More Free Soul Sacrifice DLC Coming Tuesday

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More Free Soul Sacrifice DLC Coming Tuesday

I hope you’ve been enjoying Soul Sacrifice and the free DLC we released last week. If you haven’t downloaded said content yet, please make sure to update your game to version 1.10 from LiveArea and then visit PlayStation Store to download unlock keys for free! Otherwise, you’ll be missing out on new quests, a new map (Caverns of Goliath), a new Black Rite (Berserker), and new functionality (like posting play stats on Twitter or Facebook).

Today, we’re announcing that there will be eight more quests and two new boss characters — “Dwarf” and “Ogre” — added on June 11th! Be sure to download the free unlock key on that day.

To play the new quests, go to Mad Chronicle > Inside Avalon > Avalon Pacts > Forgotten Pact > Hour of Harlequin. Game progress to a certain point may be required.

Soul Sacrifice: Dwarf

About the Dwarf

Soul Sacrifice: Ogre

There were once three men who did nothing but drink from morning until night. They were always the drunkest people in any tavern, and would argue and fight with other customers over the smallest thing. Having lost their jobs at the mine where they worked, the men had no source of income. The only things they owned were their well-used hammers, which no-one wanted to buy. Their drunkenness and destitution was a cause of great concern to anyone who saw them, but the men themselves seemed happy enough. This happiness would not last, however. Before long, the men had spent the last of their money…

About the Ogre

In a kingdom of some note, a woman was appointed palace chef for the first time in its history.

Once a simple town girl, she rose to such heights by applying all kinds of knowledge to her food. Not only did her cooking taste delicious, it had the power to cure illness and soothe the heart. Several years passed until, for some unimaginable reason, she was thrown in a dungeon to await execution. Lying in her cell, she had time to reflect on her life thus far.

Look for more new content later this month. Keep an eye on PS.Blog for details!

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  • Awesome game! Thanks for more free content!

  • Kumi! You guys have been really great with the free content. I still try to squeeze few quest at times while still working on my platinum. I crave for more “Fellow Sorcerers” pacts, they were my favorite quests.

    Are these new pacts gonna require us to snap a photo like the last DLC?

  • I have been play SS like crazy, only stopping when forced to recharge the battery. I have the NYKO power grip, so essentially have a double battery but still I have to recharge before I want to stop playing.

    By the way, I can’t find any good source of explanations for the gameplay. For example, that new Black Rite where your brain bubbles up–hideous for sure–does that damage you permanently? If so, how to undo damage? I can’t find any button to apply lacrima to myself. It seems like my offerings have lost half their number of castings since my brain burst. Anybody?

    Thank you for the free DLC.

  • I already got the platinum on Soul Sacrifice (only my second platinum ever). More DLC will be a good excuse to go back and play even more.

  • rafael_martines

    More content sweet for one of the best games for vita i ever played and still playing, Soul Sacrifice is very addicting, this game deserves a PS3 version too :P Think about SONY… I would buy a PS3 version too

  • This game deserves 10/10 review scores just for doing this.

  • Please patch this game so you can collect lacrima without having to quit out of everything. You guys did it for the multiplayer so do it for the single player.

    The single most annoying thing about this game is having to back all the way out of what you’re doing so you can collect lacrima.

  • Awesome!

  • i think that June 11th is gonna be a great day for us!!!!

  • xFuzylilManPeach

    Cant wait to take on the dwarf! :) thanks you guys!!!

  • Hahaha. These are great. The designs remind me a bit of Folklore. All this free DLC is awesome. There is so much content for multiplayer and I love it.

  • thanks Kumi for the great news I’m having a blast with SS.

  • Awesome, can’t wait to download this!

  • I love this pre DLC and post-release support. Thanks guys!

  • *I love all this DLC

  • Such a fantastic game with equally fantastic support. Thanks for the free stuff!

  • Did anyone else lose XP after downloading the last week’s DLC. I kept my levels, but lost about five level-ups worth on my damage output and about 3 on my defense. I wasn’t sure if it was just an adjustment that was made because too much was doled out originally.

  • Thanks guys for continuing to support Soul Sacrifice both with DLC and updates. Hopefully we will continue to see some more down the road. And thanks furthermore for making the DLC free, I’d pay for it even if it wasn’t. My only request for possibly a future patch is to be able to see how much uses of each offering you have left while on a quest. Especially during times when I am attacked the moment I press a button to use an offering, it’d be nice to see if it actually counted as me using the offering or not.


    This game its awesome! BUT ITS MISSING IN GAME VOICE CHAT! Patch it pls!

  • I freaking love this game.

  • Thx for the DLC. like @18 said I would love to see the number of offerings left during quest in-game.

  • Yes this is what more developers need to do the little things do mean so much!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks for this support, I hope you guys continue releasing lots of DLC for a very long time, even if you need to charge for them. I’ll gladly buy them all! ^^

    @2 + ZaGe-zAiKaNo, snap a photo? What you’re talking about? O.o

    @3 + lisatsunami, in Black Rites screen, just press triangle when selecting the Black Rite you wanna fix.

    @5 + rafael_martines, NO! Let it remain a PS Vita exclusive.

    @7 + IzoGray, just press SELECT (you go to the first page), then CIRCLE, and you NEED to collect lacrima only in the very beginning, since you’ll have plenty of it later on.

    @18 + BlueBl1zzard, @ 21 + terrencec06, I think it is good the way it is now. You have some information, but are never sure of it, like enemy HP, damage dealt, etc. I like things this way. Would you use a offering that is almost broken, to get an extra hit, or lose the opportunity fearing it will break? Would you sacrifice your offering or sacrifice some time trying to recharge ti?

  • @DarkOne_PR I haven’t tried it yet, but supposedly you can do in game voice chat using the Party app.

  • can’t wait for june 11…thank you once again for a great game and free dlc

  • @JeffsonP_US:

    What i meant by it, is that the discovery pact asks to detect the AR play card.

  • Fantastic game, can’t wait for Soul Sacrifice 2… positive thinking. ;3

    Love a lot of the small tweaks you’ve made to the game with the last patch. The new content being free is awesome too.

    Can’t wait to get the rest. The support for this game has been great.

  • TainoGunslinger

    Just keeps getting better! Best game purchased for my Vita so far!

  • Wow another new content, too bad I have an R3 account, we’re always being ignored there. *SIGH*

  • i just want to ask about the FREE DLC, i havent able to update my SS for the reason that im having a internet connection problem, my question is will the FREE DLC expires? 2nd question is the there are new FREE DLC update can i still be able to get the older FREE DLC?

  • <3 loving all the content updates!

  • Really it should say 6 new pacts instead of 8.
    The two “run around a whited out version of a map collecting memories while trying not to get killed horribly by the boss you can hurt” pacts really should not count.

    Overall, not looking forward to these two, not very interesting to me (especially since the Dwarf spell item is a terrain spell, and venom element)

    But definitely bring on the Ouroboros on the 25th!!

  • @32 Can’t hurt.

    I meant can’t.

  • More free DLC? Awesome! I can only imagine how much more awesome paid DLC for SS can be. Lol. And definitely will buy any SS future DLC.

  • love free DLC’s!!!!

    will download this for sure!

  • This game is so awesome and you guys just keep making it better, thank you!

  • i love the game and i love the free dlc
    i can’t wait to long release it now xD
    by the way it would be great if you add pvp on a patch with modes like free for all and team deathmatch (2vs2 up to 4vs4)

  • At 80 HOURS and still not close to bored, incredible game and support from the developers, All Vita games should get this much support and DLC’s !!
    Keep up the amazing work u guys !!!!!!! Can’t wait for JUNE 11th !!!!!!!!! =)

  • ProfessorGerbik

    @7 IzoGray…….. They already did that, you can collect lacrima in rooms now. Did you even read the update details? Anyway if you click your characters name in a room, you can collect lacrima on the bottom right hand corner.

    Anyway, can’t wait to play this DLC. 120+ hours and not even close to bored yet, still got tons of offerings to master as well. These character designs and boss designs are literally the best I have ever seen, keep it coming!

  • ProfessorGerbik

    Just wanted to add it will get to point where you literally never have to worry about lacrima anymore. I have over 30,000+ lacrima stored away. I couldn’t burn through it if I tried.

  • ProfessorGerbik

    Also they will never add PVP to this game and here is way, people would just spam throw offerings. This game is made for the bosses and the teamwork. It would be extremely unbalanced if it had PVP.

    Have you all not played against sorcerer Sibylla? She is a perfect example of why PVP just won’t work in this game unless they completely limited the offerings you could use. She spams throwing stones and even a party of 4 usually gets picked off pretty easily if they don’t prepare themselves.

    I just can’t see PVP working in this game as I said it would be just completely off balance. On top of the fact it is very rare people rank their offerings all the way up.. I mean imagine a divine lv.99 user in PVP that would be unstoppable and because a magic user at lv.99 has such little defense it wouldn’t even matter how weak that divine was he would still always win because his defense and health are through the roof.

    I mean how boring would that be, you know everyone would exploit every aspect of this game if it had PVP. It just wouldn’t be fun.

  • Best $40 purchase of 2013 (for me)

  • Thanks for all the free DLC ^_^ awesome game but please a request. I NEED EPIC Quest *like 5 bosses on 1 arena and 10star mission, need something challenging*

    Cant wait to see how these 2 bosses are :)

  • wait wait wait ^^

  • Thanks for this support, I hope you guys continue releasing lots of DLC. I wish there were a faster way to get sigils
    and the Barrier chain offering lasted more than ten seconds.

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