Destiny of Spirits Brings Social Strategy to PlayStation Vita

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Destiny of Spirits Brings Social Strategy to PlayStation Vita

Amidst all the E3 announcements happening this week, we have a special one of our own – introducing Destiny of Spirits, a new free-to-play social experience that integrates strategic fantasy battles with your everyday PS Vita activity.

Our teams in Japan, in conjunction with Q Entertainment, have been working hard to bring a gaming experience that you can play every day, but more importantly, provide a community where you’ll be able to contribute, even when you’re not playing.

Destiny of Spirits - PS Vita

Collaborate with Friends in Battle

In Destiny of Spirits, evil Spirits lay claim to areas around the globe, and it’ll take the collaboration of friends around the world to remove these threats, known as Chaos Spirits. Battle by customizing your own team with powerful elemental Spirits, trade Spirits with friends around the world to diversify your squad, or let your friends borrow from your collection – the game is much more dynamic as you connect with more friends.

Hunt for Spirits with Location-Based Technology

As Spirits are all around us, there are several ways to obtain new Spirits and add them to your collection. By using the Vita’s location-based technology and traveling real-world distances with your PS Vita – on the bus, in the car, on the train – you can unlock new Spirits with every journey. Interaction with fellow players from around the world will enable you to trade spirits and obtain unique Spirits ONLY available in certain regions – your friends in Japan and Europe will have an entirely different set of Spirits that you’ll want to get a hold of!

Destiny of Spirits - PS VIta

Find Your Daily Destiny

One feature we’re particularly excited about is the Destiny Engine. Everyday, you’ll receive a unique fortune that will guide your destiny in a number of ways. In battle, your fortune could increase or decrease certain Spirits or elemental attacks, so you’ll need to plan your assaults wisely. On another day, your destiny may affect your travels by increasing the chance to obtain extremely rare Spirits. With a new fortune everyday, you’ll be constantly on the hunt for new Spirits or defeating evil ones, and you’ll want to be checking back every day to see what your fortune will hold

Let us know what you think of the game and we’ll get back on the blog to give you more details about the Spirits and your Destiny that awaits…

And if you’re interested in learning more about some of the social features, check out more, including additional videos, by heading over to our game page on PlayStation Japan.

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Destiny of Spirits Brings Social Strategy to PlayStation Vita

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3 Author Replies

  • Xbox, go home.

  • What? there is a new game besides Killzone and Tearaway coming to the vita? poor thing, the system is getting really mistreated by sony, i was waiting for at least 2 or 3 AAA titles but nah all we get is HD remakes, oh well.

  • Is this the game we’re supposedly going to be playing for hours on end? :|

    • It really depends on how you want to play, and how many spirits you want to collect! Also, the Destiny Engine will give you a daily fortune, so each day adds a new twist, so if you really get into DoS, you’ll want to check in frequently. Either way, the great thing is there will always be a community out there to help out (via trading, providing ‘supporting Spirits’ and helping defeat chaotic spirits around the world.

  • #2
    Yeah………. I was beyond disappointed.
    They even cut the gameplay video of the new batman game down to 2 seconds.

  • I love my PS Vita we were teased games, we were told to wait for E3. We got nothing. Very disappointing.

  • at 4 yea i was really disappointed in the game department of the whole conference, i was expecting megatons but all sony really needed to do was to announce no DRM and the ps4 price tag and boom. But come on where were the vita games? at least one first party AAA title lol


  • XxPancakeFeverxX

    E3: Things I Wanted To See But Did Not PS Vita Price DROP, PS Vita GAMES, Download List Editing,
    and A Official PlayStation Mobile App. PS4 is great though.

  • Sony, PLEASE! I’m asking with my body, spirit, and soul… PLEASE, stop making us, vita owners, so sad and blue! Where are the games? Where are they sony???? PLEASE…

  • I am slightly disappointed but given Japan studios pedigree it should be interesting.

    • Don’t worry, you’ll hear more about the game over the next few months. You won’t be disappointed!

  • free to play? looks kinda interesting. i’ll definetly try it since its free, but since its a japanese devloped ‘social game’ i expect it to have alot of obnoxious overpriced microtransactions that will be required to fully enjoy the game. :(

    • If you’re attending E3, come by the booth and give it a try, You’ll be pleased by the game design and social features and how few micro transactions are really needed.

  • free to play thanks sony!!

  • We were all hoping this was a Demon’s Souls’ spiritual sequel for Vita.

    oh well.

  • This was the biggest letdown. I have to say the Vita is dead at this point if this is considered a big reveal. I’m sorry but there is really no reason to own this thing at this point. Sorry Shahid. You’re an awesome guy, but that hype you gave was unwarranted and now I’m just leaving with a bad taste in my mouth.

  • It’s like I said, maybe if they were to replace OLED tech with LED for 1 production and keeping OLED for the higher end version, it would boost sales.
    Ultimatly, games will push the system.

  • I think the Vita is meant to go with PS4. I have a feeling the Vita will be in action a lot more after PS4 release.

  • Another one for Vita yay! =D

  • #16
    Then maybe they should have announced a bundle pack……….still the lack of (vita) games is really disappointing.
    But at least we are getting rayman legends, muramasa, dragon’s crown and several indies this year….I’d honestly would’ve been happy if they announced that the new Mickey game was being released for the vita as well…..or odd world……………….SOMETHING WE DIDN’T ALREADY KNOW ABOUT!

  • This is absolutely puzzling, Did anyone want a game like this for the Vita?

    Mobile gaming is full of this, in order to succeed, the Vita needs to offer something that mobile can’t.

  • Thats all !?
    Cmon! This is E3 !

  • This looks horrible and is definitely not what the vita needs.

  • I wish the art was different. I mean it’s nice, but the static art is too “meh”.

    Something like Breath of Fire would have been nice to look at and with animations. I know it’s F2P, so the budget probably isn’t huge, but I think more people would care if it was presented better.

    I’ll try it out.

    And if you guys have a plan for Vita, speed it up. Because, you can’t continue like this.

    @18: Yes, let’s announce a game that was announced for Vita when it was originally announced. That makes sense. You know that Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty is coming to Vita right? And that the developers have multiple projects for Vita in the works? (one of which is Munch’s Oddyssey HD)

  • I’ve been let down for the last time with the Vita. Even when the Wii U was announced at least Nintendo delivered to the 3DS crowd . . .

  • A game by Q Entertaintment? count me in :)

  • Come on! my Vita is sad and really could have used some E3 love.Everything about the conference was great, except the complete lack of Vita triple A vita titles.Although we love our indie games the majority of us bought our Vita’s for console quality on the go,why else build such powerful hardware?Do you guys have anything else for the Vita in store during E3?

  • Android got Amazing Spiderman, GTA 3, NBA 2k13, Maxpayne, Dark Knight Rises etc. While the most powerful next generation handheld system got this? I am so gonna sell my psvita ASAP! This system is dead, it’s almost 2 years yet there are only few AAA games!

  • And Also Android’s Dark Knight Rises is in full 3d gameplay! But PS vita’s upcoming Batman Arkham is only on 2d? I should had never payed 400$ for such useless vita!

  • stop to cheat us with this garbages we want games for ps vita and i din’t see any at the conference i won’t support ps4 for what you did to ps vita

  • @27: Um… different games. And, you probably paid more for your tablet or phone. So shoo.

    @haters: Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. *waves*

  • @5 E3 isn’t over yet. The press conferences main purpose is to get people who are actually at e3 to come and look at their booths, e3 doesn’t end till Thursday.

  • E3 just started!

  • This looks pretty good, but I hope it’s not like Toro’s Friend Network where I ended up with 80 friends in my friend list.. I just couldn’t take it.

  • free to play = no play. I do not support the microtransaction model. I’d rather buy a full game

  • I can’t wait to play this game. Looks like fun

  • Seriously…? This is not a game I bought my vita for. When are the real blockbusters going to arrive besides the ones we already know about (2 at the moment…). Sure, the whole Gaikai stuff sounds cool, but it looks like it won’t be available in Europe any time soon anyway…

  • I like the idea, I’m all into strategy games. I liked the character design, it’s well done. I didn’t liked the static battles, I think it should be more like Fire Emblem: Awakening, general graphics are simple but the battles are awesome. Also, it appears to be a Free to play + Cash Shop game, I really don’t like that model. If you really want to get more attention, make the battles more dynamic (maybe by pressing a sequence of buttons to reduce damage takes or to get a higher change of critical attacks) and animated with hard-to-believe attacks, like Disgaea. Disgaea’s graphics are incredibly simple, but the special attacks are so cool and they look so powerful! Makes me want to play more and more.

  • since we talking free to play i must ask, will phantasy star online 2 come over seas ?

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