New Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Gameplay Trailer Takes to the High Seas

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New Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Gameplay Trailer Takes to the High Seas

Edward Kenway set out to earn his fortune in the West Indies, but you’ll see first-hand how he (like so many other sailors of his day) turned to a much more brutal, ruthless and lucrative life in Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag. We’re very pleased to deliver yet another glimpse into this world and further define our vision of The Golden Age of Pirates with this new gameplay trailer!

New Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Gameplay Trailer Takes to the High Seas

Captain Edward Kenway is a complicated guy with simple objectives: get money, honor the crew and live a life unbound by the laws of remote sovereigns. His story will take you all around the Caribbean, plundering, pillaging and generally leaving a wake of mayhem behind you.

But there is also a larger tale involving Edward’s contemporaries, and despite their commonly-known roles as thieves and brigands of the sea, there were pirates of the age who worked to create a truly free society. Edward will become embroiled in their struggle, and that of a much more inconspicuous and clandestine group…

As you can see from the trailer, you can expect a wide variety of new and exciting activities in AC4, including: dynamic boarding raids, incomparably smooth free-running in both natural and city environments and multi-pistol fighting that makes sense in the Assassin’s Creed melee style.

Also, you’ll learn that if a shark attacks you, the best thing to do is to punch it in the gills (and that is really true).

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  • The brutal assassination on the bridge in 1:44 was awesome

  • I mean artistically speaking. I’m no killer in real life at all xD

  • I loved the naval battles in AC3, Upgrading my ship and taking to the seas. A few times I even caught myself humming “yo ho, yo ho a pirates life for me!” lol Anyways glad to see AC4 will have more focus on the naval battles, Super excited!

  • I hope there is more interactions between the Assassin(Kenway) and other fellow Assassins.

  • The speed of this series’ descent into mediocrity is astounding.

  • I used to like playing assassin’s creed for the story and settings… but you can only play the same game (mechanics) so many times…………….. consider not turning this game into COD, Ubisoft……and releasing a game that is too similar to the past games every single year… about taking a little more time and making the game something SPECIAL again? I haven’t even played Assassin’s Creed 3 yet… this and AC3 look good… but only with both games combined does it feel like you’ve added enough new content to make it feel “new”. Which is why I waited on AC3…….. $20 sounds good, and this one looks to be heading the same way. Don’t tarnish your brand by releasing too much of the same, this game series was great when it felt FRESH and had new mechanics / ideas, not the same stuff gamers were already used to. Mix it up….. I think maybe it’s time to make the “parkour” a little more interesting at least, more than just holding a button and automatically climbing…….. the auto stuff feels too boring / easy for advanced gamers, it’s the equal of COD’s aim assist. Challenge us… climbing shouldn’t be so easy. Make parkour interesting again and you’ll get old fans interested again.. just an idea.

  • This looks amazing, but I hope we’re going to get a little more information about what’s going on in the present with this installment.

    And a word to the wise: an ellipse is only three periods long … like so.

  • I am looking forward to this, the naval battles were a lot of fun in 3. Please make the crafting interface less clunky, and the game more polished.

  • I have absolutely no intentions to buy this game at all, it looks good but I am completely burnt out by the Assassin’s Creed series, because they release it EVERY YEAR! It’s really time for them to take two or (a more recommended) three years to develop and innovate the next game. This is probably the last game, behind call of duty, which is really shocking, I would even consider buying later this year because it’s just on repeat now! Make a new freaking IP and not touch this series for a while, lol.

  • I liked the other games and probably going to like this too but the thing is, Ubisoft, this time I am not going to buy it at launch and I don’t even think this will have a chance in any GOTY awards. The reason for that is that you cannot pull an AC3 this year because there are many superior games in 2013, when in 2012 your only big competitors where downloadable games and even those kick your butt at the VGAs. This year we have great new IPs on the system: Ni No Kuni, The Last Of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, Destiny, your own Watch Dogs, etc. And long awaited sequels: Bioshock Infinite, Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes, Grand Theft Auto V, Gran Turismo 6, etc. You are offering us a game that just does not hype most people because you are not allowing us to have time to feel anxious about a sequel. Hell, Gran Turismo 6 announcement over hyped me waaay more than AC IV reveal Trailer. Please don’t kill this franchise and please don’t be disappointed when AC IV launch sales does not match your expectations.

    Sincerely, a long time AC Fan (I even liked Bloodlines)

  • AC4 better not disappoint, i liked AC3 but i never touched it again after beating the main story

  • So we all know what happened to Desmond at the end of part 3.
    I haven’t read anything about this entry into the series, but I wanna take a stab into the story.
    Cause I’m thinking Desmond’s dad jumps into the animus to try and find a way to save his son.
    But that’s just my 2 cents.
    Gabriel, wanna give me some feedback, let me know how close I am to being correct.

  • We don’t need another assassins creed game. I want originality like The Last Guardian.

  • Seriously this franchise of assassins creed has been milked to death,it really needs to end. I got bored with the franchise after assassins brotherhood.

    The games are far to repetitive and bored me to death.

    Bring on Watchdogs

  • it’s incredibly disappointing that Ubisoft is making this into another game in the AC series. So much potential already gone.

  • @ 14 Strangeheaven – If you didn’t played Revelations then you missed a fantastic game…I didn’t played AC3 yet but amongst the 4 games Revelations is the best AC.

  • @16 Welmosca

    I may give it a try

  • I love ac3 but i hope this be beter

  • 1.05 He looks like Connor

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