Puppeteer: Hero Heads, E3 Trailer & Pre-Order Extras Revealed

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Puppeteer: Hero Heads, E3 Trailer & Pre-Order Extras Revealed

It’s that wonderful time of year where the gaming world goes crazy in L.A. — E3 2013. We’ll be showing off Puppeteer at the PlayStation booth, and we can’t wait for people to finally experience our strange and fantastical world for themselves!

At GDC this year, we revealed two of the four “Hero Heads” that Kutaro will employ on his thrilling adventure: the Shield Power of the Moon Knight and the Bomb Power of the Moon Ninja.

Today we are revealing the final two powers: the Hook Power of the Moon Pirate and the Brute Power of the Moon Wrestler!

Puppeteer: Theatrical Pack

These powers are vital in Kutaro’s terrifying adventure. Without them, he will never be able to defeat the Moon Bear King and find his way home.

I’d also like to tell you about our wonderful Theatrical Pack, which you can get by pre-ordering Puppeteer. It includes lots of special DLC goodies, such as:

The Original Soundtrack of Puppeteer: By world-famous composer Patrick Doyle.

Exclusive PSN Avatars: Kutaro, the Moon Witch, and the villain we all love to hate, the Moon Bear King

Dynamic Custom Theme: Featuring hand-drawn concept art from all seven acts of Puppeteer.

If you are lucky enough to be going to E3 this year, we would love for you to swing by the PlayStation booth and gets some hands on time with Puppeteer. Kutaro and his perils will be waiting for you.

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  • Sweet. I can’t wait for this game. Sounds right up my alley. ^_^

  • awesome trailer for an awesome game, can’t wait to get my hands on this

  • @FearMonkey, @ GeoDarky – Thanks guys! We’re so excited to finally reveal the remaining two Hero Heads that Kutaro will quest for and use in his adventure against the Moon Bear King. We can’t wait to get this game in your hands!

  • I’ll definitely be pre-ordering this. The gameplay looks fantastic as well as the art style.

  • @Mick Perona (and/or Gavin) – Speaking of which, Sony usually brings a lot of games to San Diego Comc-Con to demo and show off. Will Puppeteer be among those? I’m really anxious to try it out. :p

    • Thanks for asking! No ComicCon announcements at this time, but stay tuned to the blog for any news.

  • Will there be pre-order bonuses if you pre-order the digital version off PSN?

    • Hi ShadiWulf – Yep! You’ll be able to preorder on PSN in the coming weeks to get the Theatrical Pack! The Theatrical Pack is only available to those that preorder though, so make sure you preorder at your favorite retailer soon, or on PS Store when the digital pre-order comes available.

  • I know what I’m doing on my birthday!

  • @6 I’m getting tired of having to ask that for every game. Like why do we keep having to ask it! They should just make it a norm or tell so in the article…

  • So, is Puppeteer still going to be 40$ along with the Pre-order bonuses? Just wondering.

    I’m really looking forward to Puppeteer being my last PS3 title to finally start saving up for PS4.

    • Hi ZaGe, Yep-Yep, $39.99 and you get the Theatrical Pack for FREE as long as you pre-order before it comes out. After that you won’t even be able to buy the Theatrical Pack as it’s exclusive to pre-orders.

  • Fantastic trailers!!! Loved the combination of scissors and magical heads!! Cannot wait for the game to come out! Will there be a demo before its release?!?!

  • CrusaderForever

    My mind is blown by Playstation greatness today! Cannot wait to play this!

    • Hey Crusader – put that mind of yours back together cuz when you play Puppeteer……it’s gonna be blown all over again! ;)

  • @FearMonkey – thanks for asking! No ComicCon announcements at this time, but stay tuned to the blog for any news.

  • Still baffles me this isn’t coming to Vita. This is the type of game that would work well on the handheld.

    Maybe a surprise E3 announcement? ;)

    • Hi xClayMeow – No plans to bring Puppeteer to the Vita, but this is an incredible must-own title for any PS3 owner. You’re gonna love it!

  • Beautiful looking title.

  • Alright thanks for the reply. I do not own a PS3, I’m a PC gamer first and foremost. So if no Vita I will sadly be unable to support your game. Maybe one day ;)

  • Wow! So much great playstation news today! This game looks totally awesome! Can’t wait to play!

  • From the initial reveal, Puppeteer has been my most anticipated title in quite some time. Every single choice made with it, from presentation to gameplay, thoroughly impresses. Between it and Rayman Legends both releasing within a few weeks, I don’t know if my heart can handle two insanely imaginative platformers.

  • This game is going to be awesome! Can’t wait! Question, have you guys thought about a bonus game for this for the Vita? Maybe something inbetween like Act 1.5 or a Backstage adventure? Some cross functionality like items that can be passed on to and from each would be cool!

  • SCEA should have renamed him.. call him Cody.

  • What a frenetic pace. I guess this game will be impossible for people like me who have poor platforming skills? Not everyone grew up playing those old school games, I think you devs forget that.

    • Hi Lisa – Actually, you’ll be happy to know that the devs DIDN”T forget about that! :)
      Gavin was sure to design the game so that both the PACE and the CHALLENGE slowly ramp up to make sure you are super comfortable with the basics before you go out and quest for the 4 Hero Heads which give you 4 amazingly cool powers that make this game very unique and super fun. You also get time with each power before adding a new one so we think you’ll be able to enjoy this along with the rest of us!

  • This looks so much fun, love the artwork

  • Thank for the reply, Mick. I intend to pre-order anyway, no matter how much I suck at platforming, because I want to support a game that looks so different and creative and I think Japan Studio deserves our support. Plus I need a sweet new avatar!

  • Day one buy. EASILY. Release date?

    • Hey Ghost – Thanks for the Day 1 buy! :) Release date is September 10th (better watch that E3 trailer again, it’s at the end!) ;)

  • Thanks For Making this Great Platformer! Its a day one for me and when i pick up muramasa and the last of us next week ill be pre ordering this one. I really hope its challenging!

    I hate Plat formers like now days marios that u only need to press forward and jump over turtle to beat it.

    BTW Thanks a lot for the 40 bucks price! This game deserves a full price tag. but knowing todays “gamers” they will only pay 60 bucks for a shooter. sigh…. anyways not that its bad for me but i Really wish u made a great revenue for this game. Ill be glad to halp with that :)

  • Looks like a great new mascot game, definitely a day 1 buy, especially since it’s $40.

  • No stereoscopic 3D support for this game? Boxart shows no “3D” logo, just “Move” logo…

  • where can i preorder in canada for the bonuses thanks.

  • I cannot say how much I appreciate developers like you who don’t break off part of the game as DLC; instead giving us exclusive bonuses. I wasn’t going to preorder this because of Rayman Legends on September 3rd and Kingdom Hearts on September 10th, but I think you’ve changed my mind! Also, will there be a Japanese voice option available? I liked the voices I heard in the Japanese trailers.

  • Thats some amazing stuff…Puppeteer is my most anticipated game after TLoU….cant wait…you have my money day 1.I love you japanstudio you guys are the most creative devs in the video games industry.Keep it up the fantastic work people like you need support and you guys will always have my support.

  • Fantasmagorical!

  • Absolutely beautiful!

  • stereoscopic 3D??? is it still included in the game?

  • At this point in the PS3 life cycle do we still question which system is made FOR gamer’s? PlayStation brand is never scared to make games that other console makers wouldn’t even bat an eye at. I love the PS brand and I can’t wait to play this title and looking forward to more PS goodness with the debute of the PS4! BEYOND

  • BossmanCCrowder1

    So excited to get this game! Very beautiful and I almost want this game more than The Last of Us, no joke.

  • This game looks good will buy once i play through my Massive Back Log.

  • Can’t wait. One of my most anticipated games of the year.

  • crossing my fingers for a Vita version
    (or remote play pls)

  • Oh, and hopefully some Puppeteer costumes for LBP are on the way…

    Avatars too please.

    A dynamic theme would be nice now that I think about it.

  • PS3 still kicking ass near the end of the generation :D

    thanks Sony and crew!

  • This is the most gorgeous game I’ve ever seen. This title needs to be hyped up with The Last of Us and Beyond Two Souls, this game looks just as good!

  • too awesome

  • Honestly, this is very refreshing taste in gaming, day 1 buy for me here as well, well, more like pre-order!
    I love the look, play style and pace of the game, now you just sold me even more.
    Thank you for making me so excited, can’t wait!!

  • Thanks for those incentives, amazing.
    One question about the preorder bonus, i already preorder the game some months ago, the bonus are tied to specific retailers or we can choose any retailer to preorder? in my case i preordered in newegg.

  • ever since I first saw Puppeteer I thought it looked a *little* like little big planet, which is (for me) a good thing!

    I love Puppeteer’s art style, I think it looks beautiful , is innovative and interesting, and looks fun to play, I appreciate the new IP efforts.

    I will buy this for sure!

    greetings from mexico!
    and keep up the good work ;)

  • This my game of the show for E3 2013, absolutely breathtaking. I saw your playthrough on Gamespot and I especially loved the bit where you talked about the obsessive attention paid to getting the platforming mechanics right. I’ve pre-ordered the game and can’t wait for it to come out.

    Thank you Gavin from the bottom of my heart for keeping platforming games alive. I hope you continue to make amazing games for PS4.

  • Chameleon head!? 8))

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