Skullgirls Color DLC Today, New Characters Coming

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Skullgirls Color DLC Today, New Characters Coming

Skullgirls on PS3

Since Skullgirls was released last year, our fans have loved the flexibility our powerful 3D engine provides us when it comes to character color palettes and have been clamoring for more. So we’re happy to announce that after a long wait, Skullgirls will finally be getting DLC character color packs today!

Each character color pack is $1 and contains four new color palettes. We’re also offering a bundle of all 8 color packs, which can be purchased for the discounted price of $5.

Skullgirls on PS3

So, let’s take a look at the character packs – chances are some of these new color schemes will seem awfully familiar, as we created them with extensive fan feedback.

Skullgirls on PS3
Skullgirls on PS3
Skullgirls on PS3
Skullgirls on PS3
Skullgirls on PS3
Skullgirls on PS3
Skullgirls on PS3
Skullgirls on PS3

As an added bonus, we’ve included a 5th, bonus color free if you buy the bundle!

Skullgirls on PS3

Skullgirls on PS3

So there you have it – tons of colorful new ways to customize your team for online play, for just $1 per character.

In other Skullgirls news, Lab Zero is still busy working on the content funded by our hugely successful Indiegogo campaign. Squigly, the first DLC character, is on-track for her free PSN debut this summer.

Recently our fans voted and selected the third DLC character that will be released free to everyone, the Egyptian-themed lounge singer, Eliza!

Eliza is a powerful fighter in her own right, but her true power lies in her blood control abilities: every time she receives damage she’ll leave little pools of blood on the ground, which she can then command to attack her opponents.

Later this week, we’ll complete a second fan vote for the fourth free DLC character! Also, take a look at this concept for a new stage coming to the game. This stage takes place atop New Meridian’s rooftops, and will feature prominently in Squigly’s story mode. And, of course, this stage will also feature a soaring new track by Michiru Yamane!

Skullgirls on PS3

Finally, we’ll be holding a Skullgirls tourament at EVO 2013 in Las Vegas this year! The prize pool starts at $2000, and all entry fees will be added to the pool. We’ve started taking pre-registrations online, so if you plan on attending, be sure to sign up!

With the successful Japanese PSN release, new colors, lots of free new content coming over the near year and the Evo 2013 tournament, Skullgirls has a lot of momentum right now! If you haven’t already picked the game up, be sure to check out the demo!

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4 Author Replies

  • I would do just about anything to have this game on PS Vita.

    • Peter Bartholow

      I’m seeing all of these Vita requests and passing them on. Maybe some day, after we’re done with the PC port.

  • I second that motion (Skullgirls for PS Vita)…best system for fighting games!

  • and I am gonna have to Third it. Viva la Vita.

  • Can I fourth that? lol I have only played fighting games on my Vita since I bought it… With as busy as life is, it’s very convenient to pick up and play a few matches.

  • Fifth that motion.

  • Awesome stuff, finally some Skullgirls content.

  • sixth the motion. Skullgirls on Vita is a day one buy for me. Sony – lend em a hand!

  • Skull-like!
    Wonderful that the game was able to overcome all of that business/legal stuff and make the absolute best out of it.

    I look forward to playing Eliza! (I may finally have a main!)

  • suchh sexy girls. nice big wiggly jugs.

  • Skullgirls on Vita, Skullgirls on everything.

  • Yo, a Vita version of Skullgirls would be fantastic!

  • No one plays Fighting Games competetively on a Vita. Don’t be delusional.

    Anywho, just keep that DLC vote goin! #VotePanzerfaust


    Also, Skullgirls for Vita.

  • LOL at Parasoul’s Kula’s (from KOF) costume. xD

  • Just bought the game last night too. Coolio

    Odd question but is there anyway to talk to you other than NeoGAF? I don’t wanna make an account there

  • Nobody plays Fighting games on Vita?? who say that? Mortal Kombat and Blazblue are good games..and the sells are good too. Unfortunely the Vita port will be the same as the Wii U port. Not console sells no port.

  • So many good colors.

    I’m leaning toward Hsien-Ko/Superjail Warden Peacocks, Leona/Etna Fortunes, Maleficent Cerebella, Kula/Justin Bailey Parasouls (which I’ve been told has the metroid-colored Napalm Tears lol), Vega/Kubikiri Basara Painwheels, Kasumi/Nurse Joy Valentines, Millia Rage Filia and Blood Double.

    Also, even though my word specifically probably carries zero weight, would buy on the Vita in a heartbeat.

  • While I agree that nobody plays fighting games competitively on Vita, it’s hard to deny that the VIta isn’t a great platform for them.

  • I would also like to see skullgirls on vita with a hardcopy realese

  • Sounds good to me I am still waiting on that patch to be released to fix the load times.

  • +1 On a PS Vita version, watched a gameplay trailer of Skullgirls on my PS Vita and it looked stunning. PS Vita is flooded with fighting games, but I’d make an exception for this one :)

  • I love these colors and can’t wait to get them on release next week. #Vote Annie! <3

  • I wonder, is that first Filia palette how she looked before Samson (really hope to learn more about him, maybe Filia, in Eliza’s story mode)?

    Wait, that extra Parasoul palette… NES Varia Swimsuit Samus?! Wait, would these extras be available to those who purchase all the characters’ packs individually? It’d be a bummer for those who piecemeal to miss out.

    Regardless, SOOO much familiarity, and gettin’ excited for the fulmination of the campaign. I’ll prolly be holding out on these, for now anyway. Do hope this game at least gets its place among fighting game tourneys.

  • Is…Is that an Eva 01 color for Painwheel? I’ll take 20.

    Also, I definitely agree with everyone else about the desire for a portable Skullgirls on Vita.

  • day one buy skullgirls on vita as well. i would LOVE to have that

  • Great, love the colors, hope to see more of the added characters!

  • I shall 15th that vita motion! Please make it happen! I got this game about a month ago, and even though I’m not that good, I love it. The characters and world are very interesting and I would love to learn even more about them.
    I only really use Cerebella, Filia, and Peacock, but I will buy the dlc bundle just to support the developers.

  • One of the best fighting games out right now. It’s just too bad no one plays online anymore. They should of never released it at the same time as SFxT.

  • I think they should at least allow the game to work with remote play with the PS Vita.

  • @ +Pics_nao_plz the official Skullgirls forum is

  • Hell yes. I also support the Vita vote. Do it.

  • Not only do I WANT a vita port, but crossplay with the PS3 as well!!!

  • MEEEEE wannnnnnttttttt thissss onnnnnnn Vittttttaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes!!! So going to get this!!! I like the Peacock’s palette, Inspector Gadget one!!! XD
    Go go Peacock mobile!!!

  • If you’re passing on the requests for a Vita version, I should pop in and add my voice. I would definitely love a Vita version of Skullgirls and wouldn’t mind paying again for the game which I already own on PS3. Such a fun game.

  • One more vote for a Vita version. :)
    It’s great to have more time with the game even when I’m not in front of the TV.

  • Yeah another +1 for a vita versionversion
    And by the way all you commenters are f’ing awesome coming together like that to push for a vita version
    Love this blog…..most of the time lol

  • Nice references ;)
    Scanty, Kula, Luka, Jessica Rabbit, Etna, EVA-01…

  • I wouldn’t mind a vita version either. I’d buy it. Also for all those interested in the game and want to be part of the community visit the official forums at

  • Nice! I just have one question: I just checked the PSN store and I only found individual color palettes, no bundle. Do we have to wait a bit more or is it only available to PSN Plus users?

  • TainoGunslinger

    I would totally buy this on Vita.

  • Love the color references :). I spotted Vega, Luka/Utena, EVA 01, Etna, Jessica Rabbit and Scanty.

  • haha like seeing everyone so rabid about wanting a vita version for this. Ever since i saw u guys trying to fund ur new character i too wish i could pick this up on vita.

  • Really enjoyed playing this game today after the patch. It brought back good memories of when the game first released and all of the fun you have when playing it offline and online mode. Cant wait for those free DLC characters.

  • Very much hoping that either Venus or B. Dahlia win the second fan vote.

    I do have one question, though, since I’m hearing conflicting things. Is it true that once the PC version is out, you’ll be patching lobbies into the PS3 version? I certainly hope so. I’d much prefer the effort be made to fix that than to make a Vita version. The lack of lobbies is one of the things that has prevented a number of my friends from picking up the game. If we can’t all play together, it’s not quite as fun. I hope this is the case as I’m not getting the PC version. Plenty happy with the PS3 one.

  • Oh gawd, yes. I’m buying ALL those colors! Lab Zero has my full support! Never stop hitting on all sixes, guys.

  • Like everyone is saying A Vita version would be awesome. I play online vita fighters everyday so Skullgirls would be awesome on the vita. these colors are awesome by the way

  • przfreshprince94

    lets go skullgirls for the vita wwwoooooo

  • Come to think, there’s no Maya Kumashiro palette for Parasoul, is there? Get up awn dat!

    And a crowd’s applause for our future Skullgirl, The Hurting, and its parasite, Beowulf. Now to think of palette desires… A “golden throne”, some white plastic…

  • This would be the buy all end all fighting title for the Vita, I’ve purchased every single fighting game for the neato handheld and only enjoyed MvC3… Problem with that is I’m not a fan of that pool of heroes and Tekken is admittedly my favorite fighting franchise, primarily because of nostalgic concerns and it’s one I am actually good at and SFxT did not hold well at all, but this game-

    Skullgirlz, I bought it day one and I loved it so much just playing it with friends and so forth but I am completely terrible at it. I bought a fight stick/gamepad (the controller version) specifically because I wanted to get better at it and thought the proper tools would benefit me better, but I got that SFxT controller and the D-pad is garbage. I didn’t get what I expected. I wanted a D-pad I could roll my thumb over to the next direction with, not roll the stick in that desired direction…

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