GT Academy 2013 Kicks Off in July with Gran Turismo 6 Demo

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GT Academy 2013 Kicks Off in July with Gran Turismo 6 Demo

Buckle up, Gran Turismo fans – our annual GT Academy competition will return for a fifth season this year, and it’s set to be the biggest yet, with more countries than ever before participating.

The online gaming element of the competition gets under starter’s orders this July via a demo of the just-announced Gran Turismo 6 exclusively on PlayStation 3.

GT Academy 2013

Since it began in 2008, the acclaimed virtual-to-reality competition has attracted over two million entries, with gamers and motor sport fans battling it out in Gran Turismo for the chance to become real Nissan racing drivers. Six former winners of the competition, which now runs in Europe, the USA, Germany, Russia, the Middle East and South Africa, are now Nismo Athletes competing in top-level motor sport on behalf of Nissan.

Nissan’s Director of Global Motorsport, Darren Cox, revealed the plans for GT Academy 2013 today at the famous Silverstone Circuit, at the same event where Kazunori Yamauchi announced Gran Turismo 6.

“At its core GT Academy remains a highly-accessible route into professional motor racing for people who would otherwise not have the opportunity. Unearthing genuine driving talent from the world of gaming is a real example of digital age performance and the innovation for which Nissan is famous.

“We are predicting that more people than ever will enter the competition this year on the stunning new GT6 demo.”

Kazunori Yamauchi, President of developer Polyphony Digital, added: “GT Academy is a fitting platform for the Gran Turismo community to preview GT6 for the first time, as we aim to bring the worlds of virtual and reality closer than ever.

“We are very proud of this partnership with Nissan, and we have aimed to make a very appealing and accessible competition featuring a range of their cars. The challenges, even at this early stage of the competition, are designed to improve people’s race craft before they even make it to driving real cars.

“We have also incorporated the Silverstone circuit for the first time in Gran Turismo. This should ensure that competitors will arrive at Race Camp better prepared than ever.”

Winning GT Academy is a passport to a career in global motorsport, with Lucas Ordoñez (2008 winner) and Jann Mardenborough (2011 winner) racing at the 2013 Le Mans 24 Hours for Nissan Nismo.

The latest graduates Wolfgang Reip from Belgium (European winner), Mark Shulzhitskiy (Russian winner), Steve Doherty (US winner) and Peter Pyzera (German winner) are currently competing in the Blancpain Endurance Series in a pair of Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 cars.

GT Academy 2013

The format of GT Academy sees the fastest PlayStation gamers from each country join winners from a number of live events to compete in their respective National Finals. The action will then make the transition from the virtual world to real Nissan sports cars when the winners of each national competition are invited to take part in the intense international final at Silverstone Circuit, now the established home of the GT Academy Race Camp.

The winners of each of the GT Academy competitions will then be put through an intensive and thorough Driver Development Program, rated among the best in the world, in order to qualify for the ultimate competition prize – a full season racing a Nissan GT-R GT3 Nismo in a top-level championship.

Details of how to enter GT Academy 2013 can be found on Facebook, Twitter and the official Gran Turismo site. Good luck!

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  • Great for the fans!

  • GT6 game engine here we go!

  • will this be like forza? the only thing i liked about forza is that you can make your own designs and share them or buy them. will gt6 have that feature?

  • @LilRican

    Yes, they confirmed that feature will be in GT6!

  • @ MarinoBrea

    thank you!!!

  • So it’s kinda like a GT6 demo at the same time? Will there be GT Academy rewards in GT6 for those who participated?

  • Dopeness.

  • awesome can’t wait to try out GT6

  • Just take all my money Sony can’t wait

  • Finally! i cant wait to play it!!.

  • Yes I wan to play it!!

  • I’m pumped for this but has anyone mentioned if we can transfer our progress from GT5?

    I have hundreds of cars already, and millions of credits waiting for cars in the UCD. Its been standard in the series to allow saves to progress but it hasn’t been mentioned as far as i’ve seen.

  • If ya have a wheel ya have a chance. If ya don’t have a wheel,you should get one if ya wanna compete.

  • @13, not necessarily true.

    If you can mess around with the sensitivity settings in the menu, you can make the DS3 work better than a wheel, just because of how ridiculously fast you can correct steering and move from left wheel lock to right wheel lock.

    I call this cheating/the lazy person’s controls personally, and think that anyone that doesn’t play GT with a wheel aren’t really there to play the game as “The Real Driving Simulator” in the first place.

    I do feel that driving with a wheel provides an experience second to none, and I’m super excited to have another Gran Turismo to play come this holiday season, and a demo in a couple months.

    But that’s my position on the matter.

  • My favorite part of gt6 is the new course maker, making courses 10km long and more thrue all of those different city’s will be lots of fun . Hope they dropped the b-spec series stuff.

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