Killzone: Shadow Fall on PS4: Conversations with Creators

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Killzone: Shadow Fall on PS4: Conversations with Creators
Killzone: Shadow Fall on PS4: Conversations with Creators

With Killzone Shadow Fall, we are part of an exciting line up of launch titles for PS4. This is both daunting and exciting, but a good feeling to have!

Since the game’s announcement earlier this year at the PlayStation Meeting 2013, we have been hard at work on Killzone Shadow Fall. At the event, we were able to give you a brief glimpse of the direction we are taking the game with live on-stage gameplay. The demonstration focused on setting up the new conflict between the two warring factions that now occupy the same world, we are very much looking forward to sharing more of the exciting new gameplay opportunities soon.

Today we are happy to show you a developer diary as part of PlayStation’s Conversations with Creators. In this video, we briefly talk about what it means to us to be a launch title on this new platform.

Killzone: Shadow Fall is scheduled for a Holiday 2013 release, and will be available exclusively on PS4.

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  • Is 60 FPS and 1080p possible on PS4? Want to get the confusion out of the way.

  • I cannot wait to get my hands of this game! I am really excited to see how multiplayer will evolve in this iteration. I fell in love with Operations in KZ3, and who doesn’t love Warzone? Another amazing game type would be phenomenal.

    Thanks a million Guerrilla! I can’t wait to get my hands of both Shadow Fall and Mercenary this year!

  • I believe Killzone Shadow Fall will be a system seller. Can’t wait. Day one!

  • Very awesome dev dairy

    Steven maybe you cant answer these questions YET… but i’ll ask anyways.

    if ps4 were to support ps move, like kz3 did, would you implement it as a secondary control scheme?

    for multiplayer, with the power of ps4, will you be able to make larger, more open world maps?

    finally, will shadow falls and the upcoming mercenary title for vita have any sort of connectivity features?

    Good luck the rest of the way during the development process and hope to get my hands on this stellar game at E3!

  • Hi:
    I really want to know if Killzone: Shadow Fall will be Full HD 60fps. and please, PLEASE, forgot about that awkward (1280x1080p?, 1440x1080p??, 1024x…. CRAP!) resolutions that only Blur the image. Full HD (1920x1080p) at 60fps.
    And something equally important… Will be the Online like Killzone 2 or like Krapzone 3?

  • Was just wondering remote play will work with Killzone: Shadow Fall right, fully operational?

    Also this game looks great, it is definitely a must have game and it’s a launch game, makes it even better.

  • Good to see some familiar faces back at Killzone. I’m looking forward to hearing more about the use of the PS4 controller.

    • Steven Ter Heide

      We have some interesting ideas and features tied to it, but more importantly the controller just feels great! We’ll show some more soon

  • Greatness Awaits…

  • What you shown of the game so far looks phenomenal
    I’m really looking forward to playing Killzone Shadow fall on my new PS4
    This game is a day one buy for me and it should be for everyone who’s picking up a PlayStation4 ,

  • Helghan campaign! PLEASE.

  • Thank You

  • Bicgoozgetten-69

    Killzone Shadow fall looks way better then Call of Duty Ghost. That dog on call of Duty looked fake. Also Killzone have better graphic and physics. Thanks Guerrilla Games.

  • I’d be far more interested in this game if it ran at 60 FPS, even it that meant some sacrifices in the graphics department.

  • Steven Ter Heide

    Hi Guys, i’m here to answer any questions. Can’t talk about everything, but you can sure ask ;)

    @R0Bavalos: Yes, we will be supporting remote play!

  • Steven Ter Heide

    With regards to framerate and resolution, sure 1080p and 60hz is possible on PS4. It is however always a tradeoff between what you want to show and at what resolution and framerate. We had the demo running at full 1080p resolution and 30hz.

  • Is there any connectivity with Killzone: Mercenary?

  • How do you guys replace the triggers in remote play?

    • Steven Ter Heide

      We haven’t finalized the remote play control scheme yet. The triggers on the VITA are great so we’ll have to see how to make best use of them

  • Hi Steven!

    Im wondering or there also wil be a Limited Edition of Killzone Shadow Fall. And, what about Killzone Mercenary? Limited Vita edition Bundle?

  • 1. What sets Shadow Fall apart from the other Killzone games besides it being Next Gen?

    2. Why the decision to go with a subtitle, rather than a number?

    3. Will we see nods and or allusions to characters and events from the previous games or is this game a clean slate without connection to previous titles aside from the overarching war that sets the stage for the entire series?

    • Steven Ter Heide

      Its a different feeling game. We have a new conflict that is more about maintaining a fragile balance in the world. It features a cast of new characters. We felt the name Shadow Fall would do it more justice, signalling it a fresh start for the franchise.

  • 1. Will Killzone: Shadow Fall feature the same ‘Botzone’ style offline multiplayer as all of the other Killzone titles had?

    2. If Killzone: Shadow Fall does not offer / will not offer ‘Botzone’, what other experiences will be available to us who cannot play online other than Singleplayer?

    3. Will Killzone: Shadow Fall be available for purchase in chunks such as Killzone 3? If I only want to pay for the Singleplayer (since I cant play online games) can I choose to do so or will it be one price for everything? Can you / would you consider this for post-launch?

    4. What other mechanics can you talk about other than the jump-and-climb and brutal melee we saw in the Killzone: Shadow Fall demonstration at the Sony press conference? Im pretty sure I saw a throwable knife?

    I could go on and on but these are the questions that concern me / interest me the most. Thanks for your time Steven. You guys are doing an awesome job.

    For the glory of Helghan!

    • Steven Ter Heide

      Sorry, a lot of questions i can’t talk about yet! Our multiplayer and modes are exciting, and i hope to be able to show you soon.

      I can only speak about some of the features we’ve shown in the announce demo (we have more ;) ). But in that you would have seen :

      Rifle extension, going from a submachine gun to a powerful sniper-rifle
      Climbing, anything that looks climbable will be
      Drop down melee, dropping on guys to take them out
      Combo melee, if there is a second guy in view during a melee, you can throw your knife to take him out
      Adrenaline mode, where you are able to take a health pack and get a brief window with slow motion when you aim down sights

      Oh, and the strongest left arm in the business by hanging onto that dropship ;)

  • Also will there be any Move support similar to Killzone 3?

  • Will Killzone Shadow fall have a strong presence at E3 this year ?

  • Best looking game ever!

  • Will you ever add a character creation to any of your futures games kinda like Mass Effect to make the player more emotionally attached to the character they are playing as?

    and do you plan on bringing Rico back in this game? (can’t stand that guy)

  • 64 player online please :D

  • Hey Steven,
    1. Is inputlag coming back or is there at least an option to enable it? Come on for all the KZ2 diehards ;)

    2. Is it possible to set melee to L1 and R1 to toogle zoom?

  • Hi Steven!

    Are you aiming for a more slow paced, tactical and heavy gameplay feel like KZ2 or are the gameplay more in line with KZ3, ie faster and more run’n’gun?


    • Steven Ter Heide

      I think Shadow fall will have its own feel, but its certainly leaning towards more thoughtful play.

  • In terms of story what can we expect and what has influenced this? Single player campaigns in modern shooters are mostly crap, reliant on the set piece spectacle with no depth, no humanity or intelligence and I feel a lot of people are hungry for something a little more compelling. I was disappointed GG never tried anything revolutionary in its storytelling in KZ3, seemed to go the opposite way into forgettable territory. Think Spec Ops: The Line is the closest a game has come this gen.

    Also, when do we get info on MP? You know a lot of KZ2 fans are impatient to hear what GG have. ; )

    • Steven Ter Heide

      We hope to positively surprise you. Our story is more based on a tense conflict that can spiral out of control. It is about figuring out who you can trust, and how to best prevent the destruction of your home. In Holland we have the air raid sirens that are being tested every first of the month, which in the days of the cold war made a big impression on me. it created a real tension that would be great to get into a game.

  • Hi Steve
    1.) I am curious as to who this Shadow Marshalls are, are they wearing some type of special suit that gives them abilities ordinary soldiers have and also are there Helghast shadow marshalls as well, if so do we get to play as them?
    2.) The abilities you showed in the demo, is that the only one available or would there be more abilities you gain during the course of the campaign?
    3.) Is the multiplayer count going to increase from 32 to 64?
    4.) Finally can you tell us a little about the feel of the Dualshock4, is R2 and L2 now standard for aim and shoot, what cool features can we imagine to be mapped to the Touchpad ?

    Thanks and Keep up the great work

    • Steven Ter Heide

      We have some more surprises with features that we hope to show you soon. Multiplayer i can’t speak about yet.
      I am very happy with the triggers, makes a big difference with aim and shoot.

      I realize that its obvious i would like the new controller, but it really does feel great.

  • May Killzone 2 channel the KZ:SF control scheme, the game script better be oscar worthy

    and I hope Rico is dead.

    that is all.

  • The part in the demo that the building blows up And it shows it in slow motion is that part of that scene or was that done with the adrenaline mode?

  • All my major questions were either answered or can’t be answered yet.

    All that remains now is for the PS4 and Killzone: Shadow Fall to release their release dates so I can not only reserve them, but pay them off in full.

  • I’m very happy with the work you guys are doing and with the work you done in the past so I’m really looking forward to getting Killzone Shadow fall this holiday season :-)
    I am PS4

  • soundandvision77

    Looks great. I don’t have any real questions, but just letting you know I’m excited for the game (and KZ Mercenary), and it will be great to see what you guys can do on PS4.

    Killzone 3 was the only multiplayer shooter that I really got into this generation because of the more interesting game modes and the fact that it actually felt like you were playing in a battle instead of just running around shooting people. I hope that Shadow Fall will continue this with more Warzone and Operations gameplay, etc.

    Can’t wait!

  • It would be nice with some character customization in multiplayer

  • Do you use the touchpad for functionality? I read the speaker is used for radio chatter?

    • Steven Ter Heide

      We will be using the touchpad yes. More on that soon. Radio messages will play through the speaker yes. Lightbar will indicate health, which is quite subtle.

  • Awesome!

    I have one question, and one question only.

    1. Will you PLEASE include 2 player split screen multiplayer??? This CONTINUES to be the one thing holding PS exclusive games back from true greatness. Halo and CoD achieve 4 player split EFFORTLESSLY every year, and it’s time you guys stepped up to the plate. I understand 4 player is unfeasible, but you have NO excuse not to include 2 player. Hell, even KZ3 didn’t allow 2 players in Botzone! The Co-op campaign was VERY fun, and I wanna be able to talk trash to a buddy next to me.

    Bottom line…if you want to sell CoD and Halo numbers, you’ve gotta include 2 player ONLINE split screen.

    Thanks :)

  • Do you default to R1 or R2 (trigger) for shooting?

  • Is Joris de man on board again?

  • Will you have implemented the TMAA (or was it TSAA?) anti-aliasing technique in time for E3?

  • Steven, thank you for your previous comment (#15) on the framerate issue.

  • I remember Mark Cerny stating he visited Guerrilla Games in 2010 during the production of KZ3. Was it then the opportunity to be a part of the PS4 launch lineup was proposed (by him)?

    • Steven Ter Heide

      The idea certainly started to sing around the Guerrilla offices at the time. But we decided later. It’s a big responsibility to be a launch title. Takes a lot of commitment, and we wanted to make sure it was the right thing to do for us.

  • What framerate does the game run at unlocked? (on average you would say?)

  • Looking forward to the game, you guys obviously are leading the charge in graphics so I need a real question answered.

    Will the single player campaign be shorter, longer or about the same length as Killzone 3’s Campaign and will it offer the same level of variety?

    Despite obviously playing Killzone for the Multiplayer which so far sounds like it will be great like the last it also had a fun a varied Single Player that I thoroughly enjoyed several times.

    • Steven Ter Heide

      Difficult to say how long the campaign is currently, there is so much we still need to do. We’re aiming for a solid campaign with lots of variety and good replay value.

  • I’d like to inquire, as we want to develop for PS4, about the ram…

    Actually, I just wanted to know how the announcement of 8GB of DDR5 affected your development. I keep hearing different things such as you were only using 3GB for the demo, or maybe 5, and only 1 or 2 GB are reserved for the OS, etc.

    Is this much memory and lack of usual bottlenecks on the system making things easier to accomplish?

  • that’s all well and good Sony / Guerilla … I dont’ really care about particles but more about services, dlc, and hoping to God they make the MP more like killzone 2 … in my opinion and that of many other gamers kz3 mp was a failure and was not nearly as exciting (even with its new modes) as the one before it …

    it’s nice that the guys have more power to player with but so what? Take a note from spiderman Sony and Guerilla – with great power comes …

    nuff said

  • LandmineSalesman

    what will see at e3? new single player stuff or just multiplayer?

    excited about this game! it looks awesome

  • It’d be cool to have an option to switch the DS4 lightbar from health (fade green to red) to muzzle flash with matching colours.

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    I have the following concerns about Killzone

    1) No ability to go prone. This was there in Killzone 1, but the option was taken away in Killzone 2 and kept away on Killzone 3. The higs are able to go prone in Killzone 3, why can’t we (the player) do the same? It’s perfect for sniping and it’s there on other major FPS (COD, Battlefield, to name a couple)
    2) No objective co op. Killzone 3 brought campaign co-op, which was welcome, but no “spec op” modes and objective co ops. Those are fun modes in other First and Third person shooter games and it’s pretty much expected nowadays. Will Shadow Fall include those modes?
    3) Online AND offline multiplayer. Killzone 3 brought offline, split screen co op, but, inexplicably, no online co op. Also, my friend and I couldn’t login to a deathmatch using splitscreen (like warhawk for example). This would be a much welcome, and pretty much expected, feature in 2013

  • Will KZSF be a Destiny killer?

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