Black Ops II Uprising Out Today: Mob of the Dead, 4 New Maps

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Black Ops II Uprising Out Today: Mob of the Dead, 4 New Maps
Black Ops II Uprising Out Today: Mob of the Dead, 4 New Maps

How often in life do you get a second chance? If you’re an online Call of Duty player, well, that’s pretty simple – you get one every time you press Square to respawn. But the concepts of return, reinvigoration, and redemption all play into Uprising, the second map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops II, which is available today on PlayStation Network.

Vertigo - Cloud CityMagma - River of Fire

To start, Uprising features four new maps for Black Ops II multiplayer matches:
Vertigo, the top of a Tacitus mega-structure that’s so tall, it breaks the cloud layer; Magma, a small Japanese village that has been engulfed by the lava of a nearby erupting volcano; Encore, the performance stage and surrounding grounds following a London music festival; and Studio, a re-imagining of the Call of Duty: Black Ops Firing Range, offering chaotic combat over several movie sets on a Hollywood backlot.

Encore - Nosebleeds

Studio - Arthur and his KnightsStudio - Giant Gameplay

Studio is a particular point of pride here, as it’s a re-imagining of Firing Range, which fans of the original Black Ops still eagerly choose in multiplayer lobbies. Its compact design and varied lines of sight – sniper perches, blind corners, tight alleyways – make it popular, but thematically, the original level is a bunch of plywood targets, purpose-built for training soldiers. Not only does the level look a lot more colorful now with the addition of crashed spaceships, animatronic dinosaurs, a pirate harbor, and a miniature monster-movie set, but these visual landmarks make it even easier to communicate. When a teammate calls out “there’s two in the pirate cove” or “I’m heading to the saloon,” there’s no confusion in the sitreps. And when you work together as team, you’ll find you don’t need second chances quite so often.

MotD - Joe Pantoliano as Al Arlington

For Mob of the Dead, the question isn’t so much “how often in life do you get a second chance” but “how often in death?” Alcatraz is the setting for this star-studded adventure, as four gangsters – played by Ray Liotta, Michael Madsen, Chazz Palminteri, and Joe Pantoliano – seek to escape one of the world’s most infamous prisons. But as you might expect, the bars and cells aren’t the only things standing in their way. Zombies – the ultimate benefactors of a second chance! — have taken over the island prison, so these wiseguys will have to battle the undead if they’re going to make it out. New perks like the wittily named Electric Cherry offer players some shocking new gameplay mechanics, as does the new Afterlife Mode, which lets interact with your environment and solve puzzles despite having just had your existence expire. But like I said…a second chance is something you should never take for granted.

MotD - Thick as Thieves

Uprising is available now on PSN for $14.99, but if you are the owner of a Black Ops II Season Pass, you already own it – just download it from the in-game Store menu.

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  • Nice bullshots

  • And the explosion starts NOW UNDER ME!!!!!!!

  • Hey Dan, how about activision reduce some of their PSN prices, paying £50-60 (UK) for 007 legends is ridiculous. Considering all activision games drop at retail quickly and BO2 sells here in UK for less than £20 in most stores, why do you (ACTIVISION) never reduce their prices on the store? The GAME store here was selling black ops: declassified for £8 Brand new! PS Store = £45 I think

    • Prices are not set by the publisher. MSRP stands for Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price, and it really is just that — a suggestion. In fact, it’s a law, both in the US and in the UK, that the person who makes the stuff cannot force any retailer to sell it for any specific price. Here’s a relevant link for the UK:

      So…if you see prices differ in different stores, that’s just one of those things about all the stores being independent. Every store handles things differently.

  • My brother will be happy to know that it’s finally here, he loves the zombies!

  • donkeypunch12312

    Ive been waiting for this.

  • I have season pass, and I already got this. Enjoying MotD so far!

    Sorry to bring up a much regurgitated topic. I know the other console has an exclusive timed deal (this is business, I know) but I am NOT talking about that, it seems like everything else is done for the other console only. Such as:

    1. CoD Championship is Xbox 360-centric
    2. Activision/Treyarch giveaway and sweepstakes on Twitter, i.e. headsets and codes, are XBL-exclusive
    3. MLG (not directly controlled by Activision, I know) competition of CoD are predominantly on Xbox 360.

    As much as I LOVE Call of Duty, and I have CoD 3, CoDMW1, MW2, MW3, WaW, Classic, BO1, BO2, BO: Declassified (Vita), and I platinumed each one that has Trophies (check my Trophies), I’ve grown somewhat discordant.

    Everyone on my PSN knows me as a CoD junkie. I am NOT a hater of CoD by ANY means, but one of the reason I was ecstatic about the release of that DLC is the fact that there are only TWO DLC’s left and, for me at least, it will be the last two times I ever have to wait one month before a DLC, as I’m likely (NOT definitely) going to skip if the situation doesn’t ameliorate (not threatening boycott, just airing frustration). Thanks! <3

    • I hear you. And I can even offer some explanation into some of your points. :)

      1) COD Championships were actually sponsored by Xbox. If Sony PlayStation had sponsored the Championships, we probably would not have seen so many Xboxes!

      2) I’ve also seen PS3 codes given out by Treyarch (as well as fan outlets). In fact this past weekend, I gave away a massive amount of PS3 codes. Specifically for COD, I gave out Micro Items for Black Ops II and full DLC packs for the original Black Ops. The devs give out stuff too — perhaps you are missing them when they appear? I’d stay frosty around now, as they often give some away around the time the content is new, to help promote awareness of it.

      3) Well, that’s one for MLG to discuss. I have no insight into that.

  • My question is (comment too long), are there any plans to appeal to Sony gamers more? The number of friends on my list who play CoD is dwindling, and I just want the series to live on as I’ve met AMAZING people on it and gotten to know (on Twitter at least) some kickass people who work at Treyarch and Activision.

    • This is such an open-ended question it can’t be answered. How do you appeal to Sony gamers? Same way you appeal to Microsoft and Nintendo gamers: Make games they want to play. That’s always the goal. Yes, the DLC exclusivity window makes things lopsided in terms of timing, but if you and/or your friends are simply not playing as much COD as you expected or as you used to…well, hopefully, the fresh influx of maps helps that, and maybe the next game will be more interesting. But it’s kinda hard to know what is stopping them from playing as much as you expect — are they enjoying different games right now? Are they taking a break? Were they waiting for the fresh maps and you’ll see them this weekend? I honestly cannot guess that. But I figure they are playing what they want to play.

  • When you go to the PSN store to download, it advises Season Pass holders “not to download here, but to download in-game”. When you go to the in-game store, it ALSO advises you “not to download here, but t0 download in-game”. This was the same scenario with the Revolution map pack. The double-messaging is confusing. It appears that you’re accidentally purchasing the map pack separate from your Season Pass. However, only when you try to “purchase” the map pack, do you see that it’s priced at $0.00.

    The whole experience is just confusing. From what I’ve seen, there’s actually no difference between buying (redeeming) from the PSN store or from the in-game store, which is really just a portal to the PSN store. Part of the problem is the double-messaging on the in-game store. The other problem is the way the new PSN Store handles transactions. It’s pretty silly to put an item that costs $0.00 into your shopping cart and have to confirm the purchase. As a consumer and an frequent PSN customer, this sales funnel pushes all the wrong buttons.

    • Yeah, I am going to ask about this — this was also an issue on Xbox 360. I think it’s because the in-game menu borrows the verbiage directly from the Store.

      I downloaded it from within the game’s Store menu, and had no issues, so I would recommend that if anybody is unsure.

  • Bicgoozgetten-69

    Already got it! Stitch em up!

  • Bicgoozgetten-69

    more opportunity for campers to hide just put the sniper rifles down and fight like a soldier.

    • I have found a great workaround for those times when I’m being repeatedly sniped by someone in a faraway corner: Teamwork! Seriously — I chat with my teammates, let them know what I see and where I keep getting killed, and inevitably someone volunteers to flank and eliminate that threat.

      If you just keep walking into their sights, they’re going to keep on sniping you — but you can defeat them with simple communication.

  • MY GOD PERFECT!!! :))))

  • Hello Dan,

    I have a question. I don’t know if you will be able to answer it but, here it goes anyway. Ever since Activision has started having 1-month exclusive DLC for the Call of Duty Series, every time you or someone else posts here on the blog about the release of the PS3 COD DLC, the post always gets rated low and people are upset at having to wait for something the 360 got a month earlier. Is activision aware how bad of a reception these blog posts get? And how upset PS3(and PC)owners are at feeling like they are getting treated like second class citizens?
    I don’t think anyone in the gaming press or anyone else has asked, why does Activision have the exclusive deal with MS? Wouldn’t you want your content to be played by everyone at the same time?

    I hope that didn’t come off like I was mad or anything. I’m not. I’m not in the gaming press or the games industry. I’m just a regular gamer and it’s just something I’ve been wondering for awhile now.

    Thank you for your time Dan.

    P.S. I do plan on buying the new maps. I just think it would be nice not having to wait a month. :-P

    • Didn’t come off angry at all — thanks for being civil so we can actually talk about it.

      But I do not want you to think of yourself as as “second-class citizen” — that’s harsh and there is no emotional or value judgment being made on Sony gamers. This is simply a case of a company looking for a competitive advantage. For Microsoft, Call of Duty DLC was the right opportunity. For Sony, it was Batman: Arkham Asylum Joker levels and Battlefield DLC. Everybody gets something, and in the best of those awkward situations, evrybody gets everything eventually. Doesn’t always work that way, but I’m glad that it does work that way in terms of COD DLC.

      The COD DLC exclusivity deal — and a brief history of gaming exclusivity deals in general — is explained here:

  • Activation should have not taken microshafts money. It has done more harm then good. And I think its bad business. I dont know numbers but ps3 and pc has to sell much less maps packs. And i’d say some of that is timed exclusivity. Not to mention the hard feeling you get from the not so small number of ps3 and pc gamers

  • Hmm not angry enough… Dan your a corporate tool.

    • If this content doesn’t look good to you, I’m not going to be personally offended if you skip it. I always believe people should simply play what makes them happy. But there’s no need for namecalling.

  • The exclusivity deal doesn’t bother me. If Microsoft wants to lazily drop money on timed-exclusivity deals with third parties to drive sales instead of putting that money into first-party exclusive content of their own, more power to them. I’ll just be happy that I bought a Playstation instead.

  • So what’s up with it being released on a Thursday. And I just love that way of speaking officials have. Polite and distant.

    • LOL — would you prefer impolite and aggressive? I’m not sure how else to answer, but I don’t see a point in being rude, regardless. If people have questions, I’ll try to answer them.

      As for it being released on a Thursday — I’m not sure. It’s been that way the last few times now. I can ask and see what I can find out, but off-hand, I do not know if it’s a Sony choice or an Activision decision, or a bit of both.

  • Like i said on the Europe site :D Will you still make us(PlayStation Fans) wait for DLC next gen? :-/ Considering you are showing the New COD game next week at MicroSoft’s Show i guess we will be treated like cr*p again next gen to? :-/ God knows why people put up with it, i don’t :D

    • I don’t have an end date to the DLC exclusivity deal, and I don’t know if a new generation of consoles will bring the existing deal to an end. Probably not, would be my guess — contracts are based on specific dates, not events. But unfortunately, I do not know what that date is. More info here:

  • Looking fwd to Firing Range. It will be neat to see how it translates into Black Ops 2. That and I might have to check out Zombies for the first time.

    This DLC couldn’t have hit at a better time. I’m starting to get really burnt out on BO2 – so hopefully the new maps will inject some new life into the game for me!

  • I don’t have an end date to the DLC exclusivity deal, and I don’t know if a new generation of consoles will bring the existing deal to an end. Probably not, would be my guess — contracts are based on specific dates, not events. But unfortunately, I do not know what that date is. More info here:

  • Does anyone knows the song from the trailer? its inside my head and i cant find the name of the song!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone Please Helppppppppppp!!!!!!

  • Thanks for answering my questions and clarifying some points I was not aware of. It explains a lot as I didn’t know much about the Championship. I like the maps I’ve played and I am more than satisfied with them.

    I know this is a frivolous request but if possible, could you relay to whomever is in charge that it’d be appreciated if new Trophies aren’t posted on PSN a long time before the DLC release? I’m kinda OCD and it gets me not having 100% and being unable to rectify that for a long time. I know it’s an inane and fatuous favour but I figured I might ask xP

  • I’m Sorry but this game is nothing like how COD use to be. I don’t find myself ever buying another DLC pack unless I saw maps and Gameplay like in COD4. Its amazing how downhill the game has gone since COD4.

    World at war was not that great it was decent but not that fun.

    MW2 was a really fun game but it took time to adjust with all the different killstreaks.

    Black ops was ok in my eyes but the maps were poorly made.

    Than comes MW3 which for whatever fell really low. I had high hopes for it but it didn’t perform like I expected.

    Now in Black ops 2 even though you have fun at certain times its not a great feeling when playing since the game is not balanced. Also the spawns on certain maps are horrible and for whatever reason this issue doesn’t get patched. I am even thinking to skip Ghosts this year unless a big difference is implemented. I will wait until we hear more info on Ghosts to decide. Hopefully I can continue to buy this game but its not looking good at the current moment.

    • Did you see the Treyarch Community Update video a few weeks ago? They discussed the spawn system, how it was changed, and how it was changed again. They’re listening to your feedback and constantly tweaking and balancing things. The patch notes go into minute detail about what each update brings to the game, and much of that tuning comes directly from player feedback:

      Here is that community update video regarding spawns, if you missed it:

  • i love the Treyarch CoD games because they at least try something new in the single player department and have a solid multiplayer. But i have to say the way they are treating non-micro$oft consumers is really off putting.

    It just makes no sense for a publisher of the highest grossing videogame for 2+ years in a row to have to be even more greedy and sell out to Micro$oft.

    I shouldn’t feel to bad though, since i expect the new console they make to fail big time because people are feed up with paying memberships for content Sony offers for free. Not to mention thheir lack of creative first party titles outside of Halo. After it fails, Activision will probably cozzy up with Sony. :/

    • For a little historical perspective on the whole exclusivity window thing, please give this a read:

      As you will see, it’s not unique to Activision or Microsoft, and there’s a good chance you have enjoyed one of the exclusives that was featured on a Sony platform exclusively, whether that be for a limited time or years or forever. Don’t take it personally, because it’s really not there to try to hurt you. As I said in that article, this is just the way the business has always worked — exclusives mean competitive advantages. And as long as there is competition — which is generally a good thing — there will be things like this that go along with it.

  • Can’t wait to get this, but unfortunately i have to wait to finish school.

  • That ‘Studio’ map is just a remake of an old BlOPS1 map. : / For $15 you really should be putting out all new content. And tell your bosses that 30 day exclusivity deal was a **bleep** thing to do to their customers. I’m done with your franchise next-gen, Killzone, BF4, Destiny will be more than enough FPS goodness for me. Oh and I know for certain they’ll all be offering dedicated servers unlike this little gem.

    • Yes, quoting from the article above: “Studio is a particular point of pride here, as it’s a re-imagining of Firing Range, which fans of the original Black Ops still eagerly choose in multiplayer lobbies.” This is a map that a lot of people requested return, but instead of simply doing a “save as” thing and putting out the EXACT same map, Treyarch totally rebuilt it with fresh visuals. It has been very warmly received so far.

      The exclusivity deal — as I have mentioned in several other replies so far — is explained (with historical examples!) at Please give it a read.

      As always, I think there is room for multiple FPS games in the market. There certainly is room for multiple FPS games on my shelf. I don’t just watch Die Hard — I watch lots of different action movies, you know? So play whatever looks interesting to you at any given time. It’s why you can swap discs in your PS3. :)

  • Are these guys seriously complaining about timed exclusivity? Try going to Wii U where those guys have not received any DLC AT ALL!! I had the Wii U version of this game but have since sold it and came back to Playstation where I can at least enjoy DLC regardless of when it’s released. As they say, “better late then never.”

  • XTR3M3_SKI11z74

    the easter egg songs have really gone downhill ever since Elena Siegman stopped doing the great songs. I really hate the new ones, W@W and black ops had awsome music that fit the zombie game mode. Will she ever do them again with Kevin Sherwood?

  • smoothboarder540

    Hopefully people are catching on based on the ratings these posts have been getting. Stop buying an inferior version of an already crappy game. Black ops 2 is a lag-fest that makes it unfair to people that actually have a decent Internet connection, regardless of platform. Not to mention the horrible ports for every game since mw2. Activision would have been so much more liked if they cared about quality, not quantity. But I think they’ve ruined any positive feelings Sony customers had for them. Microsoft customers will catch on soon enough, and Activision will drop a worn out CoD and move on to a new series to make billions off of. It’s a vicious cycle.

  • Turn off Aim-assist and make people do it themselves! COD4 wants honor restored.

  • @28

    you’re drunk go to bed.

  • I like cod on the ps3 but not having party chat on the system sucks. Can’t even communicate in the lobby, b/c everyone knows your business. I think that’s why a lot of people favor the Xbox 360, when it comes to Cod, also getting DLC a month before the ps3. I hope Ps4 changes that party chat idea and implements it on the new system.

  • Hey Dan….so that one of swords site is yours?…I always wondered why tha sword in your photo lol.Cool site btw

    • Yep, my Activision blog is Make sure you click the Freebies tab at the top to check out the giveaways, and don’t forget I have a name-your-own-prize giveaway every week on the podcast.

  • Thanks Dan…a name-your-own prize giveaway looks just my kind of thing lol.

  • Im amazed that dan keeps coming to ps blog after all the hate u receive in here. for my part i dont play cod anymore but some ppl here need to understand that dan its not responsible for deal b2ween M$ and activition. Im happy reading that the comments on this one are not aggressive as they were :)

    FOR SOMETHING IM MAD…. De Classified….

  • From the time i downloaded Uprising packeg, i can not join any online session except Friends session.
    Did any one have the same problem?

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