Comedy on Demand: Laugh Factory on PS3 Updated

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Comedy on Demand: Laugh Factory on PS3 Updated

Laugh Factory on PS3

How much do you think your health is worth? How much do you think having a smile on your face every day is worth? When the stresses of life – work, school, traffic, kids – get too much for you, the best escape, the best medicine, is laughter.

The Laugh Factory has been providing the biggest and best laughs for over 34 years. Owner and Founder Jamie Masada, has referred to comedians for years as “Doctors of the Soul” and his new partnership with PlayStation 3 is offering laughs to PlayStation 3 subscribers for only 10 cents a day.

For less than $3 a month, the best comedians in the world will help you forget your problems or, at the very least, help you laugh at their problems!

Laugh Factory on PS3Laugh Factory on PS3

“It is our mission to bring smiles to the faces of as many people in the world as possible and the monthly fee barely cover our costs,” says Masada, “but it is cheaper than any pharmaceutical solution, I’ll tell you that. Perhaps this offer will put Big Pharma out of business.”

In addition to the established comics, new comedians will be added daily offering thousands of hours of laughs and smiles to help provide you with a more enjoyable daily experience. As life – and its crises come and go – one can always find great comfort in having a place to go and get some needed laughs. Exclusive footage, not seen before, will be provided for you to enjoy and take your mind off all of your troubles.

No need to take our word for it. Researchers at Loma Linda University and Oakcrest Health Research Institute in Yucaipa discovered that a good belly laugh appears to beneficially affect the body’s hormones. “The benefits of laughter are similar to exercise” says lead researcher Lee Berk, of Loma Linda University. “Laughter has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Blood pressure is lowered overall and resting heart rate decreases. Additionally, the immune system appears to get tuned up.” In short, he says, “We should become more serious about laughter.”

You can find the refreshed Laugh Factory app in the “TV/Video Services” category on the PlayStation 3 XMB, as well as in the “Apps” section of the PlayStation Store later on today.

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