Grand Theft Auto V PS3 Bundle, Custom Pulse Elite Headset & Custom Audio Mode

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Grand Theft Auto V PS3 Bundle, Custom Pulse Elite Headset & Custom Audio Mode

Grand Theft Auto V PS3 Bundle

Are you ready for Grand Theft Auto V? We wanted to celebrate the release of this groundbreaking game on September 17th in a big way. To mark the occasion we’re releasing a brand new PlayStation 3 Grand Theft Auto V Bundle, a custom Grand Theft Auto V Pulse – Elite Edition headset and a custom audio mode!

Grand Theft Auto V on PS3

For $299 $269 (MSRP), this bundle comes complete with a 500GB PlayStation 3, a Blu-ray copy of Grand Theft Auto V and a 30-day PlayStation Plus trial membership. You can pick up this awesome bundle when it hits stores on September 17th.

Grand Theft Auto V on PS3Grand Theft Auto V on PS3

In addition to the bundle, we partnered with our friends over at Rockstar Games to create a custom designed Grand Theft Auto V Pulse – Elite Edition headset that features styling created specifically for Grand Theft Auto V. The custom headset design was inspired by Grand Theft Auto V’s focus on the almighty dollar. The new custom headset will be available September 17th exclusively at GameStop for $179.99.

Grand Theft Auto V Pulse Elite Headset

We are also introducing a specifically crafted audio experience exclusive for the PlayStation 3. The custom Grand Theft Auto V audio mode for Pulse – Elite Edition takes full advantage of the BassImpact technology embedded in the Pulse – Elite Edition headset to provide the ultimate Grand Theft Auto V experience. You can download the Grand Theft Auto V audio mode at no cost from the free Pulse – Elite Manager App. This exclusive mode enhances the game’s most epic moments like car crashes, explosions and more.

Grand Theft Auto V on PS3

Let us know what you think of the bundle, custom headset and custom audio mode. Will you be picking up the bundle, the headset or both?

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Grand Theft Auto V PS3 Bundle, Custom Pulse Elite Headset & Custom Audio Mode

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  • XxPancakeFeverxX

    OHHH MY …… Ball So hard GTA 5

  • Having the headset on the side of the box makes it seem like it is included in the PS3 bundle.

    Other than that, both look like sweet items.

  • That is a pretty sweet bundle, but yeah, it would be sweeter if the headset was included.


  • needs a PS4 port.

  • Wow.. Talk about making money.. I think this wonderful Ms MacKenzie.. keep up the fanstastiic work, just make these are still around during blk Friday :)

    vp-psn legionarre group

  • I already own the Pulse headphones. Is the new audio mode going to be made available to existing Pulse owners? I don’t even care if its a few dollars.

  • Just saw it does. Awesome!

  • Can the pulse elite be used for the PS4? Will definitely be getting it if it can be.

    • We are committed to making all of our Pulse Headsets compatible with PlayStation 4. We are engaging in thorough testing to ensure compatibility and will announce more details at a later date

  • @9 I don’t see any reason why it can’t.

  • Nice package. I own the Pulse Elite and they are awesome linked with the PS3. The App for the ps3 managing the sound settings is awesome too. The “bass impact” is gimmicky but you can turn that off. I got them on sale online little over $100 and thats as low as you can find new. But more than worth it.

  • Great bundle!

  • Rockstar Games should have supported PS3 from the beginning! There was no need to jump ship when all your loyal fans were from PS2 GTA days!

  • Have a ps3. Have 1TB if needed, Have GTA5 Preordered, Have 2 Sony stereo headsets, Have Turtle Beaches. The only thing I don’t have is the Pulse headsets customized. Bundle is flawed. But I’m looking forward to GTAV. Bought Liberty City Stories the other day to keep me pumped for it.

  • Amazing bundle , great start for those who want to jump into PS3 era of entertainment with an amazing game and a 500Gb for PS+ purchases. I like Sony’s new way of marketing, keep it coming to PS3 until 2017 and PS4 even longer because you CAN! Ohh don’t you dare to forget about Vita ;). I see a very bright future for PS Community and I thank you Sony for that. Congratulations.

  • PULSE Elite Headphones are incredible value packed product.

    Highly recommended for all-round use!

    – Excellent for games (Yes, even mobile games)
    – Movies with atmospheric sounds (Dark Knight Series), Inception, etc.
    – And most of all, MUSIC suddenly becomes fun.

    The mic is hidden, so you can even wear them outside!

  • This audio mode for specific games is really good and it’s great to see another one released :)

    I hope this audio mode for GTA V works better than Bioshock Infinite. I mean, it was a great experience playing Bioshock Infinite with the specific audio mode for it, but the audio when listening the Voxophones were bad, “pulsing” too much in some cases.

  • you guys realize 99% of websites are stating that the headphone are included in the bundle, right? I was totally gonna get this but now it has no value. I already have my CE edition of GTA5 ordered, and if I want a new ps3 I won’t be spending that much on it.

  • I should add though, that I will most likely be getting the headphone anyway :)

  • That looks awesome…..very cool so the headset will be sold separately as well…I may finally buy one since my headset is still the 1st model released….cool GTA bundle…I’ll be picking up the standard version as always.

  • looks nice

  • i would buy one if i had money :(
    i dont even have money for the game itself lol

  • where can i pre order this bundle????

  • Please, tell me how can i get this bundle, i’m from Mexico and i don’t know where i can pre order this bundle, and how much is it if you send me this bundle to my place? sorry my bad english but i really want it. :(

  • Will the headset also come to Ebgames in Canada? They are owned by gamestop.

  • ReZeRReCTiOn-115


  • “For $299 (MSRP), this bundle comes complete with a 500GB PlayStation 3, a Blu-ray copy of Grand Theft Auto V and a 30-day PlayStation Plus trial membership. You can pick up this awesome bundle when it hits stores on September 17th.”

    The headset does NOT come with the ps3 bundle…

  • How about the older ps3 wireless 7.1 and Turtle Beach headsets? will they work on ps4? I need to know!

  • Rockstar, estamos à menos de três meses para o lançamento de GTA V e até agora não mostraram nenhum gameplay.

    A meses que não mostram mais videos e nem se pronunciam de quando teremos mais detalhes.

    Isso não se faz com quem é a fã desde GTA 1.

    Estou chateado com vocês.

  • Im planning on getting GTA V pulse edition headset, is there something i need to pay to get the exclusive sound?

  • thats looks wicked since i sold my last ps3 because i wanted to upgrade an get a bigger hard drive, but does this come with everything the elite bundle comes with? i really want the ps3 but i rather have all the extas the $150 version comes with more

  • wait the headphones don’t come with it? an if i read it correctly its just the normal version of GTA5? LAME i will just buy the $150, i can understand the head phones not being with it but not the best edition of the game! very lame i want the best edition

  • I know the headset doesn’t come with it, but I will definitely be getting this when it comes out. Been looking forward to GTA V for a while + I need a new PS3. I still have the original fat model with only 80gb (it was the most you could get at the time). Nothings wrong with it, it’s just time for an upgrade…and I’m running out of space on it (have like less than 2gb of space left lol).

    Because I’m getting this though, I’ll probably have to wait until sometime next year to get a PS4, but oh well. Definitely worth buying.

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