Epic Mickey 2 on PS Vita This June with Enhanced Features

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Epic Mickey 2 on PS Vita This June with Enhanced Features

Epic Mickey 2 on PS Vita

We’re always looking for new experiences to bring to PS Vita owners, and many times it’s as easy as looking at the extensive catalog of games that make up the PS3 library. The powerful hardware included in PS Vita has no problem handling PS3-quality experiences on the go, and we’re excited to bring another PS3 title to your favorite handheld. Today we’re announcing that PS Vita owners will be able to check out Disney Interactive’s Epic Mickey 2 on PS Vita next month, on June 18th.

Epic Mickey 2 comes to PS Vita with a number of new features that are only made possible with PS Vita’s unique touch capabilities. On the backend, we’ve added things like ad hoc network functionality, but we’ve also implemented new ways to control the game. You’ll be able to control paint, thinner and Oswald’s electric beam using the touch screen, as well as use orientation-based controls for both the camera and while driving.

Epic Mickey 2 on PS Vita Epic Mickey 2 on PS Vita

You’ll find added touch screen functionality elsewhere; use it to give instructions to AI, select/drag/drop sketches, burst bubbles and projectiles, and navigate all menus.

We think that Epic Mickey 2 will be a great addition to the ever-growing games line-up on PS Vita, and know that we’re continually searching for the best games—whether brand new titles or ones existing already on PS3—to bring to PS Vita gamers everywhere. Until next time, game on!

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  • Will it include a Platinum Trophy?

  • thats great news. i hope the AI commands help and i really do hope they improved the AI because all the reviews i red about EM2 is saying that Oswald’s AI sometimes holds you back.

  • it will have a platinum trophy

  • I just want to know 1 thing. Is the framrate fixed with this version?

  • cool

  • What is the price going to be?

  • Is there online co-op or local (adhoc) co-op included? This is the kind of game I’d like to play with my 6yo son.

  • Epic_Pocket_Sand

    I will be getting this one,,, but one question are we ever gonna see a port like kingdom hearts on the vita,,, any of them even BBS that was released on psp??

  • I this game good? should i buy this for my vita?

  • @8 the best you could at this point is wait for SE to make KH HD 2.5 which will most likely have KH2FM, BBSFM, and HD cutscenes of Re:Coded. Which will most likely comes out in 2014

  • Why? This game failed hard on consoles so you’ve decided to bring it to Vita ?

  • I’m getting this.
    A few answers, this game was a full release on Ps3 and going to be a full release on vita of course it has Platinum.
    second, it’s only ad-hoc co-op, but I believe you can use ad-hoc party if you have a ps3, which I’ll likely do.
    3rd this is my quesetion, is it $30 or $40? Cause I got the Jak collection coming the same day, it’s going to be a 2 game day

  • Yuck. The last thing the Vita needs is a nasty sub-native game.

  • Granted the original wasn’t a full price release, I’d guess this will launch at a $29.99 price point. Personally, I’d rather see the first Epic Mickey game ported over. That one was pretty cool. I just didn’t enjoy 2 at all. But cool to see the Vita getting some more games.

    Ahem, Crash and Spyro trilogy support on Vita soon? And Silent Hill for that matter?

  • @Vyprstryke
    dont count on Crash and Spyro trilogy any time soon, they avoid these questions like a plague.

  • Great news, My daughter will be happy with this game, could you bring us fatalframe series to PsVita???

  • bleh. This didnt look interesting on consoles. Still not interested, as much as I want Vita games :/

  • I think it’s downright insulting to ask if a game has a “Platinum trophy” or not. I don’t need some silly little virtual gold star to properly enjoy the game. Just having played through the game is enough for me.

  • this is gonna be fun… I wish they would remake the first one though for other systems aside from the Wii.. to give it to more of an audience but guess its not needed for story line to the 2nd one.

  • Oh, and while my other comment awaits moderation *eye roll*

    I’d be nice to get Okami HD on Vita, with touch screen for drawing obviously. Okami + Vita = Goldmine of quality goodness. Pay what you need to make that happen Sony. I know Capcom ain’t doing it without you tossing money to them for it. Capcom hates Vita.

  • Good to see more games on Vita. I’m not interested in this, though. I’m excited for Jak & Daxter Collection and Tearaway for Vita, that’s about it. If these are ever possible it would be nice: Uncharted Trilogy on Vita, Okami HD, and Gravity Rush 2. I hope there’s a reason to love my Vita after October :)

  • Oh and ya’ll better localize Freedom Wars. All first party Vita games should be localized. There aren’t enough for you guys to skimp on localizations.

  • We are always looking for new experiences to bring to PS Vita owners, so we are porting a year old game that got an astonishingly low 59 out of 100 metacritic average. Sure, there are thousands of games more worthy of a port, and so many original games that Vita owners are clamoring for, but no, we are pretty sure they want this. I mean, who among you WOULDN’T want a game that can’t even muster a 6/10?!

  • Oh, my goodness, I almost forgot one of the special features for this Vita version. How improper of me. The Vita version of Epic Mickey 2 will be running in sub-native resolution, EXCLUSIVELY on the PS Vita, as per the included screenshots. If that doesn’t give you a reason to be excited, well, mister, you need a different hobby!

  • awsome another vita game, cant wait! on the other hand all these digital only games are starting to get out of hand. i have 15gigs left on my ps3 cuz of igc and mostly vita storage. we need a price drop on these memory cards, i mean i can buy a used pc with more storage for the cost of a 32gb card…

  • Finally, a reason to go back and finish Epic Mickey 1. Though, not the greatest reason… But I do want to get rid of my Wii, so one more finished game will help.

  • will this be a retail release or just PSN?


  • OmGitsRussleCrow

    Um thanks… But no thanks.

  • Yay, more Vita games, thanks!

  • The port nobody asked for.

  • Seeing this game come to the Vita is… interesting to say the least. It didn’t receive very much positive praise and even most of the attitude here seems quite negative. I know that the Vita is not exactly a fully portable PS3, but I do feel the graphics here are lacking. I suppose if it has a good framerate you have to make some sacrifices, but this game just doesn’t look that visually appealing.

    Regardless, it seems kind of fun. It’s definitely not on my pre-order list, but I’ll check out some reviews on the Vita version when it gets here. Hopefully it’s being done well and it’ll sell enough that Disney sees the Vita as a viable platform.

  • SnakeApprentice

    Sony, there are certain genres of games that EVERY successful system NEEDS to have: action, sports, sim/rpg, and LICENSED games. The ability to play as a character we loved from our childhood adds an extra layer of excitement that a normal game could never reach, whether it was in DuckTales on NES, Castle of Illusion on Genesis, Die Hard Trilogy on PS1, or Arkham City on PS3.

    I will be getting this game near launch, who doesn’t love Mickey Mouse after all? If you would have left it as the exact same release that didn’t fare great critically on consoles, I’m not sure. But since you’ve improved on existing features and added new ones it’s a no-brainer for me.

  • SnakeApprentice

    Vita needs as many retail games as possible. Indie downloadable games are cute for a bit, but those life changing experiences come from fully featured retail releases. Don’t be afraid to bring more licensed PS3 games to Vita with some extra goodies added on. Ghostbusters, Transformers, and Simpsons are a few names that appeal to gamers of every age, if you can unravel the nightmare of re-acquiring the license. If you want to make some SERIOUS noise, borrow an IP from Xbox’s library. They don’t dabble in handhelds, so they should be willing to temporarily part with Halo or Gears of War for the right price. Halo would sell a million Vita consoles by itself if you could somehow swing it.

    And don’t be afraid to look to smaller companies like WayForward, Renegade Kid, and DreamRift to produce some licensed retro-styled games for Vita. You think Vita owners, just bc we lean towards the hardcore, wouldn’t love to see those Adventure Time games coming to 3DS? People will always love pixels

  • My poor wallet ,b why are all these good games coming out in June for the Vita.

    Will this game be PSN only or Retail too and also how much will it be?

  • I hope there is a retail release for this and that the touchscreen control elements are optional. You could have skipped the Vita enhancements and made a proper online co-op for this instead. Most Vita owners only know other Vita owners online. It’s not like we gather up in the same room to play games. Epic fail on the adhoc only. Smh

  • Oh and I’d like to know if it’s retail too.

    The PS Vita needs more games at retail. Anyone in a store not seeing games come out AT RETAIL won’t bother with buying a Vita. Despite it getting lots of games on PSN.

    The only solution is more retail releases… and some damn ADS for the Vita, but that’s another topic.

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    No one cares about this game. Why are you bringing it to Vita?

    MS does not own the Gears of War IP. SCEA would have to talk to Mark Rein and Epic Games, but they are too incompetent to accomplish that.

  • Can you all consider adding online co-op even if its later? In all seriousness Ad hoc shouldn’t even exist anymore. People aren’t that connected in person at least to where they know people with Vita’s especially people who will stick around and play a game with them. It’s rare, it truly is in this day and age.

    Other than that sounds great but no online co-op is a let down.

    @38 Based on the comments it appears you are very wrong. You can add me to the list of people who care about this coming to the PS Vita.

  • why epic micky out of everything els? i hate MICKY!!! give us better games!

  • you guys sound more bitter then xbox consumers was after that reveal 2 days ago..lmao..

    i actually like epic mickey 2 on ps3. the 3D implementation was AWESOME! now i can get the same experience on vita minus 3D…i like that.

  • EXCLUSIVES SONY! U KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!? I mean I love my vita and while its ok to have 1 or 2 ports its NOT KOOL to have a library only of freaking PORTS!

  • I must say this, and I really hope it gets to the ears of someone In the position of power. I noticed due to this article and recent Releases that there are many ports being released and planned for the VITA. I was going to be a day one VITA purchaser but then my little brother bought one. I decided to wait. I’m glad I did, we hardly touch the VITA since beating Uncharted unless its for a quick fix of LBP. Most games available to play we are either playing or have played on PS3 so why buy one? VITA has yet to pick up any momentum and at this rate it never will. I LIKED my PSP but this is going in a worst direction than that console. Please bring new IPs new experiences and by the boatload, make this system something we want to play on.

  • Awesome! This game looked like fun on PS3 but just haven’t had a chance to get around to it.

    I’m one who doesn’t mind “ports”. I can’t possibly play all the games out for consoles so it is nice to have console-quality games to play on the go. Just wish they came out at the same time and more had cross-buy and cross-save.

  • I guess you don’t really expect anyone to buy this game because you’re not telling us how we can buy (PSN only or retail) it or how much it will cost for a game that comes out in about three weeks.

  • I’m very confused at how developers are using ad hoc on the vita because for example on Sonic&All Stars Racing Transformed the game supports up to 8 player ad hoc multiplayer but when you are actually playing is wifi multiplayer (meaning up to 8 player anywhere in the world) so are we gonna be able to play co op online with our psvita friends? If so, you just sold 2 copies.

  • Oh and if you really want to wow me with a ps3 game on the vita then you should bring Warhawk on the go, oh my god I would go nuts if that would happens.

  • Warhawk, Fat Princess, Dead Nation.

    New MediEvil, God of War, inFAMOUS, Heavenly Sword.
    Proper Motorstorm, full fledge Ratchet and Clank (developed by insomniac games), Resistance Fall of Man 2 (developed by insomniac games), Knack psvita version.

  • Probably getting this.. This game is mediocre to play at home.. but on the go.. this is a new field of awesomeness to have a 3D platformer this awesome on the go. :) Keep it up!

  • Never played a Mickey Mouse game, I hope this has cross-save feature & cross- buy as well.

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