Conversation with Creators: DriveClub on PS4

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Conversation with Creators: DriveClub on PS4

Hi everyone, I’m proud to represent the talented team here at Evolution Studios, and to introduce this video, which shows some of our key team members involved in the brilliant Conversations with Creators series.

It’s been our ambition for nearly 10 years to create a powerfully connected racer that lets you have fun in the world’s best cars, on the world’s fastest roads, sharing the experience with your friends in a Club. A racer that keeps you constantly connected with the community – a connected community of clubs that’s not about posting status updates at every opportunity, it’s about sending and playing challenges and always racing together to achieve more.

You can keep up to speed with DriveClub right here on PlayStation.Blog, but you should like the official Facebook page and follow DriveClub on Twitter to make sure you never miss an update about the game. Especially with E3 coming up quickly – you won’t want to miss a thing!

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  • Really can’t wait to play this game. Hope it gets a good showing at E3.

  • Looks great. Hopefully the offlline is just as great as the online ;)

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Is it 1080p60?

  • Good morning!
    I wonder if Sony has any news about the game The Last Guardian exclusive Playstation 3
    For the official site of the E3 insider he was listed in the Sony conference …
    I hope answers as well as I believe that many people bought this console with the announcement of this game in 2009 …
    Thank you!

  • cant wait for this. Motorstorm is one of my favorite racing games.

    Go Evolution!

    DriveClub day one!

  • Looks fantastic! Can’t wait to pick this game up.

  • Looking forward to it guys!

  • The game just sounds like pure fun. Chilling with some friends, racing and having some good laughs. Hope this is a launch game.

  • All I want to know is when can I preorder this game??

  • Color me impressed. Do we get the original maker version of the cars or are they all tuned-up versions only?

  • Oh yeah, I’ve been waiting for this, one of my most anticipated PS4 games!

  • A PGR, for us :D

  • people over on gaf are going nuts over this game. lol game looks gorgeous can’t wait to play it!

  • That game could easily be a system seller, just don’t be like Motorstorm, please.
    If it can compare itself to games like Need for Speed, Burnout and Gran Turismo, I know a few guys who will want a PS4.

  • I hope this is 1080p 60fps.

  • Day one purchase for me.

    Hurry up and make all of this PS4 goodness official so that I can pre-order the console, this game and some other games already!

  • Will DriveClub be limited to an inside the car driver view or will there be an outside car view as well? I usually race from a third person (outside car) view but will adapt to a different view if needed. Game looks absolutely stellar. Love me some Motorstorm and have no doubt I’ll love DriveClub as well.

  • To Developers: Don’t get so enamored with putting yourself in the spotlight that you neglect to show people what they want to see. It seems as though everyone wants to be the next Jaffe, Blezinski or Kojima and they are trying to do it, not necessarily by creating incredible games and thus a pedigree/reputation, but instead by making videos about their project and putting their face full frame.

    That was a 5 minute, 33 second video and yet, there was less than 25 seconds of actual gameplay. Most of that information could have been delivered via voiceover with the game being the focus.

    Imagine if the movie trailer for Man of Steel was Zack Schnyder on screen talking for 4 minutes about how epic the movie was going to be and then at the end he shows one clip of Superman flying.

    These Apple-esque developer videos are okay style-wise, but at least Apple does shows the product doing what the interviewees are talking about. Don’t forget to show the game.

  • Greatness Awaits

  • @18 Bulleteddy

    Do you not understand the title “Conversations with Creators”? The developers are the focus of these videos and what the PS4 is about. You want gameplay? Wait.

  • @17 only first person view. But you can still see your car from the outside, if you go out the car, and walk around it.

  • DriveClub is going to be my main game on PS4

  • @21 WRONG

    @17 yeah there will be a 3rd person view camera beside others

  • PSN+PS4=FUN!!!Oos DriveClub Look Nice

  • Grid 2 don’t look like this lol

  • First up in response to number 4, you won’t get a bit of info about The Last Guardian till E3. Your going to have to be patience even if that’s not your strong point capeesh.

  • Almost forgot this has a completely different take on racing games, can’t wait to see more at E3. And it’s also competing with GT series competition is a good thing. It will be interesting but most importantly we will benefit from this healthy competiveness from to developers.

  • I’m feeling completely cheated by Sony, I’m waiting for the game: The Last of Guardian since 2009 at E3 today SONY is explained to the public what is happening, do not know if the game or if there was only an attempt to deceive the customers.
    I ask that you please enlighten me what’s going on, I’m not clown, I demand an explanation!

    Already, grateful for the little attention.

  • Looking awesome!!! Cant wait for it!!! 1080p60 please!!!

  • I’m so HYPED for Driveclub. Keep the info coming.

  • This could be a game changer for most racing games. I’ve always wanted to play a racing game where you can team up with a team of friends to race against other people. This should be a launch Title because it has so much potential.

  • Hold up Sony, now you want to talk more about thses games? E3 is around the corner, calm down save some for later. You must be confident and have plenty more huh

  • @4 iFrozen-BR @29 are you the exact same guy under a different account? lol.

    On Febuary 14th of 2013 (Yes this year.) The creator who left the company but is still working with them now as a freelancer answered in an article on Crunchyrolls’ website saying pretty much the game is ready and the ball is in Sony’s Court…so yea…be prepared we might actually get a “The Last Guardian coming to PS3/PS4 this September” sort of thing. You can read the full article yourself searching “The Last Guardian Crunchyroll” First result in Google for me. This is an incredibly hyped game so if it is coming it would be kept quiet for something like E3.

    @31 Agreed.

    @32 I am hoping for some actual Second Son gameplay. Shadow Fall blew my mind that it was actually running on the PS4’s specs.

  • I only see backroad environments. Will there be metropolitan city courses?

  • destruction1983

    Awesome I can’t wait to play this awesome game and compete with my friends I’m excited :)

  • Looks awesome but a little disappointed to see how it generates the grass beside the road, i hope they will correct this, is PS4!!!
    Minute: 5:02

  • Marvelous! I’m already astonished by its concept. Let’s see how it really pans out. E3 do your thing!

  • PrimeroIncognito

    IXxHIJACKERxXI on June 6th, 2013 at 1:46 pm said: “Grid 2 don’t look like this lol”

    That’s because GRID 2 is on PS3. Durrr…

    And GRID 2 is awesome, by the way. Best racer I’ve played in a long time.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Looking forward to DriveClub though. I love racing games, and this looks like it’s going to break some new ground in the genre. I’m excited to see how it develops from here.

  • Can I paint my car a la forza?

  • That’s a big question I have. Every game this generation should open the floodgates to persistent 1080p 60fps flat out every game. The hardware is here, why not?

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  • Hum…I’m looking forward to Driveclub as long as there is a 3rd person view cuz if there isn’t well then no matter how good is the game and even being an exclusive I wont buy sadly….btw all I wanted was Motorstorm 4…Motorstorm is actually the best racing game after Burnout.

  • Hmmmmphf… Well, I suppose given Sony’s latest strategy at introducing new IP’s to the PlayStation community (as well as its potential new adopters) I ought not be worried. However, at the same time I am a little worried. Think about these games: God of War: Ascension, Uncharted 2 (or 3), The Last of Us, and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Then think about these: Beyond: Two Souls, Heavy Rain, InFamous, and Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time. These are just a few. What they have in common? They’re all great single-player games that tell a PHENOMENAL and engaging story. Multi-player? That’s an afterthought. Nintendo’s consoles are about palying together as friends or family on the couch. Microsoft’s consoles are always about multi-player, but its all online. Halo may be the only series that encourages LAN. Do you know what happened with MAG? (I thought it was great!) It tanked overall? Why? Its the very reason I fear this games future.

  • The CORE PlayStation gamer has always been about locking themselves in a quiet room with a pizza, a two liter of soda, and a mason jar expecting to leave that room minimally in eight or so hours. We’re all hermits. We GAME EXPECTING! to emerge blown away and prepared to water-cool about the epic story we were just told through a stellar single-player campaign. Then we MIGHT go back for some multi-player. READ THE LAST OF US REVIEWS! Its no different than our mindset for a lot of us. Call of Duty isn’t your typical PS gamer’s experience. They may be considered a casual PS reject gamer. We don’t game like that!

  • That being said. I’m glad this studio is really trying to go for something new and innovative, and that’s GREAT! PlayStation is about INNOVATION! But, not at the cost of giving us what we want. WHAT WE REALLY WANT! I hope there’s a great single-player experience to this new IP as well. I’d be dissapointed if there was such a heavy emphasis on multi-player. Multi-player potentially prevents a gamer from trading in his game. That’s all. But a great single-player game will take him back to play it over-and-over again. Bottom line, simply put. Be careful you guys! Don’t rob us of what brings us and builds our home on PlayStation.

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