Sound Shapes: Spring Has Sprung New DLC

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Sound Shapes: Spring Has Sprung New DLC

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and “wub” is in the air… and with the spring comes a new blast of Sound Shapes DLC. Two unique sound packs are available right now and in just a couple weeks we’re stuffing the Community Milkcrate with more albums from guest curators – more on that below after this brand new video showcasing our new 80’s and Dubstep Sound Packs.

First the sound packs. The 80’s pack brings the synth-poppy melodies and digital drum beats inspired by the neon decade when big hair and leg warmers ruled the lands. If that’s too gaudy for you, dive into the dark and dirty world of the Dubstep Sound Pack with the lurching, wobbling, big bass drops straight from the streets of London. Will you dare to combine the two?

Both packs each include new notes, loops, five new Beat School levels, and five Trophies.

Sound Shapes: 80's PackSound Shapes: Dubstep Pack

And later this month we roll out a special installment of the Milkcrate, our carefully curated collection of Community levels. What’s so special? Well, we asked some of our favorite people to hand-pick their favorite levels, write up liner notes, design custom album artwork, and send them your way – people like:

  • Japanese media artist Baiyon
  • Indie music label Ghostly International
  • Pioneering game site Gamespot
  • The kings of digital cool at
  • And the fifth is Queasy-curated (we’re still special, right?)

Pretty rad if we say so ourselves, and there are many more guest-curated Milkcrate albums coming soon. Stay tuned.

Both Sound Packs will be available today for $0.99 each on the PlayStation Store (PS3 and PS Vita), and the Milkcrate albums are coming on May 28th as a free update (they’ll appear like magic when you log in). Hope you dig all this new content, and we’ll see you soon.

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  • Yaaaaaaaay I’m finally gonna have 100% Trophy completion in Sound Shapes :3

  • glad to see this game still being supported, i may have to give injustice a break for this

  • You guys should look into getting Baiyon involved in a DLC pack or something. THAT would be phenomenal!

  • Awesome! Can’t wait. :)

  • I will rabidly consume any DLC you guys put out.

  • Yes, I can FINALLY get 100% trophies in this game again! Lol it’s just been sitting there at 84% for the longest time

  • The biggest surprise of my Vita collection was Sound Shapes…a phenomenal game, I must say. Can’t wait for the May 28th DLC!

  • God i love this game so much. it’s awesome to see they still are supporting it

  • I’ve been gaming since Intellivision, but I cannot beat Death Mode. -_-

  • Guys, these sound packs are cool. However, as somebody who DOESN’T create, I still don’t see the benefits of this. Why? Because I don’t know what created levels use any of this stuff. I would love to see levels that used that weird vehicle that you guys put out, but how do I play those? I don’t know. You need to have milkcrates that feature that best of different dlc packs. For instance, this 80’s pack? In a month or two have an album with the best of 80’s. same with that dubstep, vehicle, etc.

    As a player rather than a creator, this constant stream of dlc that doesn’t have levels bums me out majorly. It wouldn’t as much if there was an easy way to find levels that utilized that dlc, but as far as I can tell there’s not.

    • We totally agree, there are definitely folks who prefer creating and others who prefer playing. We created the Milkcrate for the players. Check the update on May 28th, it includes an album called ‘Give me a brake’ – all car levels. More like that to come.

  • I’m just happy that i’ll finally be able to get my 100% back :D

  • Yeah! What #10, Mr. vanwinkle, said!

  • I’m completely with Vanwinkle here. I really love you guys and I love this game and I love your support. But I am primarily a player and not a creator. I’m just sayin. I would love more DLC with high quality levels and collaborations like the Beck levels. And I would love some trophies based on the platforming gameplay and not on beat school. I know everyone might not feel the same way I do but that’s just me.

    • See the above reply to Vanwinkle. We’re hoping the Milkcrate is to the players what the Sound Packs are to the creators.

  • yeees finally trophies time

  • you guys really price your DLC perfectly. unlock alot of others. anyways il probly buy the… scratch that. i WILL buy these later today. thanks

  • unlike***

  • 80’s!

  • @Mark You guys rock. I love the Milkcrate idea. I’m just saying if you ever decided to do more official collaborations like in the initial release I wouldn’t definitely buy those as well.

  • YEAH!!! Take my money!!! Here!!! $$$$$$$
    Bought this so quick my PS Vita touchscreen stopped working, SONY fix it lol!

  • Ah, thought this was an album pack, disappointing. Granted, I didn’t expect another album, and I’m sure this is more practical. Oh well

    • We’re constantly blown away by the Community levels, they’re often better than the ones we shipped in the Campaign. Curious to hear what you guys think of them.

  • Simple to say!… This game is Amazing!

    I´m buying EVERYTHING!

    Now! Take my money for this 2 DLCs! XD

  • First off, this game is what I show my friends when they come over, and every time I do, they tell me this game is reason enough to buy a PS3 or Vita. It would be nice if I could show them my custom levels, which give an error message when I try to open them.

    Is this being worked on? If so, when can I expect it to a patch to fix it?

    A lot of my levels were the result of lots of hard work, some I even spent close to 6 or 7 straight hours on at a time.

    So is/when/can this get fixed?

    P.S. The error screen is just an alert box that has “ERROR” as the title, and “(Error)” as the body.

  • Finally glad to see the dlc coming out, this is excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dear all,
    Bought the package dlc entering the ps vita but nothing shows what happens???
    Not appear the new dlc on my ps vita even after you have paid for them… Can someone help me?


  • @24: Try entering PS Store again and checking your download list. It should be there available for download. The installs will be pending until you launch the game, then PS Vita will automatically install this. I just did this, so you should be fine… good luck!

    Thanks Sound Shapes team for the DLC. Great pricing and getting it on both systems just rocks. And yeah gotta love the silver trophy overload. :P

  • Guimace: Friend, I’ve done it three times and installed new dlc not appear on the album for me.

    • Perhaps you’re confusing the Sound Packs with albums. The Dubstep and 80s DLC are sound packs for the Editor. The Milkcrate albums coming out on May 28th are albums. Hope that helps.

  • xFuzylilManPeach

    Downloading them now! :] thanks guys!

  • PrimeroIncognito


  • Very cool and worth the price.

    Any chance you will ever modify Death Mode so that it’s either slightly easier or less random?

    I have platinum-ed some of the hardest PS3 games, but can not do it on Sound Shapes.
    It’s too bad too because I love the game, but hate the luck involved with Death Mode.
    It’s enough to drive you NUTS!

    • Yeah it’s pretty hard, most people at Queasy haven’t even finished it! That said, no plans to make any changes.

  • @26: You have beat the main campaign before right? I don’t think the DLC content can be accessed before beating the campaign, as School Levels and Death Modes only became avalailable for me after I beat the main game stages.

    If you in fact already beat the game before then I’m sorry, I have no idea on how to help.

  • @29: Indeed, this game’s Death Mode almost had me sending my PS Vita against a wall!

    But I ultimately preservered and got my Platinum (double Platinum! due to PS3-PSVita crossplay).

    Just keep at it. Some levels are luck based; no matter how skilled you become at this game, if the dots don’t spawn in the right spots, the time won’t be enough. Just keep retrying until you get some lucky spawns. You will need to combine a lucky spawn run with as skilled play as you can pull. Good luck.

  • *persevered

    Sorry for the triple post. Don’t ban me guys, I love this site….

  • Very same dais buying dlc 80s Dubstep Sound Pack and Sound Pack does not want to work on my ps vita, my god someone help

  • PrimeroIncognito


    Sounds like you just gave up too soon. It really isn’t that hard. I’m serious. It’s one of those things where after you finish it, you realize it wasn’t that difficult after all. Probably psyching yourself out. Some of the levels just take a few tries, like Guimace said. Just try again.

    I’m not trying to be a jerk, I’m just sayin’… this game was my easiest and fastest platinum. Tons of people have done it. They shouldn’t modify the game just for a few people. You won’t feel good about beating death mode if they lower the difficulty level, and you know it.

    It will be a lot more satisfying to persevere.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    And please, ban Guimace for the triple post.

    I would never do something like that.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    See? Never.

  • PrimeroIncognito


    Beat School is too easy. But at least I’m back at 100%. Thanks, fellas. :)

  • I really need to start this game. Bought it months ago but haven’t had the time to play it.

  • i love this game, but i was wondering? will you ever make more levels with artist; like daft punk, the chemical brothers, deadmau5, crystal castles, etc.

  • + PrimeroIncognito:
    Tons of people also HAVEN’T completed Death Mode because it’s extremely frustrating and far too random and luck based.

    One would only have to take a glace at the PS3trophy forums to see just how many people dislike this mode.
    It’s voted as a 6.5/10, which is pretty tough considered this is voted on mostly by “trophy hunters” and rarely do any of them vote anything higher than a 5.

    I love the game. I think the main levels are brilliant (especially the Beck levels), but the Death Mode definitely knocks it down a few notches on my favorite game list unfortunately.

    Also, why is it that people who already have the trophies always.. ALWAYS say “It was the easiest platinum I’ve gotten!”… Bah.. You must not have played many easy PS3 games.

    I didn’t give up too quickly, but I had to give up before destroying either my controller or my TV. Yes, it’s THAT frustrating.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ SpooNManX

    Heh… funny thing… I took a glance at the ps3trophies (dot) org website, and I noticed that Sound Shapes is ranked as one of the easier platinum trophies to achieve. I looked at my own profile and saw that Sound Shapes was indeed both my easiest and fastest platinum (they have lists for both), so it wasn’t something I was just saying. And of all the platinum trophies I have, Sound Shapes is the one that the highest number AND percentage of all other gamers have, compared to my other platinums. Seems to be generally easy.

    A lot of people also haven’t finished it, sure, but that’s because most people just don’t finish anything anymore. Just look at ANYONE’S profile to see evidence of that.

    I’m not one of those people who acts like a game was easy after I finish it. I’ve talked about a couple difficult platinums on here, such as NFS: The Run, where I clearly stated that the checkpoint races on extreme difficulty were so damn hard that I almost thought I wasn’t going to be able to do it. But in the case of Sound Shapes death mode, it really is easy… hell, most of those levels I beat one right after another with only a few minutes in between unlocking the trophies.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Excuse me, not ps3trophies(dot)org, but rather , yourgamercards(dot)net.

    My bad.

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