The PlayStation Recap – What We’re Reading

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The PlayStation Recap – What We’re Reading

It’s almost time for E3!

We’ve got a pretty crazy sale happening on lots of different games bundled with all their DLC right now, so if you missed out on any of them you should probably check it out. MMO players will want to read up on the upcoming release of Final Fantasy XIV on PS3, and open world gaming fans should take a gander at these limited edition details for Grand Theft Auto V.

Gus from Breaking Bad narrated a moody new Destiny trailer, we dove deeper into Vlambeer’s Luftrausers, the most thought-provoking and artistic urine-based game this year has finally been released, and there’s a killer deal on some tables for The Pinball Arcade, for all your pinball wizards out there.

Off-topic: Can we talk about how good Daft Punk and Anamanaguchi‘s new albums are? I’ve just been flipping back and forth between the two since they came out — I don’t think I’m going to listen to anything else for the foreseeable future. What are you guys listening to lately?

Oh, and as always: what are you playing over the long weekend?

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  • I am looking forward to E3, see what it has in store for PS3, PS Vita, Wii U, and 3DS. The xbox reveal didn’t seem well received. I am NOT gonna be a troll, i still own my xbox 360, and if anyone chooses one system over another, then that is their call. TO EACH HIS OWN.

    I’ve been playing Resident Evil: Revelations on Wii U, it is GREAT! Some sound issues (such as not being able to hear whether it’s barely or not at all, in game talk)

    I’m watching The Simpsons on DVD, I own all currently released seasons, 1-15 and 20. I AM a proud The Simpsons fan.

    • Justin Massongill

      I’ve heard good things about the console versions of Revelations. I remember when I first saw Nintendo’s 3DS and thought that game was the most impressive-looking of the bunch — maybe I’ll check out the PS3 version!

  • If u can answer, whatever happened to the PS Blog Share, it seems really dead aside from some votes and comments, NO NEW IDEAS VOTED! What happened?


  • Playing: COD black ops 2 and MLB the show 13

    Listening: outkast ATLiens album (the best outkast album by far)

    Watching: Bruins playoff hockey (don’t poke the bear)

    Reading: this blog, also reading ps4 related articles and laughing at the X company’s articles

    Lets go bruins!! Lets go PS4!!!! Tear the roof off the building and show why Sony is king! E3!!!!!

  • Also listening to: Daft Punk!
    Playing: Zombie Tycoon 2, Germinator, Knytt Underground for the Vita
    Writing: Vita articles about ES and possibilities for it with the PS4

    • Justin Massongill

      What’s your favorite track on RAM? Mine shifted from Doin’ it Right, to Contact, and now it’s a toss-up between Motherboard and Beyond. They’re all fantastic for different reasons.

  • I’m going to need to see some Batman soon because I’m NOT digging the new actor.

  • I mean, I like the actor, I just think its dumb to change the actor to a series mid-term. But maybe it’ll surprise me.

    • Justin Massongill

      Are you talking about Arkham Origins? I agree that anyone other than Conroy playing him is strange, but I’ll reserve judgment until I hear it. Word on the street is Troy Baker’s Joker is very good, so that’s reassuring!

  • @1 yeah xbox one was really disappointing. i love gaming so i support most any gaming company, but playstation4 was extremely impressive to me, so this next generation i’m probably gonna gonna stick with ps4 and focus more on upgrading my pc for gaming instead of getting the xbox one. i’ve honestly never been disappointed with playstation consoles.

  • hey, whats going on with fatal frame 2. i was gonna buy it but its been taken down. was there something wrong with the release? i would greatly appreciate any comment that can be made by sony on this subject or any of the fellow gamers that know for sure whats going on with that. i just beat fatal frame one and want to keep working on the series.

  • So you don’t read anything about the Xbox One? I call BS….

  • Yes, Fatal Frame 2 was pulled due to many graphical and audio problems. Hopefully they will have it fixed soon!

  • @9 What I’ve heard is that there were a lot of performance issues with it. I can’t tell you if that’s why it was taken offline (I wasn’t even aware of that) but that might be the reason. It’s too bad, it’s one of the best survival horror games ever and I was also going to buy it.

  • I am playing: (finishing up) Sleeping Dogs, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
    I am watching: Psych, Defiance, WWE Monday Night RAW
    I am listening to: PlayStation Blogcast Episode 75
    I am reading: GameInformer magazine issue 239 with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

  • I’m playing Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, Saint’s Row 2, a little Max Payne 3 multiplayer, and Ni No Kuni.
    I’m watching the mythology episodes of The X-Files.
    I’m reading Techgnosis by Erik Davis and The Algebraist by Iain Banks.
    I’m listening to Nina Simone, specifically “Ain’t Got No, I Got Life”–YouTube it!

  • Hope you’re enjoying Spec Ops, Justin; that’s one of my favourite platinum trophies :).

  • @11 thanks buddy. yeah i talked to sony about it, its currently being retested so they can fix the issues people were reporting.

  • @12 yeah they should be putting it back on the store, it just needs to be updated and clean up the bugs people were reporting.

    in honor of recap format:
    Playing: Daxter(HD) and Metal Gear Rising Ultimate Edition
    Watching: NEW Arrested Development Season 4 on Netflix and Livestrem of The Last of Us :)
    Reading: Articles about PS4, Xbox One, Dark Souls 2 and The Last of Us
    Listening: Modest Mouse as usual, and Andrew Bird’s Hands of Glory

  • I’ve been playing Injustice:Gods Among Us,training for this local tournament I shall enter.Other then that,DoA5(original and +).
    I am listening to nothing,but Anamanaguchi is amazing!

    • Justin Massongill

      Aren’t they?! Did you see their Endless Fantasy video? These guys are my favorite.

      Good luck at the tournament!

  • Well I’ve been playing Soul Sacrifice so I can get the last trophy for platinum, reaching lvl 99 is long, also been playing some Fallout 3.
    Lately been listening to this japanese song that heard on Beelzebub, great anime, also got my nephew in to the song to the point of him trying to dance like they do in the anime, it’s Papepipu♪ Papipepu♪ Papepipupo♪ by Nozomi Sasaki.

  • PsychoSploosh69

    I’m playing: Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger (Amazing), Fallout: New Vegas, Singstar Digital and the occasional bit of Knytt Underground and hot shots golf on vita. Got my first hole in one the other day.
    I’m watching: Longmire season 1 on A&E. and Sopranos.
    I’m listening to: Latest blogcast as usual and random 80’s tunes.

    Has anyone else tried Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger yet? Such a great game with little to no promotion about the game. I didn’t know about it until last week. sad! But I recommend it to anyone who likes red dead redemption. It’s like Red Dead meets Fallout. Loving it so far. Great buy for 14.99.

    So can’t wait for E3. Does anyone know if they’ll still post the hd vids from E3 on the store like last year? I was extremely disappointed when ps meeting didn’t get posted. I hope they do the virtual E3 booth on ps home again. That was great.

  • I am NOT Playing: Pinball Arcade because I, like many others, cannot download it for the PS3 or Vita due to errors that have not been fixed or even acknowledged by anyone at SCEA!
    I am watching: This blog, Twitter and the entire internet for some sort of answer on this issue and when it might be fixed!
    I am listening to: Dead silence (which is usually the case here in the United States) by anyone and everyone at PlayStation regarding the problems we are dealing with!

    As always, great job in the communication department guys! We appreciate all the effort that you put forward to keep us consumers in the loop when we are facing issues like this! You really make us feel appreciated! I had planned on getting the Season One bundle with my download of the game but, thanks to your thoughtfulness and concern, I will vote with my wallet by keeping my money in it! Thanks again!

  • Playing – Injustice: Gods Among Us, Uncharted 3, and occassionally FFXII (backwards compatible PS3)

    Listening to – random VG BGMs/OSTs

    Just finished watching – Fast and Furious 6 (movie was surprisingly awesome)

    • Justin Massongill

      Any standout VG OSTs? I keep a few in rotation myself (Symphony of the Night, Journey, Unfinished Swan).

  • Haven’t been playing a whole lot, but do jump into Call of Juarez Gunslinger, & DOA5 (Data got corrupted ._.).

    BUT, have been watching UFGT9 for SSF4, Divekick, KOF XIII, SfxTk, etc. over at Twitch.Tv. As well as, the Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate trailers.

  • E3 = PS3. E4 = PS4! Get it?! :D

  • I’m playing Injustice, watched Fast and Furious6, listening to Kansas Carry On My Wayward Son, reading Arrow comic’s, can’t wait for E3, however I hope the psblog has it up cause, G4 won’t be there, no Xplay. :( Can’t wait to see Uncharted 4, some KZ4 multiplayer gameplay?:) Lbp3, and more DriveClub gameplay maybe. :)

  • Justin,
    Thank you for your response! After nearly a week full of blog comments, Twitter messages and, yes, even contacting customer support, you are the very first person to actually respond to any of us having this problem! Just check the PS Plus update post from today and see the many comments from people asking about a fix! Can you imagine how frustrating this could be when we have been trying to get some kind of answer for six straight days and all we hear is silence! We have even tried contacting the people at Pinball Arcade to ask them if they are aware of the issue and they have not responded to us either! Seriously, how hard is it to communicate with your customers?

    • Justin Massongill

      Sorry about that; can’t speak on behalf of other departments but I’ll see if I can track down some kind of update tomorrow when everyone is back in the office (three-day weekend).

  • I’m playing Guacamelee. Fantastic game. Still deciding if I should do another 100% run or do a no upgrade/speed run hybrid for my hard playthrough.

  • Thanks Justin, you are a fine person! You have restored my faith in humanity! Seriously, it means alot!

    • Justin Massongill

      Hey now, you’re giving me too much credit.

      Update: The necessary teams are aware of the issue and are working toward a resolution. Pretty standard response, I know, but it’s all I got. Hang in there.

  • Honestly man, it means alot to have someone acknowledge the issue and to know that somebody is working on it! I truly appreciate your efforts! Now if your concern could just rub off on the others…

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