The Last of Us: Pre-Order the Digital Edition & Season Pass, DLC Detailed

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The Last of Us: Pre-Order the Digital Edition & Season Pass, DLC Detailed

The Last of Us on PS3

The Last of Us arrives in just a few weeks. We’re happy to let you know you can pre-order the full digital edition of the game starting today on the PlayStation Store. The game will be a Day 1 Digital download — this means you can get it at midnight on June 14th. The digital edition features a unique download installer which will allow you to start playing the game once the game data is a little over half way downloaded.

The Last of Us is a universe rich in character and story with many facets that we could potentially explore for years. We’re getting started by announcing that there will be three packs of downloadable content for The Last of Us available after the game launches.

If you want to lock in all three of those DLC packs at discounted price, step up now and grab the Season Pass. The Last of Us Season Pass DLC is available for pre-order now on PlayStation Store — only $19.99 for three DLC Packs. This is a 30% savings over the pricing of the DLC packs individually. The Season Pass will be available at your local GameStop when you pick up The Last of Us, as well. Unique to Season Pass buyers are the following Day 1 bonuses:

The Last of Us on PS3

Day 1 Bonuses

  • Increased Crafting Speed
  • Increased Healing Speed
  • 9mm Reload Speed Upgrade
  • Rifle Clip Capacity Upgrade
  • Grounded – exclusive 90min “Making of The Last of Us” documentary

These Day 1 bonuses will help you get a head start and an edge in Joel and Ellie’s struggle to survive through the single player campaign of The Last of Us. The documentary, Grounded, is an in-depth look at the making of The Last of Us throughout its development by Area 5.

For the first time ever we’ll be offering single player DLC. The journey and cast of characters in The Last of Us lends itself to thorough narrative exploration and we’ve got more of the story to tell. The two other DLC packs will feature multiplayer content in the form of additional multiplayer maps and other expansions. You’ll be hearing about our multiplayer over the next couple of days. It’s an experience that continues the themes, tone and tension from the single player campaign and we can’t wait to tell you more about it.

Pre-Order the full digital edition of The Last of Us as well as The Last of Us Season Pass now on the PlayStation Store. Not going digital yet? Look for the Season Pass when you get your game in retail stores on launch day, June 14th, 2013.

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16 Author Replies

  • Does the season pass include the preorder bonuses?

  • So you make a game and then make it easier only if I pay for your pass. Got it.

  • Will the single player DLC come first or last?

  • Story DLC!!! =D thank you Naughty Dog

  • Can you say me how big the game is? On PlayStation Store it only says the file is 1.3 MB…

  • eh… i wish the digital version includes the content offered by gamestop…

    Can you guys at least send the physical content (comic, art book) by mail… :(

    eh… regardless can’t wait to pick up my game :) although i really want the digital version (just in case you’re able to transfer game to the PS4)

  • Consider me sold!

    This is such a relief regarding the DLC. I just hope the MP trophies aren’t too soporific or banausic.

    I was so scared after the whole Uncharted 3 fiasco, but you put my mind at ease. All I want to know now is whether or not the Trophies will be impossible-ish a la UC2 or UC3.

    But still, consider me sold. And this is more of a win for me, too, because I WANT TO PLAY THAT GAME LOL

  • To add to my comment “A digital survival edition” pre-order (when it appears)

  • whatisdelicious

    Midnight release and it’ll play at half-download. Very nice. Probably the best digital release on a console yet. Now just let me download all the game data and then it just activates at midnight and we’ll really be talking.

    Great job!

  • pre-ordering now, thank you

  • What size is the game?

  • Can somebody from Naughty Dog or Sony answer this question for me. What happens if I buy the season pass but do NOT want the day 1 bonuses? I want to play the game originally how it is intended to be so can I avoid those bonuses?

  • Pass. I’ve learned my lesson after the FHC fiasco!

  • To Eric Monacelli or anyone at ND / SONY – yes, please let us know how big the actual game file is going to be when downloading from the PS STore, so we know whether we want to wait for it on the PSN or buy it somewhere else. Thanks.

    I am interested in seeing how the game can actually start playing while it’s still downloading / installing… very cool. Hopefully it goes smoothly / no hiccups.. didn’t know the PS3 could handle this kind of thing. I guess we’ll see.

  • Are those Day 1 bonuses persistent?

    I likely won’t be able to play on day 1 or will have very limited time to play. That or I may not receive the game on the first day due to shipping.

    Just confirming if those bonuses will exist always or will they exist only for that first day.

  • This game looks fantastic. I still have yet to pre-order it, but it doesn’t come out for another 2-ish weeks, so I have time.

    I’m very curious to hear about the multiplayer as well. Uncharted’s multiplayer was a welcome surprise, so I expect nothing but the best from you guys!

  • Can I buy the Season Pass digitally and buy the game physically( I have the Survival Edition fully paid at Gamestop)? Will they work together?

    Day 1 bonuses? So I only get those bonuses at Day 1?

  • Fix Pinball Arcade for PS Vita already. Taking over a week to put a file up for download is a bit on the slow side.

  • Forget multiplayer, forget DLC and screw these preorder bonuses, give us back 3D support and I will pay DOUBLE! I’m serious. After playing Uncharted 3 in 3D it’s a complete disgrace to see 3D support dropped for this game because UC3 had THE BEST FREAKING 3D EVER SEEN in a PS3 game before, no exaggeration, THE BEST F**KING 3D EVER!

    With that said, please tell me the game will be getting a 3D update down the line. I’m going to hold off buying this game for at least a year because I want to play this game the way it was meant to be played. As much as I want to play this, I will wait because I don’t want to ruin the experience. If there’s still no change after a year I’ll probably end up buying a used copy by then when it’s dirt cheap. So seriously, don’t slack on the stereoscopic 3D support, it’s a game changer, literally. UC3 in 3D was far more immersive than 2D.

  • @6

    Uncharted 3 wouldn’t have been so bad if it just put the trophies in when the packs launched, it would have been much easier to handle one pack at a time over the course of many months. Dropping 50 trophies on us in a patch after all the packs are released was a bad move. Hopefully, they handle the multiplayer trophies properly this time. Third time’s the charm.

    Just to clarify though, I freaking love naughty dog, and have the Art book edition, LE Strategy Guide, and the Season Pass all preordered, and I can’t wait for this game! Just had some strong feels on how multiplayer trophies are handled.

  • Not interested in multiplayer DLC. So I guess I’ll get the single player DLC when that comes out

  • Why would anyone want to pay to make the game easier? Isn’t half the fun in a game like this the fact that it’s challenging?

  • You fooled me twice Naughty Dog both with Uncharted 2 and 3 DLC. The first time around when I bought the DLC for Uncharted 2 you never found any players for the DLC maps for months until it was fixed. Than the second time for Uncharted 2 the maps were not that great they were decent but I don’t think it was worth the price. I am sure the game Itself will be amazing I know that for a fact. A little more than 2 weeks and the game will finally be out in stores I cant wait to enjoy the Single player adventure.

  • Has this been confirmed for midnight activation? Also, a disk space requirement would be nice, I thought sometimes the space requirement is actually twice the file size because first it downloads, then installs, and then deletes the download.

  • how many GB’s ?????????


  • How much Hard Drive space is needed for The Last of US ?

  • @23 I realize it says midnight in the article now.

  • I preordered the Survival Edition through GameStop, but do to shipping I won’t get the game until at least a week after release. Will I be able to get the day 1 bonuses if I choose to buy the Season Pass if I don’t have the game in-hand day 1? And I’m assuming that one can buy the Season Pass digitally on the PSN, correct?

  • Would also like to know how big the game is digitally.

  • Hooray for single player DLC!

  • I’m not a real big fan of the “pre-order to make the game easier!” DLC either.

    Anyway, I’m buying the physical copy, not because “I’m not going digital,” but because you guys don’t support digital downloads the way you do physical retail copies (and GameStop). I’m buying the extra-crunchy edition because I want the statue.

    I’d have been more than happy to buy the statue and book and get a download code to get the game online, but that’s not how you do business.

  • All I needed to see was single player DLC in the way of more campaign playtime as opposed to just costumes or likely cr*p like that, that should have been included from day 1 for free.

    Season pass it is for me then. Also surprised you guys are offering the game digitally, why not Uncharted 1-3? My previous guess would be the size of the download, but apparently that was not the case since this game is going digital. I’m guessing at least 30gb download if not more? Either way retail copy for me, got that Survival Edition!

  • This is such a relief Glad this is day 1 My ps3’s Blu ray Drive decided to blow up after 5 years

  • Will there be a way to turn the single-player bonuses off? I want to start the game like everyone else, not by being able to reload and craft faster.

    I assume that, since these options are present, I will be able to “spend points” or something to get these perks myself, which I would rather do. I don’t want to start with an advantage.

  • getting sick of multiplayer…. Multiplayer overload…. I just want to stick to one or two games for a few years with multiplayer, switch to a new title every release has me burned out on giving a shake about this.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for day 1 digital! Woo hoo

  • Thats bad when they have to use a pic of Last of Us pre-order for the psn store update, because it was such a weak content update.

  • i plan to only rent this, because i just refuse to spend $60 on games i’ll only play once. But if they decided to take advantage of this being a first party game and offered a substantial PS Plus discount on the digital version, i’d be willing to maybe buy it around the $40 price tag.

  • I guess I’ll be pre-ordering that Season pass tonight on PSN, great day 1 bonuses!

  • Wait… so it’s full price even if I buy it on the PSN? Why would I want to buy it then? What incentive could I possibly get to want to buy it digital?

  • Check out my music video for The Last of Us!!!

  • So does this mean you guys cut content from the full game just so you can sell it as DLC? That’s a really sad practice, especially for Naughty Dog, a company I have so much respect for. >_>

  • I’m assuming I can buy the retail version of The last of Us and the season pass digital?

    This line has me confused on the matter?

    “Not going digital yet? Look for the Season Pass when you get your game in retail stores on launch day, June 14th, 2013.”

  • Wait a minute, getting the Survival Edition or the Post-Pandemic doesn’t give you the season pass? That’s a load of BS!!!

  • sounds like the day 1 bonus stuff is catering to the noobz. ill prolly just get the campaign dlc as i dont need another mp addiction in my life.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ NicoCanine

    Maybe there’s no incentive FOR YOU, but for many other people, there very well might be.

    For example, let’s say you had a relative who lives a couple hundred miles away, and you share an account for purchasing and downloading games, and you both want this game. You could have your relative send you $30, then you put in your own $30, you buy the game, and you both log in to the shared account and download the game. You each get a copy, for $30 each. See how cool that is?

    And you get to keep it forever. You might delete the game once you’re done with it, but 5 years down the road when you feel like playing it again, it’ll still be in your download list waiting for you and you won’t have to go on a scavenger hunt looking for a disc.

    Plus, less wear-and-tear on your Blu-Ray drive!

    You see how beneficial digital downloads can be?

  • I already pre-ordered the Survival Edition because of the steelbook, but that midnight download that becomes playable halfway, the day 1 bonuses, oh, so tempting. I’m worried about the download rate with all of us hitting it at once but it worked ok for ME3….

    By the way, “midnight” means per each time zone, right? Not just CA time zone?

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Anyway, the point is, just because digital isn’t for you, that doesn’t mean it isn’t good for someone else. That’s why there are options. Choose the one that’s best for you and allow others to do what’s best for themselves.

    I don’t see why so many people still make these angry, immature, demanding posts about digital downloads, and why they should be this way or that way or whatever. Look, if it isn’t for you, just don’t do it. Find another option that suits you better. There’s no need for all the ignorant ranting.

    “I only like Pepsi, so Coke should just take their product of the shelf! It bothers me that it even exists! Why should I buy it?!?!? What incentive is there for me to switch from Pepsi to Coke?!?! Huh?!?!? AAAAHHH!!!!”

    ^^^ See how stupid that is… just let it go…

  • So excited for this game!

    Though, am I the only person that finds it odd that this game is releasing on a Friday?

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Ryumoau on May 28th, 2013 at 5:24 pm said: “Thats bad when they have to use a pic of Last of Us pre-order for the psn store update, because it was such a weak content update.”

    Or maybe they just want to advertise the fact that one of the biggest games of the year just had it’s pre-order go live…


    It’s not that hard to click on the link to see what else is available. Damn, some people are just… ugh… you know…

    When are you gonna snap out of it, Goofus! C’mon! What’s taking so long!

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