Jacob Jones: Four Tips for Exploring Camp Eagle Feather

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Jacob Jones: Four Tips for Exploring Camp Eagle Feather

Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery is a 3D puzzle adventure game for PS Vita, following the adventures of Jacob Jones and his mythical Bigfoot friend as they try to solve the mystery of Camp Eagle Feather.

The game is full of ingenious puzzles to test even the smartest among you, so the team at Lucid Games have provided some helpful hints to make sure you don’t get stuck!

Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery on PS Vita

Don’t forget to tilt!

As Mr. Grimmel will tell you, there’s a reward for picking up all of the litter around Camp Eagle Feather. For every soda can you find, he’ll give you a credit so you can phone in for some help. The more credits you spend, the better the hint you’ll get.

Some soda cans might be out in the open, but if you tilt your PS Vita you may find some hidden on top, or behind other items. There are 130 soda cans hidden around the world, and finding them all won’t be easy.

Make a note.

A pen and paper is always handy for taking notes, but in Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery we’ve given you a memo function so you can take notes as you play. Your memo can be a very handy tool indeed for solving the trickiest of puzzles.

There are plenty of drawing tools, pen sizes, colors and even magnets to play around with. Making good notes will keep you on track throughout your journey.

Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery on PS VitaJacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery on PS Vita

If you’re stuck, you can always pass.

There’s no shame in being stuck on a puzzle; our brains all work in different ways, after all. So if something just isn’t clicking in your head, you’ve used all of your hints, and there’s nobody around to point you in the right direction, then go to the ‘Hints’ menu and use a pass. You’ve got three passes to use throughout the game, so use them wisely.


You won’t need to complete every puzzle to finish the game, so there’s a chance you might have missed some brainteasers along the way. Don’t forget to explore the camp, and even go back to some places you might have visited earlier. You never know what you might find if you look hard enough!

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  • This game is excellent! Download now if you haven’t.

  • I completed 100%. When does the second chapter?

  • And I loved the game. xD

  • Already waiting on episode 2, as i am hooked onto it’s mystery. The way Biggie sings, really gets a good laugh out of me.

  • Haven’t picked it up, but I am definitely contemplating it… I just may get this and Men’s Room Mayhem with today’s store update.

  • forgot to get this game. Thanks for reminding me. :)

  • I think i’ll wait for all the episodes then buy it, but the game does look great. Gotta luv the price point more games like this would be most excellent at these prices!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nick, seriously, this game is great. Could not put it down. I love the episodic plan because you can actually “finish” it even if you’re somebody who can’t devote many hours to Vita play. I hate that it’s episodic because now I’m going to be whining about getting the next installment.

    I love that it’s fully voiced. How surprising for a “little” game. In fact, they talk too much, lol, but they are kids.

    Some of the puzzles were hard for me but I didn’t skip any. Reading your post I now wonder if I missed finding a puzzle. Anyway, more please, and soon!

  • Didn’t read up on this, bought it, and didn’t realize it was a puzzle game. Immediately fell in love with the charm of the whole game. I only played a little bit last night, and my first thoughts are “This is a freaking puzzle game?! Ugh, thanks for nothing jerks! These puzzles are annoying!” to “Oh, that’s how you do it? Hm…this is pretty cool”.

    Can’t wait to play more later tonight! :)

  • I feel bad buying this game at such a low price.

  • Now that I think about it the price has me re- thinking my thought process as far as purchasing this game. As I said before price is key. Since i’m a PS Plus member I have so many games that’s why I was going to wait but, now i’ll buy it.

  • Loving the first episode so far. Can’t wait for more!

  • Enjoyed the first episode. Gimme moar!

  • For the price this looks to be a great addition.

    Not only is it educational, but the story at least looks interesting enough ,to want to see what happens next.

    May not be a game for me, but at least, not a waste.

    Hope this game gets the attention it seems to deserve.

  • It’s a cute game and defiantly worth the price, but the puzzles are kind of lame. Defiantly no where the cleverness and fun of Professor Layton style puzzles. There were a few fun deductive logic puzzles, but annoyance was the chief emotion that the puzzles evoked in me.

  • Would it be possible to get all the cans from Episode 1 when Episode 2 hits? That’s the only trophy I’m missing, and wondering if I’ll need to play Ep. 1 again or not.

  • It was a good game, I appreciated the humor and the puzzles, but it was incredibly short. I’ll look forward to the rest, but not until they’re all released

  • Hope we get a timeframe for the episodes. I really want to know what happens next. :(

    Great game, wonderful art direction, story is interesting, characters are great, voice acting is pefect, music is good. Everything is wonderful.

    Thanks for supporting PS Vita!

  • Absolutely love the deceptively deep gameplay, and it makes perfect use of Vita controls, hope more games can use them like this, in a way that doesn’t feel forced! Really looking forward to the next episode, and hoping for more IPs as well!

  • I plan to buy this/these games, but only once the entire series is released possibly as a bundle (discounted or not). The reason being is because as many people have said, this series sounds excellent and for me personally, I would be too eager for the next episode to be released if I were to buy only one episode at a time.

    So for me it just makes more sense to play the game all the way through the first time I play it instead of spacing out the story and waiting and waiting, and waiting for each episode to be released (we all know how often Sony/PSN/SOE screws up in getting games out on their planned release dates).

    Given all I’ve said above, I still do have to wait until every episode is released… so there still is some waiting involved. And if something does go wrong, and one or some of the episodes start missing their release dates, I might have to break away from what I said and just dive into the series. Either way I cannot wait to play this game, especially seeing as how much I love good puzzlers!!!

  • I really enjoy the game. Interesting and fun characters, simple design, tough puzzles. It’s nice to see the old school adventure game genre still alive and kicking.

    Anyway, Something I find interesting is that this was published by Sony when you guys were pretty big Xbox guys for awhile. Is there some sort of partnership going on here besides this game? Is that road opening towards Sony this time?

    Anyway, hopefully you don’t get overran by Drive Club and Forza if you’re launching a racing game at the start of these systems.

  • @Nick I am really enjoying your game, but I wanted to point something out that I think could make it better. I simply don’t like that buttons do absolutely nothing. I know I’d enjoy it more if i could look/move around with the analog stick, and even pressing start doesn’t pause the game. It really makes it feel like it was actually straight ported from iOS.

    Also it is a bit strange that “missions” are crossed off so late and out of sync. Sometimes you finish a “mission” then solve a puzzle and then watch a cutscene and now here we are 5 minutes later or something and the mission pops up in the corner and is crossed off. But obviously that is very nitpicky.

    The characters, writing, and art are definitely the highlights here. Thanks for your work!

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