you want.

Knack for PS4

Stay tuned for more updates from the Knack universe, and look out for the game this holiday on PlayStation 4!

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  • I will be partaking in some Cerny Computer Entertainment later this year. :)

  • I’m so hyped for this game, I want this to be the first disc I play on the PS4, thanks for such a charming game and the best console a PS fan would want.

    btw Mark we need you on screen more often haha, such a smooth voice.

  • LuiSpartanMIMIMI

    Mark, you’re THE man!

    Sony, we need SYPHON FILTER ON PS4 ASAP!!

  • This is the game thats making me pre order 2 ps4s tomorrow at best buy, i want my Nephew to have the same experience i had with Crash Bandicoot back in the days and besides Knack is looking a lot fun. Come on Buddy you have big shoes to fill ( Crash, Ratchet, Jack, Sly )

  • DoodyPie_Johnson

    Thank you for making a game that doesn’t have to go out of it’s way in order to prove it’s sooo edgy.

  • kept watching all the videos on the stream at work with a really slow network!! and was disappointed until I watch this omg looks really good!

  • Day 1 for me!

  • Remote play day one. Im sold on this one! Can’t wait

  • This is pretty much the only game I’m excited about. So nice to see a polished and creative platformer rather than yet another zombie-shooting game.

  • Wish I could play this on my Vita withOUT a PS4.

  • Can’t wait on Knack, love the insight you provided in the post. If the game is really inspired from Crash Bandicoot, Jak & Daxter, & such others. I’m glad you’re adding exploration to the game. . .not because of the environments, but finding upgrades/collectibles is the best in these type of games.

  • I love you Mark. Game’s look beautiful. Can’t wait for it.

  • Beautiful visuals and story!

  • This gives me Crash Bandicoot vibes, which is a good thing. Actually Sony should buy the crash bandicoot IP.

  • LOL Knack sounds like James Earl Jones, awesome. Also thank you for being creative and not making Knack a first person shooter, but going back to old school, with a new school twist . I love to support exclusives especially creative ones. PLAYSTATION NATION!

  • I kind of have a mix feeling about Knack………I’ll decide later if I will buy Knack at release or wait for a few.

  • @16 I know what you mean, I’m afraid It will be on plus in 4 or 5 months after release but I’m looking forward to it so I will buy it in hopes of more platformers like this in the future.

  • Very rare to see old school games like this :)

  • Let me shake you hand sir Mar you you daredevil of all gaming daredevils Knack will be purchased day one you take my word for it I am prity sure my young brother will play hell out of it he is BIG fan of SPYRO and Crash jut out of long life time respect for you sir !

  • @19 Mark *

  • @4 Those memories oh ^) History repeats it self after almost 20 years thank you

  • My most hyped PS4 game title with a release window. It was my most hyped PS4 game, until FFXV and KH3 about gave me a heart attack…

    Anyhoo~ We need more games like Knack in the industry and it’s great that Sony is providing them. Hopefully 3rd parties follow suit a little more. Especially 3D platformers, those are far less common these days.

  • First off, as someone who is double majoring in game development and 3D animation, I just wanted to say that the keynote you gave back in February was very inspiring and makes me proud to be in this industry. Knack is looking good and it definitely stands out from the standard fare. I love games that think outside of the box and I think this is one of many concepts that is needed for us as an industry to move forward. As much as I love classics and retro remakes, its nice to see that there are developers out there that are still innovating. Keep taking chances and dare to build what others are afraid to do. Keep up the good work and thank you for helping Sony develop a system that makes things more intuitive for folks like us.

  • Knack is currently the ONLY reason I want to get a PS4 (besides PS4 being great hardware and not having horrible DRM).

    We need more games like this and not just more first-person shooters. I think there are more than enough FPSs. Bring back good old platfomer gaming!

  • The connected part is really interesting — a passive social experience that is tied into strategy.

    I’m glad to hear that this game is leaning more toward real puzzles and ‘inventory’ like adventure games, than the mindless collect-a-thon of Ratchet & Clank, etc. Games that focus on “loot” and coin/gem collecting are incredibly uninteresting to me, no matter how good they look. (I’m look at you, Zack Zero.)

    Any plans for second screen co-op on the Vita? Or non-splitscreen co-op on the PS4 itself?

    Waiting for a bundle that includes download codes for Knack, the camera, and a pair of DS4’s — then I’ll pre-order!

  • Knack’s VA sounds familiar…

  • Cant wait for this game…its really good to have a true adventure game….and Knack looks fantastic….we need more games like this….I hope Knack becomes one of the beloved characters of the PS family like Crash,Sly,Ratchet,Sackboy and etc….

  • Can I say it?
    The new Crash!

  • Just curious… are there any non-white characters in the game? Something more inclusive would be nice :)

  • I think Knack will be a fantastic game, and I’m pleased with the way you’ve designed it so that you can play through it many times for different randomized experiences. I think that will ensure that Knack gets a lot of playtime on my PS4.

    The character of Knack is great and original, and the graphics and story of the game seem impressive for this kind of game. I wonder if you can select different levels of difficulty, and if co-op play would be a possibility?

    I’m unsure about the social features of Knack, but they are a good start for selling people on social connectivity. I don’t have many friends, so I won’t be making much use of them. I’m also getting the game at launch, so if anything I would be the person who goes through the game the first time around, enabling the one or two people on my friend list to take advantage of the feature.

    Knack is a bright and memorable game in the midst of several more serious and violent games shown at the PS4 reveal and E3, and I think it makes a great launch title for the PS4. I hope that Sony continues to make games that can appeal to a wide range of players like this game does.

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