PlayStation Home Update: Home Tycoon – Free Test Drive Week

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PlayStation Home Update: Home Tycoon – Free Test Drive Week

This week in PlayStation Home a new range of wizard clothing is available in Diagon Alley™, Home Tycoon is having a free test drive and new Home developer Evil Tree Studios is introducing comic book posters! There’s more below, and don’t forget to join the PlayStation Home Community on the PlayStation Forums.

HellFire Games – Free Test Drive Week


Start your engines, Home Tycoon fans — Free Test Drive Week has returned! This week, all players get the Basic Car to drive for FREE in any Home Tycoon city through May 19. No Gold Coins required!

Pottermore – Wizard Clothing

A new range of wizard clothing is available at Twilfitt and Tatting’s in Diagon Alley™ this week!

Home Billboard Pottermore in PS Home-Release 2

Code Glue – u love green

Spring is in the air! Codeglue and Home user Dani, designer of the u love green clothing line, bring a new series of colorful Spring dresses to Home. The flower print dresses come in six stunning colors and matching shoes! This great new collection is available as separate items as well as a selection of great-valued bundles!


Digital Leisure – Spring Sale

Digital Leisure is having a Spring Sale on their Ultimate Aquarium! For one week youíll be able to get the bundle for 50% of the regular price. In this bundle you get the resizable ultimate tank, the Finding Fish Pack and the Under The Ocean Decoration Pack. Head to The Pet Shop and take home the largest customizable aquarium there is!


Dr Pepper – TEN®

ATTENTION. This is an urgent broadcast from the Dr Pepper TEN®. The Beasts have arrived. Challenge yourself to the manliest battle ever imagined. Emerge victorious in the Man vs. Beast game and you’ll receive a brand new manly reward and free Dr Pepper TEN®.

Our shuttle is hovering in the Home Hub for a limited time.


Evil Tree Studios – Grimm Fairy Tales + Wonderland Posters

New developer Evil Tree Studios makes their Playstation Home debut this month. The Grimm Fairy Tales and Wonderland posters are their first set of virtual items scheduled for release. Evil Tree Studios teams up with top ten comic book publisher Zenescope Entertainment to bring their universe to the Playstation Home. This dynamic duo delivers The Grimm Fairy Tales like you have never seen them before. These posters are featuring the iconic characters you are familiar with but with a sexier and more risque edge. Who doesn’t want to display Alice showing off her thigh highs or Tinkerbell reminding us why she is the perfect pixie. Be the first of your friends to show off the entire Wonderland and Grimm Fairy Tales collection by picking up your poster pack bundle today. Once these posters hit the proverbial shelves you may find yourself flying off to Neverland.


Granzella – Bartender Outfit

Nighttime downtown, a bar stands on the outside of the hustle and bustle. Inside, people cross paths, participating in the theater of life. Tonight, in a small corner of the city, the bartenders kindly greet customers who are quietly tilting their glasses.

JAM Games – Razor Collection

This week you can be a sharp dresser, so sharp it’s razor sharp! With the Razor Collection, you can combine casual style with a cutting edge! We have everything you’ll need to create a unique outfit with a choice of trousers, boots, tops and gloves! Coordinate your style with our matching items or mix it up! The choice is yours, cohesion or clash, cut a dash in the Razor Collection!


Konami – Arsenal Weapons

Konami releases their new Arsenal items that will help you protect yourself from any attack. Defend yourself with the plasma rifle using futuristic technology or create a wall of fire with the flamethrower. Get around in style with our new rocket jet pack as well. Multiple colors for each item and with custom animations!


Lockwood – Classic Mini-Skirts

Two classic looks from Lockwood this week, with the figure hugging Bodycon Dress, available in black or red and the simplistic Mini-skirt which creates the perfect base for you to customise.


x7 Update

This week in exclusive VIP nightclub x7, there is a new exclusive value bundle, and a bunch of cool items from VEEMEE, including new Mini Motos, and new Street Styles clothing items, and Yoga Pose Packs from Lockwood. All are available early-access this week to x7 members only. Head to x7, take the elevator upstairs, check out these fine items, then dance the night away!

Mall Update – The Virtual Item Showcase, Volume 88

Magnus is back again, sharing with us all the hottest new items this week. Check out the video below for all the details. Highlights include Robot Hands from O-Two, Yoga Pose Packs from Lockwood, u love green flower print dresses, and Shock Hair from JAM Games. Enjoy this week’s Virtual Item Showcase.

See you in PlayStation Home!

Want to chat more about PlayStation Home? Hop on over to the Home Forums! If you’re having trouble with Home, head to the Home Support forum.

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9 Author Replies

  • Who does Magnus’ voice?

  • Cade!!! Granzella never fixed the Parted Triple-Braided Hairstyle (Women).I blame you!!!

  • Sean Crisden does the voice of Magnus.

  • Cool update.! I’m very happy with the update.!


    A 11 out of 10.! THE FAZEONES LOUNGE.

  • Here a REAL Great Question: Is “Playstation HOME” Going to be on PS4 Yes/No or Secret? Cause it will be a Very Smart Idea if you Do

  • Hey Cade, I wanted to mention something quick. I just got on Home the other day, first time in like a month of inactivity (Don’t hate on me) and I figured I’d explore that new map called Acorn Meadows Park. I must say, upon entering, I was quite impressed. The funny thing was, I saw people riding around on bicycles, and I didn’t know how to get one at the time, and I realized i have the green motorcycle locomotion, so i busted that out. My real point here is that it almost fills the spot that the Plaza once took up. Now, in my opinion nothing will ever replace the Plaza, but this map is absolutely magnificent. My favorite part, so far, is all of the food and drink stands, with the ability to eat & drink the stuff. Amazing map, really amazing! :)

    • I’m very glad you’re enjoying Acorn Meadows Park. Our friends at VEEMEE made it, and they obviously put a lot of time and love into it, including unique details like the ice cream stand, trains you can ride, and even the dog park! They’ll be doing more with it in time, so keep your eyes peeled. Meanwhile, there are a ton of rewards in there to earn too to keep you entertained.

  • I agree carfreak I love that place cus almost all locomotions match that place.This place is way better than the Plaza so Yay! us.

  • The updates look great in each week’s blog but…lately some of these items are more wishful thinking than anything else. I’m still waiting for the new dance moves that were shown in last week’s blog to show up in the store. How is it that theses blogs are posted later and later AFTER Home comes online, yet they are still wrong? The most frustrating thing is that after checking out the stores on Home and then viewing the blog, you can’t help but feel like you’ve missed something. This, as well as the fact that the freezing and lag are worse than ever, are the reasons that Home is beginning to lose its appeal for me. I sincerely hope that things change for the better soon. I used to really enjoy Home.

  • Cade we need to go to marriage counseling.You don’t communicate with me anymore.

  • Adrian_Tepes666

    I was wondering, are we going to get the Deadly Premonition items in america? I own the game and would love to own the clothing too. Also, I know THQ went south, but do you know if there is still plans to bring Darksiders 2 gear to home? I saw something about it before, and more Lords Of Shadow gear from Mirror of Fate and 2 would be awesome! I am a huge Castlevania fan if you hadn’t figured from the name XD. Thank you very much Cade ^_^

    • I have no news on either Deadly Premonition or Darksiders 2 content for Home, so I would assume no at this late date.

  • More like lol I’d never leave you you stuck with me FOREVER!!!

  • just out of curiousity is the leveling up and winning of Acorns ever going to be fixed in Acorn Meadows?

  • lol, I was just about to say that!

  • Are any Splinter Cell items coming to PlayStation Home in the near future?

  • Sony seriously where is THE LAST GUARDIAN.


  • Still wanna see more Doctor Who and Pottermore. For Doctor Who I really want a Sonic Screwdriver girls can carry. For Pottermore I want wands and more spaces. If you guys could speed up load times I would probably spend a lot more time in home, specifically load times in the stores and even after purchases.

    I really like the way you linked Pottermore with home, I would love to see more stuff like this.

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