Into The Pixel 2013: PlayStation Artists Honored

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Into The Pixel 2013: PlayStation Artists Honored

Games on PlayStation platforms are renowned for their rich and vibrant artistic history. This is reinforced by PlayStation’s repeated inclusion in Into the Pixel, a videogame-themed art show that runs during E3 each year.

This year sees the induction of two new pieces from PlayStation’s ever-growing gallery. Remembering, from Naughty Dog’s impending survival epic The Last of Us, portrays a young, reflecting survivor in a post-pandemic world.

The Last of Us

Remembering by John Sweeney

Into the Pixel - The Last of Us

“Lighting played a huge role throughout the creative process on “The Last of Us”. In this piece, I wanted the lighting to feel inviting and illustrate Ellie remembering what life could have been like before the pandemic.”

– John Sweeney, Concept Artist

And representing Wonderbook’s upcoming interactive mystery Diggs Nightcrawler, Three Blind Mice puts a noir spin on the ubiquitous nursery rhyme.

Wonderbook: Diggs Nightcrawler

Three Blind Mice by Tyler Schatz and Christina Faulkner

Diggs Nightcrawler: Three Blind Mice

I really enjoyed working with such a hardworking, dedicated and talented team on Diggs Nightcrawler. For me, it is a major honor to have Diggs be a part of Into the Pixel among a tremendous group of talented artists.

– Tyler Schatz, Moonbot Studios

Growing up, what I loved about video games is that they were set in fully fleshed out, unrealistic worlds that were crazy and cartoony. We wanted to do something like that with Diggs Nightcrawler and I’m really honored that our work was chosen for Into the Pixel.

– Christina Faulkner, Moonbot Studios

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