PS Home Update: Take a Virtual Tour of PlayStation’s E3 Booth

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PS Home Update: Take a Virtual Tour of PlayStation’s E3 Booth

This week in PlayStation Home, we open the Virtual PlayStation E3 booth for pre-registration, earning you an exclusive BEYOND: Two Souls PS3 theme and other Home rewards. Code Mystics surprises us with a retro-style arcade personal space, Game Mechanics introduces a horse racing game, and summertime is here in the Granzella Teahouse. Also, don’t forget to register for the Paradise Springs Poker Tournament —it’s on Saturday, June 8th!

Virtual PlayStation E3 Booth Opens for Pre-Registration

The biggest video game event of the year, E3, is almost upon us! Following tradition, we’ve taken the actual schematics of this year’s physical PlayStation booth and recreated it in PlayStation Home, right down to the finest details. Few are fortunate enough to attend the real event, but we love sharing the experience with all the PlayStation fans out there. This E3 is shaping up to be an extraordinary one — you don’t want to miss it.

Starting later today, everyone who pre-registers in our virtual E3 booth will earn exclusive rewards, including a Beyond: Two Souls PS3 theme. This is only available for those who pre-register this week!


Log into PlayStation Home later today to pre-register and snag this exclusive bonus!

When E3’s doors open on Tuesday June 11th at noon Pacific (3:00pm Eastern), the virtual doors open too.

This year, we have even more awesome rewards, which you can snag by completing various quests. Here are a few:

Exclusive The Last Of Us PS3 Theme


Two free PlayStation Mobile games: Rymdkapsel and Haunt the House


Free trial of Music Unlimited


Exclusive Destiny PS3 theme


Free trial of PS Plus


Exclusive first wave beta access to Killzone: Mercenary, available later this year on PS Vita


Jump into PlayStation Home before Monday night and pre-register to earn your Beyond: Two Souls exclusive PS3 theme, then get ready for opening day, June 11th. See you there!

Code Mystics – Mystic Arcade Bundle

With the Mystic Arcade personal space bundle, return to a day when old school arcade games ruled the land. Mystic Arcade is a cosy throwback, a movie theatre lobby with plenty of space to organize your own personal arcade games. Mystic Arcade’s bundled-in accessories include a theatre poster and garbage can, as well as an exclusive, animated glow-in-the-dark Mystic Arcade T-shirt (in both male and female variations). You can also add your own custom images to your movie poster frames, with plenty of wall hanging space to show off your theatrical taste. Visit the Mystic Arcade Theatre Lobby often; the movie marquee sports a new title every week, each an ’80s-themed movie homage. Mystic Arcade makes a perfect venue for your classic arcade cabinets such as Centipede, Frogger, Asteroids, Time Pilot, etc. (sold separately).


LOOT – Hollywood Hills House

New from LOOT Entertainment: imagine an estate with free Entertainment On Demand, swimming and a stunning view of the Los Angeles skyline! Welcome to the Hollywood Hills House, now available in nighttime as well as daytime variations as both an estate and a clubhouse! Throw a giant pool party, meet with your club, or simply entertain a few select friends – if you want to live like a PlayStation Home celebrity, then this is the place to own.

NOTE: Due to contractual and rights agreements, some EOD channels are nation specific. Crackle content is only available in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. RadioIO is only available in the United States and Canada. In addition, due to rights issues, countries may not receive the same content selections within the channels. Only one TV can be active at a time. The LOOT™ EOD will work in any private space, UNLESS the space comes with a video screen you cannot turn off.

nDreams – Animation Dance Pack, Volume 3 + Street Wear Collection

nDreams Animation Packs – Volume 3

If you have been in PlayStation Home recently you will have definitely seen nDreams’ amazing range of Dance Animations. Filmed at the world famous Pinewood Studios these fully motion captured dances and gestures have taken Home by storm. Now get ready for a brand new pack of Dances in the nDreams Animation Packs – Volume 3.

Dance Packs include (3 dances in each pack):

  • Attitude Dance Pack
  • Sexy Dance Pack
  • UK Dance Pack
  • Kung Fu Dance Pack
  • Capoeira Dance Pack

nFashion – Street Wear Collection

Stand out from the crowd with this amazing collection of Street Wear clothing from nDreams. For those who want to be fully kitted out why not try the four full body outfits each for male and female that include their own motion captured Dance Animation. Or you can purchase clothing items individually and for those who just want to strut their stuff you can purchase two Dance Pack which includes the dances from the full body outfits.

Game Mechanics – A Day At The Races

Game Mechanics has created a new casino style game for your apartment or club. It is called A Day At The Races. Five jockey mounted ponies go around an oval track and you bet on which two are going to finish first and second (order does not matter). You get 300 coins when you purchase the machine and get an additional 20 coins every day you check in with the game. Your friends can come by and play it even if they don’t own it. The first time they play they get 20 coins and 5 per day after. Owners get a better deal because ownership has its privileges. There are 10 Rewards you and your friends can earn by completing achievements. You can bet up to 20 coins per race on any combination of horses and the odds go from 2 for 1 to 200 for 1. Another cool feature is that if you own the table and play at it, you can go to a friend’s apartment, play on theirs and all your stats and coins come with you. You can even start a streak on your machine and complete it on their machine, or even on a machine in a club. Coins are available in the store for those who run out. Up to 12 players can play on a machine at once and it uses 14 furniture slots.


Digital Leisure – Paradise Springs Poker Tournament

There are only a few days left to register for the Paradise Springs Poker Tournament this weekend! To register all you have to do is head to the Poker Room in The Casino and purchase a bracelet at the registration desk. Once you’ve got your bracelet be sure to come back on June 8th when the tournament starts. You can read up on how the tournament works, and when it starts in your region, by checking out the tournament rules right next to registration desk. You don’t want to miss your chance to rake in up to 250,000 in casino chips and to claim all the glory!


Granzella – Summer Teahouse + New Yukatas

Summer Teahouse

Summer is coming to Granzella’s Japanese Tea House personal space. The summer sun shines on the small tea house in the mountains. Wind blows through the bamboo grove and the sky is a clear blue. Spend some quiet time in elegance. Cool Japanese sweets and a colorful flower arrangement, hospitality that only summer can bring.

Now that the seasons have changed, let emotions surround you as you spend a peaceful moment here.
Note: This personal space’s landscape changes with the seasons.

New Yukatas

New patterns for Granzella’s Yukata series have arrived! Set against a refreshing white background, the Hydrangea pattern for women and the Lotus & Frog pattern for men garnish these Yukata. Spend the approaching hot summer in a refreshingly cool Yukata!


JAM Games – Royal Blues or Pinks?

To celebrate the imminent birth of Prince William and Princess Catherine’s first baby, and the future heir to the throne of Great Britain, we bring you a right royal collection – Royal Blues or Pinks?

As the world waits to see whether the future British heir will be a boy or a girl, we are giving you a small collection of royal baby items, including everything you’ll need to create your royal nursery in blue or pink. Plus, everyone can join in the fun by grabbing a free prediction t-shirt, you decide whether you think the baby will be a new prince or princess!


Lockwood – Dream Doodle Packs + Extras

Dream Doodle Packs

Expand your collection of colours, stamps, stickers and words with new doodle packs! Dream Universe and Delirious Squid Doodle Packs are available from the store, and the Safari Pack is available from the Gift Machine.


Conversational Gestures

Also from Lockwood this week, pick up a conversational gestures pack from the store or head over to the Gift Machine for a limited time sale!

VEEMEE – Billabong, Scooters + Wrangler


Check out the latest selection of great new clothes from Billabong this week. Choose from a selection of new hats, shirts, shorts, skirts, sweaters, vests, trousers, dresses and 2-part bikini bundles. Don’t miss the amazing Black Calex Wind Shell and Black Heather Statik Fleece for men. The Mo Mint Aida May shorts and Black In Ur Dreams mini skirt for women are must-have additions to your wardrobe.



Combine style and elegance with these iconic Classic Scooters locomotion items from VEEMEE. Go for the complete look with a parka jacket and a matching helmet for each scooter. You can also get each item individually or all the scooters, helmets and jackets in one great discount bundle.


Summer is finally on its way and this week in PlayStation Home Wrangler releases a great range of clothing perfect for those long virtual summer days. Men can stay cool with the Icarus Crank Short Jeans, while for women there’s the Norma T-Shirt and Hannah Shirt. For those warm summer nights there’s the long sleeved Bay City Shirt and Paisley T-Shirt combo for men, and the Corynn Aloe Vera skinny jeans for women. That’s not all, there are lots of other fantastic items out in the Wrangler store this week to complement the already great selection.


x7 Update

This week in exclusive VIP nightclub x7, there is a new exclusive value bundle, a new freebie for the men, and several new Animations from Konami. All are available early-access this week to x7 members only. Head to x7, take the elevator upstairs, check out these fine items, then dance the night away!

Mall Update – The Virtual Item Showcase, Volume 90

Magnus has returned, sharing with us all the hottest new items this week. Check out the video below for all the details. Highlights include the ridable Demon Horse, and Lightning Eyes from Lockwood, relaxed looks from Wrangler, Billabong and new additions to the Street Wear collection from nDreams. Enjoy this week’s Virtual Item Showcase.

See you in PlayStation Home!

Want to chat more about PlayStation Home? Hop on over to the Home Forums! If you’re having trouble with Home, head to the Home Support forum.

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  • I’ll be there!

  • Beyond: Two Souls is rated M? Didn’t know it got rated yet.

    Looking forward to snagging that Last of Us theme!

  • Awesome update with E3 coming very damn soon! So, few questions:

    Can we start heading to the E3 Booth & complete the mini quest starting today or June 11th? Too anxious to miss out.

    For those of us that have the Hollywood Hills house get the nighttime as an updated version, OR do we have to re-buy?

    • You have until Monday night to pop in there and earn the BEYOND: Two Souls exclusive PS3 theme. The virtual booth should be open later today!

      The HHH nighttime version is a separate space and is a separate purchase.

  • Any new classic arcade games coming to the PS Home Arcade?

  • TheBratPrince79

    E3 this week, Sweet!!

    • Just to clarify, E3 starts next Tuesday, but we welcome you to pre-register in our virtual E3 booth beginning later today to get ready and earn the exclusive BEYOND PS3 theme.

  • if we already have ps plus and win the 30 day trial, will it stack with our current subscription months?

    • No, it is a trial, so if you want, you may share the code you get with a friend who hasn’t checked out PS Plus yet.

  • I actually have to use Home? ugh

  • This stuff looks pretty cool

  • #6 yeah. I wonder if there may be something rather good if we have to sign up early. I rarely use home but I liked the e3 home thing last year.

  • Getting that theme, We need more exclusive stuff like this for home.

    • This year has a total of 20 rewards in our virtual E3 booth, including the 8 listed above, and several are exclusive to the experience too.

  • I see nothing on home about e3 currently how do we navigate to this?

  • #9 have you got 30 day trials before that stacked on your current subscription? I never tried it before so I’m not sure.

  • Wow, great stuff this year! Definitely better than everyone running around in those move controller outfits.

  • Time to reinstall Home

  • @11 later today is when it will be update. might as well run updates in the meantime.

  • This is the reason why I’m keeping my PS3 when I get my PS4 because PS3 will always rock like always and you guys rock. Loving the PS Vita and now we get a free beta, oh yeah. Thanks guys!!

  • these bonuses are the only time i go into HOME.

    i cant remember, but we got a few decent things for resistance/killzone/uncharted before in HOME.

    i’ll be there.

  • Snap, Crackle and POP! Free Rymdkapsel? Time for my annual E3 Reinstall of Home.

  • speechless, awesome gifting guys i’ll be there for sure

  • Alright thanks for the clarification Cade

  • TheBratPrince79

    Thanks Cade!!

  • artform-fazeone

    A 11 out of 10.! THE FAZEONES LOUNGE.

  • Wow. i havent been in home in a whileeeee.

    Fantastic job putting together incentives to come check stuff out. I’ll definiately want to gather all these e3 rewards!

  • HyperModexMonsta

    I never been to a Virtual Playstation E3 Booth before. I did read about it though. What is making me to go to this (my first time) is these awesome bonuses. I can’t wait for the PS4 reveal and everything Sony has to reveal.

  • Awesome! Im glad to see something for my PS VITA. thx.

    • There are a few goodies for your PS Vita—2 PS Mobile games and later early access to the Killzone: Mercenary beta!

  • Killzone Merc Beta?!?!
    Someone explain how I get this..? xD

    I see, finish a quest in PS Home.. is it gonna take me hours to get to this?

    • It won’t take you hours, but I think you’ll enjoy the heck out of the whole experience.

  • Shinra_Soldier7

    Two questions about E3 and the rewards. Will there be any other out of Home rewards other than the ones above. Also, you say there are 20 rewards this year total so we are getting about 10-12 Home rewards. Are there some cool game related rewards? And what about our own Home developers, are they showing off anything? 20 rewards including the ones above seems like a bit less than last year’s event but I may be mistaken.

    • Oh yeah, there are about 20 total rewards, including several I can’t talk about quite yet. Like always, the rewards are mostly game-themed. I believe this is more than we’ve ever released in the annual E3 virtual booth.

  • Shinra_Soldier7

    Ah, thank you for the reply. I cant wait! Very cool to see some out of Home rewards as well. Should be a ton of fun!

  • I’ve never given home a second thought, but I’d love all this stuff! Does it cost money to access PS Home? How quickly can I sign up? Thanks!

    • It’s free and the pre-registration should not take long. Just install Home, then dive in and find the Virtual E3 booth on the Navigator once it’s up (when in Home, hit Start > Navigator). It should be self-explanatory after that. Once that’s done, return back starting next Tuesday for the main event.

  • Well you admins at Home,maybe remember already my appreciation for this amazing team of work.
    Giving great stuff every week to the players, opening new spaces, and now,vinculatig Home with the E3 experience wich is always awesome to explore.

    Now just one question.
    I know I did it before, but I’m buying another PS Plus year membership this weekend, wich I know that will be a great one from now to the next June in 2014 also with PS4 and all the new games coming even in Vita.

    But I still wonder if Home has just life on PS3 or we will be still enjoying this great application in PS4 too?
    Sorry if you can’t answer me with a YES with optimism, but I really need to know, at least a clue or something.
    I don’t care about having better graphics, just the same mechanics and experiences that always Home had for me and for every member in the playstation community.

    Please Cade,give us hope :)

    Thanks for everything, and forgive me, but I needed to ask that

    Great update!!!

  • Wil definitely go pre-register today.

  • This E3 looks to be he most epic yet. I’m extremely happy about the PS Vita and PS Mobile intergration. Although the virtual booth is in Home, its seems like you folks have a little bit of everything for everyone with dynamic themes, games and home rewards. Good job folks. Like usual, I’ll be looking forward to it. Thanks for the info Cade

  • younginflavor18

    Now that’s awesome, and I’m going to look forward to the E3 event of this year. Not to mention the extravagant rewards we will all be getting.

  • Awesome update! <3 E3 2013 is coming! :D

    • We’re glad to share the PlayStation experience virtually with everyone. It’s going to be one epic E3. I’m so excited!

  • Aw man, bad time to have my PS3 sent in for repairs. :( Looks like I’m going to miss out on all the Home E3 stuff for once.

  • That’s weird, everytime I try to update PS Home I’m getting error 800233EC.

  • I love you Sony.

  • “This E3 is shaping up to be an extraordinary one — you don’t want to miss it.”

    And yet nothing about giving 200 fans a chance to go to the actual event like you guys have done for the last 4 years or so.


  • anyone know if sony will invite fans from the community to the sony conference like last year?

  • I always love the Home E3 events and this one looks like the biggest yet, and you mentioned The Last of Us, so count me in!

  • quick question is this going to be available in europe and also i only have a ps vita and a psp my ps3 broke and is not fixable ( yellow light) is there any chance you can message me a code for the killzone mercenary beta and for the 2 ps mobile games pretty please with a cherry on top as there is no way that i can get them otherwise :-( is there not any way i can get the codes via facebook or something like that either?

    • Yes, this will be available to Europe as well, though only accessible through PlayStation Home on a PS3. Perhaps hit up a friend to share their Killzone: Mercenary beta code with you since it’s a PS Vita game?

  • Oh man, this looks like it will be an awesome E3! Keep up the great work guys!

  • Cade what happened to the Salon? Will Konami bring it back?

  • will the E3 live feed be smooth or will it be broken and laggy like the ps4 announcement? I don’t want to get into the stream only for it to constantly crap out on me. It’s a shame Sony didn’t work out a deal with a TV channel like Spike to air the conference live

  • WOW! Just WOW. I’ll login to PSHome and preregister as soon as I get home this weekend. Been going out of town for a week, can’t wait to go back home again. I’d like to grab that extra 1 month PS+ membership, those dynamic themes, and Killzone: Mercenary beta access.

    Nice treat, thanks Sony!

  • I hope EU ppl will also be able to get the Beyond: Two Souls theme from Home.

  • Would I be able to save the 30day trail code to use when my 3month run out or do I have to use it this month .

  • It’s things like this that make me wish PS Home was supported on the Vita. Hell, you guys are giving away 2 PS Mobile games and the chance to play the Killzone: Mercenaries Beta and there is no way to do that from the Vita. I don’t own a PS3. I realize I’m a minority, but is there anything you plan to offer for Vita owners?

  • Also will pshome be available on the ps4 ???

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