UPDATE: Guacamelee! New Costumes, Trophies Coming Soon

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UPDATE: Guacamelee! New Costumes, Trophies Coming Soon
UPDATE: Due to a bug, we are delaying this patch and DLC from the PlayStation Network. For more information, please read our latest blog post here.

It’s been two months since Guacamelee launched on PS3 and PS Vita. Thousands of you have uppercutted, slammed, and derped your way through the evil forces of Calaca onto our leaderboards.

Hopefully the blisters on your thumbs have healed enough so you can enjoy the DLC we’re releasing tomorrow. New costumes! New Trophies! And at only $1.99, you could buy it twice and it’s still cheaper than your favorite premium coffee…

First up: the Identity Swap costumes, starring Juanita or Tostado! (Tostado is PS3 only.)

Guacamelee! New CostumesGuacamelee! New CostumesGuacamelee! New CostumesGuacamelee! New Costumes

Juanita wears blue tights held up by a championship belt, and a tank top with a flaming, flying heart logo on it. Tostado (not to be confused with Tostada), wears matching pink shpants and luchador mask, and has dead bandaged-up blue skin. These two deal extra damage with punches/kicks, but have weaker throws. You’ll get a new ‘Heroine-ism’ trophy when you defeat Calaca with Juanita.

Guacamelee! New CostumesGuacamelee! New CostumesGuacamelee! New CostumesGuacamelee! New Costumes

Have you ever wanted to run around wearing a chicken suit, either at school, at work, or at your local mall, just because? The Pollo Luchador costume lets you do just that. Play as a giant chicken luchador in the comfort of your own living room. Or with a PlayStation Vita, you can be a giant chicken at school, at work, or even at your local mall. This costume is so realistic, that giant chickens found all over Guacamelee will think you’re one of them. You’ll have to find all of the green-sombrero-wearing giant chickens to earn the ‘Greetings, Fellow Chicken’ trophy.

While wearing the chicken costume, the player will regenerate health over time without having to collect health orbs. Perfect for those areas where you need more help than a busted up barrel can offer. And when you use your Pollo Power, you turn into an egg that can run around, giving you valuable insight into the question ‘Which came first?’ (Note: also the name of one of the new trophies!)

Guacamelee! New CostumesGuacamelee! New CostumesGuacamelee! New CostumesGuacamelee! New Costumes

Lastly, when in Rome, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em (wait, is that right?). Well, even if you aren’t in Rome and can beat them, beat them in style with your new Skeleton costume. You won’t break a sweat as a Skeleton since you’ll have no skin and infinite stamina! Back in my day, we didn’t need infinite stamina to finish Guacamelee!. Unfortunately, health orbs will have no effect on you. Don’t ask why, it’s just science. Try and get through the third column in the Caverna del Pollo without healing for a shiny new gold trophy!

In all, that’s three new costumes for Juan and Tostada, and six new trophies for $1.99 in the PlayStation Network Store tomorrow. Or access the PSN store in-game by going to any autosave/store altar that asks you if you “wants the stuffs” because it “gots the stuffs” (stuffs = DLC). Hope you like it!

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  • Hoping the next DLC is levels. May still check this out some time.

  • Add online co-op for PS Vita please! you can even purchase faster respawn ability but its limited to PS3, please add online co-op for PS Vita!

  • I have yet to buy this game, any chance will it be on sale tomorrow? Because I would really like to purchase it.

  • wakingthedead17

    I hope there’s some new story DLC later on. I’ve already beaten the game twice, so not looking to replay it again just yet. In the future when I do, I’m sure I’ll pick this costume pack up, but not yet.

  • Wat… I thought the patch coming would add character swapping for Tostado (on PS3 and Vita) at all the save/shop stations. So you could play as her on Vita, and stop doing the workaround to play as her on PS3.

    • You are correct. The patch will make it possible to play as Tostada in single player mode (PS3 or Vita) without having to do the complicated work around.

      The DLC gives Tostada another costume during single player play :)

  • Maybe I’ll finally be able to beat Javier Jaguar on normal… Curse you Drinkbox!

  • @6 Javier sure was one tough cookie to crumble.
    I stopped playing the game for 2 weeks because of him, came back and beat him on just my 12th try.

  • @6,@7 wait til u try hard mode guys O_o not cool… had to quit and get every last heart piece (had to do it twice cause i beat it 100% already on normal) and still barely beat him

  • Played this bad boy nonstop until I got the platinum trophy! This is quite unexpected, surprising, and completely awesome. Not to mention immediately purchased! :D :P

  • Oh gods, selling me on a chicken costume. Passed up on Guacamelee during their introduction event, and I’ll be biding my time ’til it’s discounted again. Look forward to whenever I cave in on it.

  • Already got the Platinum (one of my favorites, the game’s fantastic (except for the Javier fight) but I might get this. Are the trophies listed anywhere?

  • You thought Javier Jaguar was tough on normal? Try him on hard. OMG, I want to break something! I’ve had him down to a sliver of health twice now, but breaking through his “white shield” is near impossible because you usually don’t have time to chain enough hits to break it! ARGH!

  • For someone without a credit card like me, I wish there was some way I could buy a psn card with any amount I wanted. I just spent a whole $20 card so my only options are to buy another or watch my 100% trophies drop…

  • @12

    The headbutt works wonders on that fight. I don’t know if you’re already doing this but the easiest thing to do is chain together all your moves, standing uppercut, jumping uppercut, dash punch, headbutt. Uppercut off the wall bounce, repeat. Just keep the pressure on and roll like crazy when needed.

  • Loved the game, got the plat shortly after launch. Hard was pretty brutal, but I did it legit, without the glitch to bypass the full play through. Some of those bosses were seriously hard!

    My question is, do I have to do another full play through? I don’t want to even consider Caverna del Pollo on hard :(

    • You don’t have to start a new game. The six new trophies can be unlocked using a pre-DLC save file.

  • Anybody else notice the little slip “Tostado is PS3 Only”?

    The idea of new costumes is great, but it’s hampered when not all of the DLC is available for both systems especially for those of us who play the Vita more than our PS3. Oh well, still may be making a purchase.

    • Tostado (Pink Juan) is a 2p costume and unfortunately cannot be used in the single player version of the Vita game.

  • I have no problem supporting a game I like but…costumes? You should unlock these for free when you beat the game. (Drinkbox here’s a lil hint – DLC usually means new maps or Levels!)

  • I was knee deep in this game on my Vita about a month back. I loved every minute of it. Then, by some horrible chance, my Vita fell in a cooler. I refused to keep playing until I got it repaired. A month later, and it’s water damage had progressed too far for it to ever be repaired. Depressed, I got on my PS3 and fired Guacamelee up for the first time in forever. And it’s doing a fine job of cheering me up. Thanks alot guys!

    P.S.- Costumes look cool as well. And those trophies may be just enough to throw my two bucks at you!

  • When will we get the patch on Vita for Tostada?

    Does this mean that the PS3 and Vita will now be completely identical?

    • The patch and DLC will be released tomorrow. Tostada will be a playable character with the patch.

      The PS3 version has all the costumes, while the Vita version has access only to 1p’s costumes: Juanita, Chicken Juan, and Skeleton Juan.

  • The Javier Jaguar fight was difficult?
    I’m not trying to brag, I seriously feel like I did something wrong. I don’t remember the fight with him being all that troublesome.

    As for the DLC, I’ll definitely purchase it. Loved the game. I’ll be honest though: if the next DLC is just more costumes, I don’t know if I’ll throw down money for it again.

  • I personally thought the game wasn’t hard except for three parts.

    The first two were the gauntlet events for the hidden masks.

    The third was the last “enemy room” before the final boss on hard. The one with the mummies who throw tornadoes at you. So cheap.

  • The hardest part in this game to me was going for the mask parts with the matrix style jumping from wall to wall and the next level with the annoying disappearing platforms. All the bosses had a pattern that if you stayed back you can pick them off easy.

    All that said I will be getting this tomorrow cause that trophy hunter in me doesn’t like games I get 100% drop down to whatever % cause of added trophies.

    PS Blog Stalker

  • great game i just beat it but what the hackk am i suppose to do with costumes if i already beat the game ? i really dont see any point if there is not new dlc levels to go with it and nah i would not play the same levels over again…

  • Awesome, one of the few games I actually platinumed and I still want a reason to play the game again so thanks for giving me that!

  • I have no problem supporting this game by purchasing some extra content; one of the best games I’ve played this year.

  • That’s such BS. NO Tostada costumes will be available on Vita, but you’re releasing the patch to make Tostada available on Vita? So dumb. You guys suck.

  • Hey Matthew, 1st off I would like to thank you and your team for an awesome game that is Guacamelee. I had a blast and was really excited to know that DLC was coming. But I must say, this is NOT WHAT I EXPECTED as 1st DLC out the gates. I think everyone that played this game would agree, more levels, a new level or even a new batch of side quests, is what we all antisipating. I’m going to support your future DLC but im not going to pick up this DLC, It just feels like this DLC could have been released in the original game. Still looking forward to your future releases, as always…………Keep on Gaming.

  • Javier fight was insane on hard…

    and yo Izo.. chill.

  • Thanks for supporting this great game, Sony!
    And thanks for adding DLC to it, Drinkbox! You guys are great and I hope big and bright things come to your door in the future! :)

    Maybe a 2D version of DMC at some point… x)

  • So who else is experiencing the “bug” in the game where you turn yourself into a chicken and can’t turn back into Juan afterwards? This really sucks because I just bought the game on Sunday and now on Tuesday my game is unplayable thanks to the update that apparently “fixed” all kinds of things but created one of the most dumbest glitches in the history of me playing games. Please issue a fix or patch quickly.

  • i liked the music and story of the game, but the difficulty of boss fights and platforming knocked the enjoyment of the overall game down alot. I’m glad i only spent $8 on it when it had that day 1 plus discount.

    Great concept and presentation but the gameplay isn’t for me.

  • Agreeing with #1 100%… if the next DLC is new levels, I’ll be on that like blanco on arroz.

  • I just downloaded the update, and I am unable to transform back into Juan after i change into the chicken. Is this a problem others have been having? My last save is me in the chicken form so the game is unplayable for me now. Is this going to be fixed?

  • Just noticed breeze78 post, yes please solve quickly my game is unplayable and I will not start over im 85% through the game

  • Guacamelee is one of the best surprises I played in a long time. It’s simple fun with enough challenge to be worth completing 100%. The platinum was definitely a challenge. However, I’m not sure I want to buy this. I hope the next DLC is actual gameplay.

  • Thank you to all the people that made this workaround happen. I can finally get my Calaca beatdown going again! Still wish we had the costumes but hopefully they will be back up soon.

  • Hi there,
    After downloading this patch, I ran into a bug with the chicken magic ability. When I transformed Juan into a chicken, I was unable to transform him back.

  • Well it’s good that this was spotted take your time & fix the dlc, I’m not in a rush anyways I have to many back catalogs of games to play. Being a PS Plus member & all.

  • Dear Drinkbox,

    Thank you for Guacamelee. It is easily one of the best games on the Vita, and the best action title the platform has seen since Gravity Rush last year. You should be so proud of it – and I’m so proud you’re Canadian! Between you and Klei, the Canadian indie scene is producing absolutely spectacular titles.

    Thanks for this DLC! I’ve always wanted to play as Tostada in single-player (I love her animations!), and good luck with whatever comes next!

  • I love your game. It’s charming, awesome, and muy muy bueno! Gracias! The DLC looks great! Hope that the patch is ready very very soon. Will be buying ASAP!

  • Can’t wait until the patch issue is resolved. $1.99 is a very small price to pay for more of such a spectacular game.

  • so how exactly does the DLC work?ive been trying to get the costume option to pop up, but no matter what i press, nothing pop us. The game works like always, flawless, but i have no idea how to use the DLC, am i doing something wrong here?

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