PlayStation Blogcast 074: A Pre-E3 Spelunking

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PlayStation Blogcast 074: A Pre-E3 Spelunking
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What a show we have for you kids today! Spelunky creator Derek Yu stops by to talk about his upcoming PS3 and PS Vita adventure. Then, we dip our toe into E3 with new interview focusing on some of the minds behind Doki Doki Universe and The Last Of Us at the pre-E3 Judges’ Day event in Santa Monica. Plus: New letters, a call for listener PSN Gems of the Week, and one memorable voicemail. Let’s listen in!

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  • Ay, Caramba!

  • is this now a friday thing

  • Ill be giving this a listen tonight while ranking my guns with double weapon xp on COP..I’m pumped for E3

  • COD* oops

  • Love the blogcast, guys! So many games have come to PSN as day 1 digital releases and last night, Game Informer wrote that The Last of Us will join that list in June. I was wondering if you could tell us if Remember Me will follow suit.

    Thanks and keep up the great work

  • Great show this time, guys, I think you got the balance much better. The Derek Yu interview was great, I love hearing from these indie devs. Keep it up! E3 should be great this year, don’t let the huge Vita fans out there down! :)

  • To call the Voice Mail memorable is an understatement of epic proportions! That dude was awesome.

    My submission for Listener Gem, and I don’t recall ever hearing this one, is Shatter. That game is the prefect PSN game. Inexpensive, has a great soundtrack, and one of the best uses of “block breaking” in gaming. I love love love that game!

    Great show as always. I haven’t missed one yet. BTW-I love how Nick usually says “film”, rather than “movie”.

  • @ #2-They are late with the Blog Post. I had it waiting for me in my Podcast App this morning. So I guess technically it’s a Friday thing, but it has been available all day. If you subscribe in iTunes, you’d be ahead of the game.

  • Downloading to my Vita now. I’ll be listening while trophy hunting!

  • Just a correction to some misinformation from this week’s podcast. The Metro series is a standalone IP but it is tangentially related to the Stalker series. 4A was founded by former employees of GSC Game World, a year before the release of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl. They worked on that games engine and took those tools to make the Metro engine. Although the game worlds aren’t directly related they have many spiritual similarities.

  • What’s up guys, overall a really awesome show this week! You talked a bunch about gaming, lots of exclusive interviews, what’s coming to the store next week, some hilarious personal stories, games you played, and you talked about movies, but it was a great flowing, non-excessive conversation there either! I really liked this format.

    I guess the thing is, is that you guys have the burden of being an OFFICIAL PlayStation Podcast, so the people that listen pretty much expect gaming and PlayStation near 100% of the time =/ I would recommend another podcast for movie talk, or the end the show and then announce a branch off into other subjects or something.

    I loved this episode, it’s been the best I’ve heard in a while, you guys were absolutely hilarious and the guy’s voicemail you played had me laughing till I cried, I’m surprised you play and read comments like that but keep doing it because I love the transparency that you’re giving us there. Also, I didn’t expect you guys to read my comment on the show! Nice =D Keep up the awesome work guys!

  • Sid, Nick, and Jason, you guys rock!

    Been listening since Day 1, and I look forward to listening to every episode from beginning to end. I like listening to your show while working out, driving to work, or trips out of town etc.
    I love how you guys are informative and respectful of games in general, and don’t lambast games the way that typical jaded gaming “journalists” do. Love it!

    Fun, Professional, Respectful, Conversational, and Informative.

    The show is awesome. Yes, it gets a little movie/food/book/other heavy at times, BUT I’m all for expanding my horizons. Hell, I’m even considering buying a board game! (Thanks Nick :/) If it weren’t for you, me and my wife never would’ve discovered and bonded over episodes of Breaking Bad! Thanks.

    Anyway. Just wanted to say keep up the great work. I wanted to chime in and hopefully let you know that your work is appreciated.

  • Quickly:
    Sid: You HAVE to play Dark Souls. Seriously.
    You keep bringing up Castlevania Symphony of the Night. Easily in my top 5 for GOAT.
    Basically think of Dark Souls as this…”awesome interconnected world, with modern day graphics, version of Castlevania: SotN”. Give it a try. Dark Souls is NOT hard, don’t let that put you off.

    Nick: You HAVE to play Metal Gear Solid 3. Make time.

    Jason: You have awesome taste in games. Enough said. lol

  • I have to say the Rpg talk is fine with me (thanks for bleeping out the voice mail, you guys dont need to go down THAT road). While im in the ‘ less movie talk ‘ camp I think this ep was a good balance and movie talk certainly should not be removed completely. Loved the interviews once again. Keep up the good guys!

  • I thank Naughty Dog for letting us know that The Last of Us will be digital Day 1.
    I am extremely great full to them for not waiting until the last minute like most developers.

    Can’t wait!

  • Red Dead Revolver was originally developed by Capcom. Rockstar bought the right to the game.

    Hearing your stories on how hearing the ending of the game/movies before seeing it kills it for you I thought I should share this.

    One of my PSN friends decided to spoil U3 by making an account and putting the plot twist in the subject bar and the ending in the message completely killing the game for me.

  • Sucks, for some reason I am having trouble with the audio for this podcast..I dont get it i can listen to everything else on my pc just not this one..anyone else having trouble?

  • Hey since DUST 514 is published when is the Vita companion app coming?

  • Let’s Get FlatOut Head On PS Vita Compatible

    Go to Google

    Search “Let’s Get FlatOut Head On PS Vita Compatible”

    Click on the first result.

    Sign the petition please.

    Thank you

  • I would like to see more sales on season passes like what you guys did for walking dead! So hopefully we’ll see some great value with the sales coming this week :-D By the way another great blog cast .

  • I can see myself playing hours and hours of Spelunky on the Vita, as i’m doing with Soul Sacrifice now.

  • Derek Yu is so adorable!! :3

    i’m not really interested in indie games, but i’ll get it just to support him.

  • Any news or plans on a E3 Blog get together this year?

  • “The right amount of movie talk” ehh I don’t know about that, it still was a bit overboard with the off-topic stuff, but I am glad you guys are taking in my feedback. And I do like how you guys kind of merge the different mediums in some of your discussions, especially when it comes to something like The Walking Dead or Defiance when they are bringing the world to life in different ways like that. But onto what you guys were talking about on if we are “expecting too much”, i wouldn’t really say that, but I will say that you guys will enjoy things a lot more if you just enjoy it for what it is and not call this something meaningful and this generic or hate on the actors or the director. I think that there is a perfect balance between it all and it is what it is. It is all a form of art and i don’t think we have the right to judge it. I used to always be like that and I really wasn’t able to enjoy anything because I always had high expectations and I always had to be a critic, but now I just go with the flow and enjoy everything for what it is and not hold anything against it.

  • I mean what really makes me cringe when you guys talk about movies is that you guys always have to sit there and critique it. But wait, Listener PSN gem of the week? I came up with that a long time ago in an email I send you guys. Thieves! Just kidding, I think it is a great idea. But you guys are still going to do the Content of the week and month sort of thing right? I’d love to see what sort of content you guys would be interested in most that would be coming. It could also be like a sale or what game or content is coming to PS Plus. Just anything going on and coming to PlayStation that next Tuesday, but of course something you guys can actually talk about at the time you post the blogcast. And as far as something special for Episode 75 next week, I say make that be the permanent return of Rey (if possible). At least have him as a guest or something, I miss him. And see if you guys can get an interview in with Jack Tretton. I know he’s probably pretty busy with E3 coming up and everything, but out of everyone at PlayStation, he is my absolute favorite. Don’t worry, you guys aren’t far behind. xD

  • guys could u give us some psn freebies to all ur faithful listeners, ur sony, come on guys :D

  • Also wanted to add that my eyes blew up and my mouth watered after hearing about the multiplayer in The Last of Us. I am already sold on it. It just keeps getting better and better.

  • Is there ANY chance in Outer Heaven that we might see an HD version of Peace Walker for Vita?? Gotta love that OLED!

  • Great show, Loved the Mist. I think it would have done better but “the fog” came out a week before and I think people were done with weather phenomena. Also I am really looking forward to this “HUGE” sale you guys teased.

  • “the company must also learn from past errors, not only with PSP and Vita, but also with the overlap between PS2 and PS3. Microsoft vanquished the original Xbox once Xbox 360 arrived, and look at how well that worked. Sony should let history be its guide.” -IGN

  • PLZ
    playing The Last of Us DEMO right now because i buy GOD OF WAR 4 COLLECTOR :


    can someone give me the good code from my collector ?????

    it might be The Last Of COLLECTOR ….. :(

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  • Hey guys, I don’t know if you guys could help but I would like to point out that the Star Wars pinball DEMO unlocks trophies (unless it was meant to). I personally dislike having 0% games on my trophy list :\

  • Before I criticize I want to say that this is a great podcast and I listen every week. But man Sid really stretches the truth on movies to fit his view, to say Thor is any deeper than Iron Man 3 or any other super hero movie is ridiculous. Sid is just really really picky; he has to come to terms with that. There is very little pattern to the movies he likes and doesn’t like. Sorry Sid, love the show, but come on! Thor was not as good as the Avengers, not even close.

  • Great episode.

    I like how you said, that’s enough of movie talk, and proceeded 5 minutes later to have more movie talk :P

    How about adding something to the blog cast about your hall of shame games that you never played for one reason or another. It would be fun to hear the others give you a pep-talk about why to play that game.

  • So I have some feedback for Sid himself about the hype he usually gives to sales, which needs to be turned down a notch because it occasionally gets out of hand. There have been a handful of times where he hypes up sales on Ultimate Editions and other things, which are great for those that have missed out on a game and want to get in on a decent deal. The problem is that he uses terms like “Big Fat Sales”, “Major Money Saving Opportunities”, and “Plungingly-Low Prices” to describe them and they’re anything but. You have to be aware that when we hear about big sales weeks after the Spring Fever sales a few weeks ago that we expect cheap games that are more in the neighborhood of $20 or less instead of games that are generally between $30 to $60. I love Shumanisms like “Farm Fresh” and all that, but you do need to cool it on the hyperbole because you do have a responsibility as the host to not misrepresent these deals. This sentiment is echoed by a lot of the people on CAG (CheapAssGamer in case you don’t know), who are always going to hope for the best out of the deals on PSN that you guys announce.

    Thanks and keep up the great work otherwise.

  • Great episode like always. Can’t believe it’s already ep. 75 and almost time for E3 again!

    Kinda random but I was taking a writing placement test to get into college, and one of the questions (thankfully multiple choice) said, Choose the sentence that best corrects or improves the following sentence:

    “It is a characteristic stylistic manner of the film maker Quentin Tarantino to allusively amalgamate scenic quotations from the repertory of his cinematic forebears in his own oeuvre.”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself : )

  • @36 agreed. That lame sale was way overhyped.

  • Still no blogcast posted this week. That makes me a sad panda.

  • Can’t take any more! Great podcast, but I think you are letting the masses dictate the content. I have listened from day one and enjoyed every aspect that has been presented. I don’t think you guys should change a thing whether it be movies, food, board games or TV. Those of you who are listening and don’t enjoy it, UNSUBSCRIBE! You can get a full refund! The complaining about what should be covered is actually taking away from content that some of us enjoy.

    Please don’t give anyone a vessel to vent frustration on the podcast. You guys are just enabling the complainers!

    Don’t change a thing. Great job!

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