Unfolding Tearaway’s Pre-order Bonuses

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Unfolding Tearaway’s Pre-order Bonuses

Tearaway on PS Vita

The Tearaway team are incredibly busy at the moment because E3 is right around the corner, so we’re spending every waking second preparing for that, and trying to make sure the game is in every way as special as it can be! I say every waking second, but to be honest there has been the occasional break for a slice of cake and a nice cup of tea. You can’t expect us to work with no cake breaks, that would be madness!

Most recently we’ve been working on the start of the game, where you’ll first begin your journey along with your new messenger friend. The first area that you’ll get to play with iota or atoi is called Valleyfold. It’s a green and pleasant land that draws its inspiration from the English Countryside, and the great wealth of folklore that surrounds it. You’ll wander through great standing stones and travel to a humongous apple orchard, to take place in the wassailing ritual that will help bring in the apple harvest. You’ll see more of Valleyfold over the coming weeks as we begin to show it off to the press, in the meantime though here are some screenshots to delight the eyes!

Tearaway on PS Vita

Tearaway on PS VitaTearaway on PS Vita

But wait! Just when you thought the blog post was over, we went and snuck in some exciting news – We’re delighted to announce details on the magnificent and exclusive bonus content you’ll get for pre-ordering your copy of Tearaway! Participating retailers will offer the following collection of treasures:

  • Audiolicious Tearaway Soundtrack with bonus track
  • Opulent iota and atoi costumes for LittleBigPlanet
  • Exclusive skin for the in-game rideable pig*, and printable papercraft plan to match
  • Splendiferous iota and atoi Avatars for use on PlayStation Network
  • Resplendent PlayStation Vita Wallpaper

*Yes, you heard right, there’s an in-game rideable pig.

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4 Author Replies

  • Ha! You went all-out on the adjectives there.

    Can’t wait for the game. :)

  • This game looks so good.

  • I have this game paid off I’m very excited to play tearaway :-)

  • Is there going to be a digital preorder?

  • This’ll be a PSN buy for me. I promised myself I’d avoid retail with the Vita and stick to digital-only.

  • Awesome! It looks like the two European pre-order packages were combined into one, now I don’t have to choose. :)

  • All this just for preordering!?
    You have my money! :)
    (I hope the song used in the first trailer of the game makes it into the game)

    (or the cd)

  • Finally the pre-order bonuses were announced here :D Just pre-ordered it on Amazon. So awesome that we get the soundtrack free!

  • Nice preorder bonuses guys! Will be checking out those iota and atoi LBP costumes. How about a sackboy/sackgirl costume for iota and atoi as well? ;)

    “Exclusive skin for the in-game rideable pig”
    Am I the only one imagining the pig from monster hunter in its adorable sheep or watermelon costume?

  • The previews have been quite positive!

    RELEASE DATE: 10.22.13

    Let us ride pigs toward VICTORIES!

  • yet_another_alt

    Too bad those avatars are probably not going to be usable by Vita only owners since you can only use special avatars via a PS3.

  • Is that right? We won’t have to choose between bonuses like in the EU?

    If so… well, it was already a day one buy. This game was one of the reasons I got a Vita recently :)

  • Is this gonna be like Resistance Burning Skies preorder?

  • Another game I’ll be getting with the Vita when I do. This plus the PS+ instant game collection for the Vita, and the fact that the VITA can play ALL PS4 games? I dunno why any playstation gamer wouldn’t want this awesome lil machine with that beautiful screen as well. I imagine I’ll be using it for netflix / music / my own media clips as well.

  • I think this will be the year of the Vita.. it’s been slow to pick up (not THAT many great exclusives) but like I said, with this and the supposed big E3 they have planned for the Vita (and maybe a price drop at the end of the year?), it seems now’s the time for it. Almost forgot about Killzone but that looks like a KILLER app too, amazing graphics. I do think the Vita needs a God of War game! And I do think it will be getting a Gran Turismo game of its own, if not at least support with GT6 (since GT6 supposedly is going to support “tablets” and phones, you’d have to think it supports the VITA as well of course). Oh and since I’ll be getting the vita, I’d like to join the people in saying “CRASH AND SPYRO PS1 CLASSIC SUPPORT ON VITA!!!” :P Every PS1 game should be on vita.. if every PS4 game will work on it then why aren’t all the ps1 games on it yet? At least the BIG name games should be ready by now SONY, cmon….

  • Finally more information on Tearaway. A game everyone forgot about except me. This game is the reason I bought my Vita, next to PlayStation Plus for Vita of course.

    Is Gamestop a participating retailer?

  • Already pre ordered it on Amazon

  • So wait, do we get ALL this stuff then? Because, in Europe there are two different packs that retailers have.

    Hopefully EB Games updates their database and is getting the preorder bonuses like they usually do. I preordered on their website ages ago.

  • Sorry for the triple post and I got sidetracked lol, just wanted to say I love the art-style of this game!!!! My nephews will love it, if I let them play it instead of just watch :P I miss platforming / adventure kind of games, just started playin Crash Bandicoot PS1 classic again with my nephews and they love it, it’s a little easier than Rayman Origins and even LBP for them to pick up and play, but they rise up to the challenge anyway on the harder games as well because they love the setting / characters! This game looks just as colorful + immersive as those.

    And I just watched the Gamescom trailer for this game again… I LOVE how you guys use the touch / sound input and other features of the PS Vita! A W E S O M E. Cant wait to see what MM will make on the PS4 too, you guys make unique and great games anyone that is a child at heart will not just enjoy but love.

  • Also, to those asking about digital…

    Come on now. Odds point to a big fat “NO” to preordering the game. The odds say that they’ll do another first week buyers get the bonuses. Like they always do. And, if odds are anything to go by they won’t say anything about it until the day before (or day of) release.

    So may as well roll with this assumption. I bet you all $50 that’s how it’ll happen. I’d be shocked if they answer specifics now and don’t just say “we don’t have details yet” or some other generic brush off.

    • The PSN Store doesn’t currently have the functionality to actually pre-order Vita games. However, I’m really happy to have confirmed that digital purchases on the PSN store at launch WILL be granted the pre-order content.


  • *looks at luvtoseek’s avatar* exactly that!

    @yet_another_alt (#11) yeah I was wondering this myself. I was going to submit that as a PS Blog share idea, but…..yeah…..They should at least let us be able to do it from a website or something : \

    @oo7PorscheMGS Getting a vita? Oh you’ll love it, but it sounds like you already know that : )
    And you should add Grand Theft Auto to that list of “there needs to be a __ for vita” list

  • I definitely want this game so I’ll probably go ahead and pre-order once the retailers are listed.

    But I do have one request – please consider releasing the Paper Engine! Got to see it in action at the Tearaway GDC talk and it was awesome…I want my hands on it, even if it’s just available for use on the PC!

  • Please dont give the rideable pig one to Gamestop. I’m tired of them.

  • GameOverComesAll

    Glad to see one pre-order will grant all of the bonuses. I’m in.

  • So can we preorder on PSN and get the bonuses? I dont buy physical games on Vita

    • Yes, kind of. The pre order items will be granted on purchase, but you can’t actually pre-order the game, you just have to wait. :)

  • I am getting really tired of asking this on every SONY game. Will PSN get the bonus or are all these exclusive to retail?

  • Come on! we need the digital pre-order bonuses!!! =/

  • Definitely pre-ordering this. Will have to play bait and switch with Gamestop again, I guess, just like with Soul Sacrifice.

    Anyway, James, you are correct. Tea breaks are one of the greatest aspects of British culture.

  • I will be buying this from PSN. :)

  • This is a time when I regret not having a Vita. But, you know, if anyone wants to send me $300 to get one, I will be one happy panda. I mean, look at that pig! I want that pig. And the Tearaway costumes? Yes please.

    Actually, this raises a question. Could I potentially pre-order the game on my PS3, for later download on my Vita when I decide to buy one? I have no experience in the Vita realm of the Playstation Store.

  • @30, ValiantPixel, yes, you can do that. Once you buy something, you don’t have to download it until you’re good and ready. I haven’t d/l’d all my Vita or PS3 purchases yet. So far Playstation has kept perfect track of all my purchases since I joined in 2009.

  • Another stellar game for PS Vita, & people still haven’t bought a PS Vita LOL.

  • I want that pig so bad!

    Please do digital pre-order bonuses or allow me to buy the DLC.

  • Very, very excited for this game, and will definitely pre-order on Amazon.

  • This is definitely a system seller for the Vita :)

  • On the matter of digital pre-orders: if history repeats, 1st party titles should receive pre-order bonuses for purchases made within the FIRST week. Can’t be helped ladies & gents; retail forces like Amazon, BJs, Costco, Gamestop, & Walmart NEED to move their stock. For a Sony rep. to preemptively announce that bonuses are available to first week buyers (or even a pre-order option months earlier) would start a rift toward those retailers.

    Unlike Nintendo (which has great franchises), Sony does OFFER a discount on their digital Vita titles. Who doesn’t like that?

  • really love the paper style of the series :)

    wish Puppeteer was also on PS4!!!

    Sony your awesome!!!

  • The game looks llike fun, i like the art style, it is quiet refreshing. ill get for as soon as it comes out.

  • This is pretty much my only anticipated Vita game for the rest of the year. Quite interested in a few other releases of course which I’m likely to get, but this is the only sure thing.

  • I hope it will come as a digital download for the Vita! PSN has spoiled me with digital downloads and I now prefer them over the physical copy. October will be a busy month for me, what with Pokemon releasing as well!

  • Thank you for featuring female characters. My daughter will only play games that have females she can control. We are constantly on the search for something new. Lbp has been epic for us. She still plays it regularly, all versions. I’ve been anticipating what Mm will bring us next.

  • LOL. This looks awesome. I knew the makers of LBP would not let me down!

  • Hey im looking for some friends to help me out with this part i been stuck at :( add me.

  • I can’t wait for this come out.I’m definitely pre orderinging this beautiful game. I like the fact that theres going to be Little Big Planet costumes included. I can’t wait to see more screenshots and anything else.

    Definitely grabbing this from PSN

  • if i could marry a video game, this would be it. creativity is just bursting out the seams!

  • I also bought my PS Vita just for this game and I can’t wait!!

  • Well it looks like #20 owes us all $50…..LOL

  • mtns_beyond_mtns

    I’m so excited! Squeel!

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