Enroll in Class of Heroes 2, Out Today on PSP

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Enroll in Class of Heroes 2, Out Today on PSP

Dungeon crawlers are one of the oldest types of computer RPGs. The premise is simple: Make a party by “rolling” virtual dice, pick your party’s races and classes, give the party some stuff to help them fight and protect them from attacks, then head off into the darkness below for gold and glory. Well, that’s how it was supposed to go. There was usually dying in there, too. A LOT of dying. But there’s something enchanting about that mix of danger and exploration that has sustained the genre for well over three decades now. In Japan, the genre is having something of a resurgence, with well over a dozen dungeon crawlers being released for handhelds and consoles in just the last few years.

Class of Heroes 2 has been one of the titles in the vanguard of this new resurgence. It has put a candy-colored anime shell on an often dark genre that Wizardry helped popularize initially, and also added a more interesting and involving set of intertwining stories. In doing so, it’s made the game more accessible to gamers looking to mix up their RPG selections while still retaining the “Wizardry feel” for the hardcore dungeon crawler fan.

Class of Heroes II on PSPClass of Heroes II on PSP

The game begins in Crostini Academy, one of three schools created expressly to teach students to become great adventurers. When creating your party of six characters initially, most, but not all, of the classes are available to you. To get some of the prestige classes, you have to buff stats and visit Panini or Bruschetta schools which each specialize in unique aspects of adventurer development.

I really tried to make sure the US version of Class of Heroes 2 was not a grindy-grindfest with annoying busywork on top of that, so the game is a little more generous than the Japanese version with gold and experience. The result is that, in general, you should be able to concentrate on just exploring, fighting monsters, and having fun while advancing the storylines without feeling like playing the game is your J-O-B. That’s not to say you won’t die. It’s very likely you will, especially in challenging dungeons like the Ancient Labyrinth or the Witch’s Woods, and at least one death in the Tower of God is all but advertised as a consequence of challenging the place. ZeroDiv, the Japanese developer, has designed some clever labyrinths that will bamboozle you if you’re not paying attention. And a bamboozled adventurer is often a dead adventurer before you know it.

Class of Heroes II on PSPClass of Heroes II on PSP

There are almost 100 quests in Class of Heroes 2, and over 125 labyrinth maps populated with scores of monsters in all shapes and sizes, as well as some really nasty bosses.

If you manage to get to the credits roll, there are even extra-hard challenge labyrinths after that for a new game+ experience if you’re really not ready to say goodbye to the world. And if by the end, you weren’t, I wouldn’t hold that against you. I’ve grown fond of Olive, and Dante, and Galenos, and Giorgio, and many other characters in the game as well. (Class of Heroes 2 works on the PSP and looks amazing on the Vita’s OLED screen – if you have a Vita I highly recommend you play it on that. )

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  • Preordered it and enjoying it so far. Are you planning to localize anymore of the series. Specifically New Class of Heroes: Chronos Academy?

    • If fan support stays with us, we want to do all the Class of Heroes (totomono) series in English, including Chrono Academy, which is Class of Heroes 5, so spread the word and get the awareness up so we can grow a strong fanbase behind this series!

  • Looks good :D

  • Love it. Question, Vic: I missed the preorder for the physical version a bit ago, is there or will there be a way to order that now or in the future?

    It’s great to see your’e still doing this, I used to lurk the WD boards constantly looking for updates on games I couldn’t wait for, it’s hard to believe that was 15 years ago.

    • The physical+digital edition was a limited presale that has closed and won’t be offered again. The only way left to get a physical version is from videogames plus in Canada, but they aren’t offering it with a digital code, and their shipping will be delayed from the direct sales by a number of weeks because we have to ship to them, and then they have to ship to their customers. Still, if you really want a physical version and missed the presale, it’s the best option. After they sell out, it’s ebay, and prices there will be high.

  • Vic, I’ve been trying to get in contact with you for weeks now. I moved and I need to change my shipping address for my physical copy. Please advise!

  • Thank you so much for localizing this! I’ve been playing it this morning since I got my code during the night and it’s looking very good so far. Hope it will be a giant success so we can see more PSP games in the future!

    • Thanks for your support. Our hope is that other publishers listen to fans and offer a physical+digital solution for their games as well. It CAN be done…we’re doing it!

  • So glad we’re still getting PSP games! There are still a ton of new ones coming out in Japan, localize more!

  • Jude_Government

    I apologize for jumping in here to add another worrisome question, but I haven’t received my code yet. I preordered the game during the physical+digital campaign. I don’t even think I ever received a confirmation email. Looking at my bank statement, I see the amazon payment, so I know it went through. Hope this reaches you and we can work to get this rectified. Thanks, Vic.

    • email webmaster@gaijinworks.com with your order number and we’ll figure out what happened to it. Most-likely it was diverted by ISP spamblock, local spamblock, wrong email address, “other” email address, etc. We also received 13 bounced emails out of over 2700, so it may be one of those.

  • My gaming money is reserved for PC and Vita titles, not PSP.

    • Fortunately Class of Heroes 2 looks amazing on the Vita, and if you’re an RPG fan (why are you here, otherwise?), there’s a dearth of choices on the Vita at the moment, so it’s hard to find a better RPG choice available for Vita *right now*.

  • xClayMeow, thank you so much for coming in here and letting everyone know that you won’t be buying the game. I’m sure all of us now can breath a sigh of relief and get on with the rest of our days with that knowledge now made public. No longer will we be waiting in torturous anticipation, wondering if you would buy Class of Heroes 2, considering it is a lowly PSP game. Now we know, the time of uncertainty is over, and all is right in the world. Rejoice!

  • if it was a Vita game with trophies, I would buy it day one. PSP = maybe down the road

  • Thank you for bringing over such awesome games, Mr. Ireland. I was a Kickstarter backer of this and will be downloading it for my Vita today.
    I miss Working Designs, but Gaijinworks seems to be on the right track. I’ll support your games whenever possible.

    • Thanks for the support. We’re working to get back to what we had going with Working Designs, and fan support is definitely a major ingredient.

  • Looks pretty good.

  • sorry but i’m not paying more than $14.99 for a psp game. So if its more than that, i’ll pass.

    • On a cost per hour basis, it’s one of the best values out there. Massive amounts of play for $24.99 vs 5-10 hours for most PSP games @ your $14.99 threshold.

  • First person RPG’s are not my kind of game, I’ll pass on this one.

  • Looks awesome. Good to see PSP games still being released. I still need to go back and play through the first one since I never finished it. Keep up the good work, need more games to fill up my PSP-GO.

  • if only this game have trophies for vita i buy it

    • We have all the tropies you could ever want to look at. Here, pick one…bah…pick 10 and impress everyone!


      Don’t let the virtual star-on/off machine hold you back like a sneetch. You’d miss a great experience.

  • I really wanted to try this game since every review i’ve seen says it’s play style is similar to Persona 4 Golden, a game that frequently devours my time. Sad thing is us EU guys seem to have been abandoned once again. will this ever reach us?

    • It’s coming to EU, but no PEGI rating or SCEE slotting yet. I would say late Summer is a pretty safe bet. We’re going to try to get the release of CoH3 between NA and the EU tighter, but it would help if PEGI got into the 21st century and had electronic submission instead of requiring paper hardcopies.

  • Is Gaijinworks planning on bringing out any more of the PS1 titles that Working Designs brough to the US back in the day? Because I would *really* like to have Thunder Force V, Raystorm, Raycrisis, and Silhouette Mirage available on the PSP and/or Vita.

    Bought this game already. Now to wait for the store update so I can download it …

  • Raystorm and Raycrisis are no, because Square Enix hates money and won’t talk about re-licensing them (SE pwns Taito now).

    Thunderforce V is tough because of the rights situation since Techosoft is gone, but we know who has them and have to continue pursuing it.

    Silhouette Mirage is still being discussed. It’s just a matter of getting a “yes” for the license. Ditto LUNARs. It can be a long process, but we’re still on them.

  • Downloaded this morning and ended up taking off half the day from work. Getting ready to boot the game up for the first time right now :D I would also like to see New Class of Heroes: Chronos Academy on the PSP/Vita!

  • I’ll financially support this game, but first person RPGs aren’t really the type of game I enjoy. Kinda hope you consider localizing another JRPG series down the road.

    • We’re after all sorts of RPGs, so your support is valuable in getting us to a wider assortment of them. Thanks!

  • Never played it, might be worth checking out someday.

  • Damien_Aristides

    For those Vita owners out there GET THIS! been playing my pre-order digital copy and game looks awesome on Vita, even if it’s a PSP game it holds up well because the game is really colorful which matches well with the OLED and it has lots of 2D which makes for great upscaleing. Even if it has no trophies and costs $25 its worthy of it’s price and a great localization effort!

  • @19 Thunder Force V, Raystorm, Raycrisis, and Silhouette Mirage?
    Heck yes!
    I’m with you if it’s going for HD remakes for the Vita.

  • The game is available on the store now if anyone is wondering. Downloading now! Also downloading limbo. it’s free if you have the ps3 version. Nice surprise!

  • @Mr. Ireland
    Don’t let all these losers complaining get you down, they wouldn’t know a good game even if they were donkey punched with it. First game was great, put about 30 hours in before getting bored. Since you said you were considering localizing other JRPG’s…might I suggest:

    PSP Games:

    Summon Night 5
    Shining Ark
    Sword Art Online Infinity Moment
    Fate Extra: CCC

    You could save money by keeping Japanese only audio ;)
    All games sold over 100k opening week in Japan and are all rather recent. Consideration is greatly appreciated.
    Now for the store to update to purchase CoH2.

    • Thanks for the suggestions. There’s an ongoing request thread in our forums at gaijinworks.com, too.

      Actually, Japanese audio doesn’t really save money these days, and often is impossible to get the license for at all, so that’s why many recent titles just cut all audio. Japanese is too expensive or impossible to license, and re-recording all the audio in English for a small installed base is also too expensive.

  • @24:
    Just DL’d it off PSN to my Vita. It does look pretty nice, even with filtering turned off.

    And yeah, trophies shouldn’t be the reason to play games. I’d rather have in-game achievements that reward you with in-game bonuses, like the old days.

  • Far as trophies/cheevos go, they just determine which platform I gravitate towards. That, and my laptop can’t run some “full games” too well, so I’m better off on the console.

    Much as I love seeing this come to fruition, dungeon crawling’s not been something I’ve clicked with (hardly got into Etrian III, though I did waste hours in P3 FES). But, yeah, nab a more traditional JRPG, and my gaze will be drawn…

  • @28 These days in-game bonuses have been replaced by overpriced dlc content developers intentionally leave out of the game,

  • Thanks so much for bringing this to North America! I know that there are so many great games still publishing for the PlayStation Portable in Japan, and I appreciate your efforts to bring this one west.

    The PSP remains a fantastic device, I personally think that Sony pulled support for it prematurely. But there is absolutely nothing to be done about it. In any event, thanks again, and keep them coming!

    • Thanks for the support. We’ll keep bringing them as long as the fan support is there. Japan is still full steam ahead on PSP, so there’s a wealth of RPG riches to choose from.

  • @Reply to Mr. Ireland on #27
    I would happily buy any of those games without audio if that’s what it takes to get them :)
    Granted I would be sad without the audio, but it’s better than nothing.
    I read, write, and speak Japanese pretty well, but games are still a chore to understand due to game specific words and slang, and importing is expensive.
    I would pay $35-40 for any of the aforementioned titles.
    i know it can be pricey to obtain them, but usually cheaper than paying a bunch of saps to dub it and do a bad job, lol!

  • would have loved for this to have some PS+ discount :/

  • Thanks everyone for the support. It’s been a long time coming, but today’s a great day for dungeon crawler fans!

    A few reminders for those who purchased the game today:

    1.) Make sure you save often. There’s lot of quests to check out and some are unavailable as you progress through story arcs. Saving on multiple slots also help with permadeath. :)

    2.) Make sure to keep following us on http://www.twitter.com/monkeypawgames for gameplay help. Alongside http://www.gaijinworks.com, we’ll be able to relay tips and help if needed!

    Keep letting us know what you think!

  • I ordered a copy of the UMD when the sale was live, appreciate that there’s still companies like yours willing to bring us PSP games :)

    As a side note, any chance of seeing “Last Ranker”, “Far East of Eden IV”, or “Over My Dead Body” in the near future? They all seem like expensive or complicated licenses to get, but also seem really interesting.

    • Yes, those are expensive and they are complicated licenses and we’d like to do all of them. Fan support on this title will help us point to the fact that PSP is still viable for these companies we’re trying to give us the licenses. So, the best thing you can do is spread the word in person or on twitter or facebook or whatever and get your friends interested in Class of Heroes 2 to raise awareness and sales.

  • This does look great on the Vita (just finished the download to try it out), but I’ve gotta say that I’ll likely play this more on my PSP – since that’s the system I always carry around.

    You can’t beat a PSP Go for a gaming system that will actually fit in a pocket.

  • I am happy to be one of the lucky who bought the digital+physical copy. I’ve really been enjoying this game it’s really fun and i’m happy to help support Gaijinworks this title will help them out on being able to release more games not just the Class of Heroes games either but other ones too. If you are still on the fence about it the game looks awesome on the Vita I promise you won’t regret the purchase. Also if you buy it please rate the game it helps too! :)

  • Another PSP game that will never arrive to EU ?

    Wish i knew that US has 2 times more titles for PS3 and Vita in EU store before creating main account on EU…

    • It’s coming to the EU once we have the PEGI rating and slotting with SCEE. Probably late Summer-ish.

  • Thats great news, thanks.
    Wish this became common practice ;)

    Now we only have to pray it will not be one of dreaded 40 euro priced PSP releases.

    • Price isn’t set for Europe yet, but I can’t imagine it being 40 Euro. That’s like 2x the US price!

  • Finally, it’s here! I’m so incredibly happy that at long last, I finally get to play CoH2. I pledged money to the kickstarter and promoted the game on my Tumblr, so it feels like, in a very small part, I helped make this happen, and it’s a great feeling. Thank you so much, victor, for being so persistent with getting the project done and being so consistently open with the fans about what was needed to hit the next step. I wish we could’ve seen a special edition with all the goodies that were proposed, but since it meant that I finally get to play, I’m happy to give them up.

    Oh, and I can confirm that the game looks great on the Vita. It only takes about 300MB on the memory stick too, which is great for people like me who have a lot of digital purchases from PSN and are trying to fit the important ones on the default 4GB stick.

    • Continued support is appreciated. It will help grow the CoH series and hopefully allow even more PSP RPGs to come over here from us and other publishers.


  • finally here!

    such a shame i missed out the physical/digital bundle

    but digital is good enough for me since i can play it in Vita as well!!

    thanks Victor Ireland // Gaijinworks!!

  • My PSP-3000, a black one I scored from a GameStop while PSP was still the only PlayStation handheld, recently died on me–its drive had gone kaput from me being too awesome.
    When I can get either a silver one (new, hopefully!) or a PSVITA, I’ll consider downloading this.

    I got into “hardcore first-person dungeon crawls” thanks in no small part to Etrian Odyssey IV, but that happened after the first fact herein. The only RPG I ever had on a PlayStation system is Persona3 Portable on PSP…still good after all the hours I plugged into it. In fact, once I get a VITA, it’ll come along for the ride!

    I’ll begin exploring the Class of Heroes series from whichever game is the LATEST one available. If that means CoH2, then that mean CoH2. I missed the physical+digital because I learned of localization too late. But what is to stop me from just getting the digital. I’ve been trying to keep my physical library SMALL, after all. Digital games live in the buyer’s account…but god forbid you let your little brother touch your physical copy? Need I remind you of what he did to you in the third grade? (Had to go there.)

  • Mr. Ireland, I appreciate the effort that you guys are putting forth to get more titles to the west. What kind of timeline are you guys working with in regards to localizing the Class of Heroes series? Also, have you looked into the more recent Tri-Ace/Konami game, Frontier Gate? Tri-Ace has lost quite a bit of steam with pushing out works, but I’m sure that many fans, (Myself included) would love to get more localized Tri-Ace goods. If enough of us throw our wallets at Tri-Ace, we might even get another Valkyrie Profile or Star Ocean (Hopefully written in-house this time around…) Anywho, keep up the good work. You guys just got another fan.

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