Castle of Illusion: Reimagining a Classic

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Castle of Illusion: Reimagining a Classic

When we announced Castle of Illusion on PlayStation.Blog back in April, we told you that we’d be back to share some Behind The Scenes videos. We’re back with the first one today.

Watch the video above to see the game director and the art director of the original Castle of Illusion for Sega Genesis (1990) reflect on the development of the original game. In this video, key members of Sega Studio Australia will also give you a glimpse of the upcoming re-imagined version of the game.

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  • Game looks great, but a Vita version would be bought without hesitation from me. I just don’t have much time to game on my PS3 these days with wife and work, so the Vita is my primary gaming machine right now.

  • can gangsters play this ?

  • I would LOVE to see this on Vita as well! it looks perfect for a portable console!

  • I agree. On the Vita, this would be a day one purchase. On PS3, I’ll have to think about it.

  • Day 1 FoReal…….. Loved this game on my Genesis. Oh my,I cant wait.

  • Uh… might sound annoying but i’m hoping for a vita version… if not then fine but i hope they are at least thinking about it.

    Oh and i hope they make World of illusion (With M & D) and Magical Quest (GBA if possible) as well :3

  • I am so excited for this. In fact, this is the first game I’ve been excited for in a long time. Back to basics in the modern age of gaming.

  • Glad to see more of the game with this video to get more of an idea of the effort that was put in it. I never played this game when I was a kid (I was a SNES baby) so am looking forward to trying it out with my nephew re imagined this time around.

  • have fond memories

  • xD
    I LOVE plataformers

  • Looks more like a re-imagining of World of Illusion. My friends and I used to play the original Castle of Illusion game all the time growing up. Thanks to Sega, Disney and the dev team for making this.

    Now bring back Quackshot.

  • Please Sega, bring this to the PS Vita!!!

  • Some sites are actually saying that it is coming to the Vita, but the trailers say the contrary. So only Sega knows.
    We can only hope it gets a Vita release- It would be nice- and I would buy it instantly, but not on/for the PS3.

  • I remember playing this on the Game Gear.

  • Go to Google

    Search “Let’s Get FlatOut Head On PS Vita Compatible”

    Click on the first result.

    Sign the petition please.

    Thank you

  • I would ONLY play this on Vita.

    Until then, you will get none of my hard earned $$

  • To Sega will buy only on vita, when the release of the ps4 comes out the vita will play a big role with games. THINK ABOUT IT!!!!

  • another vote for a Vita version — that would make it a no-brainer.

    on PS3, I’d really like to see 1080p and hear bluray-quality audio given the 30fps, static lighting, and static animation cycles. that would make it worth $15 to me.

    if it’s 720p and/or MP3 audio, I’d need a $10 price with cross-buy for Vita to make this purchase.

    PS: Sega, we’d all love to see Panzer Dragoon HD Collection! Orta was one of my favorite (and best looking!) games on original Xbox. Please bring it to PS3/Vita! :)


    @ Figboy I hear you there man! Between work, wife, 2 kids (one with special needs), trying to keep up with our PVR’d TV shows in our limited spare time, I also have almost zero time to game on my PS3 these days :( I’d buy a Vita version in a heartbeat – to me this is a perfect portable game that I could play in bed at night before passing out from exhaustion lol.

    It is encouraging to see games like Limbo, Rayman, Epic Mickey and more being ported to the Vita though. I know it’s had a tough first year and a half on the market but it’s a really cool, powerful portable system. And if developers aren’t coming up with enough original titles, I more than welcome PS3 ports. I hope E3 isn’t JUST about the PS4 and the Vita gets some attention as well (and not just as a second screen for the PS4).

  • PS Vita + Platinum trophy = Take my money!

  • I want it on my PS Vita. I’d much rather play it there.

  • @6 Same here. I never got to play Castle of Illusion as a kid but I did play World of Illusion almost obsessively. I’d kill to have it come back. Also while we’re on the topic of Disney games, Quackshot is another oldie but goodie I’d love to get the remastering treatment. Very excited about this game and Ducktales.

  • Vita version, please! I can’t see myself playing it on PS3 as much, but on Vita it’d be perfect.

  • I’d like to have this game on PS Vita too :) looks really nice

  • Gotta jump on the Vita wagon on this one. Please consider releasing this for the Vita, or at least make an eventual PS4 release so we can enjoy it via remote play. Castle of Illusion has a life long spot in my heart and I’d love to give it another round and throw my money at it for the remake.

  • I want it for PS3. While a cross buy version would be cool I guess… I prefer playing on a big screen.

  • another psvita vote! My ps3 only is used on Tuesdays, my one day off. 97% of my gaming is on vita, because like others we have lives and work full time. Bleck, being an adult sucks! lol

  • Would love this game on vita, but probably wouldn’t buy it on ps3.

  • Bring it to the Vita!!

  • I agree. I find myself playing my Vita 80% of the time.

  • Partial Nudity?

  • I wish this was World of Illusion instead. I would love to play as my favorite Disney character, Donald Duck.

  • JoyceHairhelmet

    This looks awesome! I’ll take it on the PS3, Vita or both. :D

  • I would have to agree with everybody else here. Having this game on the vita would be awesome. I have no doubt that I would buy it for the vita. For the ps3, I would have to think about it.

  • Vita ???
    Please ????


  • Speaking of the Vita, the PS Blog should be a little bit more optimize to work on it’s web browser. I had to go through a few hoops of workarounds to get myself signed in here and post this comment. Anyway, to what I came here for…

    Someone should remake the Magical Quest Trilogy for both the Vita and PS3 systems! Sure, they were developed by Capcom and for the SNES, and yeah, they were remade for the GBA early in the last decade. But I would like those titles be “remastered” for this era! Man, the early 90’s had better licensed titles than nowadays.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    PS3 version only please. I hope it’s not for Vita, because I don’t have a Vita. You need to cater to my exact needs or else I’ll throw a tantrum and threaten to abandon you and support Microsoft instead. Because I’m just that special.

    Oh look! There’s only a PS3 version. Awesome. Now I don’t have to go through all that. I totally would have, you know… :|

  • This needs a vita realease

  • Day One if PSVita or wait for PSPlus discount if PS3 only…

  • Well- at least us vita users still have rayman legends to look forward to.

  • Looks wonderful! Thank you Sega Australia, Japan, USA, and Sony for releasing this game!

    I will purchase Castle of Illusion as soon as it comes out. I’m sure I will love it!

  • hope it will be for vita.. i really will buy it .. :D

  • Looks amazing!

    we should see more of this genre on the PS4 =)

  • This should have been a full game and PS4 exclusive!

  • Looks really good! can’t wait to get my hands on this!!

  • Fantastic! Much better than Epic Mickey. Too bad its not a Sony exclusive.

  • @47

    I thought Epic Mickey 1 was good but I felt number 2 was not good at all!

  • VITA please!!

  • I loved this game as a kid, but I’m a bit skeptical about the 2.5D. I would have loved to see Sega do what Capcom is doing with Ducktales; Hand drawn sprites with 3D backgrounds. I guess I will have to wait and see.

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