inSIDE Sucker Punch: The Tech of Second Son

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inSIDE Sucker Punch: The Tech of Second Son

E3 is almost upon us! Seems like yesterday, we revealed inFAMOUS: Second Son to the world. Since the announce event in New York, we here at Sucker Punch have been hard at work so we can show you more of Delsin Rowe, our new protagonist in action. BTW, if you want more info on Second Son and if you haven’t seen the June cover of GameInformer, you might want to check it out! GameInformer created a hub featuring multiple stories that bring Second Son to life on PlayStation 4.

Today, as part of our lead up to E3, we’re letting you peer into our development process to bring the “E” into Emotion Capture (yep…took us all week to come up with that one) in the first installment of inSIDE Sucker Punch!

inFAMOUS Second Son on PS4

Gamers have grown to expect more than just detailed worlds with high poly-counts and slick graphics. They want more engaging content and a backstory, with great characters and actors that can give them life. This type of cinematic quality can only happen when the actor’s performances can be captured with great detail. At Sucker Punch we have sought to meet this demand by introducing a new facial capture technology to our studio that takes detailed 3D scans of the actor to “learn” unique surface physiology of the actors to help train our system. The overall result is a very natural, organic feel directly tied to the anatomy and performance of the actor instead of something that’s feels very mechanical, linear, repetitive, or just plain unsettling. With the assistance of Digital Domain’s cutting edge motion capture studio, we were provided a high level of expertise and animation polish that helped see our tech all the way to the finish.

The team is really excited about the possibilities this kind of advancement brings to the table with Second Son. The truly exciting part of our complex facial and motion capture pipeline and all the hard work everyone is putting into new technology is that at the end of the day, it’s the actor’s raw performance showing up on the screen. We’re doing a huge amount of work to make sure that you don’t notice all the work we have to put in. The techniques we use allow us to capture all the actors’ emotions at once, on the same stage. From the moment we say “Action”, we get body, facial, and audio performances. This holistic approach allows us to give the players a deeper narrative experience on PS4.

inFAMOUS Second Son on PS4

After watching the video, some of you may have noticed that Delsin’s character is played by seasoned video game actor Troy Baker (from The Last of Us and BioShock Infinite). Troy’s take on the character captured the restless potential we’d always hoped to see in Delsin. With our new facial technology, we can truly capture the nuance he brings to the character. It can be as small as an eye twitch, but that little bit of motion can make the moment come alive in ways you never expected. The actors bring a lot to the table; it’s exciting to finally have a method for bringing those performances directly to the player.

As you can see, the team has been able to make great advancements into the realm of performance capture, so they can relay all the nuances you see in everyday conversation. The end result for you? A few steps closer to bringing a cinematic game experience to life on your TV screen.

You’re going to see a lot of this tech in play next week when we continue unveiling Second Son at E3. Keep your eye here and on our Facebook page for more news and info on Second Son as we approach E3 and beyond!

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  • FIRST!

  • Lookin great guys, keep it up!

  • Looks rad!

    Nerd Question: Does Sucker Punch have its own Mo-cap studio or are u borrowing from like Naughty Dog?

  • Nice, this is my most anticipated next gen game!

  • Troy Baker the new Nolan North

  • So hype so excited for the 2nd Son!

  • @5

    I was just about to say that. I expect some great roles in the future for this guy.

  • @5

    “Gee, the gaming community’s getting burnt out on hearing Nolan North voice every male lead…I know, let’s get Troy Baker!”


  • xFuzylilManPeach

    Really enjoyed the video, thanks for sharing with us Sucker Punch! And there is absolutely no doubt about it, i will purchase this game, love what you guys do.

  • The Last of Us is a Masterpiece Hellyeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is really cool but where are the dogs? You need to stop production of the game until you mo-cap some dogs, otherwise this game isn’t really next gen,lol.

    Anyway, it all looks really nice. This is one of the games I’m grabbing for my PS4, I hope it’s ready for launch.

  • Seriously need to stop people sending stupid messages saying “first”. Temporary block them or something to teach them a lesson

  • the eyes still dont look real enough for me, they look painted, everything else looks good though

  • Day 1 purchase, please be a launch title

  • I love inFAMOUS. Second Son looks great!

  • This was my top game on the february 20th presentation so i am looking forward to seeing some gameplay atleast at E3..keep up the good job guys

  • Seriously, Troy Baker Is The KING Of Video Game Voice Acting/Features. Is There Anything He CAN’T Do?

  • Yes, I really like Troy Baker. I really like inFAMOUS. A winning combo.

    BTW, speaking of Nolan North, I think he was in Star Trek. I saw his name in the credits but I didn’t notice him onscreen so will watch for him when I buy the blu-ray.

  • HyperModexMonsta

    This is awesome. I can’t wait for this. Is that Troy Baker? Sweet, I like his performance in Resident Evil 6, Bioshock Infinite, and now The Last of Us.

  • lol this character’s movemewnt and attitude so far remind me of Snow from FFXIII. Troy Baker’s doing this naturally

  • Just need to see gameplay! Hopefully next week!!!

  • Looks like Troy Baker is indeed in everything this days.

  • All that detail is amazing. Will there be a demo?

  • I like Troy Baker’s performance and all, but he’s being typecasted; much like what Nolan North was before he started to voice other characters like Penguin (Arkham City) and the Corrupt Cores (Portal 2).

  • Not a fan of Troy Baker but I’m super excited for this. I’ll buy any Sucker Punch game sight unseen. <3 <3 <3

  • Will you be at E3 this year??

  • inFAMOUS 1 & 2 were some of the best games released on the PS3. Easily in the top 15-20


  • infamous one of the best games i ever played cant wait to see gameplay

  • infamous it is the one of the biggest game


    I really hope this game its launch game so i can take home killzone and this :)

  • Day one!

  • Looking forward to this game. Day one buy for me. One of the few SP games I will support.

  • That mo-cap actor for the main character looks REALLY familiar. Anyone know who it is?

  • Could you please show trailer and gameplay? pleaseee

  • I would love to hear sucker punch is making a vita game @E3 that would make my day.

  • Looking back now I’m going to say that InFAMOUS 1 & 2 were my favorite games of this generation, there were a lot of games this better part of a decade that were close to taking the cake, but this series really reached that inner super hero that I always wanted to be as a kid and gave me the freedom like really no other game out there to just experiment with the people and the world around me.

    Because of that I’m beyond excited for Second Son, do work guys!

  • One of my most anticipated games for the PS4. Day 1!

  • So the next chapter in the saga, it’s ganna be awwwwwesome!!!!!!!!!

  • I love that Sucker Punch FINALLY set a game in our mutual home town of Seattle! AWESOME!

    Can I go into Bellevue and Kirkland and Bothell in the game too?? I want an epic fight in Canyon Park! :D

  • I never played Infamous 1 yet, but Loved Infamous 2. Will we be able to create our own made missions again?
    It offered tons of replay ability and even gave me a reason to grab some of the DLC for a run through.

  • I’m so excited Horia Dociu is working as Art Director on Second Son. I hope he will get involved into other PS4 projects as well. Might I inquire whether he approached you or whether you asked him to work with you on Second Son.

  • The main character isn’t a son of Cole, is he? Then again, in the trailer shown, he moves or teleports like one of the girls in inFamous 2. I forgot her name.

  • Ha, I thought I recognized Troy in those brief glimpses of him in the mo-cap suit. This guy can do no wrong, now there is another role of his I can add when I am talking him up.

  • Eager to see the demo for this on E3! I hope my mind will be blown.

  • @ 19 HyperModexMonsta – He did good too playing Orkos on ascension.And yes he’s doing beyond great with Joel…I like his work he’s good.

    Sucker Punch please keep infamous a SP focused game.

  • @ 40 OneMoreVillain – You’re just missing a fantastic experience and an amazing game…Infamous 1 is way better than 2…..but you played infamous 2 1st so you’ll probably find infamous 2 better.

  • Troy Baker again?!



  • I miss Cole! Delsin is pretty badass but I still miss Cole.

  • TheBlackFerrari

    Looks like the best inFamous yet, i like how he can teliport with fire!!

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