PlayStation Home Update: Jam in the Musicality Clubhouse

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PlayStation Home Update: Jam in the Musicality Clubhouse

This week in PlayStation Home, Hogwarts is now a part of the Pottermore experience, Digital Leisure is hosting their first Paradise Springs Poker Tournament, nDreams introduces the Musicality Clubhouse complete with all the extra music packs unlocked, and more! There’s more below, and don’t forget to join the PlayStation Home Community on the PlayStation Forums.


Hogwarts is now part of the Pottermore experience on PlayStation Home. Explore the Great Hall and take part in your very own Sorting Ceremony, master the art of Levitation in the new Charms Class and join fellow students in one of the four house common rooms! You can also buy your very own Hogsmeade House personal apartment and accompanying furniture bundles!

Digital Leisure – Paradise Springs Poker Tournament

Digital Leisure is hosting the first official Paradise Springs Poker Tournament on June 8th and 9th. Do you have what it takes to take on the best poker players in the casino? If you do, then register in the poker room or at one of the new tournament registration terminals today. Once you have your bracelet you’re all set and all that is left to do before the weekend is practice your poker face. You don’t want to miss out on this event because there are huge chip prizes for the champion and runners up, as well as rewards for everyone who makes it to the semis and the finals. All future tournaments will be held on the second Saturday of every month.


nDreams – Musicality Clubhouse

For those club leaders looking for a new clubhouse that involves all your club members look no further than the Musicality Clubhouse. Based on the extremely popular Musicality Apartment this clubhouse version comes with all the extra music packs unlocked allowing your club to be creating all kinds of different music twenty four hours a day.


Game Mechanics – Elegant Dining Tables + Classic Clocks

Game Mechanics reaches back in their Elegant closet and pulls out some requested items and a couple innovative ones. First, they are releasing 8 and 12 seat versions of their Elegant Dining Table. This is the one that allows you to change the color and settings. The 8 seat version uses 6 slots and the 12 seat version uses 7 slots (if you think that is low, just wait). There is also a bundle available with all three tables. Next, they took one of their most popular items, the Outdoor Bar with Chairs and created Indoor and Outdoor Elegant versions of them. These go well in so many places and were a highly requested couple items. They use 3 slots each. And last, what may be the first one slot active items. That is right, these two Classic Clocks take up only one slot each. The one clock is normal sized and the Grand version is huge; reminiscent of their giant Tire Clock from way back. And the Grand version still only uses one slot.


Granzella – Cat Companion + Yukatas

Cat Companion

“Meow” introducing the Lively Cat 3-piece Set from Granzella! The cat portable items includes 3 breeds, the calico cat, black cat, and tabby cat! When used it moves around the player and runs following behind. Additionally, when you haven’t moved for a while, it will yawn and stretch like a cat and its cute purring can be heard. Meow why not spend some time relaxing with a whimsical cat?


A new pattern for the yukata series from Granzella has arrived! It’s made of a dark blue fabric with an image showing the flowing milky way and beautiful, sparkling, starry night sky. In addition, bamboo leaves are featured as well, making this a good choice for summer nights. Why not wish upon a star?


HellFire Games – Retro Flyers

Soar through PlayStation Home with the new Retro Flyers series from Hellfire Games! Boost your speed to 150% with the Daredevil Biplane in six aerodynamic finishes: Crimson, Azure, Jade, Shadow, Pink, and Golden. Check out the Daredevil Biplane Retro Flyers in the Home Tycoon Train Station and Novus Prime this week.


VEEMEE – Go Karts, Mythical Avatars + Wrangler

Go Karts

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines! Check out these amazing Go Kart locomotion items with matching clothing from VEEMEE. There are three styles to choose from; Blue, Red and Flames. Race safe and look good doing it, with the Go-Kart Racing Suit, Helmet, Gloves and Boots for men and women.
It’s time to go racing.

Mythical Avatars

Riding a mythical creature is fairly cool i suppose. Wan’t to know what’s even more cool? Turning into one!
Magically transform your avatar into a mythical creature with these stunning new locomotion items from VEEMEE.
Choose to become a Unicorn, Cerberus, Dragon or Griffin. There is even a great value bundle so you can get all four!


With Summer nearly here you’ll be spoiled for choice as Wrangler brings 20 new items to PlayStation Home. With a new selection, of shorts, shirts, jackets, jeans and dresses to get you in that summer mood. Look out for this great selection of clothing releasing this week, for that perfect summer dress try the “Georgia Still Water” and look out for the Chino Shorts for men releasing this week.


x7 Update

This week in exclusive VIP nightclub x7, there is a new exclusive value bundle, Classic Scooters from VEEMEE, and plus several new stylish items from Billabong and Wrangler. All are available early-access this week to x7 members only. Head to x7, take the elevator upstairs, check out these fine items, then dance the night away!

See you in PlayStation Home!

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