Portal 2 In Motion: Free Co-op Campaign Out Today

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Portal 2 In Motion: Free Co-op Campaign Out Today

Last December, you voted Portal 2 In Motion the Best Use of PlayStation Move. Sixense is grateful for your support. But we have been hearing one question from you: “Where’s co-op?”

PS.Blog Game of the Year 2012 - Best Use of PS Move

As a “thank you” from Sixense to the PS3 community, all owners of the Portal 2 In Motion DLC will receive Non-Emotional Manipulation, an all-new co-op campaign specifically designed for Playstation Move, for free. We are deploying the patch today via PSN, so if you own the Portal 2 In Motion DLC you’ll get this new co-op content for free, automatically.

If you don’t own Portal 2 and Portal 2 In Motion yet, both the game and the DLC will be on sale for 20% off starting today on the PlayStation Store. PlayStation Plus members will receive an additional 40% off the sale price.

Non-Emotional Manipulation builds off of the new motion mechanics introduced in the previous Portal 2 In Motion single-player campaigns, but now with an added co-op twist. You can play Non-Emotional Manipulation split-screen with two Playstation Move controllers, or online with a friend across the internet. And you can even cross-play with owners of the Portal 2 MotionPack on PC. So grab a friend and start testing!

Remember that if you own the Portal 2 In Motion DLC from Sixense, you’ll have the two award-winning single player campaigns plus the new co-op, all designed for PlayStation Move. If you just have Valve’s Portal 2, but haven’t yet purchased Portal 2 In Motion, you can play the entire game with native PlayStation Move support by Sixense, but you won’t have the motion-specific gameplay features, such as Portal Surfing, Scaling and One-to-One.

Thanks again to all of our fans who’ve made this free update possible. We can’t thank you enough. You deserve it!

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4 Author Replies

  • Looks coll ill give a try. thanks

  • Whoa, you guys at Sixense pulled out all the stops for us. Thanks for showing us some love.

  • Free? *faints*

    Glad to be a supporter of you guys. Thank you guys for being awesome.

  • Will this be available on PCs with the Hydra?

  • Thanks for this, Sixense! Even though it’s 2013 now I’d still say this is the best use of the PS Move.

  • Good morning!
    I wonder if Sony has any news about the game The Last Guardian exclusive Playstation 3
    For the official site of the E3 insider he was listed in the Sony conference …
    I hope answers as well as I believe that many people bought this console with the announcement of this game in 2009 …
    Thank you!

  • Thank you.

    Very much appreciated !

  • Very nice, thanks.

  • Soooooooooooooo… will the Game arrive on the EU store any time soon?

    • The Non-Emotional Manipulation co-op campaign is available in Europe now. So if you already own Portal 2 In Motion or if you buy it now, you’ll receive the co-op automatically.

  • also that looks brilliant and I hope you guys will make more Move/Eye 2 games

  • This is what I call supporting the game as well thinking about the consumers. This is totally appreciated & I have to get back to this game. More developers need to put the PS Move to good use like these guys did. Take note this is how you develope a game for PS Move.

  • great news for me, yesterday I purchased in motion addon

  • Pretty awesome, was planning on purchasing this when I saw the discount on the DLC :)
    Just made it easier for my monies to be taken :D

  • Do both players need to have a motion controller?

  • TriangleOffense

    I love you

  • This looks amazing! I’ve been needing something new for my move. Thanks.

  • If there’s any reason for me to get the Move, this game is it.

    Still holding out, but maybe one day…

  • Is there any interaction with GLaDOS? Because the first Motion DLC felt so disconected from the main story, like it was just a proof of concept.

  • nice, i just bought this since it was on sale, even though i bought the pc version first, specifically to try out the inmotion dlc. been curious about it since last year’s e3 announcement but price has never been low enough to buy it on another platform. looking forward to trying it out (tho i only have one move, so the co-op is out of my reach for now, but appreciate the free update)

  • In meant more like The Portal 2 game itself, since it’s not available digitally on the EU store

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  • Looks great and also the song in this video is amazing I would really like to know the name of it….anyway I still need to try out Portal 2 looks awesome to play in co-op.

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