BEYOND: Two Souls: What Did You Miss at Tribeca?

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BEYOND: Two Souls: What Did You Miss at Tribeca?

As I’m sure many of you know, on April 27th, BEYOND: Two Souls was featured in a historic screening at Tribeca Film Festival, which was live-streamed right here on the PlayStation Blog. So far, over 3.2 Million of you have tuned in to watch the presentation! The full video is still live on YouTube, but we know not everyone has time to watch a 1.5 hour presentation; and even more of you are concerned about accidentally stumbling upon spoilers. Our solution? We made a “Tribeca Film Festival Highlights” video for you, so you can re-live the show in just a couple minutes!

BEYOND: Two Souls was also featured yesterday on Tribeca Film Festival’s “Future Of Film” blog, and will be making ongoing appearances on their site as they continue the discussion around how BEYOND: Two Souls is further blending the worlds of film and gaming.

Everything you’re seeing in the gameplay shown at Tribeca Film Festival is under the control of the player in some way shape or form, and the story evolves based on decisions and actions the player takes. In the coming months, we’ll definitely be highlighting much more clearly just what that means, so stay tuned!

We hope you enjoy the show, and remember to get out and pre-order your copy today! Pre-ordering at GameStop will get you a nice package of exclusive goodies too.

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  • soundandvision77

    So amazing. I’m glad to see that the game uses the same type of control scheme as Heavy Rain. I really enjoyed that and found it to be a very immersive experience. So many great Playstation games coming out, and then the PS4…awesome time to be a gamer.

  • reserved and paid for

  • This is game is going to be epic. I’m glad Sony is still delivering amazing content like this so late into the year even though the PS4 launch is looming over head. I truly enjoyed Heavy Rain and I expect this game to be every bit as good.

    I cannot wait. Thanks Quantic Dream and Sony.


  • I said this after ii watched the stream that night and I’l say it again, this game truly became a must have for me

  • Wow! What a treat this game will be. My wife enjoyed sitting down and watching me play Heavy Rain and she will enjoy watching BEYOND: Two Souls as well. Job well done again Mr. Cage. It’s nice to have someone so passionate about story telling in the games industry.

  • Oh wow, I haven’t seen footage of this game in a while. At this point in time, it looks absolutely amazing! That said I never got a chance to pick up Heavy Rain, so I guess now’s as good a time as any. Oh and just wondering, will Beyond Two Souls support PS Move?

  • Nice…very nice…I’ll be getting this game day 1….Heavy Rain is fantastic…I bet Beyond will be too.

  • Is the video just interviews? I would rather not see any gameplay.

  • @Kchow23 yes there is some gameplay. I was doing the same as you, avoiding gameplay videos of this game, but I watched the above one and I didn’t really find it spoiler-y in my opinion, if you want to take the chance…

  • Only watched it because he promised no spoilers.

  • I am on media blackout for this game, The Last of Us, and a couple others that I know I am going to buy.
    BUT… I couldn’t resist.
    I HAD to click on the above trailer.
    My goodness…
    … this game is looking phenomenal!
    I’ve already preordered this gem, and cannot wait for it to come out.

  • Can’t wait for this to drop as well, great games coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Man, Ellen Page is such a babe… Just thought I’d put that out there.

  • I’m on a media blackout as well and didn’t realize the “spoiler free” clip would include so much game footage–I hope from the start of the game. I’m still very excited about this game, but wish I hadn’t seen as much as I did, as I prefer to be “surprised” with games I don’t need any more inducement to buy. Hopefully by October I’ll forget everything I saw. ;)

  • Beautiful. I think this and The Last of Us are gonna be REALLY FIGHTING for that Game of the Year award this year, gonna be a close one. Naughty Dog hasn’t shown much of the narrative of The Last of Us.. it seems the story in the last of us is more told + found out through the gameplay, and in Beyond, the story is explicitly expressed through the cinematics + actors. 2 different approaches, but both look to pull you in- great graphics, great story / idea / characters… cant wait!!

    Oh, and for the people that want to see more interviews… go to youtube and type “Beyond Two Souls Tribeca Film Festival” and watch the 40 minute interview with David Cage and the cast.

  • Can’t wait for this game!!

  • @13,

    I agree, Ellen is a stunning-looking girl, and an outstanding actress.

  • I’m trying to stay as far away from media coverage for this game, The Last of Us, Watch_Dogs, GTA V, and a couple others, as much as I can so that story elements aren’t ruined for me.

    But I did watch this trailer, and Beyond: Two Souls is looking more amazing than I had previously thought possible.

    David Cage is a master of his art, and definitely far more advanced in his creative process than most of his contemporaries.

  • i have this on my gamefly rental queue.

  • Press X to Ellen Page

  • This looks sucky.

    I like to play my games instead of watching interactive movies.

    Press X to interactive movie

  • Everyone looking forward to this should watch this brilliant fan trailer!

  • SocialClimber_85

    I’m pretty excited for this game.
    I am happy more games are being made as experiences rather than continuing with the games that are just button mashing mindless clones of the same game over and over.

  • @21

    Thanks for bringing that up. I was just about to get into that.

    I think it was smart for Quantic to do this in order to show that Beyond: Two Souls won’t be, as David Cage put it, “pressing a button every 20 minutes” as I kind of thought it was going to be. It’s still very much going to be a game, but the cutscenes are longer than your typical cutscenes and the fact that you actually will be interested in the story. I’m now anticipating this game that much more.

    I didn’t want to see anything of this game since it’s so focused on story that anything they show would technically be a spoiler, but I couldn’t help myself and it definetely was worth it since it completely changed my percepetion of how this game was going to be.

  • Most anticipated game after ‘The Last of Us’! :D

  • omg allen page is so nice !!

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