The Drop: Week of June 10th 2013 New Releases

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The Drop: Week of June 10th 2013 New Releases

Survive an apocalypse on Earth in The Last of Us, a PlayStation 3-exclusive title by Naughty Dog. Here, you will find abandoned cities reclaimed by nature. Here is a population decimated by a modern plague. Here, there are only survivors killing each other for food, weapons, or whatever they can get their hands on. Here, you find no hope.

Joel, a brutal survivor, and Ellie, a brave young teenage girl who is wise beyond her years, must work together if they hope to survive their journey across the US.

Enjoy this week The Drop!

The-Last-of-Us-Box-ArtThe Last of Us

(Available June 14th, 2013) — The Last of Us is a third-person Survival-Action game that utilizes choices in gameplay action to develop the game storyline, as well as the relationship between the two main characters, Joel and Ellie. The game features a combination of combat, exploration, stealth and platforming game mechanics. Although Joel and Ellie are both residents of a post-apocalyptic world, they have had different experiences that affect the way they see the world around them, and feel about what they see and do. Joel had a life before the pandemic, while the world of the pandemic is all that Ellie has ever known.

As part of Joel’s job to smuggle Ellie out of the quarantine zone, players have to make choices in how they deal with enemies, which include, roving gangs of human scavengers not unlike themselves, military elements and infected civilians. Player also have opportunity to together interact with elements of the world around them, which helps to build the bond between Joel and Ellie. Resources in the game are scarce, making overwhelming use of firepower unlikely and unwise in conflicts, and resource gathering missions. In addition, most other residents of the ruined world that are encountered are just trying to survive – blurring the line between good guys and bad guys. Finally, game AI react differently depending on the specifics of the player’s actions, making choice in gameplay a major consideration.

Flying Hamster HD (For PS Vita) — Take control of Newton, the flying hamster in this action-frenzy horizontal shooter. You will fly across six unique environments, from the sunflower fields to the big Japanese city or the crazy ancient Egypt. Eight freaky weapons are scattered among the levels, and you’ll need them all to take on the more than 35 different enemies (sneaky penguins, anti-air cows, exploding foxes, ninja squirrels, toaster-robots…) as well as the six dreadful and unpredictable bosses.

4e6700b3_Final-Fantasy-XIII-2-Serah-Character-ArtworkAliens: Colonial Marines — In Aliens: Colonial Marines, players are part of a United States Colonial Marine squad and must prepare to face an Aliens assault more intense and horrific than ever before. Players must destroy the enemy with classic Aliens weaponry ranging from pulse rifles to flamethrowers as well as brand-new equipment.

Aliens: Colonial Marines features a story driven single-player mode and a four player co-op mode allowing players to share the chilling experience with three friends. In co-op mode, each player assumes the persona of a United States Colonial Marine and have a distinct role to play in the completion of every mission.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 — A wish to protect the world. A promise to challenge destiny. After thirteen days of fates intertwined, the battle begins…

Set several years after Lightning and the others saved Cocoon, some survivors have decided to start over by rebuilding on Gran Pulse. Lightning, however, is nowhere to be found and thought dead by many, but Serah believes otherwise. When her town is suddenly overrun by monsters, a mysterious man named Noel appears to save her. Together, the two set off to find Lightning…


  • Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F

PlayStation 2 Classic

250px-Contrass-frontContra: Shattered Soldier — All of the legendary action and adrenaline of the famed Contra series explodes in a new dimension with Contra: Shattered Soldier. Fans of the series will feel right at home with the game’s signature frenzied, side-scrolling 2D gameplay, while newcomers to the series will be awed by the game’s ultra-detailed 3D visuals and wide assortment of enemies – human, alien and mechanized.

Massive, screen-filling boss characters, a Contra series staple, do everything they can to keep players from proceeding through the multiple action-packed missions, while environmental threats such as swarms of bugs, aggressive enemies and alien encounters keep players on their toes. When the action gets too intense; players can always opt to take on the enemy with a friend in the cooperative 2-player simultaneous mode.

Pirates: Legend of the Black Buccaneer — Join Francis Blade as he struggles to make the best of his ill-fated journey. Start shipwrecked on a mysterious island with only basic abilities. After finding the medallion that allows Francis to summon the powerful spirit of the Black Buccaneer things begin to change.

[Editor’s Note: The following dates are subject to change. Game details are gathered from Press Releases, Retail Descriptions, from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • The last of us! Yea!


  • Wow a digital Final Fantasy release. Rather unexpected. THE LAST OF US! :D

  • im still in shock that project diva F is being localized. cant wait to buy a 3rd copy. already have the japanese release on vita and ps3. everyone buy it.

  • WoundedUnderwear

    The Last of Us & Final Fantasy XIII-2, Yep going be busy.
    Will Final Fantasy XIII & Final Fantasy XIII-3 make it to PSN also?

  • PwnerJayDittmar

    Decent drop. Surprised at the FF13-2 digital but I already own the CE. Can’t wait for the PS+ freebies this month!

  • No news on the big sale mentioned on the blogcast?

  • Crash and Spyro on Vita. Just a friendly reminder that there are some of us still waiting for them.

  • The Last of Us for me, as well as the Hatsune Miku demo.

  • Sales are always posted on Monday, usually with the Plus update, which was early this week. So, maybe more surprises coming on Monday.

  • So Square can digitally put that crap XIII up, but never bothered to release Crisis Core, one of the last good games they produced, digitally? Anyway.. THE LAST OF US

  • Can’t freaking wait until The Last of Us releases, so everyone can get over this insanely overrated game already. Cannot wait for the hype to die down after a week or two and for everyone to forget about this crappy interactive movie.

    See, I have been gaming since NES and Mario Bros, and I play video games to play video games. I never started gaming to play wannabe movie crap. I loathe modern fads in gaming and hope that this semi-realism, QTE, linear, set piecey, highly scripted fad dies off and quick.

    More and more these days I am becoming a Nintendo gamer since the PlayStation brand began alienating me with the PS3 and its lack of good proper turn based JRPGs, and just weak wack JRPGs in general with their deterioration in quality. Just left with generic westernized mainstream pewpew crap.

    The Last of Us has mushroom people (goombas), so it’s essentially going for a real life adaptation of Super Mario Bros. Anyhow, the QTEs in TLoU make me sick.

  • Rey there’s a lot of rumors going around that Sony its about to pull a microsoft with the DRM and the eye camera… this will be business suicidal for Sony…. is it true? We need to know! no one wants to answer and thats even more bad…. so someone needs to come out and speak clearly!

  • OMG!!! Contra Shattered Soldier <3 (u got my money!)

  • I never waiited so much for a week to come =S at least for some birthday or E3 before but this one will be EPIC.
    It’s going to be a busy and fun week to live and also a weekend that personally I can’t wait to,thinking that I will be one of THE LAST OF US =D

  • Big games.

    The Last of Us is a certain day one, although I think I’ll get a physical copy due to tight HDD space on PS3…

  • Pedro408sanjose

    Hatsune Miku!!!!!!

  • Oh Sony. I know this is the wrong place to do this and [probably] no one will even read this, but don’t leave the Vita out in the dark tomorrow. Please give me something to look forward to for that thing for Q3/4 2013 and 2014. And before the hate, I am not saying the Vita doesn’t have games. I’ve got 10 games for the thing and 3 on pre-order. I am just wishin for more, ya’know? The amazing releases are unfortunately too far and few in-between right now. Hopefully tomorrow’s E3 can remedy this for awhile.


  • Yay, Miku demo!

    Digital FF13-2 is pretty cool too, but I suuuuuure would love digital Crisis Core, or Birth by Sleep.

  • Ryan-Campbell18

    WHERES FATAL FRAME 3?????????????????????!!!

  • Well let’s hope wew see some E3 psn sales especially for plus members

  • neuropunk

    You should just stick too Nintendo then lol they have evey thing you need :)

  • What store has the best pre order for The last of us

  • FF 13-2 shows me that Crisis Core, Birth By Sleep, Crash, Spyro, and Metal Gear portable ops could be also if all the gaming gurus would sit at the round table and figure out the money split for each other for it to happen.The Vita would burst with joy if this would happen.

  • Contra!!!!!!!!!

    hold on to your butts boys cuz Bill and i are about to tear stuff up!!

  • Awwww yeah, this is gonna be wicked

  • @24
    Gamestop has 2 dlc packs for preordering

  • @12 you are on the wrong board if you are talking about Nintendo and you sound like a Nintendrone. You will be wrong about The Last of Us it will sell like crazy and I can’t wait to buy my Survival Edition this Friday.

  • @28 Yeah that is where I pre-ordered my copy it’s nice to get both dlc packs.

  • Lmao can’t even tell if neuropunk is being serious. A real life adaptation of Super Mario Bros haha

  • RandomOnlineDude

    Is the US ever getting Crash and Spyro for Vita?

  • So nice to see FF XIII-2 released as a digital. Looks like a change of strategy by SE. Now, please, as #25 said, release Crisis Core, Birth by Sleep, FF XIII and… Type-0!!! SE, here is my credit card, now it´s your turn.

  • RandomOnlineDude

    I mean the PS One Versions

  • @31 I know that neuropunk user he is a regular troll on the GameFaqs PS3 board

  • i feel bad for neuropunk. what a sad world he lives in.

    super excited for last of us. people are gonna be talking about that game for years to come.

  • My order of The Last of Us should arrive after I’ve finished watching Man of Steel. By the way, when is the Final Fantasy XIII-2 Digital Contents Selection going to be released here?

  • Will Last Of Us be on PSN too?

  • The Last of Us for me. I don’t preorder many games, but after playing that demo, I wanted it. Other than that, maybe something worthwhile will be on sale.

  • @38 yes and it will be available to download at Midnight on June 14th as well from what I have read.

  • Pirates: Legend of the Black Buccaneer
    Now that’s what I call a hidden gem

  • Why on earth does it take so long for PSN games to come out in NA compared to Europe? Flying Hamster HD came out ages ago there, been waiting forever for it. Seems to happen a lot, especially with Vita games.

  • Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F Demo makes this one of the best updates ever

  • Go to Google

    Search “Let’s Get FlatOut Head On PS Vita Compatible”

    Click on the first result.

    Sign the petition please.

    Thank you

  • LAST OF US!!!!!!!! preordered paid off playing the demo all week cant wait lol

  • JimmyNEUTRON413

    Do we know if Last of Us will be posted on the store at midnight? or will we have to wait until Friday evening?

  • JimmyNEUTRON413

    nvm I just preordered on psn and read it ill be avalible at midnight

  • @46 yes it’s been confirmed to be available at Midnight on PSN by Naughty Dog Community Strategist Eric Monacelli

  • FireDragonMonkey

    HATSUNE MIKU: PROJECT DIVA!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooohooo :D Hopefully they’ll bring over the PS Vita version too because I want to play it not just at home, but on the go too! (And with multiple profile restrictions, the Vita version is more difficult to import)

    Also the Last of Us is only coming Friday? :( I thought it was Tuesday… Have to wait 3 more days…

  • Why don’t you people at Sony get a hold of those people at Square and have them release Final Fantasy Crisis Core and Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep on PSN and make them Vita compatible?

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