The Last of Us Development Series Ep. 3: ‘Death and Choices’

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The Last of Us Development Series Ep. 3: ‘Death and Choices’
The Last of Us Development Series Ep. 3: ‘Death and Choices’

We took a look at the Infected in our first video in The Last of Us Development series. We then explored the game world and nature’s reclamation of civilization as we know it in our second video, Wasteland Beautiful. Our third video, Death and Choices, investigates what it means to be a survivor in the world of The Last of Us and how Joel and Ellie cope with the harsh realities of post-pandemic society. Watch it now:

Survival is moment to moment in the world of The Last of Us. There are stark consequences to every decision that’s made and if Joel and Ellie want to survive they’ll need to scavenge the environment for every possible advantage. Learning to craft more potent weapons from makeshift materials or take defensive precautions using found objects will be critical to their continued survival.

Up next, our penultimate video in the series will spotlight the combat mechanics and the intimate nature of conflict in The Last of Us. The in-depth documentary we have been creating grew so large that we are currently seeking a unique way to distribute it. We’ll have details about how you can get the feature-length documentary of the making of The Last of Us in the coming months. The Last of Us will be available 14th June 2013.

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  • Day 1 digital ?

  • Hi, just to ask, for fans who are getting the steelbook edition in the R3 region countries e.g Singapore/Malaysia, any idea if it comes with any pre-order DLC? I do know we are getting some sort of limited edition The Last of Us umbrella…looking forward to Naughty Dog’s masterpiece voiced by Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson.

  • Cant wait for this game! Looks better and better every time i see Gameplay of it. Easy GOTY

  • Already seeing commercials in the middle of the NBA Playoffs… I just have to hold my media blackout a little longer (gets tougher everyday) :’)

  • Congrats to all the staff of Naughty Dog for completeting development for “The Last of Us”. I feel you have a real masterpiece on your hands, and I can’t wait to experience the adventures of Ellie and Joel. I mere thought of playing this game just makes me so happy. :)

  • looks fantastic, great job ND..but gah we have seen enough single player Where is multiplayer?!?! Lol

  • We are getting there! So close to release… Just a few more weeks…
    If Bioshock beats this for Game of The Year I think I’ll go insane.
    Congrats on finishing the game. I was happy to see that it was completed.
    Hope to hear about the multiplayer soon and maybe a season pass? That would be cool.

    • Thanks! We excited to hear what people think about our game. MP news is imminent. Season Pass? Good idea!

  • How does the PSN install work? I heard you can play at 50% but I thought downloads and installs were separate processes on PS3.

    • We will be giving more details on that later on. We have some true programming gurus working at the studio.

  • Pre-ordering this in the first week of June! Naughty Dog have consistently outdone themselves, and are gunning for the number 1 developer world-wide spot.

  • ^Thanks for the reply Eric! Hope the supposed leaks haven’t soured any of the developer’s workmanship. Everyone I talk to is still at maximum hype for this game! Take care.

  • What part of the game we play in the GOWA demo? Thanks!!

  • Will the digital release come with the same preorder bonuses as Gamestop? Also I hope that the Last of Us demo in God of War is the E3 demo, so I can avoid any further spoilers.

  • I’ll be so glad when I can finally double back and look at all this content once I have finished the game :)

  • Can’t wait to play this game! To everyone at Naughty Dog, you’re the best! Keep up the hard work, it has been continuously paying off.

    Also, can’t wait to see what you guys have planned for the PS4!

  • KilledInSilence

    This might be weird of me but one thing I never seen (or hear!) games change is the sound of a Molotov cocktail hitting a person or anything else for that matter. It’s always the same breaking against a floor sound that’s just not convincing anymore. especially when everything about The Last of Us is sooo good.

    Anyways, that’s all. I cannot wait for the game, I already have it pre-ordered and even rushed to get a new PS3 just for it :]

  • slimshadyo0o0o0

    can you please tell me the date of the next video in this series?

  • I’ve been a fan of Naughty Dog since the Uncharted 2 days and I think you already know that, Eric. You guys really raised the bar with all your games, except Uncharted 3’s MP, which was basically a “milking” philosophy rather than caring for the consumer.

    I wasn’t excited for The Last of Us because of that, but now it looks really good and am buying it right after my exams on 18 June. I just hope you guys don’t screw up Multilayer again, let UC3 be a lesson for you. Please release it with a quality of a full product, not a Beta.

    That said, looking forward to the story, looks very engaging.

  • Great way to start the week thanks for the late night post!
    Hoping to see some Multiplayer soon and I hope that you can create a theater event like the one for Uncharted 3!
    Watching this made me think about the PS4’s share button capabilities. I’m wondering if it would be worth it to buy the digital version on my PS3 so I can be play on the PS4. I already have the Post Pandemic and Survival Edition pre-ordered though so I don’t think I need 3 copies of the game -rant

  • Also, why haven’t you talked about MP yet? And how will you ensure balance considering there was no Beta?

  • On a scale of 1- 10 how super scary is this game? Just because there is gross looking zombies doesnt mean it is all that scary. But is it comparable to a scary movie like the grudge or the ring etc..?

  • @bball230
    I wouldn’t compare it with movies. Scary games can be more scary than a movie and that’s cos we actually care about the character. Perhaps compare with something like Dead Space. If you don’t like scary things then play during daylight and with company around

  • I can’t wait to see the multiplayer portion of the game. Hope its this week.

  • First and formost, congrats to you Naughty Dog. Your staff continues to bring us playstation gamers some of the most fresh and innovative gameplay in your games. The combat in TLOU looks really well thought of. Cant wait to get my hands on this game. As others have already said, Day 1 purchase. I;m a huge fan of your games so this is just me supporting your craft.
    On a side note. I have to proclaim my love for Uncharted. I used to be a huge, HUGE TombRaider fan, Lara was my reason for switching from Sega to Playstation. until the series got stale and low and behold, Uncharted came along and re-energized my love in exploration/ Action games. Well I recently played the latest TR and I must say, it is a solid game. Well put together with lots of Uncharted gameplay sprinkled in. So heres hoping that the next Uncharted steps his game up, cause it seems that the queen of exploration is seeking to reclaim her crown. Thanks and bring on The Last Of Us. …..Keep on Gaming

  • There are no words to describe my excitement for TLOU please make it Day 1 Digital

  • Bicgoozgetten-69

    The graphics on this game is immaculate. I will be buying this game when it comes out.

  • @Eric Monacelli

    Can you run out of bullets at ANY time in the game? is it possible to beat ANY section of the game without a FIREARM?

    Can the bad guys (human survivors) heal themselves?

    Do the bad guys run for the lives when they’re outnumbered?

    Do the bad guys pick up weapons on the floor/stage?

    Can a bad guy use one of your allies/Ellie as a shield?

    Is there any limit to the amount of stuff you can carry with you?

    Does being badly injured impair your responsiveness/aim/movement/other skills?

    Do you go weak if you don’t eat/heal yourself in a timely manner?

    I have many more questions related to “Survival”, but those are my main inquires for now.

  • Been following this game since day 1 and I can say I have never been this excited for a game in a long time! I just want to know if there will be any replay value incentives and some details about the multiplayer? ;)

  • I fully support this game, already got the Post-Pandemic Edition pre-ordered!

    Any chance there will be more contests for the game?!!


  • Can’t freakin’ wait! :D Day 1 digital please. Thank you. :)

  • Sony you should also allow for pre-loading of digital downloads a week in advance to avoid server crush similar to how steam, Origin do it. Thanks!

  • I need to have a Day 1 Digital. I do not want to have to buy a disc. Please please, make it happen. It is backed by Sony so I can’t see why not, then again God of War was not.

  • Will The Last of Us have special personalization settings for Pulse Elite Headset?

  • Game of the generation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @25 MarinoBrea

    Do you want him to play the game for you too? Wait few more weeks and you will have your answers

  • Can’t wait to rent this off gamefly next month.

  • @33 Berae

    There’s no spoilers whatsoever in answering any of those questions. A direct answer for some of them would be nice.

  • Please make this documentaries available in the full game as bunuses.Cant wait ND you have all my money.TLoU will be GOTY…last game I was this excited was God of War 3.

  • Hope there’s a PS4 edition in the works…

  • This game looks so good, already have it pre ordered, day one buy for me.

  • Day 1!

    Must. Resist….
    … Tempted to watch…
    I’m on media blackout for this! I KNOW this is GOTY material right here.
    Thanks for the hard work ND.
    Can’t wait to get my ginormous grubby mitts on this one :D

  • HURRY UP AND RELEASE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  • Man I’m still rocking the 80GB console, I hope the GB size of this thing isn’t huge. I would love to get it digitally so I don’t have to use my disc drive.

    Hopefully a official file size is released soon so I know what copy to preorder

  • Sorry If it’s been answered before. Since items are scarce and the game is going for the desperation feel, do the items change location each play through?

  • Already pre-order 3 months ago,awesome games this year, now I guess at E3 is when they will talk about the multiplayer.

  • What happened to the Multiplayer have we forgot? The game will be out in less than a month and we are all still waiting. I have real high hopes for the game but am disappointed to still be waiting on details about the online portion.

  • get hype :D

  • the last of us looks amazing.

  • HELLO TO ALL & N.D. I can’t wait.. we all ben waiting for this game since we 1st heard of it, we loved the uncharted games ( all 3 ) & really looking forward to this game. I have it reserved for me threw gamestop about a year now & glad its done…I’ve started play’n video games in the 80’s and since grew to love todays gaming industry……N.D,keep the games coming,great job, sincerly – PAPA. J.

  • Nice beards!

  • Oh god yes!! FINALLY another survival game!! This looks like it’s going to be like classic Resident Evil only better with the crafting system!

    I’ve been preordered since last year simply because it was by Naughty Dog, but everything I’ve seen about TLoU just makes me want to play it even more!

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