The PlayStation Recap – What We’re Reading

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The PlayStation Recap – What We’re Reading

Here we go — it’s officially crunch time. By this time next week, we’ll be in Los Angeles preparing for what’s sure to be the biggest E3 in recent memory. Let’s enjoy this one last weekend we have together, before the next couple weeks take over our lives.

You can now pre-order the Day-1 Digital version of The Last of Us (don’t miss this Q&A with Ashley Johnson, the actress who brought Ellie to life). People are going to be talking about this game. Our latest Conversations With Creators video homes in on PS4’s Killzone Shadow Fall, Pixeljunk Eden creative Baiyon talked about his selection for the Sound Shapes Milkcrate, I got my hands on Tearaway and escaped without so much as a papercut, the kinda-creepy indie hit Limbo is coming to PS Vita, the team behind the reimagining of Castle of Illusion gave us a look behind the scenes, you got eyes on a new rain trailer, and more.

What are you playing this weekend?

  • I’m playing: Blazblue: Continuum Shift Extend, The Last of Us demo
  • I’m watching: Arrested Development (watching S4 a second time — much better after you know how everything fits together)
  • I’m listening to: Still Anamanaguchi and Daft Punk, but with a little Foster the People and Imagine Dragons mixed in

What We’re Reading

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The PlayStation Recap – What We’re Reading

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  • i would like to be reading the ps+ June drop post, but hey its no where to be found.

  • Can we get confirmation that the US June Plus update will be up tomorrow?

  • hey Loco you must be new here, but yea that’s on Mondays hope that helps you and welcome to the blog.

  • I said for the entire month, like ya know they have done for the past two months? Not this weeks drop. I said June.

  • hey Loco you must really be new here that still only happens on the 1st Monday of the month so gl and happy gameing hope that helps and welcome to the playstaition blog.

  • btw im reading the playstation blog and watch Bizarre Foods America and playing The Sly Collection only need game 3 now for all 3 plats 75% and 100% trophies is all I get to do for that 3rd plat.

  • Hello Justin,

    What pre-order bonuses do I get if I pre-order the digital version of The Last of Us from the PS Store?

    Thank you for your time.

  • Hey Fresno but you must be new here. PlayStation blogcast supposed to update ps plus month releases on the last Thursday of the month as they have been since they announced they would in February. Yet unlike the other months they haven’t and made no mention of it on their podcast unlike the past three. So I’m with him on the curiosity portion of plus. big plus changes they want to hold out on till e3 dunno? But mine expires the ninth I’ll probably renew soon was hoping for a hint that plus would carry over to ps 4

  • hey dead hope you do renew glad you like plus.

  • Reading death and a penguin
    playing blazblue
    listening Kay Kay and his weathered underground

  • Love plus will renew it’s like presents from Sony every month hope they love me some more vita games

  • I’m playing: Dead or Alive 5 (Very stoked for Ultimate to come out). Started working on my Vita backlog with Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus.

    I’m watching: Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate trailers. But dont wanna watch much these few days until E3.

  • same, In fact I even got plus hmm idk maybe 2-3 years ago be4 I even had my own ps3 lol. got me to by my own ps3 use to go over to my bros house, and now I even got a vita to cuz of plus lol, gl on gameing.

  • do you think we’ll get a release date and a price point at E3?

  • i’m playing borderlands 2 whith krieg… and is all…

    please catherine for igc in june!!!!!

  • @14 i really hope so… but we’ll only know once E3 happens

    @15 i’m pretty sure that we already got Catherine for IGC…. am i right about that cause I have the blu-ray copy but my PS Store shows it as being purchased and download able and I know for a fact I never bought it from PS store. maybe i just got the digital copy for free with the blu-ray copy…

    Watched today: Journey Game Creator, Jenova Chen’s Keynote at D.I.C.E., really good keynote
    Listening: Nothing, waiting for the Last of Us soundtrack to come out.
    Reading: Big Jack is Dead, got it for free on Amazon this week, a really cool book written by Harvey Smith(Dishonored,System Shock, and Dues Ex)

  • Catherine was never part of the IGC, and truthfully I hope we get something better than that for our AAA title. I wouldn’t mind getting it along with our monthly update, just not as the main title.

  • I’m Playing Kingdoms of Amalur. 20 hours in and still having a blast. So sad that the studio went under :/

  • DonkeyKongKilla

    @Loco – they been late on the month posts anyway sense they started it. I think the first one was that Tuesday of releases and then the next one was late on a Monday into the new month. Who knows if there will be adjustment but Morgan could still be on vacation so who knows who is doing it for the month.

  • I agree that they should have released the monthly IGC for + by now.

    I think for E3 there will be an increase in the permanent games to IGC, maybe 2 more for PS3 and Vita, and more rotation games, maybe 1 or 2 to each. Gaikai service will allow gamers to have more of their collection playable on PS4, and allow them to transition more readily to it.

    PS4 release games will attract a lot of gamers, but no BC is going to hold back quite a few. Access to a wide collection of DLed games will push some over the fence.

    My opinion anyway….

  • I’ve never seen them release the IGC content on Sunday. They have announced it on Mondays for at least the last year. Pretty stoked to see it tomorrow!

  • @21 Same.

  • DonkeyKongKilla

    @Evansblue7878 – I honestly just thought it’d be different like they’d push the month layout on the day of or before the month started. The month updates seem to be really late Monday’s or on Tuesday’s so far. I expected it differently and no one confirmed or denied what I was trying to say on the first month post this year when it started, it’s a little buzz-kill waiting when the new month is already here though.

  • This is a song I just wrote
    All I want for release date is a PS4 a PS4 a PS4 LOL
    Well I’m really bad let me keep my day job ;-)

  • Playstation plus update is Mondays, Playstation Store update is Tuesday!

    But they started Monthly plus update a few months ago, more in line with PS+ EU.

    It was on PS Blog the first time, then Morgan was late last month, I think Saturday or Sunday before the first Tuesday of the month.

    Obviously, with Morgan’s vacation, its running late.

    So I’m guessing that no-one else is aware of the need to continue this in his absence.

  • DonkeyKongKilla

    @beef – May’s month was on the 6th. April was really late on Monday on the 1st I remember because several people were suspecting it was an April fools prank. I believe March was Tuesday just before the week update. It just seems the month updates are being late since it started.

  • @DKK:

    If so, I stand corrected, I’m going by memory, really.

    There were monthly updates though, so I expect it would be posted eventually.

  • DonkeyKongKilla

    @beef_child – I’m just trying to get a better understanding by it, I was going by memory too. Well the reply on the first comment explains it’s going to be Monday like every other update so I’m guessing the Month updates should coordinate with Monday’s. I felt the same way expecting it to be when the month started.

  • DonkeyKongKilla

    @Justin – To be clear we should expect the month updates the first Monday of the month itself?

  • plus updates are always on mondays but the weekly drop is usually posted today. cant wait to see whats gonna be new on psn this week. also gotta toss in my usual .hack request. plese put them on ps2 classics or you could make me as giddy as a school girl and realese it as an hd collection with trophies :)

  • @30 Talk to the company behind those games.

  • I’ve started playing all the God of War games again:Chronologically.Won’t be rushing to play the next game,but i’ll definitely play them all again within 3 months.
    Other then that,plenty of Injustice,I’ve started playing it alot with some other guy’s I met yesterday.Also Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend,I’m definitely going to grab that and Calamity Trigger for home consoles soon.

  • @ Response to me, im talking about the ps+ month of June used to list the games coming that month, usually 4 with no preset guys did like twice and then stopped i guess.

  • @Loco4FourLoko (#33) Those are on the first Monday of the month. They’ll be putting it up tomorrow.

  • Is there going to be any way for PS Blog readers to attend the E3 Presser like in other years? Or maybe E3 passes?

  • Hey Justin,
    Since you have become our go-to guy for info, have you heard anything about a possible fix for the Pinball Arcade fiasco? I mean, it is going on two weeks now and you are the only one even talking about it! Seriously, how long does it take to make it available for us to download? Anything that you can share would be greatly appreciated!


  • Hope the June Plus update is alot better than the past couple months (aside from Sleeping Dogs).

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