Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn on PS3 8/27, Collector’s Edition Details

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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn on PS3 8/27, Collector’s Edition Details

PlayStation 3 gamers have been waiting a long time for their chance to set foot in the realm of Eorzea. The wait is almost over — Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will come to PlayStation 3 on August 27th, 2013!

We’re also announcing our pre-order details and Collector’s Edition content! We’ve created a host of exciting goodies for would-be adventurers; let’s run down what you’ll get when you pre-order the game.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Pre-Order Bonuses

Gamers who pre-order will earn early access to the game before the launch of the official service, and some exciting in-game goodies. Step foot into Eorzea in style with a Mog Cap, fashioned after the famed Final Fantasy moogles, and summon your own Cait Sith Doll minion to follow you around on your adventure!

The collectors among you won’t want to miss the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Collector’s Edition!

What’ve we got in there…?

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Collector's Edition

  • A gorgeous box featuring artwork by famed FINAL FANTASY illustrator Yoshitaka Amano
  • The Art of Eorzea: – A Realm Reimagined – A hardbound art book, featuring concept art and more from Art Director Akihiko Yoshida and his team of talented artists
  • The Waning of the Sixth Sun – A Blu-Ray disc that features a cinematic look at the events that led up to the realm being reborn
  • The Sounds of Eorzea – a collection of music from FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn by Sound Director Masayoshi Soken
  • Five beautiful art cards created by the amazing CG artists at Square Enix Visual Works
  • A FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn branded security token to secure your account
  • Four In-game Bonus Items:
  • – Helm of Light – Look like one of the fabled Warriors of Light when you equip this exclusive helmet
    – Baby Behemoth Minion – Summon this cute, but ferocious miniature version of Behemoth and watch him roar with excitement as you adventure through Eorzea
    – Coeurl Mount – Only the bravest of warriors are able to tame and ride the mighty coeurl. Show off your prowess with this exclusive mount
    – Behemoth Barding – Customize your Chocobo with the fearsome Behemoth Chocobo Armor and charge into battle
  • And of course, the game itself!

Visit your preferred retailer today and pre-order the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Collector’s Edition for $79.99, or grab the standard edition for $39.99. Simply pre-order either edition to get the goodies I mentioned earlier!

Don’t forget that phase 3 of our Beta Test kicks off in June, and we’ll be inviting PlayStation 3 gamers from around the world to try the game and give us their feedback!

I’ll be in the comments below to answer any questions you may have, too! You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, and the official FINAL FANTASY XIV forums.

We can’t wait to see you all in Eorzea!

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  • I kind of wish it were on PS4 now. Any plans?

    I’ll probably pick up the CE though.

  • I know this is an MMORPG, does this one cost money to play, u know a paid subscription?

  • Also if u can answer or at least take into consideration, re-release Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 and Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep on PSN for it to be playable on PS Vita.

  • OMG its about time. CE all the way.

    Still waiting for my beta invite from back when i bought FFXIII and used that code it came with.

  • 39.99$!? And i thought it’d be the regular 59.99$ I need to go Pre-orders this asap.

    Bout’ the phase 3 for the Beta, are you guys gonna give out access codes? Would love some info. on that

    • Our third phase of Beta Testing (which includes PlayStation 3 gamers!) is scheduled to start in June and we’ll be sending out waves of invites for that soon!

  • Oh yeah true….. What about PS4? Im going to be getting PS4 and want to know how that will work with FFXIV ARR.

  • WIll this be on PS4?
    I want it but since i plan on picking up a PS4 on launch i wont be purchasing PS3 games anymore.

  • I have to agree with @1. I’ve lost interest now that the PS4 is coming out. FFXI came to 360 after so I hope u bring this to the next gen eventually.

    @2 That would be awesome but I also wish SQUARE would just re-release these in HD on Vita too. Also still waiting on Type-0!. For once, I expect great things at E3 from SQUARE, please deliver.

  • xFuzylilManPeach

    $79.99 for the collectors edition is nice. I do like the goodies involved. :)

  • Is the PS3 beta currently active? I still have the FFXIII code, can I still use it?

  • Man, that collector’s edition is tempting. Not sure if I’ll pick it up, I was a huge FFXI player and played a bit of XIV, but having kids now I’m not sure if I can fit an MMO in. I’m really curious to see how it runs on PS3, I’ve been in the beta for the PC version and have been impressed.

  • I wish this were a June release. It would be the perfect summer game.. One time fee, or monthly, doesn’t really matter. I can see myself sinking 4-6 months into this. Now which version to get?…

  • Cant wait to beta test it! Very happy that it will cost 39,99.

    But a question! Will this F2P or paid?

    Please make a day 1 digital version!

  • Yes! Finally! Grabbing CE day 1.

    Don’t worry people. XIV will come to PS4.

  • I want the collector’s edition.

  • With all due respect Square Enix, millions and millions of your fans care about Final Fantasy Versus XIII, please show us something about it whether it be on the PS3 or PS4 as Final Fantasy XV or still Versus XIII. And also Kingdom Hearts III for that matter.

    And how about some characters for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale?

  • I so far have really enjoyed Phase 2, and look forward to trying Phase 3 on my PS3!

    Just a few questions thought:
    1. Does the PS3 and PC version share servers?
    2. Will the Pre-Order Bonuses and CE version be available on PC as well
    3. Is there going to be a monthly subscription? If so how much?

    Can’t wait to sink dozen upon dozens of hours into this game! Thanks for the update and release date!

    • Alrighty, let’s see —

      1. Yep! You’ll all be on the same server and playing together.
      2. They sure are! Pre-order bonuses and Collector’s Edition are available on both PlayStation 3 and PC.
      3. There is a monthly subscription and the details are listed under the “Pricing/Platform” section of our recently launched FFXIV: A Realm Reborn product site:


  • This is all a lie. This game does not exist. Sometimes I think I’ve dreamed it, but someone else will talk about it, and that’s when I realize it’s a mass delusion brought on by Government Experimentation. Nothing in this post can be trusted..

    You all have been warned.

  • See you at the IOS booth, SquareEnix. My body is ready for the live stream for Final Fantasy Versus XIII IOS 1.8 remix. Trim the fat so you can give me more games for my phone and 3DS because you really don’t care about Sony fans anymore.

  • @17

    #1) Yes.

    #2) Yes.

    #3) Yes. $15 a month.

  • Sounds awesome, PS3 is going out with a bang this Year! Ni No Kuni, Sly 4, God of War Ascension, Tomb Raider, Bioshock, The Last of Us, MGS: Legacy Collection, Best of PSN Collections, Tales of Xillia, FFXIV, GTA V, Batman Arkham Origins, Watch_Dogs, AC4 Black Flag, Diablo III, Kingdome Hearts HD Collection and more… seriously. Insane.

  • FINALLY! i have been waiting for this game and i really can’t wait to get my hands on it

  • not interested in an MMO. Wish this was a normal RPG instead – then I’d be pumped

  • Is that Judge????!!! FF12 is easily my favourite Final Fantasy game! Still playing it right now actually! So huge and open-ended, awe-inspiring lanscapes, well-acted captivating characters, ground-breaking graphics for a PS2 game, complex but FUN battle system. I can go on and on! Forget the amazing FF7, Square Enix needs to top FF12!!!!!!

  • I will be picking this up to add to my complete FF collection ( I have every game available on the PlayStation brand ) but I will not play it, I do not want to pay a fee, especially when this day and age where most go free to play. I hope that day comes for this game so I can enjoy it.

  • I love FF however unless this is playable on PS4 then I’ll get it :)

  • Thank you guys for finally binging this to PS3 (although I’m slightly miffed that when you guys said summer you meant the END of summer). I am very confused over a few issues, though, and would greatly like some clarification.

    1. Is the early access available from a pre-order from retailers like Gamestop or only the Square Enix store?
    2. How early is this early access? Is this access into the Phase 3 Beta, Phase 4 Beta, or even later?
    3. If you already got into the Phase 3 or 4 Beta, is this early access irrelevant to us then or do we still need it?
    4. I’m confused regarding the subscription fees. On the website it has three options for standard and one option for entry, with the standards all having different prices and subscription lengths. Could this please be clarified?

    Thank you for your time, I hope you can answer these questions. The wait until August 27th is going to kill me, I hope I can get into the Phase 3 Beta for PS3 to hold me over!

    • *cracks knuckles*

      1. Many participating retailers will offer the announced pre-order bonuses; stay tuned to the site as we update it with more information.
      2. Early access details will be announced at a later time, but I can say that it is separate from Phase 3 and Phase 4 of Beta Testing.
      3. Early access will occur after Beta Phase 4 and prior to launch.
      4. The subscription price for each 30 day increment decreases the longer you subscribe for.

      I hope to see you in Eorzea soon! :)

  • Legacy status with Collectors Edition or no buy. Do not appreciate getting screwed out of Legacy when the PS3 version was scrapped to make way for this version.

  • This was announced so long ago, and only now at the end of the generation does this game deliver.

    Along with FFX and KH HD releases. Square Enix get your **** together.

  • Will I be able to preorder this from Gamestop and get the codes for beta? So far only the Square Enix store has the collector edition available and I’d rather not go through them.

  • Great news! But i dont like the MMO Final Fantasies, so i´m passing this one. Would be glad to hear about the possibility of a US release of FF Type-0 though.

  • MP_is_for_Chumps

    Good to see another big title for PS3 as i don’t give a crap about Spy-station 4 (or xbone either)

    ..but to tbh Verses is still the only FF i care about :p

  • I, too, wonder if it’s gonna be subscription based. All points to yes so far.

    Still getting the CE though.

  • Is there going to be any way to pre-order the digital download version for PS3? I’d really like to get these pre-order bonuses as well, but for reasons I am unable to get the disc version for PS3. Also, if one is able to pre-order for the digital release, will there in any way, shape, or form be a Limited Edition available to those who purchase this digital version? I’d really like an answer to this, thanks.

    … though I guess I should have asked “will there be a digital download version for this game” before any of my other questions, haha.

  • Tried to sign up for Ps3 beta, phase 3, but it seems like it still has my application from back when FF13 came out. Anyway i will more than likely get the collectors edition. All those goodies seems well worth the price. Although like others, whats going to happen when the Ps4 comes out late this year (thats still the release date right?) just seems like a waste of money since the ps4 cant play ps3 titles, unless there is a reason why this getting released on the ps3 especially so late into its life cycle.

    Either way, with my time with Sony i more than likely wont be getting a ps4 anytime soon especially since i doubt the system itself will most no less than 600$ so if anything ill be able to play this game (along with other ps3/psn titles i still need to pick up) for the time being!

  • Already purchased in the Preorder in the online store.

  • Will the Collector’s Edition be available on other retailers such as GameStop, Play-Asia and the such?

    Thanks in advance, looks amazing guys.

  • Even though I heard it was a flop on the PC, I have always been a fan of Final Fantasy, so will totally get this game.

    The silliest part, though: Why did they have to re-name the races from Final Fantasy Online (11)? Elvaan and Galka and Tarutaru and Mithra weren’t cool already? Those races were rad, no point in re-naming them. That would almost be like re-naming Moogles?

    Either way, can’t wait to play. =) Just hope we don’t have to wait 1+ hour for parties like we used to have to back in the day in FF11. xD Hehe. (Not hatin’, these be facts.)

  • Also I know this may be hush hush, but, any plans for a ps4 version?

  • Ah i waited for this for so long. At last! I can’t tell you how pumped i am for this game!
    I have one question tough: If i registered my FFXIII code back then, i am still elegible for the beta, or do i have to register again?

  • 40+13/month?

    Square enix really is desperate in making money. Understandable from their last financial report.

  • @37 – In the online store they ship worldwide and it’s already available.

  • How will the payment each month be done. Will it be simple like how it is in FF11, and every other MMO? Or like it is in the first attempt at FF14?


  • Is there any plans for a having a lifetime subscription? So that we can pay you a big chunk of money, so that we dont need to pay anymore?? :D

  • 1. Will Original Beta Sign-ups for PS3 from our FFX13 sign-ups still be good or do we need to sign up for beta again?

    2. Does the early access to beta pre-order bonus apply to the PS3 version also?

    3. Will PS3 subscribers be able to use PSN cards to pay for their subscription fee like other MMOs on the system do or is it a Credit Card only?

    4. If I pre-order the PS3 Collector’s Edition, does the Security Token work for protecting my PS3 FFXIV account or only if I play the PC version too?

  • what day will of june will the beta be realese also is it to late to join if the beta is out?

    • No official dates have been announced for the Beta Test starting in June, but keep your eye out for more details!

      It’s not too late to join even if the Beta Test is running, as we do our tester invites in waves. :)

  • 1.also do we get to play with PC players together?2. and is phase 3 online?
    3. and is everyone gonna get a chance to play this or only ppl who sign up will?
    4. if online how many players can play together?

  • As great as it is to FINALLY hear a release date for the PS3, I can’t help but feel that it’s just too late. Especially with the PS4 releasing soon afterwards.

  • So If I’m reading this correctly (I hope). Our first subscription will be 12.99 for 180 days. Than the 2nd time will cost 13.99 for 90 days. Then, any more subscription after that will be 14.99 for 30 days?

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