The Music of The Last of Us: Gustavo Santaolalla

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The Music of The Last of Us: Gustavo Santaolalla

When pre-production started in earnest on The Last of Us there was a folder of music files featuring work by some of the preeminent musicians in video games, television, and film. These tracks held a sampling of the ideal musical quality, direction, and tone we wanted to have for the project. The Academy Award winning work of Gustavo Santaolalla appeared multiple times. Being that he had never composed for video games before the thought of getting him to work on The Last of Us seemed a bit farfetched. He was approached by our music group at Sony and, well, this video will tell you the full story about the man himself and how he came to work on The Last of Us:

The Music of The Last of Us: Gustavo Santaolalla

We are honored to have Gustavo’s music and talents in our game. The texture of Gustavo’s musical score serves the game’s narrative and the music is rife with poignant, descriptive and intimate sounds. His work is unlike anything heard in a video game before. It’s a beautiful, haunting, sonic landscape that makes the game’s themes more emotionally resonant and emphasizes thoughtfully how Joel, Ellie, and all the characters in the game perceive the world around them. It’s a masterful musical score.

Want a sampling of the sonic delight Gustavo crafted for The Last of Us? Visit the Sony Music Soundtracks SoundCloud set. If you pre-order the game, via the Sights & Sounds DLC pack, you’ll get full access to the official digital soundtrack. The soundtrack is also available for purchase as a CD via the Sony Masterworks label. The Last of Us arrives June 14th, 2013.

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  • Bah, why does the soundtrack have to be $7 more in Canada?

  • Messi, Maradona, the Pope & Santaolalla. Argentinian proud.

  • Stop torchering me Naughty Dog The Last Of Us looks so awesome.

  • and PLZ show multiplayer and heres hopeing that its more survival than run and gun

  • Game of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • He’s really amazing. The soundtrack from “Babel” is just superb!

  • Gustavo Santaolalla is a legend!

  • damn, why is there a tear in my eye? please tell me i can get the soundtrack on music unlimited

  • what is the name of the first song playing I can’t stop listening to it

  • Will you sell The Last of Us shirts like the ones the editors of Ign wear?

  • Digital Version Of The Last Of Us Playable During Download !!!!

    Naughty Dog has told Game Informer that its upcoming survival horror epic The Last of Us will be released digitally through the PlayStation Store on June 14, the same day that the game releases in stores on Blu-ray disc. There’s also something special about this simultaneous release.

    Naughty Dog’s creative director Neil Druckmann and The Last of Us game director Bruce Straley told Game Informer that Sony has worked a little magic so that you won’t have much of a delay before playing the digital version. The game will be playable once the download hits 50 percent. Sony has promised that, on PlayStation 4, downloadable games will be almost instantly playable while the download carries on in the background.

    @Eric Monacelli:

    Can you confirm this ?

  • So much respect for this project, love the theme song of this game, definitely gonna be iconic.

    How about Joel & Ellie for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale?

  • Any info about last of us post pandemic edition coming back in stock 1 more time :(

  • I’m super bummed out that you guys allowed the ending to the game to get leaked. I found out through a message on my PSN with the title giving it away. You guys should fire that guy who labeled the hacked file that.

  • Easily. EASILY….

    …My most anticipated game this year (unless MetalGearSolid V comes out this year-your in good company :D).
    Gosh, this video was awesome. Gustavo’s music sounds amazing, and seems like the perfect emotional fit for this game….. Gah!!!
    It feels like such an awesome time to be a gamer!!!

  • Gustavo is the man! His work is truly outstanding and masterful. Nonetheless, I’m stoked for The Last of Us!

  • LOVE these behind the scene videos. Always so interesting to see all the hard work everyone seems to give and the passion. Keep the videos coming Sony! Great Job! :)

  • playing The Last of Us DEMO right now because i buy GOD OF WAR 4 COLLECTOR :


    can someone give me the good code from my collector ?????

    it might be The Last Of COLLECTOR ….. :(

  • I’ve asked this before a couple of times on Twitter with no reply. Will I be able to buy the soundtrack on iTunes? Maybe not on launch, but later down the road? Thanks Naughty Dog! :)

  • Is it going to be Day 1 Digital?

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