PlayStation Blogcast 077: Last-ing Impressions

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PlayStation Blogcast 077: Last-ing Impressions
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While delirious with the last bits of E3 planning, we manage to bring you the new releases for June 11th, a heaping helping of listener letters and Gems (thanks guys!), and some impressions and musing on The Last of Us (spoiler free!) at the tail end of the episode. See you at E3!

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[Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • Seems like you guys are in more of a rush to get to E3 than we are. Wonder what is going to happen

  • Just don’t let anything leak before E3 guys, I want to experience Playstation in it’s full force Monday night.

  • Seeing that Xbone games policy just got out, if Playstation 4 has anything close to that tripe, I’m done.

  • I Hope that Sony don’t do what Microsoft is doing with the Xbox One.

  • It may be too late but hopefully Sony capitalizes on the Xbox One announcement and tell us what we want this E3.

  • Definitly E3 is going to blown our minds, in a real positive way, and only with Playstation knowing how to do it :) so, awesome! can’t wait for E3 and the Last of Us :) great week coming

    Cool show guys!! Good luck there!!

  • 4 more days! Can’t wait to see the full reveal of the PS4, as well as everything else. PlayStation’s time is now!


    no DRM and let us play used games!

  • DarkSeraphim666

    Gotta add my 2 cents here because there’s no reason not to voice your opinion on something that matters deeply to you. That being said, DO NOT put limitations in the new system like XB1 is. These features are NOT making your system better. Anything “be online all the time” (24 hours is all the time), should ONLY be implemented in things that are BENEFITING your game or system. What XB1 is doing is NOT benefiting the consumer in ANYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY way at all; NONE.

    And I know avoiding XB1-like implementations may perturb the developers but I guarantee you that you will sell more consoles resulting in having the bigger install base. Developers will then fall in line. And we all know your exclusives will pave the way anyway.

    You are being handed a golden opportunity. DON’T SQUANDER IT. I beg you.

  • DarkSeraphim666

    P.S. The consumer should be Punished for doing nothing wrong.

  • DarkSeraphim666

    lol P.P.S. should NOT***

  • Sony has everything to win this E3, its up to them if they want to lose this great opportunity. SONY, JUST GIVE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT!!! LET THEM PLAY USED GAMES AND NO STUPID DRMS. IF YOU DO THAT YOU WILL WIN THIS GENERATION HANDS DOOOOOOOOOWN!!!!

  • As Pablo1010 said, PLEASE don’t allow any leaks of information this time around.
    The last couple of years when you decided to share the videos from the E3 in the previous weeks to the event kind of ruined the experience, so please, let the rumble of excitement begins in the show itself.
    I want to feel that beautiful emotion that I felt for example in the official announcement of PS4.

    A Sony and Playstation fan.

  • Look forward to listening. Can’t wait for E3. Hope you guys kill it with the coverage like past years.

  • i just hope to hear sumthing about mirrors edge 2

  • I really hope the PS4 does not implement a similar policy towards used games/game lending like Xbox One. As much as I like the Playstation brand, if they head down the same path, I think this will be the first time since the 8 bit generation that I go without a console. I just wont support that type of policy and I’ll put my money where my mouth is.

    Its really hard for me to believe that only the Xbox One will be doing this, and I hope I’m wrong, but I HOPE you guys don’t go towards the same path.

    That being said, looking forward to E3.

  • Really ironic Sid, the way you explained Arrested Development & Journey with the hype monster devouring you as that seems to be something The Last of Us is going through. I’m sure it will be great but I do not like the stress either of everyone saying “You must play this!” etc.

  • This episode was more like a bro intervention than a gaming blog cast. Every woman who is frustrated by an uncooperative man would benefit from hearing Sid’s feelings about Journey and Arrested Development.

    Hey Sid, you were almost right about what differentiates Star Trek from Star Wars. It’s not that ST is more intellectual, which it is, it’s that it is more philosophical. Gene Roddenberry wanted to explore deep issues about the human condition, such as racism and war which were the main issues back then, but disguised that intent by setting the show in space, in the far future, with aliens. You are right about Next Generation. Some of those episodes are among the most profoundly intelligent and moving stories I’ve ever seen.

    I’m going to try to watch every bit of your E3 stream next week. So excited. “Greasy, leering…”. My God, that’s a spot on self-assessment from last year, lol. Just towel off a little off-camera and you’ll be fine.

  • Yes to DRM

  • Owen. if you think Glenn`s st0rry is amazing… I just bought a great new Maserati from making $4648 this last four weeks and-a little over, $10 thousand this past month. this is really my favourite work I have ever had. I actually started seven months/ago and immediately started bringin home more than $77, per-hr. I use the details on this web-site,,

  • Sid, you have no clue how much I relate to you. There is so much stuff where people are like HOLY CRAP YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS/PLAY THIS/LISTEN TO THIS/whatever that when people like us who don’t necessarily care finally get around to consuming that media, it lets us down because there’s so much lofty expectation. I’ve definitely experienced this with Bioshock Infinite and Spec Ops The Line. Both games got such insane praise that it kind of distracted me while playing those games and only served to make the flaws stand out more.

  • The Blogcast really need to get Morgan Haro on as a special guest again. Not just for PS+, but it would be interesting off-topic talk to hear about his long EU vacation. There must have been something PlayStation related he did?

  • Sid, Nick, Justin,

    I have a challenge for you! When you’re at E3, lets see if you can get Kaz, Shu, and Jack all on the blogcast at the same time! Lol.

    Probably wouldn’t happen…but who knows right?

    Starstruck? =P

  • i hope to hear more about how Sony plans to improve PS Plus at E3. I also plant to rent Last of Us friday, since i don’t care about the multiplayer.

  • Game of Thrones, book three, was actually split into two seasons. So, this and next season are the third book.

  • Nick, I normally agree with you (and I like your appreciation for indie and art films and obscure, oddball shows and games) but I feel you’re being a little hard on Sid this episode. I feel the same way Sid does about everybody getting obsessed with the latest, greatest show, movie, game, etc. and I feel I *have* to watch/play it just to keep up. It gets a little much with how overwhelmingly high the amount of media that gets pumped out nowadays has gotten. I find it hard to even keep up with the things *I’m* interested in seeing/playing, much less what others are wanting me to get into as well. I wish I could just download all the media instantaneously like in The Matrix. Would free up my time a lot more!

  • ok so I heard that ps is going to start charging for online game play just like xbox. Does anyone know if this is true or not? I hope not thats what made ps better than xbox.

  • Great episode guys as always..

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