Men’s Room Mayhem Queues Up On PS Vita Today

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Men’s Room Mayhem Queues Up On PS Vita Today

I’ve been bursting for this moment — Men’s Room Mayhem is finally launching on PlayStation Vita today!

For anyone unfamiliar with the game: you’re hired as the janitor of your very own chaotic men’s room. You’re responsible for directing patrons, keeping everywhere sparkling clean and steering patrons away from trouble! You need to get your customers safely to the urinals and stalls in time – otherwise there’ll be a few nasty accidents for you to clean up! You can get bonus points for guiding patrons close to each other, but don’t collide or there’ll be fisticuffs; maintaining proper men’s room etiquette (always leave a gap), as well as for demonstrating good personal hygiene and making sure patrons wash their hands. All this is done using simple line drawing touch gestures on PS Vita’s front screen.

Men's Room Mayhem on PS Vita

Men's Room Mayhem on PS Vita

Since my earlier post, people have been asking me about what else to expect from Men’s Room Mayhem. The game begins in the Country Pub location where you learn the basics, and are eased nicely into the action. The gameplay is broken into waves of customers that you have to attend to against the clock, with each wave requiring you to survive for longer periods. Making a mistake leads to a nasty stain on the floor and a similar splat on the mayhem meter. If you’re unfortunate enough to make more than 5 mistakes in a round then it’s game over. However, if you can survive long enough and see the wave out, you get the chance clean up by furiously rubbing away any indiscretions before the next bout of mayhem ensues.

There are six further locations to unlock, each with a unique layout, and each with a surprise special patron to deal with. Your precision steering skills will be pushed to the limits by the drunk in the Biker Bar who just can’t walk in a straight line, and you might be shocked to hear a woman has been seen in the Nightclub toilets. There must have been a queue in the ladies!

Men's Room Mayhem on PS Vita

As well as the standard mode of play, we’ve included a Blitz mode where you get two minutes to serve as many customers as you can, with them stacking up patiently at the door ready for you to pull them in and see that they make it to the porcelain in time. There are also 14 Trophies to unlock, and countless in-game challenges to satisfy so you can level up and become a gold standard janitor!

We hope you have as much fun playing Men’s Room Mayhem as we did making it. You can download it from the PlayStation Store for $1.99, and we’re also offering some launch discounts for the first month as a special Ripstone treat!

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  • sigh….this will save the PS Vita. :/

  • I am for sure buying this when I get off work, this is a quirky yet fun game. And most importantly it’s priced right, PS Vita needs more games like this!!!!!!!!

  • Im impressed. Im quite sceptical when I see the prize of the game but from the trailer, I can see that the graphic and the game mechanics is great.

    I’ll skip buying soda for a day and use that dollar to buy this game instead. :)

  • Might as well give this a shot…quirky games tend to be pretty fun.

  • I thought this was just a urine game, but i see there’s pooping too! instant buy!! This will be my new go to game for when i”m on the pot. @Ryumoau Do you like anything? You are so annoying.

  • Buy a phone.

    Download Angry Birds for Free.

  • Agrees with Ryu.

  • @ Ryumoau

    the Vita doesn’t need saving, Soul Sacrifice has already done the job, and considering the console is less then 2 years old with a growing catalogue, plus Minis/PSM/PSP/PS1 games as well, I think the Vita will do just fine, especially when the PS4 comes out and we get the Remote Play we should have had with PS3, it’ll be a killer little handheld that I’m proud to own :)

  • @Phil Gaskell

    When’s that George Michael in a WHAM! T-Shirt & Sen. Larry Craig combo pack DLC coming? ;)

  • @8 LOL are you kidding? Yes, Soul Sacrifice is a great game, and should indeed help move some Vitas, but that alone will not be enough. What we need are more AAAs (NOT just the Indies), as well as price drops on BOTH the system AND the Memory Card.

    Oh, and a bigger capacity too.

  • Kinda reminds me of Flight Control.

  • Cool title; I hope the touch controls are smooth.

    @1, Ryu- if you don’t like the Vita, sell it. Because, why do you keep it knowing it’s stressing you out- it’s not healthy. If you want the Vita to be successful, promote the titles you enjoy. Producing AAA titles in such a crowded market is tough, hence the welcome Indie support.

    Are you going to post the SAME msg for every Indie release? These teams are small & are trying to make it- do you care about them, do you understand how the industry works? Otherwise, you’re acting like a troll of the worst sort.

  • @10

    nope, no jokes, proud owner. yes, larger capacity cards are needed, same as lower prices on the cards, and yes more AAA titles are needed, but there is nothing wrong with Indies and again the console is less then 2 years old, more AAA games are coming for it, just as more indies are.

    but your points are moot. the cards/card prices haven’t killed it off, Vitas are selling still, and being less then 2 years old, give it a chance. by these standards, Sony might as well bow out of gaming and not mae a PS4 even? get over your own distastes and realize there’s other individuals who love indies and will give them a chance over AAA’s simply due to prices, or simplicity, while others prefer AAA games like GoW, CoD, SS, etc, it’s personal preference, but iindies certainly aren’t stopping big players like EA or Activision from making AAA titles, so why rant at the indy guy? you want AAA titles from those devs, go hit them up on twitter and facebook and let them know!

  • whatisdelicious

    That price is perfect. Looks quirky and fun. Definite buy.

  • So Basically a zany time management game. For the Plus sale price of 97 cents, I’ll be downloading it.

  • @13 The problem isn’t wether I like it or not. The problem is just the fact that Sony is focusing more on the indie devs – which is great – but not really talking about the core games, from what I understand.

    And indie games is exactly what us Plus members have been getting lately in the IGC. The argument that some Plus members make about getting fighting games, is the same one I have for indie games. So there.

    @12 Nowhere did he say he didn’t like it. I think he LIKES the Vita (why would he buy it otherwise?), but the problem is just the fact that the big devs aren’t making games for the PS Vita. Because it’s not selling. And it’s not selling because it’s too expensive, so Sony really needs to lower the price on the system and the memory cards, like I said above.

  • Hahaha I was watching mythbusters last week and they were testing which stall on average is the cleanest (hint: it’s not the closest to the door).
    I’m happy you guys had such a great time developing this game. With such a reasonable price, I will be picking this up today.

  • @Ryumoau maybe this game wasn’t created to try to “save the vita”. Maybe the developers have always wanted to make a “bathroom management” game and thought the vita was the perfect system to launch it on. Like luvtoseek said many of these companies are really small and make these games as passion projects. I recommend listening to the Dragon Fantasy Book 1 interview in ep. 70 of the PS Blogcast, those guys have a pretty cool story.

  • Thank you for the fun (and cheap!) game and supporting the PS Vita!

    Suggestion though, the challenges should refresh while the game is going. Stinks (no pun intended) not being able to work through challenges after earning all 3. Needing to restart to get new ones sucks.

    @1: Yeah, it’s not like we just got a new first party game announcement for Vita… Oh wait…

  • @16

    of course Sony is going to focus on the indy devs, these are the guys that need assistance in getting their product out….you really think EA, Activision, Capcom, etc need help from the manufactuers when they spend millions of dollars and maybe 1.5 years at best on single game development with huge teams, compared to 12 guys in a basement creating a fun simplistic game out of labour of passion, often barely able to pay the rent, or feed themselves anything but KD and Mr. Noodles?

    give your head a shake.

    btw, the IGC for Vita hasn’t been all indies lately, didn’t you get Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus back in January, or Disgaea 3 in March? those are AAA titles given away as Native Vita games in this year alone, meaning you’ve gotten 2 $40 games within 4 months (Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr) and getting another $25 Native Vita game this month (BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND)…..a AAA title every other month (bi-monthly) mixed with indies bi-monthly for 2013 so far….explain how this is horrible for anyone? are they making you wait for some amazing game you don’t want to spend cash on? because if you really wanted to play it, you’d support the dev (big or small) and purchase it.

  • Love it! Will probably buy.

  • rabidninjamonky

    I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting much with this game. I really just bought it because it was really cheap and I thought it would give my friends a laugh. It really is amazing though! I played it for about 2 hours straight and i’m already hooked! Thanks for the great price on this fantastic game sawfly studios. I think you have a hit on your hands.

  • Its so annoying when people like @Ryumoau and @Tjoeb123 complain because not every game is “AAA”. All AAA games is not how Sony made the ps1, ps2, ps3 nor the psp successful systems, with that mindset we would have never got a game like patapon. Not every thing needs to be a high budget mass media marketed games, you can also have smaller quirky games to round out the system library. Anyway i bought this game and like it, good job

  • Hahaha this game is quite fun : ) But I’m wondering who gets in a fight in a bathroom?

  • Ah I see what Elvick is talking about. Yeah the next set of challenges should come up after the end of the wave you complete them in. Instead you have to wait until the entire game is over to see the next set.

  • SergioCosmopolis

    I don’t get how the Vita can’t be selling like hotcakes with new content of this caliber. And people complain we don’t get enough quality games, hah. Urinals equal system seller.

  • Lol this crap looks so Stupid but good for 1.99

  • bought and its been pretty fun.

  • Might as well have made the objective of placing your Vita on the nearest shelf, with fights breaking out over the very few titles worth buying.

    Had this thing since release, and all I can say is, if I did not have to use it, it would have been sold.
    That is, if you could even find a buyer without dropping the price considerably.

    As for all you goons disagreeing with Ryu’s insight, you must be getting paid to spout your sales nonsense.
    Must be why you blog, over actually playing the games.

    Just like the supposed numerous buyers of Ratchet’s FFA who already ranked the game , and yet not a single online match.

    Next time, I will know to just carry the extra wait of a computer and save all the money on games and not needing accessories.

  • weight.

  • @16 i like the idea of my Vita but there just isn’t much reason to play it as opposed to my ps3. And stupid titles like this being promoted for it just makes me feel as if i didn’t need to rush to get the Vita. i could have waited till later when theres an inevitable price drop and better game selection.

    Right now only Gravity Rush and possibly Persona 4 Golden (have started it yet) are worth anything to me.

  • Anything that can be played on the Vita I will buy. Cant wait to use it on my PS4!!!

  • A very cool Game, I purchased yesterday. Another that Iiked it’s a soccer Game that is in the PlayStation mobile, think that the nome is “pass”. Take a look.

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