PlayStation Blogcast 075: The Rohde Less Traveled

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PlayStation Blogcast 075: The Rohde Less Traveled
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We’re back and later than ever! PlayStation World Wide Studios of America Senior VP Scott Rohde joins the fray as we talk Metro: Last Light and The Last of Us. We also veer into Killzone Mercenary territory with new hands-on impressions (dem graphics) of the upcoming PS Vita shooter. We delve back into the ongoing discussion around the merits of popcorn entertainment, then cover the new releases (PSN and Blu-ray) for PS3 and PS Vita.

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[Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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11 Author Replies

  • You feel it? Thats right E3 around the corner…

  • I listened to this last night and thought it was one of the best podcasts you guys have ever done. Scott Rhode brought a very interesting point in that movies influence games and vice versa so people shouldn’t be surprised if movie talk bleeds in.

    Keep up the great work Sid and Justin and while it’s great you are taking feedback in all shapes and sizes don’t stress out too much when people complain about the format. Personally I think they are just nitpicking.

    • Justin Massongill

      Thanks! Rohde did have some very good points; great to have him on.

      I like our format, but I might be a bit biased. :) Always open to feedback — we do this for you guys after all.

    • Glad you liked it so much. thanks!

  • Thanks for another great Blogcast ! 25 more to go till the fabled return of Jeff! PlayStation 4 is close. Break the Walls Down!

  • Great work from you blogcasters as usual. Completely agree with comment #2 !

  • I can’t wait to be able to preorder my PS4
    Highlight of the year ;-)
    I am PS4

  • great show guys, keep em coming. Can’t wait for e3, i feel the tingle in my bones (hope it’s not a disease though)

  • E3 2013, EVO 2013 & CEO 2013. Man, these two up coming months are going to be amazing! Summer is looking great & Fall is just going to end this year like no other.

    Loved the show & this episode has officially become my favorite. Hope to hear more from Scott before or/after E3.

    If Nick is in Chigaco, i wonder if he stumbled upon UFGT9, but im not sure if he’s into the fighting genre.

  • have you heard anything on Terraria for PS Vita? I’ve been waiting on news at least like price, cross buy and cross play…all we know right now is they said summer/Q2 for the release date. I even set aside the cash for it but I just wanna know details of it’s release and stuff. I even asked the devs and all they said is news will come soon. have they said anything to you at all?

  • Any news on new DLC for PSASBR?? :)

  • “A PS2 Classic to be named later” is now code for a Rockstar game. :P I think you all said that line 2 or 3 times now for PS2 Rockstar games.

    If anyone didn’t catch it, a few days ago The Warriors was announced to come out this Tuesday.

    • Not necessarily :) But yes sometimes, as well as certain other titles that may be, for example, not 100% locked at podcast time

  • No hints for June PS+? :(

  • Will any if these games come to PS2 classics?

    Silent Hill 2
    Silent Hill 3
    Freedom Fighters
    Area 51
    Godzilla: Save the Earth

  • TUMBLR! <3 yay love the episode and can't wait to last of us too, lot of gamers will be " ill" that day. Oh and, i hope morgan will be next week to talk about ps plus =)

  • @8 – Are you… serious?? Here’s a thought, you and others could BUY their games, or get PlayStation Plus! It’s people like you that have lowered the console download cap from 5 to 2 and have inconvenienced things like families with more than 2 PS3’s in a house as a result. Thanks.

    On the actual topic though, this was another great podcast Sid and Justin! Scott proved a great filler for Nick too ;) The only thing I felt lacking was the beard, haha

    • Justin Massongill

      (The comment you replied to got removed after you replied to it, FYI)

      There’s much less beard-on-mic rustling in this episode — I kind of miss it.

  • GreenBeretTeam6

    Okay so they decide to take out reverse compatibility which caught many customers, next thing to expect now is whether they will up the price of the ps3’s original video game price tag of $60. Make the wait worth it since there is desperation on how this new console is suppose to appear to the customers.

  • Not sure if I should post in this blog post but here goes:

    I’m from EU and I decided to take a look at your blog today. The blog really looks nice, but as a WordPress blog there are a few things missing.

    1. It’s REALLY difficult to find past archives and months.

    2. It’s hard to find tags.

    3. It’s annoying to go all over the place, searching and filtering.

    Things I find needs reviewing in the US Blog:

    1. The PLAYSTATION NETWORK LOGIN thing should be called PlayStation Network now? Not sure.

    2. The link to the forum, the thing to the right where I’m writing the comment now, link is broken.

    3. The sidebar on the left looks outdated.

    4. Please make us be able to REPLY to posts, people ask questions in the comments section but they can’t reply to them, instead posting one huge comment @ing someone just to answer a question.

    These are some things that need work in the US Blog. I’m not saying it’s bad, just needs some refining.

    Thank you for reading this.


    • Justin Massongill

      Thanks for all the great feedback. The Forum link to the right seems to work for me… you’re talking about the bit that says “click here for our Forums”?

  • is there a Last of US demo for PS plus members?

  • I to the person who had to be bleeped on #74, and to the 2 emails this week, that they use the term “Playstation”. They say that movies don’t belong on the Playstation blogcast because they don’t have anything to do with “Playstation”. I would like to take the opportunity to point out that the store on their Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita, and the PS Online store all have a movie section for where you can purchase movies. One could argue that it does belong as it is something that Playstation does indeed sell along with games.

  • sad to hear nothing good coming out next tuesday, especially since i can’t depend on any good sales or a great PS Plus game either. :(

  • @14 Silent Hill 2 & 3 are part of the HD collection for PS3. Which is a great copy honestly.. but with an HD copy out it wouldnt make sense to put out classics of those games.

  • Does anyone know what happened to Fatal Frame 2? Why was it taken off the store? Did anyone get it and find it to be buggy or something?

  • @ 24: The “HD” Collections of Silent Hill are a joke. Sound effects are cut off, the fog in SH 2 is practically nonexistent . Voice acting for Heather is terrible for her character in the new voice overs, subtitles don’t match what’s said onscreen, bugs where the background stutters. I’d prefer for them to release the original ones on PSN. The ones that developed the HD ones are primarily a mobile games studio >_>

  • Artistic games will always exist in multiple genres. There will be those true gameplay experiences with extra depth, more thought provoking narrative. It seems to be a trend that is expanding to many more games even on multiple or different platforms.

    It’s cool to see gaming settle in to these niches with cult followings of sorts.


    Add-in post editing and make the login in the bottom menu open in a new tab lol I just tried to comment and had to reload the blog to continue listening to this podcast. Little improvements but necessary ones since this blog is a place ALOT of PS owners refer to and we are used to sites with a bit better integration of their tools (at times).

  • @27 you dont have to use the new voice actores, the game gives you a choice between the old ones and the new ones that include troy baker. i didnt have any of the problems you had. im sorry to hear that. i was happy with it. but yeah it makes since if other people were having issues with the port. honestly it shouldn’t be a problem to put it on classics cause sony and konami would make money and still give us the choice between the hd version and/ or the classic version. i just doubt they will do it based off the hd release being there. konami would probably want to sell all those copies. again i enjoyed and didnt have issues with the hd version, or maybe i just didnt notice them

  • that last comment was directed to 26, one of my comments is waiting for moderation

  • First and foremost, I have to say that this has to be one of you best episodes yet. Having Scott Rohde as a guest isn’t an interview of Jack Tretton, but I will take it. Also I want to say that The Last Of Us is my most anticipated game yet!! Even when we knew nothing on it and it was just a teaser trailer, I was already very excited for it. And it may already be my favorite game of ALL time…and I haven’t even played it yet. And as you guys were talking about how movies and games go hand-in-hand, I do agree, books do too as you have an opportunity to experience a book in first person while in a movie, you are not. But, that doesn’t mean you guys should just keep on and on about movies. I may have said this before but I do like how you guys mix them up and talk about both mediums in a topic like you have been doing with the whole entertainment vs. art thing.

  • And speaking of that, entertainment and art are NOT two different things. Entertainment is just another form of art just as games, movies, TV shows and books are all forms of entertainment. Yes you have all of these more meaningful experiences such as Journey, The Last Of Us, Heavy Rain and so forth, but experiences like Call of Duty and Killzone can be meaningful too. I will speak specifically of Call of Duty here being that it is known as the go-to series for gaming dude-bros everywhere. I will start with the story. If you guys have not played the story to this, I suggest doing so as soon as possible as I believe it is very underrated, but very well done. Then you have the zombies mode which is very interesting to me because of the back story and all the easter eggs and it is also all very mysterious as well. And then there is the multiplayer which is almost like a sport now and who would have thought that?

  • It doesn’t always have to just be about shooting a guy in the face. It doesn’t have to be about just “entertaining” people. As a Call of Duty gamer, I find that as an insult. But it is all only what you think it is and what you make of it. I will play, watch, and listen to anything and everything. I don’t have certain opinions on any of it, I just enjoy it for what it is. As my best friend says sometimes, “anything can be an art if you make it art.”

  • Well I meant that as a Call of Duty gamer myself that is looking for a good meaningful experience out of it, I find it as an insult…as for every other Call of Duty player, they probably just want to shoot people in the face.

    • As a fan of face-shooting myself, I wouldn’t want to knock anyone who loves the competitive scene. But it’s kind of a different beast, maybe closer to a sport or activity like chess. It’s not inferior in any way! But it’s also not story-driven, so it’s kind of exempt from this in a way…at least I think?

  • Aeon Flux! Such a fantastic show. Really a highlight of traditional animation. I doubt we’ll ever see an animated show so cerebral and mature produced in America ever again. Good taste, Sid!

    And Justin doesn’t need to worry, he does a fine job on the show. He’s a good addition. No worries there.

    • Justin Massongill

      I’ll take it! Thanks. :)

    • Aeon Flux is the BEST. :) I used to look forward to new episodes of the short episodes (my personal favorite in the series, though I also like the half-hour show) so much when I was in elementary/middle school.

  • great job guys. my only complain is you guys talk about movies way too long. everything else is great. i like the fact that you guys take the time to listen to us either via email or voicemail. not only do you guys listen to us you also try to improve with our comments. again, you guys are doing an awesome job. keep up the great job.

  • @Justin When I clicked on the link it said Authentication Failed, but now it seems to work fine.

  • Just listened to the blogcast “m a disabled gamer wit cerebral palsy so it’s hard for me to get out of my comfort zone even though i wish that i could play games like COD but because of the complex control schemes being a one handed gamer (limited use of my left hand) makes mot games impossible to play

  • Sid, I think it was, mentioned there’s a tumblr now. What’s the URL for that? It’d be a lot easier to follow this blog on tumblr rather than come here.

  • Ope! Nevermind, I found it, just took a little digging. if anyone’s wondering.

  • Once again, great show and even better information.
    I love your commentaries about other areas, specially movies. Although I have to say that I don’t agree at all when some of you kept saying ” objectively ” when talking about the best movie of all times. There are a lot of people, critics and movie lovers that won’t agree with your statement. ” The Goddfather 1and 2″, ” Casablanca” , ” Citizen Kane”, ” All about Eve” are some of the movies that ” objectively ” are considered better than ” Shawshank Redemption” … But of course, those are movies made more than 35 year ago, which looks by your list the limit to consider a movie good enough. :)
    Thank you for the show, and a question to end my comment, any special podcast during E3?


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