Fieldrunners 2: Acclaimed Tower Defense on PS Vita This Summer

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Fieldrunners 2: Acclaimed Tower Defense on PS Vita This Summer

Fieldrunners 2 on PS Vita

Fieldrunners 2

Are you ready to defend the world? Fieldrunners 2, the “king of tower defense,” storms onto PS Vita this summer.

Everyone at Subatomic Studios is thrilled about launching Fieldrunners 2 on PS Vita! When we brought the original Fieldrunners to PSP back in 2009, we were completely overwhelmed by how much enthusiasm and support you all showed for our game. You folks are awesome, Sony rocks, and that’s why we’re bringing the biggest tower defense game ever to PS Vita this summer.

In Fieldrunners 2, our aim was to make everything bigger and better, while still respecting our fans as tower defense connoisseurs. We started by building a new game engine, which allows each and every enemy to carve their own unique path through the battlefield. Drop a tower in front of them? Their relentless waves wrap right around it. Use bridges and tunnels to create a killer choke point? Enemies get caught up in a huge traffic jam.

Fieldrunners 2 on PS Vita

Fieldrunners 2

How will you ever defend yourself against these legions of baddies? With over 25 devious new towers, those fieldrunners don’t stand a chance! Since our last encounter in 2009, the mad scientists at SubaLabs have been building the most cutting edge weaponry imaginable. You’ve still got the trusty Gatling Tower, but mix in a tower that throws bee hives at enemies and you’re ready to party! We’ve got towers that launch infectious syringes, guns that turn enemies into cows, flame throwing Jack O’Lanterns and more. On top of that, SubaLabs has also developed special, precision based attacks. Experience the magic of Christmas as Old Saint Nick lobs explosive presents from his sleigh with the devastating Santa Strike! With serious tactics and kooky weaponry, you are bound to have a blast with Fieldrunners 2.

Fieldrunners 2 for PS Vita is now in the final stages of development. Packing a new engine, crazy weapons and all new precision attacks, tower defense fans will be in for a real treat! We’ll be back soon to give you more info about all the cool features we’ve added, as well as a launch date. Get ready to… DEFEND THE WORLD!

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  • Most impressive! Insta-buy!

    Really nice to see the large influx of games coming to Vita! Keep up the good work!

  • Hmm.. I enjoyed this game on my iPhone.. but didn’t really finish it due to some lag and just boredom.. definitely would rather play this on my Vita.. especially with some trophy support to help with replayability. :)

  • i have always wanted to try field runners but seemed to never have the money this time i think i will cant wait to play!

    • The fieldrunners will welcome you with open arms. But it’s a trap! They’re the invaders so you don’t want to fall for their ruse. Don’t fall for their ruse!

  • YES.

    PS Vita is in desperate need of more tower defense games, it’s almost sad.

    Thank you~ Buying for sure.

  • Do you like Vine videos? Check out this stop motion Vine vid I made yesterday to promote our upcoming launch:

  • I saw the video it was cool!

  • Woah. Seriously guys, thanks for supporting the Vita and I can’t wait to pick this up.

  • Sweet. I totally enjoyed this game on my iPhone and it is a instant buy for me for my Vita. Will there be any trophies?

  • Any difference from the Android version?

  • @8

    Considering Trophies are mandatory for PS3 and Vita, i’d say there will be some…. ya

  • When you say “25 new towers,” is that 25 more than the original Fieldrunners, or 25 more than the original mobile release of FR2?

  • I’ll insta-buy it. Hope we dont have to wait too long…

  • I can’t wait!

    My wife & I would have competitions on who could get the highest score, this is will be a blast.

    Release purchase!

    Thank you for bringing this to the vita.

  • Is the version of the game going to completely unbalanced unless you dive into loads of microtransactions? The iOS version of this game is ruined by this concept, so I hope you’re being smarter about the Vita port.

    • We don’t have plans for microtransactions in Fieldrunners 2 for PS Vita, so it should be right up your alley!


    doh i had my vita out at work ready guess i got to wait


    great work guys keep them coming!!!


  • there its on twitter #sony #psvita

    woohoo #VITAFTW

  • Yes! Had a blast playing this on iPod Touch!

  • Deve ser bom, tem que ter em português!!!

  • This is a great surprise. Loved Fieldrunners and love the Vita. Thanks!

    • Awesome! The PS Mini version of the original Fieldrunners garnered lots of fans, so we’re pleased to be bringing the sequel to this awesome community.

  • Anyone that hasn’t played Fieldrunners 2 yet needs to pick this up. The original was great, but Fieldrunners 2 goes way above and beyond. Plus I bet it looks stunning on the pretty Vita OLED display.

  • i had this game on iphone and i have it on android guess what?? i still going to buy it for my vita~
    dear sony you should bring some more smartphone games in to vita

  • wow, this is a good surprise, gonna spend a lot of time on this one.

  • OMG, I love tower defense. Thank you for bringing this great game to the vita.

  • High-quality TD game on my Vita? Hell yeah! Even better that it’ll be micro-transaction free!

    Hope the price is reasonable. PS+ week one discount would be nice!

  • looks interesting. Haven’t played many tower defence games outside of dungeon defenders. I’ll give his a shot as long as its priced right.

  • @24 i also second a ps plus discount on it. :)

  • Always wanted to get into Fieldrunners and now that it is coming to Vita, my preferred platform at the moment, I will :D Thanks. Insta-buy from me as well.

  • one thing i like so much about the first one though, is that it was also playable on PS3 and Vita, because it was a mini.
    Any way this will at least work on PS3 as well? Maybe with cross-buy?

    • I don’t believe we have plans for cross-buy or PS3 compatibility, but anything could happen!

  • Is field runners 2 coming to PS3 also?

  • So is this just a vita exclusive? If so, you can count me in as a buyer. The vita needs more exclusives!

  • That’s what I am talking about!!! How much it will cost?!

    • We’re still trying to determine the cost. We’ll have more info about this after E3. Glad to hear you’re so excited!

  • I am a little surprised that no one commented on our sweet animated GIFs :P They’re so hypnotic I could watch them for hours!

  • Yay, more Vita games, thanks!

    And yes, Alec, that little embedded animated gif is an innovative touch to the blog. Especially helpful for those of us too lazy to click on videos, ;-)

  • This is awesome i can’t thank you enough but i’ll let my wallet speak ;)
    also i hope we will see more games from Subatomic Studios i like your works.

  • Great !

    Loved the first one and still play every once in a while.

  • TOWER DEFENSE ON VITA!! Thank you, this is as much a D1P as there could be for me. The graphics look amazing. Thank you for bringing Fieldrunners 2 to the Vita!

  • i hope its free for ps plus for a week …. that would be nice

  • This is great the vita needs more tower defense games.

  • They should have did this a long time ago, already own and have beaten on the Itouch.

  • Nice! Def buy for me….me and my son were all over the original FR. Question…are you guys allowing different control schemes? Meaning….touch/joysticks and maybe even back touchpad? Hope you guys give us that option.

  • The news just keeps getting better for the PS Vita, can’t wait for E3 to see what more news is for the PS Vita!!!!!!!

  • Crazy_Lunatic463

    Already bought this game on my phone but I am willing to buy it again for my vita :)

  • Comee Onnnn, what about ps3 ?

  • this on that glorious OLED screen? :D

  • I’ve never heard of this game but it looks fun enough. :)

  • i hope it’s priced accordingly. don’t want to pay a $15 for a 99 cents game.

  • Really liked Fieldrunner on PS minis, but my main complaint was the sound quality — It sounded like 22khz MP3 or something. Will the Vita version use full bitrate AAC or WAV?

    Are the graphics assets and render native Vita resolution? Any use of rear touch or Near/GPS?

    As for Tower Defense titles on Vita, don’t forget that PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe and even Fieldrunner mini runs great on the Vita. The online multiplayer in PJM Deluxe even works on the Vita, which blew me away! Of course, there are minis like Vector TD (and Pac Man CE) that *still* won’t transfer to the Vita. Sony *really* needs to fix this so we can play content that we already own.

  • wow. I can’t wait! Fieldrunners is awesome! :D

  • I threw my money at my Vita but it just fell to the floor! Fix that! I threw somewhere between $2 and $7 ;) depending on my Playstation Plus membership *cough*

    With Fieldrunners HD on Android for $2.99, please consider price options accordingly.

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