Mugen Souls Hits PSN Tuesday

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Mugen Souls Hits PSN Tuesday

Mugen Souls

Greetings, doods! I hope you’ve all been well! Chris King here, dropping by to let you know that our JRPG title, Mugen Souls, is set to release on PlayStation Network on Tuesday! I’d like to briefly go over some of the game’s awesome features and mechanics for those unfamiliar with the game, and will gladly answer any questions you might have for us! Let’s get started!

The story contains all the over-the-top humor and zaniness you’ve come to expect from NISA. You’ll enter a small galaxy in the universe containing seven worlds, shimmering in seven colors… These worlds exist and act independent of one another. This has allowed them to develop and nurture rich, unique cultures. Then one day, a decree was sent out… “I’m gonna make everything in each of these worlds bow to me!” What a bold statement! But by whom, you ask? None other than the multiple-personality-having, naively egotistical yet strangely adorable Chou-Chou! Your goal as Chou-Chou is to conquer the universe by uniting these seven worlds, and force everything and everyone to become your loyal peons! An undisputed God at her finest!

Mugen Souls

The gameplay system is a nice little mixture of turn-based and free movement on the battlefield. When you want to deal some hardcore damage, get ready for some zany fun! You can initiate group attacks, similar to the Disgaea series, where you might find yourself transported into army tanks and shower explosives all over the enemies. You might also find yourself merging with your teammates, forming an awesome character-windmill, slicing and dicing your enemy for some massive damage. The creativity of how you attack is in the palm of your hands! When you aren’t conquering worlds, you will be traveling the universe in your ship, known as the “G-Castle.” Be sure to level up your ship and gather plenty of peons – you’ll need them when you enter ship-to-ship combat battles!

Mugen Souls Mugen Souls

In order to enslave enemies to become your peons, you must use the unique system mechanic known as “Moe Kill.” To perform this skill, you first must match your personality to your enemy. Once you’ve done that, you will need to use short phrases to coincide with the mood of the enemy. After successfully completing this a few times, the enemies will bow down as your new peons! More peons for the win, dood!

Another awesome feature is the “Mugen Field,” which operates very similarly to “Item World” in the Disgaea series. It consists of a dungeon with multiple floors, where you can level up your weapons to a hilarious degree. Take on enemies in a series of consecutive battles and earn tons of EXP! Get ready to grind out those levels to create the perfect Undisputed God of the Universe!

Mugen Souls Mugen Souls

Aside from the Mugen Field, Mugen Souls contains several elements from the Disgaea series, including Disgaea artist Takehito Harada’s unique character art, as well as a soundtrack by Disgaea composer Tenpei Sato. Mugen Souls provides a refreshing JRPG experience, so definitely give it a try on PSN next week, dood!

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  • I’m sure you’ll have no answer, but I hope we get Mugen Souls Z.

  • This is for the ps3 i suposse…right?

    • Hey Clowny2,

      Yes, for PSN on the PS3! Totally forgot to include that, dood… My apologies!

      Chris King

  • can’t wait to play this on my ………………………………ps vita…………………………………………………………………………………

  • Yeah, it’d be nice if they wrote: “Available to PS3 or PS Vita owners on PSN next week” somewhere in the blog. lol. Guess I’ll wait to see or look around online to see if it’s playable on my Vita.

    • Hey UnrealButcher,

      My apologies for the lack of information, dood! It will be available on PSN for the PS3.

      Chris King

  • Cool

  • Its for PS3.
    Just the digital release of the retail title.

  • the3streetsaints

    price and file size? thx

    • Hey the3streetsaints,

      The price is going to be $39.99 – and I am unsure of the file size at the moment.

      Chris King

  • @2,3,4 Like Psikorps wrote it’s for PS3

  • I hope we get Mugen Souls Z, too.

    This is nice for people who can’t get a physical copy.

  • Really liked their “Legasista” game, so will definitely check this one out! The physical copy.

    • Hey tranquility101,

      I’m glad you enjoyed Legasista! It’s definitely one of my favs! Mugen Souls is a great pick, so please have a blast with it!

      Thank you for your support ^^

      Chris King

  • Looks soo girly and childish. just cant get with it. Shank 3 Please aha.

  • I might get it depending on that the download file size isn’t too big I only have about 10 GB of free space left on my PS3.

  • Wait…didn’t this already come out last year? This is the same Mugen Souls that was out last October and has a 55 on Metacritic, right?

  • Cool the best game ever on PSN, I hope we get Mugen souls z too, been playing this one non-stop lately.

  • How much ??

  • More RPG’s that’s a good thing, this seems like it has a Diseagea feel to it. Will have to investigate further.

    • Hey tusunami,

      It most definitely has a Disgaea feel to it – Both artistically and musically. I really hope you investigate it further dood ^^ RPGs for the win!

      Chris King

  • Any chance that this game will come to the vita?

    • Hey xwarbotz,

      As of now, I don’t have any news for this title coming to the Vita. However, I will be sure to let you and everyone else know if it happens, dood!

      Chris King

  • HEY DOOD!!!! How much is it going to be? An will their be another?

    Later dood.

    • Hi Cat_Corye,

      First of all, HI DOOD!!!!

      Secondly, It will on PSN for PS3 for $39.99! I really hope you dig it, dood!

      Chris King

  • Any chance of this ever coming to PSVita? I would love to play it on the go or just in my hands. Plus, the text is super small on the TV.

    • Hi Setsuna1292,

      As of now, we don’t have any news of it coming out on the PS Vita – It would be totally awesome though, dood!

      Chris King

  • localize Neptunia PP and Fairy Fencer F, please.

  • @13: Yeah, but the didn’t release on PSN. Thus, this post about PSN release.

  • I’m gonna download this and hope the sequel comes over as well. Don’t let me down, guys.

    • TheBravestHero,

      Thank you for the support, dood! We’ll do our best to keep you up, er, not let you down, er, you get my drift, dood! ^^

      Chris King

  • Looks great! I’ve been wanting to play this!

  • i love you NIS.

  • Is it going to be vita compatible??

  • Pedro408sanjose

    @20, In time it will definitely happen.

  • Pass, game still ducks. CH just doesn’t like games like NIS does. There is a reason the collectors edions are still available on the NISA Webstore….
    Glad you keep bringing titles over, but this was definitely one of the failed ones. It just wasn’t good like most CH games. Let us know when we can preorder Disgaea D2(1.4GB), Guided Fate Paradox(2.8GB) and Time and Eternity. Please release them digitally as well like they are on the JP PSN. Any idea why Disgaea D2 is so small…makes me worry about content.

  • Looks really fun, I think I’ll check it out.

    • Hi Sarrop39,

      It is really fun and I really hope you enjoy it, dood! Thank you for the support!

      Chris King

  • i hope to god you guys are charging more than $9.99 for this game considering how buggy the disc version was when i rented it last year. The framerate would drop to ridiculous levels after every battle. It was so annoying.

    I hope we also get Mugen souls Z ^_^

    • Roll_chan,

      AWESOME DOOD! No news on Mugen Soulz Z, but if something comes up, I will be back to let you know about it!

      Chris King

  • Glad to hear this, dood! I tried to find a copy locally, and was going to order one online in a few weeks around the time my summer vacation started, but now I don’t have to, dood!

    • corey2678,

      Talk about good timing, dood! I hope you enjoy the game, and have an epic summer vacation, dood!

      Chris King

  • THANKS!!!

    I want more JRPG games and much more

    what about Dream C Club . . . Amnesia Crowd . . . Atelier Series (Digital Version) . . . Project Diva Ps3 and VIta . . . and a large etc . . . please we want those kind of games, WE LOVE IT!!! so if you don´t want to give us the retail version . . . the digital is all that we need.

    • dominiumundi,

      You’re welcome, dood! We do our best to bring our fans awesome JRPGS, both retail version and digital versions, so please look forward to them! ^^

      Chris King

  • Why can’t we get real and proper turn based JRPGs this gen?

    Why all this loli pedo crap instead of great games such as ones like Xenogears and FFVII? I don’t remember JRPGs being so disgusting on PS2 and PS.

  • Even though I am happy to finally see this game on PSN since I switched to digital games, I am still upset with the little editing and censoring they did to the game :(

  • Can we get a nippon ichi sofware sales when this game comes out?

    There are lots of NIS games that Im interested in. Im pretty sure most of the users need that little push.

  • More Vita games please! :D

  • For anyone asking about Vita release, its not up to NISA. Its up to Compile Heart, the original Japanese developer.. and they’ve already released the next game in the series, so they wouldn’t be going back to old games just to port them to Vita.

  • I will probably pass on this for a while longer, waiting on Disgaea D2/Guided Fate Paradox from you guys as well as Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD, Muramasa Rebirth, Tales of Xillia, and Ys Celceta. It’s a busy year for JRPGs in the West.

  • I will definietly buy it next tuesday for $25 or less, i think that is a fair price for a game like this. any more than that and ill have to think about it.

  • @37
    Not that I care for this game at all, but that’s exactly what Gust did with the Atelier games from Arland. That and CH is working o. 3 Vita titles right now, one coming soon.

  • I’m relieved that NISA is still showing support for Mugen Souls. I heard it didn’t do too well in sales, but this definitely gives me some hope that we’ll see Mugen Souls Z!

  • I want this for my Vita!

  • This game has been sitting on my back log shelf for a while. If the price is right I’ll definitely double dip and play it off my HDD. I find it odd that the price is nowhere near this announcement, that doesn’t sit well with me.

  • playing The Last of Us DEMO right now because i buy GOD OF WAR 4 COLLECTOR :


    can someone give me the good code from my collector ?????

    it might be The Last Of COLLECTOR ….. :(

  • playing The Last of Us DEMO right now because i buy GOD OF WAR 4 COLLECTOR :


    can someone give me the good code from my collector ?????

    it might be The Last Of COLLECTOR ….. :(

    plz help me

  • Hopefully the low sales of this game was a lesson towards not butchering games in localization.

  • …Yay, I guess?

  • such a shame about the censor :\

  • So what price is it gonna be? Yet again, you people writing on this blog keep forgetting about the most important informations.

  • well this should be intersting

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