Limbo Comes to PlayStation Vita June 4th

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Limbo Comes to PlayStation Vita June 4th

Update: Limbo will support Cross Buy, enabling current owners of the PS3 version to pick up the PS Vita version and vice-versa for no extra charge.

Limbo on PS Vita

As we approach the third anniversary of Limbo, the game is finally ready for handheld devices. Together, with the talented people at Double Eleven, we at Playdead have been working hard to adapt Limbo to PS Vita without compromising the experience.

Limbo on PS Vita

Limbo on PS VitaLimbo on PS Vita

We are proud to reveal that the game will be out on PSN for PS Vita next Tuesday, June 4th, for $14.99.

…Happy dying.


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  • Thank You

  • Never played Limbo before. If we buy the Vita version will we get the PS3 version free?

  • PS Plus discount maybe? I bought it month ago for like $2 on Steam.
    Hotline Miami is going to be $10.

  • Didn’t see that coming, pretty sneaky! Probably not something I’ll be able to play on a brightly lit commute to and from work, but I am sure that I can find a good venue for playing this.

    Looking forward to it!

  • Make a bundle PS3/PSVita for a discounted 9.99$ price tag and this one will be a winner ;).

  • $15 seems a little bit high considering the age of the game. $10 would have been more appropriate in my opinion.

  • I’m liking this trend with the awesome indie games coming to Vita. Tell you what, release Fat Princess and get the Behemoth to release Castle Crashers on the Vita, and then the 3DS eShop will crap its pants.

    C’mon. You can do it!

  • 14.99?! ouch man thats pretty steep …. its cheaper everywhere else …. ill get it when it gets a discount and if your gonna make it 14.99 at least make it cross buy …. on new purchases only of course (thats a thing sony should really do!)

  • oh my god #7!!!! I would kill for a castle crashers portable!!!

  • I hope there’s a PS+ discount,, $14.99 is kinda surprising consider how long the game has been out, I already own it on PC and PS3.. $9,99 would’ve nice. Now, I don’t know.

  • Awesome! Perfect game for Vita, sold

  • Going to have to pass, only cuz I’ve already beat it atleast 3 times.

  • While I too would like to see a cheaper price for the game due to age and prior availability, I really can’t fault an Indie dev charging that price on a new platform. I am sure they would have liked to get this on Vita earlier, but my guess is it took more work that we realize. I am hoping to support their endeavor next Tuesday, pending what else I see coming to PSN.

  • Bought it on PS3 and will buy on Vita. Hell of a game.

  • Can’t say I want to pay that much for the game. I already own it on PS3. Decent game though.

  • $14.99 is more than a bit silly for a nearly 3 year old 3 hour game. However it is a fun game and I highly suggest everyone get it when it goes down in price if you haven’t had the chance to play it yet.

  • it is good game but come on that is expensive for a 3 year old short game. you are turning away people that might want to double dip at that price.

  • Love this game (beat it on 2 different platforms), but $15 for a game that’s been out for years, is really short, and has been on sale for merely a couple of $’s routinely is too much in my opinion.

    I’d love to support you guys, but until the price is a bit more reasonable (for me), I’ll hold off on on buying it.

  • CrusaderForever

    Amazing game! Played it and completed it on the PS3. It’s the perfect game for the Vita. Thanks

  • Already beat it on PC, but will buy as soon as it gets a discount, seems perfect for the vita!
    I hope these indie games coming to vita do well so that others start aiming the platform in the future :)

  • $14.99?? I bought this on Steam for a quarter of the price. Its not a new game at all! Im not interested unless there is a major PS+ discount on it

  • Why would I buy this if I already own it on PS3? If it were free I’d take it for Vita. Otherwise, pass.

  • Haven’t played the game yet.. but 15$ is a lot.. for an old game. Guacamelee is the same price and its new and awesome.

  • ShatteredRaven77

    I bought this for the PS3 and it’s pretty awesome.

    However, I also have a vita, and spending another 15 bucks for the same game on my vita does not sound good to me.

    Are you going to make it free on Vita for those who already purchased this game???

  • $15 for an old game that most people have already played on either the PS3 or PC?! Wow, way to know the market :roll eyes:

  • $14.99? For a VERY late port? No thank you. $9.99 is the most I would give.

  • I was wondering the same thing that others asked: Will those that bought the PSN version get the Vita version for free? Would make more sense like Playstation All Star Battle and Sly Cooper for example.

  • nice news but 14.99 is a big steep for a game that game out this long. 9.99 $ would be a sweet spot for vita users. make a ps plus discount for the game please

  • Ouch, I will not buy this game again at that price, way too high. I do have Limbo on the PS3 and I enjoyed it. As much as I’d like to play it again on Vita, I’ll have to pass. Should be good for someone who hasn’t played the game yet (still it should be $9.99 like Rocketbirds Vita). Cross-Buy would have been a better idea but I guess since the game is “old” it is unlikely to happen.

  • I only tried the demo for the PS3 version but i didn’t buy the game but now since it’s coming to Vita why not i will buy it

  • if i own this on ps3 can i play it on vita for free?

  • Bought at launch on 360, got Steam version during a sale, and got from PS+.
    Don’t think I’ll be buying the game a fourth time when it doesn’t add anything

  • really??? why everyone wants a free game?? cross buy???? why everyone wants all free??

  • too steep for $15 :( hoping for a PS+ discount

  • Totally agree that $15 is overpriced for this old game. For $10 I’d star to consider, for $5 I’m sold immediately.

  • $15 is a bit much for a 3 year old game that I got on steam for less than half of that price. If there’s a PS+ discount, I’ll probably bite, but if not, well, I’ll just wait for a PS+ discount. Sorry!

  • Cross Play? PS+ Discount?

  • $15 for a crummy port of a 3 year old game that I bought on Steam for $2.50?? NO THANK YOU, SONY!

  • TheBratPrince79

    Question Dino,
    I bought this game on my ps3 ages ago, will this be free?

  • Wow, I didn’t see this coming! While I already have this for ps3 I appreciate the efforts of you guys bringing more games to vita. For any who haven’t played this yet, I highly recommend it.

  • Yay, more Vita games! Thanks.

  • I’m sorry, but the game should be discounted for those who bought the game before on PSN.

    Why should I pay again and 15 bucks?

    Give it to me for 7,50 and I’ll buy it again.

  • Is it really worth $15 on vita when it’s cheaper everywhere else? Cross buy would justify the price I think.

  • As great a game as Limbo is, I already have it on the PS3 and I’m fine playing it on there. $15 is way too steep a price to pay for a game that I already own. Sorry guys, but I’m going to pass.

  • @ #7 & #9 Agreed, Castle Crashers for Vita would be awesome. This is one I’ve been silently wishing for. If Sony could make it happen they can definitely take my money.

  • Especially Agrees with @45

    and also with @43,@42,@38,@34,@18,@8

    But look forward to when it goes on the IGC.

    I remember thinking, that at some point it would.


  • My thinking was of course about CastleCrashers going to Vita……….sorry.

  • if there’s a discount for people who bought the PS3 version already, like Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath did, I’m in.

    Can you talk more about any technical improvements afforded by more RAM, rear touch, Near, etc?

  • First I bought this game on PC. Best game I’d played in a long time.

    Then, when it was console exclusive, grabbed it for ‘the competitor’ (in fact, bought this console specifically do get this game, strangely enough!). Still the best game I’ve played in recent memory.

    Then when it came to my console of choice, the PS3, I grabbed it again. No regrets.

    Much as I’d love to, I think I’m going to have to pass on the Vita version. It is my favourite game of this generation, bar none, but I’ve paid a lot of money for this game and I don’t think I can add another $15 to it.

    Wish you guys all the best, but I’m a bit too broke to add this one to the Vita catalogue myself.

    Again, best game I’ve played in so long, congratulations on your success.

  • This is cool to see older games making it’s way to the PS Vita, but don’t overdue it with ports, like the PSP was swimming in ports there were so many. Keep the new IP’s coming, this idea must be for those that haven’t bought a PS Vita still.

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