PlayStation Home Update: BoxBeats Minis + Free Lock-a-doodle Packs

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PlayStation Home Update: BoxBeats Minis + Free Lock-a-doodle Packs

This week in PlayStation Home, nDreams introduces Apartment Pets and new BoxBeats Mini music systems, Game Mechanic offers up a Magic Rug and Lockwood hands out free Doodle Packs in this week’s Lock-a-doodle update. There’s more below, and don’t forget to join the PlayStation Home Community on the PlayStation Forums.

nDreams – BoxBeats Mini + Apartment Pets

BoxBeats Mini

The BoxBeats music systems have proved extremely popular with a range of genres and fantastic quality tracks from independant artists. This week sees the release of miniature versions of the previously released BoxBeats systems. Those of you who have already purchased a BoxBeats Original system will receive money off the BoxBeats Mini Ultimate Bundle. That’s not all, the original BoxBeats systems are also seeing a price drop so get in and pick yourself up some quality music.


Apartment Pets

You may have noticed a new arrival in the nDreams store last week. The Apartment Pets are here to bring your apartment to life. Featuring old favourites Benji, Nipper and L’il Ninja place down this interactive item and watch as a number of different sized pets come out to play. If you don’t already own the companion item you will also receive this for free when purchasing.


Lockwood – Free Lock-a-doodle Pack + Yoga Poses

Lock-a-doodle Update

FREE Doodle Packs in this week’s Lock-a-doodle update! This includes the Drey and Dinosaurs Packs in the store and the Food pack in the Gift Machine, send it to all your friends for free!


Yoga Poses

Soothe the body and mind with some calming yoga poses. The pack includes, King Dancer Pose, Extended Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose, Upward Salute and Tree Pose Variation.


Game Mechanics – Magic Rug + Racing Gate

Game Mechanics is back again this week with some fun new personalized items. First off, they are offering three items you can post your text on: a Whiteboard, a Doormat, and a 2-sided Large Sign. In addition, they are releasing a Magical Leaf Rug. When you or your friends walk on this rug, the leaves part creating an open path to walk on the grass. It really is magic. And lastly, this week they are offering up a Start/Finish Gate. You set up the gate and tell it you want it to track your time. When you go through the gate, the timer starts. And it does not stop until you go through it again. This is great for those people who have set up a space as a track. You can finally see who is the fastest going through it. Plus, it works with locomotions for all those who have been begging to see which are the fastest. As you can see, Game Mechanics is definitely bringing the fun.


Granzella – Jinbei + Sexy Bartender

Hyottoko + Okame Jimbei

Worn during traditional Japanese dance, the Hyottoko and Okame mask design has arrived! Available in blue, green, and red for both men and women.

Additionally, a design featuring a cute baby chick has also arrived! Available for both men and women in Orange-Yellow, Yellow-Green, and Light Blue.


Sexy Bartender

The Sexy Bartender is a new face in the Bartender series. Sexy outfits and a friendly, flirty attitude is sure to keep her tips high. Other sexy tops, bottoms, and heels are available as well as a lineup of attractive natural hair styles. With looks like that, maybe she’s the reason business is thriving.

VEEMEE – Mini Motos, Billabong + Street Styles

Mini Motos

Fans of speed and miniaturisation rejoice! VEEMEE releases a range of super-powered mini-motorbikes this week.. There are four different styles of bike to satisfy the tiny petrol heads inside all of us. For bouncing around on the sand dunes there’s the Mini Moto Quad Bike. For the man or woman around town there’s the rather more conservative Mini Moto Road Bike. If offroading around the rolling hills of Acorn Meadows Park is your thing then you can turn some heads with the Mini Moto Dirt Bike. Finally for the ultimate in pocket-size performance, there’s always the Mini Moto GT. Each comes in a choice of two colours and there is also a discounted bundle featuring all the bikes. VROOOM!


There is a new selection of amazing clothes in the Billabong Store this week. Choose from a selection of new hats, shirts, shorts, skirts, sweaters, vests, trousers, dresses and 2-part bikini bundles. Don’t miss the amazing White Bezzle Fleece for men and the Off Black Beach Me sweater for women. Complete your female avatar’s spring wardrobe with the stunning, must-have Whitecap In Ur Dreams skirt.


Street Styles

There was a time when an authentic street look wasn’t much more than a pair of high-tops a basketball shirt and snap-back cap. Those days are gone! VEEMEE is proud to announce Street Style, a range of clothing inspired by the glitz and glamour of the urban music superstar lifestyle. Choose from high contrast patent leather jackets, bold printed material on a mix of close and loose fitting garments accessorised with heavy gold chains and diamond encrusted pendants. The Blue & Yellow Superstar Neon Jacket for men is something special and don’t miss the Pink Megastar Dress and Jacket for women.
Fortune favours the bold so get Street Style!

Home Originals – Stylin’ Wheelchairs

Made in his spare time, Home employee Sean has designed some really unique wheelchair locomotions to offer, for the first time ever in PlayStation Home, wheelchairs! Choose from the Blade, Flower, Bold, Spoke or pick up the bundle of them all (which also comes with the Gold one), and take a spin around Home in style, literally! Check out this week’s Virtual Item Showcase video for a preview.

Community Theater Update

This week in the Community Theater PSTALENT – the leader in Home-filmed entertainment is proud to present the “PSTALENT Variety Show” where the community takes the stage! This show features talent directly from the community just like you. Please join the cast and crew Wednesday in Theater Lobby at 5pm Pacific for the launch party, Theater No.1 at 6pm Pacific for the actual show! If you haven’t already received your free PSTALENT virtual picture frame reward, now is the time.

x7 Update

This week in exclusive VIP nightclub x7, there is a new exclusive value bundle, a new freebie for the ladies, and a bunch of Mythical Avatars and Go-Karts from VEEMEE, and Lockwood shares dozens of new Eyebrow Piercings for both men and women. All are available early-access this week to x7 members only. Head to x7, take the elevator upstairs, check out these fine items, then dance the night away!

Mall Update – The Virtual Item Showcase, Volume 89

Magnus is back again, sharing with us all the hottest new items this week. Check out the video below for all the details. Highlights include uniquely stylin’ wheelchair locomotions, glowing eyebrow bars and spikes from Lockwood, and two mythical creatures waiting to be adopted in x7. Enjoy this week’s Virtual Item Showcase.

See you in PlayStation Home!

Want to chat more about PlayStation Home? Hop on over to the Home Forums! If you’re having trouble with Home, head to the Home Support forum.

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  • Home for PS4?

  • lilyofthevalee2

    Decent update, but I’d like to know when Acorn Meadows Park will finally be fully functional. Either you can’t do the boats and bikes or you can’t do the food carts. Makes it a pain when trying to do some of the photo challenges.

  • PS HOME should be connected to the ways that its part of the HOME the XMB. In other words..HOME should be the HOME SCREEN for PS4..running faster and smoother and allow our friends to see our AVATAR and if ew wanted to have a group chat before we jump into a would go to our PS4 HOME APT. NOW THAT WOULD BE COOL..BUT knowing SONY..ITS NOT GONNA HAPPEN..

  • I have a question: Will PlayStation Home ever get out of the Beta stage?

  • @4 Probably not.


    @1 Sony has not said anything about Home on PS4.

  • home for ps4!!!!

  • Any teasers on upcoming games, personal spaces, or details about E3 since it is coming up soon?

  • Ah interesting not that many post for PS Home, is it that people are not populating home like that anymore. Or is it they don’t like to post about the wealth of content that keeps on coming?

    • Most people post in the forums, and Home General is usually in the top 3 in terms of activity.

  • Cade my Dear any word if Granzella fixed the Parted Triple-Braided Hairstyle (Women)?

  • ArvindraHerod12

    Those mini ATVs look like fun.

  • kinda okay update – really wish peakvox would be updated – if i was in a wheelchair in real life I would be offended with the wheelchairs you brought out – my daughter-in-law said “Im not even in one and Im offended” – just sayin

    • Why be offended? They look fun, and offer another way to zip around Home. Many folks have requested them for years, including many who rely on them in real life.

  • one more thing – I can never use my lock-a-doodle packs when I first get them – right now I have 3 – I cannot use – could they please work on this

  • @12 – tweetybelle:

    I think you have to receive it from a friend of yours to use it. (unless you’re saying your received them from your friends already..not sure).

    They say you send them to friends from what I can see on the post above.

    “FREE Doodle Packs in this week’s Lock-a-doodle update! This includes the Drey and Dinosaurs Packs in the store and the Food pack in the Gift Machine, send it to all your friends for free”

  • Cade won’t be replying to any comments soon I have him tied up in my basement.I apologize for any inconvenience.

  • Please Playstation Team let me say something really important for me.
    Playstation Home for me, has been one of the cooles experiences I have experienced after buying a console,without a game yet, when I first bought my PS3 before tons of games I have.But I never got the fun I get everyday, meeting new people, chating, dancing, plaing, havinf fun actually.
    Playstation 4 is a must have for me at the end of the year.
    Even doesn’t knowing what is all about, if it’s SONY for me it’s awesome,always will be like that for me and I think that for many people also.
    So I want to swear to you,please,keep Home as a tool inside the amazing Playstation world, to meet new people and keep experiencing the virtual life, that I always loved.
    And finally but not less important, thanks for make it happen,and hopefully, keep it alive :)
    For this space where I can share my opinion,and for caring for us, the players, the community,Thank you so much Sony!You all are amazing!

  • LOL @ REMY – was wondering why he hadnt posted anything yet!!!!! Now I know!!!

  • Not to sound rude but the mens clothing has gone down hill.. Its really need to improve vastly.. the women clothing is looking 1000 better.. What about the men?.. it kinda to men every week some kind o space suit for a male avi and the women get real life fashion type of clothes.

    Please try to improve the mens clothing.. I don’t cross avi dress.. So this why im voicing my concern

    vp-psn legioniaree group

  • please stop this service is a waste of time space and money im not trolling just noticeing under 20 comments every home post and im sick of it majority of people dont care will never care please move on to a more popular profitiable service

  • @fathead170 (lol really) home is actually pretty profitable and a lot of people use it. Just people who typically don’t post on these boards, or anywhere and remain closeted up within the service.

  • SONY WHAT WERE THINKING ? bring wheelchairs to home there disrespectful to ppl who r in them rl.
    like many of my friend we r affended n sick of this disrespectful acted

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